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This is an abbreviated blog because I was traveling today and I was taking notes in the car.
For YOU people.
For you.
And for codependent me, I suppose.

Rosie began the show talking about the weight loss program they were supposed to have all been on and why they aren't weighing in anymore. Deirdre said they should all be on the same program and then they will stick to the diet better. Rosie pointed out it's been 6 months since they started the program and if they had begun at the beginning, when the show first aired, they would probably be done dieting by now.

Rosie took a call from Cyndi Lauper and put her on speaker. I honestly, couldn't hear any of it. I think she talked about her album. Rosie loves her. That's what's most important.

Rosie and the staff talked briefly about Adam Lambert's performance on American Idol last night, how he's "supergay" and they said how they all love him to death.

Rosie took Blake to the mall to get a short "baseball" haircut for his new baseball team. He's never really been on a team before, so this is all very exciting for him and for Rosie. While they were at the mall they went by the Mac store and Rosie bought an IPAD. Bobby ordered an IPAD but is getting his at the end of April because he's getting the one that allows you to go on the internet anywhere. Rosie now wants that kind. Janette suggested since she was enjoying being without a computer as much, perhaps Rosie should just be happy with the one she has. Rosie said she just walked into the Mac Store and asked to buy an IPAD and all the staff went scurrying. They wondered if they had some set aside for celebrities? Deirdre said that's exactly what happened. The Mac wizards also fixed a crack she had in her iPhone.

Rosie joked that when they fixed her iPhone they probably copied her entire hard drive including the now infamous potty pic ('cept the original, not cut off version-see below).

This began an entire conversation about Rosie's pubic hair! Yes, that's right. Rosie showed Deirdre the uncensored version of the picture and Deirdre said she should TRIM! Rosie said it's not hair, it's her droopy lips! Lordy. Deirdre talked about how she gets "a modified Brazilian wax" and suggested Rosie come with her on Friday! Rosie declined. She made Pete swear he would never look at the picture on her hard-drive.

They talked about Kathy Griffin and how she's going to get a pap smear poolside, televised and bedazzled for her show Life on The D List. You can read about that HERE.

Rosie said that Kathy Griffin introduced her to Perez Hilton's site and TMZ and has ruined her for life now. Which led Rosie to mention Kitty Kelley's new book about Oprah and how Kitty says that Rosie calls O gay in it. Rosie defended herself (again) and said that she DOES NOT think that Oprah is gay she just thinks that the road trip they went on was totally gay.

Tracy, Rosie's girlfriend, is now totally determined to take Rosie and the kids camping. Bobby is beside himself over the mere thought of Rosie roughing it in the woods. Rosie does NOT want to go camping for many reasons including the fact that she's not a "public pooper." They had a whole discussion about this. Rosie asked what the point was about camping and sang Amy Winehouse's Rehab except changed the words to "Tray tries to make me go camping but I say No No No." LOL funny. They took several calls on camping.

Rosie's kids also have mentioned that they want to go to Disney soon! So, Rosie will be planning a trip to Disney before the school year is out.

Rosie interviewed author Christopher Rice (Anne Rice's son) via the telephone. Rosie said what a huge fan she is of his entire family's works. Christopher talked about what a positive, supportive family he grew up with and what a blessed journey his life has been. Chris is currently 32 years old and lives in Los Angeles in West Hollywood and loves it.

Rosie told Chris how obsessed she was with his mom's books growing up and how she once went to a book signing for her and waited in line for 5 hours to get her autograph. She said she brought all 12 books of hers that she owned and Anne was so kind and signed all of them.

Chris and Rosie talked about how they think all the Vampire books so popular today are not nearly as good as Anne's vampire stories.

Chris told Rosie his story of when he came out to his parents when he was 18 years old. His parents were very understanding but took a while to adjust to the news.

They talked about the Day of Silence that is going to take place on April 16th to bring attention to anti-LGBT name-calling, bullying and harassment in schools.

Christopher's latest title Moonlit Earth was just released last Tuesday and if you're in the NY area you can go see him at the Barnes and Noble in Tribecca tonight!

Lastly, Rosie asked Christopher about his sister who died before he was born. She was 5 years old when she died and Christopher never knew her. Chris told Rosie about the day that his parents told him about her and the day she died. Chris said that his mom is doing well since his father's death and currently lives in Southern California not too far from him. Rosie loves Anne's work so much and she quoted a line from one of her books "he moved with the grace and dignity that only comes from being cherished" and said that she used that sentiment as a goal for how she came to parent.

They did Glee trivia. I didn't write it down. They both won Glee crap. One woman won a chance to compete for the grand prize to see the Glee cast perform at Radio City Music Hall!

At the end Bobby talked about why he doesn't like camping, Janette talked about wildlife as another reason NOT to go camping and Shoshana mentioned glamping (luxury camping).

and that's what you missed (kinda sorta) -kw

PS. I'm in NY, baby.
I'll do my best keeping you all posted.
Not sure about tomorrow but I will try.
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  1. Thanks Kelly
    I never get to hear the show (no sirius, can't afford it) but I love Ro. Keep trying to send comments to her blog on how to send her a copy of my book, but haven't heard back yet. Love reading your blog though, keep it up!

  2. I couldn't stop laughing @ the downstairs discussions. And the poor guy that had to follow that....didn't stand a chance. ;p

    Have loads of FUN, missy ma'am.

    ^not a tall order, but an order nonetheless. ;)

  3. Couldn't find your email, Kelly, but I just wanted to say thank you so much for taking the time to create this site. Not be too sappy or anything, but it helps brighten up my day.

  4. Wow, you really do a great job recapping the show, even the short version! I love "the both won glee crap" ha ha! Thank you! Take care, Margie

  5. Whatever you can do Kelly is more than I would be getting. Thank you for your blog