Hey Rosie Radio fans!

No recap today again. 
Sorry guys... 
If anyone hears it and wants to put the topics in the comments section
I would love to know what I missed!  lol

I'm in NYC! 
Seeing Broadway, Times Square, eating at fabulous restaurants, visiting old friends
and meeting up with new ones!

I'll try to catch the reruns, no promises though because Thomas turns 5
and we're having a Chuck E Cheese birthday party.

Walking around the streets of NY alone?
I'm totally fine.

Walking into Chuck E Cheese for a birthday party?
Someone hand me a Xanax.



  1. i really wanna know what they said about kirstie alley.

  2. Awww have fun kelly. See a broadway play for me. Pick a good one.
    Rosie talked about chickens. She is getting chickens. And how Tracy has the kids all gardening. Not Rosie, just the kids. Blake and Vivi were all out gardening. I think Rosie secretly loves it. And Pete played an audio about a Sci Fi convention he went to. Also I think there was an audio about Pete and his girlfriend at their first dance lesson. And Rosie had a fantastic interview with Judy Gold comedian and they talked about peri menopause and depression. And Rosie recommended lots of books. And just ordered The Power of One because I went and read an excerpt and loved it. And then Rosie played the entire Macy Grey song There is Beauty in the World Which is my new favorite video. Anyone else want to add what I missed. This is so not in detail like you would do Kelly. Hugs..... Have Fun.

  3. Hope you are having a GREAT time in NYC! I am so excited for you, and admittedly jealous too!

    Rosie and the gang discussed the "Day of Silence" and pretended they were going to be silent for the whole show (which lasted maybe 10 seconds before they all started laughing).

    Next, there was some general chit chat about jewels, birds, chickens and goats. Funny stuff.

    Then there was a piece about a "field trip" to the dance studio with Lou and his girlfriend.

    This was followed by a phone interview with Mary Landrieu talking about foster care in general and Haiti specifically. (Editorial stuff: She pronounced Haiti differently. I kind of got stuck on that.) She wants Rosie to go with her to Haiti. (Editorial stuff: NO! Rosie, do NOT go to Haiti. Seeing that kind of devastation will DESTROY you. Send someone else, make a donation, write a piece for HuffPo, but PLEASE do not go to Haiti.)

    After the break, there was another field trip - this time Brendan and Pete went to some kind "not quite" Comic Con convention. It was some pretty funny stuff.

    The last segment was a really moving interview with Judy Gold about her recent battle with depression. I was highly distracted, but still heard a LOT of good information, advice, reading suggestions, etc., from Rosie.

    : ) P

  4. Thanks Kelly. Great discussion with Judy Gold about depression. Rosie thinks Judy needs to have her hormone levels checked. Judy described her depression with such honesty.... heartwrenching really. Rosie sounded like a therapist.

  5. Enjoy your vacation Kelly!

    ...but I'd also like to know what was said about Kirstie Alley... Can any listeners fill us in?

  6. same here, i want to know about kirstie alley,anyone?

  7. Happy 5th Birthday Thomas! Chuck E Cheese birthay parties are fun!

    Enjoy your time with friends/family in NYC!