Michele, Liz and I in New York!

We went out to eat at a Mexican restaurant and discussed the blog (of course) so I guess it could be considered a "working" dinner. And we reminisced about our adventures. Liz, Michele and I met at the Celebrity Detox book signing in 2007 and have been friends ever since. We went searching for Rosie and we found . . . each other (and many other friends along the way). The friends I have met through Rosie are the best gift she has ever given me.


  1. Can we have a "Rosie Radio Recappers" recap of your adventures? LOL

    Hope you are having a GREAT time!

    : ) P

  2. we ate, we drank, we LAUGHED, we searched for parking spots, and we laughed some more! good times with the best of friends. love you, michele and kw!

    :) xo

  3. yeah we did do our share of searching! lol if it weren't so chilly & rainy we could have walked.
    It was a FUN night! and I enjoyed my Sierra!
    love ya too! xo


  4. I always thought you three went together to the book signing. I thought you already knew each other before Rosie. I'd rather have rain than blistering heat.

  5. I so get you experience. I have met some wonderful special people on a Rosie blog... I have only met one in real life so far but am looking forward to a bash soon! Thank you for your radio blog, I haven't got to listen to the radio show except for a week on vacation in the rental car! Your comments are lots of fun.

  6. aren't girlfriends the best
    there is nothing like a girls night(weekend) out.
    just a liitle jealous but appreciate the hard work you put into the blog.
    Husbands can be the best too to stay home with the kids.

  7. Actually, your blog is more interesting than Rosie's. Her's is just one word answers. No insight into her personality. There are pictures with no captions as to who the people are. I think when she gets busy she just throws up a picture of one of the younger kids to satisfy people. Anyway, thanks.