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Rosie had a spider on her microphone at the beginning of the show and it completely threw her off her game! Seriously, the whole show was hilariously derailed for a bit. That started Jeannie talking about the influx of spider crickets in the Long Island area that JUMP AT YOU, so I googled them. UGH. Don't look. They're terrifying. Blake admitted to Rosie this weekend that his snake has been missing for a couple weeks now in the house which spurred the great debate over whether the members of the studio will kill pests when discovered in their home. Rosie read the poem Hurt No Living Thing by Christina Rossetti that Tracy (Rosie's girlfriend) instant messaged her during the conversation. Janette said she has the 4 leg rule: creatures can have no more than four legs to get her sympathy. She originally said creatures can only have four legs to get her sympathy to which Pete pointed out eliminates human beings where, while full of irony, was not was Janette meant.

To get the show back on track Lou replayed the Rosie Radio theme song and Rosie made up words to the song about a spider being on her mike and the rhyming at her impromptu singing was less than stellar in her opinion. This led to Pete mentioning how The Steve Miller band was also notorious for bad rhyming in their songs. Then Rosie and Jeannie sang along to Take The Money and Run and Jungle Love - analyzing the band's lyrics along the way. Rosie thinks Pete is too young to like the Steve Miller Band but he insisted he does. Then Jeannie requested Boston: Rock And Roll Band and she and Rosie sang along. I love when they sing along to music! It's one of my favorite parts of the show. And these songs were totally tolerable this time. HA!

Rosie asked the staff what they did this weekend and Jeannie played outside with her kids most of the time. Rosie asked if anyone had seen the show Buried Alive (which she called TLC's version of Hoarders). Jeannie hadn't seen it because she got sucked into watching 16 and Pregnant on MTV while folding laundry. She said the show stressed her out worse than the Nightly News and they talked about the impact of teenage pregnancy on young women's lives.

Jeannie said she got a beautiful email from a listener named Sarah who had heard the show where Jeannie shared the struggles she has had with her teenage daughter. Jeannie seemed truly touched by the email and appreciative towards all the listeners who have reached out to her. That particular listener encouraged Jeannie to hang in there.

Rosie and her family went to a street fair in their local neighborhood this weekend to "look at tube socks they didn't need." On the ride Tracy accidentally hit a curb with the stroller and her whole stroller fell apart. They ended up having to leave it on the side of the road. As soon as they returned from the fair Rosie ordered a new jogging stroller online while Tracy got in her car and went and picked up the broken stroller because she said she can do amazing things with duct tape! Deirdre really likes Tracy for her ingenuity and she wished she had the gumption to be more like her.

Rosie hosted a speech last night in support for gay adoption at the Acorn theater for her friend Natasha Lyonne and talked briefly about it. Too briefly! I wished we heard more!

Rosie got the Apple iPad and said she "doesn't get it." She said she's frustrated with the fact that it doesn't have a camera and doesn't see what the point of it is. She thinks it could be useless and thinks the only thing you can do with it is read your emails in your house (if you have wifi) but mostly its purpose is to just cause fights with your kids about who gets it to watch movies on it.

Rosie then discussed the potential Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan and whether or not she is a lesbian and why that even matters. Here is an article on HufPo that I found on the topic. One theory that a blogger made this weekend was that this would be very forward thinking of the current administration. The White House fought back saying it was a false rumor being spread by the right wing and that there was no truth to it. Rosie wondered why it is such a big deal if she's gay? She wondered why there is still such a stigma associated with being lesbian? Janette pointed out that if it is true, it's a waste of time for the White House to deny it. Brendan said that the White House was denying that "they were appointing an openly gay nominee." They weren't actually denying she was gay or not. Rosie seems disheartened that being gay can still can be used to harm you and still deny you the ability to get ahead. Jeannie wondered whether or not we, as a country, have come as far as we would like to think we have. They took several callers on the topic.

Rosie ended the discussion by pointing out that if the possible nominee is gay, and closeted, it is counterproductive to the gay movement. She said to put someone on the Supreme Court of the United States who is not comfortable enough to tell the world she's gay is questionable. Rosie said if that's true, it's as if she is saying that being gay is some deep, dark secret that is so heinous and horrible she can't be honest about it.

Dr. Clarke and Dr. Shubiner were on the phone with Rosie to talk with her about the mind/body connection and chronic pain. Janette, who has experienced stress related pain, talked about her own struggles. She explained that the pain and the symptoms she felt were real but the triggers for it were emotional. She talked about huge numbers of people in the country taking unnecessary medications and having unnecessary surgeries for emotional causes of physical symptoms. Doctors once told Janette that she would never walk again and after spending some time with Dr. John Sarno, Janette was able to recover from the severe pain she was experiencing. Rosie talked about her friend Fran Drescher who has pulled her back out twice in the past month and discussed whether she was having a physical reaction to emotional stresses in her own life. Janette said that first and foremost, you must be able to grasp the whole concept that there is a connection between the mind and the body in order to be helped by Dr. Sarno and she recommended his book Healing Back Pain: The Mind Body Connection.

Rosie introduced the doctors to the callers and asked them how patients typically find them. The doctors explained that most patients see them after exhausting the typical medical route. One patient, for example, was hospitalized 60 times over 15 years and still had no diagnosis for his pain. The doctors work with the patients to help find the hidden stresses responsible for their illnesses. They stressed that if you listen carefully to patients they will tell you what's wrong with them. The doctors told many stories of patients who have been cured from chronic pain and how the body talks to us. One of the recommendations for a mother who was constantly giving of herself was to take 4-5 hours a week to learn self-care/self-indulgence.

The doctors stressed that some chronic pain is a learned nerve pathway and through realizing this you have the power to gain control over it and even reverse it.

Rosie talked about her own experience with chronic pain that she felt during her lawsuit over the magazine. The emotional stress she was having had a true physical reaction to her body.

Rosie asked the doctors if there was any mind/body connection to cancer and both the doctors said there is no good scientific evidence that cancer is caused or cured by the mind. They did say that stress can effect white blood cells and the immune system but there is no science that validates a possible interaction between the two at this time.

The doctors and Rosie took several callers on the topic of chronic pain and the mind.

Janette called this the REAL HEALTH CARE reform that we need in this country and encouraged listeners who are interested in finding a doctor that specializes in the mind/body connection to go to TMSwiki.org to find a doctor in your area.

More on Mind Body Syndrome
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Rosie closed the show.

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  1. thanks for another great recap Kelly
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    i loved the hilarious start to today's show.....the spider derailment followed by the singing
    I love the singing!
    thanks for the details on what the doctors spoke about today

    i won't click on the link for the picture of the spider crickets! lol i hate spiders

  2. Darn....I clicked on the spider-cricket link. I think it will take a few hours and perhaps a screening of The Sound Of Music or The Aristocats to get rid of "the willies". Listening to Jeanne and Ro sing and chat about their teen years is definitely my favourite part of the show. Thanks for doing the recap, Kelly. Alison (aka Alderella)

  3. Also loved the spider-start, that would be my reaction too. Rosie really wanted to just leave and not do the show!
    Singing to Boston was awesome, that was my era too, freshman in college and roommate blasted it night and day on her 8 TRACK PLAYER! (I'm a couple years older than Rosie)

  4. Another great recap, Kelly! I am glad I took your advice and avoided the spider site.

    Thanks also for the shout out to The After Ro Show! We so a shout out to this blog on the air almost every day. Mutual admiration society!

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  5. Spider crickets?! Eeek!

    I'm glad you guys had fun in NY! I miss NY!!