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Rosie started today's show with the typical Rosie Radio theme song introduction and then abruptly stopped it and the whole staff sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY to JEANNIE in unison! Jeannie is a young 48 years old today (the same as Rosie)! Jeannie, who has been having trouble with her teenage daughter and has been so generous to share her life and personal struggles with the listening audience, shared that she's been on an antidepressant and she thinks it's really been helping. Rosie is thinking about changing her anti-depressant because she has been getting tested as she's taking the Suzanne Somers hormones and they have discovered she is only lacking in Serotonin. Rosie said that she was once on Prozac but it stopped working for her eventually. She called it the "Prozac poop" which led to a real poop discussion which then led to a discussion about anti-bacterial sanitizers giving you drug resistance. I told you it was random.

At that point the spider came back and Brendan killed it. It was all Deirdre's fault because she wouldn't kill it yesterday. Rosie talked about how grouchy she was yesterday and that she felt distracted and didn't feel like talking. She called herself a big baby.

Rosie also noticed she has stinky urine (don't ask me how we got there) and Jeannie asked if she had been eating asparagus. Rosie said she didn't like asparagus so Jeannie told her of a recipe for how she makes asparagus with grated cheese, breadcrumbs and olive oil. (from poop to pee to cooking recipes, ya just never know where the show will take you!) She also said she makes brussel sprouts in the oven. Rosie said that their rabbit or gofer that has invaded their garden only ate the brussel prouts. Pete googled Cruciferous Vegetables during the conversation and pointed out that brussel sprouts induce goiter formation. Interesting? I guess. Random for sure!

They briefly discussed Dancing With The Stars and Lou is convinced the show is fixed. Rosie's beginning to believe that too. And Rosie commented that she only watched it for a second and all she tuned in to see was Kate Gosselin complaining. Rosie called her a "pouty-mcphearson." Jeannie thinks Kate seems really fake and Rosie does not enjoy her. Rosie also talked about how she's been "barbie-sized" since becoming famous.

Rosie talked about how she watched yesterday's episode of the Oprah Winfrey Show in which Oprah interviewed Mo'Nique's brother who admitted to molesting her. When Mo'Nique was interviewed by Oprah about the role she played in the movie Precious, Oprah asked how she came to embody such an evil character and she referenced her own molestation from her brother Gerald. He had never admitted to it or apologized to her for it and they do not talk to this day. The brother saw the interview and then called Oprah and asked to be on the show. Oprah called Mo'Nique and asked her if it would be okay if Gerald was on and if Mo'Nique would like to participate. She declined participation but said the interview itself would be fine especially if it helped another family dealing with these types of issues.

Here's a clip

Rosie and the staff talked about the interview with Mo'Nique's brother and how they doubted his story of how many people he had molested in the past and his own story of molestation. They also talked about how Mo'Nique's father and mother were in the studio and haven't talked to her in 2 years because she chose to share this family secret with the world. Here is a LINK to clips from the interview. Rosie said that Mo'Nique's brother's comments, especially the brother in the audience, made her blood run cold and infuriated her. She also said Oprah was SO GOOD in her interview of him. Rosie said it was as if Rosie was speaking to him for every kid who was ever molested.

Rosie took several callers one of whom had also been molested and beaten by his own brother. Rosie talked about how sexual abuse effects every relationship in the family and how there are family members who will do everything in their power to have you not share it with anyone outside the family. Rosie definitely seemed as if she was speaking from her own experience. Rosie said it was infuriating to members of her family when she even inferred as to what had happened to her as a child and who had done it to her.

Rosie said she was so moved by the interview she thought "maybe I should call Oprah!" and then reconsidered and decided to email her instead - maybe in a week. She said it was Oprah at her best! And called the interview FANTASTIC.

They went to commercial they played Gavin DeGraw's Chariot for Jeannie's Birthday!

Back from commercial they were talking about molestation and Janette started talking about a mass murderer named Michael Ross who had shared that a medication that suppressed his hormones helped him keep his murderous urges under control. She thought perhaps molesters needed this medication too. Rosie asked if it was testosterone that it suppressed and said that she has stopped taking her Suzanne Somers testosterone because of the facial hair she was getting when on it. Jeannie said she has a long hair on her chest and it's so disturbing! This launched an entire conversation about nipple hair!

Rosie mentioned the picture of Kathy Griffin's vajazzeled body she put on her blog and how she looks fantastic! She said her "body was rockin!" Here's a LINK to an article about it. And here's a LINK to a video of Kathy and Joy Behar discussing her public pap smear. Jeannie shared that she is down 20 pounds since she started the show in November!!!!!!! Bobby is down 3 pounds this week! Congrats Jeannie and Bobby!! Jeannie shared that if she loses 100 pounds she wants to go to her brother's best friend to have a tummy tuck.

Rosie said she needs to move more and mentioned the golf cart that a "rich friend" gave her to get around on the property. Rosie said she thinks it looks like the pope mobile.

Rosie is also trying to rent a house at the Jersey shore this summer. When asked why the Jersey shore and not Miami, Rosie said her kids are sick of Miami. She also said that the Jersey Shore would be a neutral place that's new for everyone in their growing family. Blake, Vivi and Rosie are also going to Blizzard Beach sometime this summer. Rosie said there's "nothing like being a fat celebrity at a water park." Jeannie said she's braver than she would ever be.

Jeannie mentioned that she shares her birthday with Hitler and it is also the anniversary of the tragedy at Columbine. Rosie talked about how she had her first breakdown after Columbine and how she started anti-depressants not too long after. She remembered being with Katie Couric at a performance of Cabaret and Katie leaving abruptly. Rosie talked about how unbelievable Columbine was to her. Someone wrote into Rosie on the blog and said that they can't believe that she didn't know Blake's snake was gone this long and this is how kids end up with arsenals under their beds. NICE.

Rosie and Jeannie sang along to Strawberry Letter 23 by Brothers Johnson and went to commercial break.

The staff talked about Whitney Houston butchering the song I Will Always Love You, the serious addiction issues she has and how she's ruined her voice! Rosie added that Lindsay Lohan is 5 minutes away from death and how addicts have to want to help themselves. She talked about the scary realities of addiction and how some people don't survive it.

Rosie said she's unsuccessfully tried to do her own season pass management on Tivo and needs Pete's help. She said she doesn't know what she would do without the men in her life - Pete, Carlos, Stanley and Bobby. Awwww!

Rosie said that Blakey looks so cute in his little baseball uniform and she spoke of how excited the women get in the stands who come to support Blakey. She said that she, Kelli, Geraldine (their nanny), Lois (his speech therapist) and Tanya all sit in the stands crying at his successes. Rosie said that Blake never had the confidence before to believe he could even understand the rules or enough confidence to play.

Chelsea has gotten Rosie addicted to the medium Chai Latte from Starbucks and Rosie asked Pete to google how many calories are in it. It was around 300 and she said she could have 6 Oreos for that cup of tea! Pete suggested substituting skim milk for whole milk and eliminating 100 calories.

Rosie's going to the American Idiot premiere on Broadway with Parker and Chelsea has now asked to go too. Rosie said she would try to get her a ticket but warned her there was going to be press and she would have to smile and "not look like the sullen teenager." Chelsea wanted to know WHY people always wanted to take her picture and seemed so annoyed by it.

Rosie interviewed actress and singer Lynda Carter who was in the studio! Lynda and Rosie talked about her upbringing in Arizona and beginning her career in the entertainment industry. Lynda has a 22 year old son that is about to graduate from University of Michigan.

Lynda shared with Rosie about her great experience playing Mama Morton in Chicago in London. She talked about how much she enjoyed it and what a great experience it was. It was doing the play about 4 years ago when she realized how much music fed something inside her and she decided to go back out on the road singing!

Rosie asked Lynda how she got the role as Wonder Woman and Lynda said that she was in a band on the road in her 20s and realized she didn't want to do that for the rest of her life. She quit the band, moved to LA and became an actress and the rest is history!

After some time on the road Lynda realized that she didn't have any substance in her life and she really wanted a husband, children and a home. Rosie asked Lynda how her kids feel about having a famous mom because Rosie said that sometimes it's diffficult for her own kids. Lynda talked about the importance of having sensitivity to how it must be for the kids with famous parents and the importance of not putting them in the middle of it.

Rosie asked who Lynda's musical influences were and she listed Judy Garland, Helen Humes, Billie Holiday, Sarah Vaughn, and Juke Joint music that her parents used to listen to.

They took several callers to talk to Lynda! One of the callers had a daughter who did a report on Lynda in school about famous people from Arizona. Lynda and Rosie ended the interview wishing they had gotten a little more into politics and Rosie promised to have her back on the show to discuss it!

Some sweet Wonder Woman clips!
Here's a LINK to her Official website and here's a LINK to the Official Lynda Carter YouTube Channel.

At the end of the show Rosie said she's going to Atlanta this weekend to do another episode of Drop Dead Diva!

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  2. Who did Rosie infer molested her?