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Rosie did a "spider/beetle/roaches" theme song interpretation in honor of the bugs in the studio who like to visit each morning. They talked about their evenings last night and most everyone stayed in and watched American Idol and Glee. Overall , the crew loved the Madonna episode of Glee last night! Watch the full episode HERE. Bobby said he loved the scene in the hallway when all the extras dressed in the background were dressed in various Madonna outfits. Rosie thought the episode was funny as hell and Janette said she LOVES Lea Michele. Rosie, Deirdre and Janette all saw Lea Michele in Spring Awakening on Broadway!

From last night's Glee

Rosie went to see the opening of American Idiot on Broadway and said, "It was great!" She remarked how odd it was for her to go to an opening of a show that her kids were more excited about than her. Chelsea and Parker are big Green Day fans and went with Rosie to the event last night. Rosie raved about the show and said she especially loved the scene with the four guys and the soldier in the hospital bed. There's an actor named Stark Sands in the musical who Rosie has never seen in anything but she totally loved him. She said he was captivating and she couldn't take her eyes off him even if his name sounds like a porno name.

Rosie told a story how she had planned on going to the theater with only Parker and then Chelsea asked if she could go. Rosie had to verify with her that she indeed wanted to DO something with her MOTHER. Rosie said she could go but she wasn't allowed to snarl at the cameras. Here is a LINK to some pictures from last night!

Rosie talked about how she ran into Whoopi Goldberg on the red carpet and how she and Whoopi shared a big hug and Whoopi couldn't believe how old Rosie's kids have gotten. At the afterparty, Rosie's kids were so impressed with the celebrities that were there including Carla Gugino and Zachary Quinto. She said it was the first time they were excited about a premiere and wanted to go. Rosie also said she wished everyone could experience the magic that happens on opening night on Broadway. She said both her kids were totally familiar with the music in the show and said it was really great and really well done.

Someone posted this from the premiere last night and I loved it so I thought I'd share....

It sounds like an amazing crowd! I got chills.


I don't know how but somehow this story came up. Rosie told a story about the time she went to Ava Gabor's funeral but couldn't get into the church because she wasn't on the list. Esther Williams told the security guard she was with her and got her in. She said no one was going up to take communion and Merv Griffin stopped as he passed her pew and told her to "get the hell up here you're Irish Catholic" and they were practically the only two who took the host at the funeral.

At the premiere last night she was talking to an Access Hollywood/ET press person and during the interview all the paparazzi around them started taking a girl's picture on the red carpet. None of them knew who it was so the interviewer looked at her list of celebs attending the event and on the sheet was a picture of Donald Trump and Parker saw it and said "eww, look!" and pointed at Trump's picture on the reporter's celebrity sheet. Rosie asked if he was there yet and she said no, so she suggested they hurry along inside and then she put an X on his picture with her sharpie! Parker said to her "I'd like to talk to him." Rosie told Parker "Violence is never the answer." and he said "in this case, it might be Mom." Awwwww!!!! Parker is sticking up for his mom! I love it! That's like seriously the sweetest story! Rosie said in the end she did not bump into Trump which was a good thing. Rosie ended the discussion saying she wants to have the cast of American Idiot on the show!

Rosie talked about Chelsea Handler's book where she describes literally torturing her boyfriend Ted (the head of E!) and Rosie wondered if she really did do all those things to him. She discussed some of the practical jokes she played on her former boyfriend.

This led to them reminiscing about practical jokes that they did on The Rosie O'Donnell Show. Rosie said that David Evangelista used to always want to be on the air so one time they told him they were doing a special number on air because it was National Milk Week. They told him he needed to dress up as a cow and learn a dance number that Seth Rudetsky would teach him. He practiced with Seth for 2 hours before the show and then they revealed there was no National Milk Week! Rosie said he was so upset but Rosie found it funny in a sick kind of way. They were laughing hysterically as they told the story and Rosie said she needed a "whoopi posie pad."

Rosie also laughed hysterically with the crew talking about the practical jokes they used to do when she was performing in the Broadway musical Grease!

They briefly mentioned Kate getting voted off Dancing With The Stars and played a clip of her crying about it which no one in the studio bought. Here's a CLIP. And they briefly discussed the incredibly stressful Octomom interview on Oprah yesterday. Here's a LINK to the OctoOprah Interview.

Rosie played a teaser clip of her Mike Huckabee interview that is going to air tomorrow. She talked about the interview briefly and said that he "did that political thing where he changes the topic frequently" when she asked him a question. Janette said she was on the edge of her seat during the interview! They played a little clip of it which was Rosie asking him something to the effect of "How you could deem an entire group of people unworthy of being parents because of your own prejudice?" I took notes on his response but honestly none of them make sense to me looking back. That's probably because he skirted the question but tune in tomorrow to hear his response BACK! GO ROSIE for asking the tough questions!!!!! Rosie said that during the interview she felt her heart rate starting to go up. She admitted that it is hard to hear people say you are somehow less worthy than they are. Tune in tomorrow for more!

There was a wonderful caller who called in to talk with Rosie about Huckabee who was struggling from losses in her family and called herself a "typical Christian conservative." She thanked Rosie for opening her eyes to other ways to be in the world and told her how much Rosie's documentary All Aboard effected her and made her realize LOVE is LOVE - no matter what the gender. She also talked with Rosie about how the media has painted her in an ugly way after being heralded as the Queen of Nice for many years. She complimented Rosie on what a fantastic interviewer she is and how she really listens to the answers to the questions she asks. Rosie seemed touched and delighted that two people people from such such different backgrounds and different political persuasions could find common ground. It is phone calls like those that really make Rosie Radio such a fantastic show!

Rosie asked about American Idol last night since she missed it and the staff played and discussed Crystal Bowersox's performance as well as Lee DeWyze's performance. Rosie referred to Lee as the "Rob Thomas kid" and Janette said she had no idea who Rob Thomas was. Rosie couldn't believe Janette didn't know who Rob Thomas was and made Lou play some Rob Thomas songs. Janette knew none of them. Janette said she never really listens to radio accept for the Sirius station Octane that plays heavy metalish music. Janette also said that she can't multi-task well and her favorite thing to listen to is silence. Lou played The Sound of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel. Rosie also sang along to Paul Simon's Diamonds On The Souls of Her Shoes and talked about the time that Paul Simon performed at an RBK benefit. Last year Queen Latifah was honored and THIS year she said that Cyndi Lauper is performing. Rosie seemed so excited to have Cyndi Lauper perform this year and said that the kids have been practicing Cyndi Lauper songs to perform for her!

They came back from commercial playing No Air by the cast of Glee. (Totally love it)

John and Maureen then competed in the final competition for the grand prize Glee package which included a trip for 2 to NYC, 2 hotel nights stay and 2 tickets to Glee when they perform at Radio City Music Hall. They asked them a series of Glee questions (and I was at the bus stop waiting for my son so I couldn't write them down, HA!) Maureen ended up winning the contest and Rosie gave John tickets to the show anyway even though he lost. That's so like Rosie! :)

Then Rosie revealed that they had been waiting for Chelsea Handler to call in for her interview and she never did! So, Rosie "interviewed" Shoshana and Pete as if they were Chelsea and asked them the questions she was going to ask her. It was very, very funny!!!

Rosie said she was very interested in doing another musical on Broadway and Bobby alerted Rosie to the fact that she and Tyne Daly were nominated for a Drama League Distinguished Performance Award. Rosie didn't even know that she was. See, if she followed Love, Loss and What I Wore on Facebook she would know this. Shoshana pointed out that her crush/favorite performer of all time Mark Paul Gosselaar was also nominated!

Rosie mentioned how when she went to see American Idiot last night she loved the REALness of the cast and how they all looked like normal people - not just perfect stage actors and actresses. She loved Stark Sands and Rebbecca Jones in the show and would like to book them for the radio show! Pete googled Stark and read all about him and his career. You can read more about the cast HERE.

Then they started a whole music debate about who in the studio liked which artist. Janette admitted she's not a Springsteen fan while Rosie LOVES Springsteen. Pete told Rosie all about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland, Ohio. And Rosie challenged Lou to find any Earth Wind and Fire song that she did not know all the words to. He couldn't. She knows all the words. Bobby said how it's pretty amazing that Rosie can remember all these songs from the 70s but she can't remember her password from yesterday. She said she couldn't be stumped on Barry Manilow either and he played a couple songs which she again knew all the words to.

Rosie challenged Chelsea Handler to a celebrity feud because she didn't call in and sang Barry Manilow til the end of the show.

and that's what you missed -kw

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