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The show was previously recorded today but all new. Rosie began the show talking about how today (Thursday) she will be in Atlanta taping an appearance for the show Drop Dead Diva. Rosie and the staff talked about the show's premise and about the show's star - Brooke Elliott - who Rosie was in Rosie's production of Taboo on Broadway!

Here is a clip of a previous episode of DDD starring Rosie

Janette and Rosie talked about how they both don't like golf. Janette also doesn't like pool. She thinks it's just geometry with a ball and golf is just geometry with a ball on an even larger scale. Rosie likes pool but does not enjoy golf and stated that until they have defense in golf (as in someone trying to keep you from scoring) she's not interested. This led to mentioning the Tiger Woods affair story and how it is now rumored that his wife is definitely leaving him. Rosie said she thought Hillary Clinton would definitely leave Bill as soon as he was out of office. When she didn't leave him Rosie said she came to the conclusion that her capacity to forgive was admirable. Rosie talked about how she told her kids she would never get divorced and Chelsea called her on it recently. She really never thought she would ever get divorced from Kelli. :(

Rosie asked if anyone in the studio had any big plans for the summer as she is currently planning her trip to the Jersey Shore. Pete is renting a beach house with his wife. Pete said he hates the beach because he doesn't like the sand and how it gets everywhere. Janette doesn't like the beach either but not because of the sand, but because she doesn't like people. Rosie and Jeannie reminisced about the days that they used to spend the whole day laying on the sand at the beach. Janette said she wants to go "somewhere foreign" this summer but she's afraid to get in a plane - that she will die in a fiery plane crash.

Rosie said that she had some friends who were supposed to go to Italy last week and couldn't go because of the volcano eruption in Iceland. Janette pointed out that there have been an inordinate number of natural disasters lately and that concerns her. Janette said that all she is saying is that may be there is a reason they have not settled on a diet (as in they're all going to die soon due to the end of the world and civilization). She mentioned the volcano in Yellowstone and that if it erupted, it could be really, really bad. Rosie commented that "It must be exhausting to be you!" (to Janette) She asked Janette if she's ever been tested for "ADHD-LMNOP" and Janette said "no." Shoshana (I think) recommended that Janette take a Xanax and Janette said she "does not enjoy pharmaceuticals at all." Rosie said that people have a lot to say about Janette on the blog. She said that she'll get 10 comments in a row of people loving Janette and 10 comments from people who loathe her. I'm a Janette LOVER, just saying. She said that Jeannie, on the other hand, gets only compliments and Pete read a compliment that was just sent in for Jeannie as they were having that conversation. Rosie then looked at the blog comments too and read a horrible comment about herself and it made her choke on her drink.

Rosie said a lot of people wrote in through the blog to discuss Judy Gold's interview and her candor about her depression. I missed that interview dammit! This is why I seriously cannot take vacations or have a life. Rosie said that since Janette lives in Judy's building she's counting on her to check up on her. Janette talked about how courageous and open it was of Judy to come on and be so truthful. Janette also wasn't surprised because she thinks all comics come from some darkness. She said in her experience as a comic and getting to know many comics on the road, all comics come from some dark place and see the world in a skewed way. She said a good comic learns how to harness that darkness and and make it funny.

Jeannie gave an update on her situation with her teenage daughter and said that things with her are probably not going to improve until the seniors from her high school leave and get back from the senior trip that Jeannie would not allow her to go on. Rosie and Jeannie discussed whether it would be worse now to give in and let her go. Jeannie said there's no chance she's going to do that.

Then something weird happened and I lost the first few moments of the interview with Mike Huckabee so here's how it started for me. Also, this was a very detailed and back and forth discussion and I did my best taking notes. I apologize in advance if I get anything wrong. I really just want to write exactly what was said without opinion so that readers can base their own opinions on what was said. A good writer friend told me to do that. I did my best.

Rosie and Mike talked about how he recently lost 100 pounds but has gained about 30 of it back. He said what prompted the weight loss was the desire to be more healthy and he lost weight balancing good nutrition and exercise. Mike said that his battle with weight will be a lifetime battle and he's had to accept the fact that he loves food and has to be very careful with what he eats. Mike said that the reason he was successful with losing weight this time was because it wasn't about getting to a goal weight, it was about being healthy. He encouraged others who battle weight to concentrate on the health aspect rather than the number itself.

Rosie delved right into the questions over what Mike had to say about gay parents being unfit to adopt foster children. She asked him if sexual orientation was the only qualification for good parenting? Mike said no, that unfortunately he had a recent interview and the interview became more of a debate rather than a question and answer. He said that the interviewer began to argue with his answers and things that he said got distorted. Mike said that the ideal marriage is a traditional marriage (one man and one woman) yet we don't always have the ideal. Mike has a strong biblical world view and holds no animosity towards homosexuals and he stated that it's not his business what people do in private or his place to judge. Rosie asked Mike if the only qualification for good parenting is a person's sexuality? She mentioned how there was a constitutional amendment put on the ballot (which has since been overturned) to outlaw adoptions by gay parents and how he supported the bill. Mike sees gay parenting as one more way we were moving away from the traditional ideal of marriage. Mike said that people need to make their own decisions about what a family should look like and his beliefs are in one man and one woman, married for life. He said he is as concerned about the divorce rate amongst heterosexual couples as he is marriage amongst same sex couples because it doesn't fit the traditional view of marriage. Rosie asked Mike if he thought his view was rather pious? Mike said it's not about piety if one is a believer, as he is, and he accepts that the biblical norms are what we should live by. Mike also discussed that he believes in the literal translation of the bible but also believes that there were figurative things in the bible, too.

Rosie asked Mike if he thinks that the bible is the only true word of God? She asked him about the other books and testaments of God that people believe in and about the dangers of mixing a specific religious point of view with governing. He said that it is not about prescribing a specific religion and pointed out that we are a religious culture. Mike believes that once you choose a religion to follow you should believe in it wholeheartedly and practice it. He said it was okay to have an honest disagreement about religion. He said if all the religions are the same and there was no differentiation, they all become irrelevant. Rosie asked Mike if he thought it was elitist to think that his religion is better than others? She pointed out that if she was trying to adopt in a state that he was governing he would deem her as unfit to be a parent. Mike said that each human being should decide their own and decide their own path.

Mike brought up the issue of abortion and how he believes every life is of value and Rosie said that she agrees and asked what happens when those children become adults and if they turn out to be gay. She asked him if they are then no longer as worthy and not considered a worthy adoptive parent? Rosie called Mike a "sensible, kind guy" and really seemed to not understand how he could be so against this issue of gays being allowed to adopt. Mike encouraged Rosie to listen to the entire interview and she said she had. Mike said that the interviewer has edited out a significant portion of his comments. Rosie seemed confident that she heard the entire interview.

She again stated how she wonders how Mike, a man with children, would deem an entire group of people unworthy of being parents because of his own prejudice. Mike said they're not unworthy but the ideal environment for children is in a relationship with a mother and a father. Rosie pointed out that half the kids in our country don't have a mother and a father living in the home. She said that 50% of the marriages end in divorce. She also pointed out that she hasn't mentioned marriage once, she was talking about parenting. Rosie stated that there are 500,000 kids in foster care that have no one to love them and if there are homosexuals who want to take in these kids they should be encouraged to do so.

Mike said that less than ideal does not mean unworthy. He said that a mother and a father in the home is best where both the skills are modeled for the child. Mike said there are millions of babies who never see the light of day (an anti-abortion reference thrown in there for some reason).

Rosie said that as an adoptive mother, to hear him compare her parenting to getting a puppy was hurtful. He said that is not what he said or what he meant. He said that the primary decision for adoption should be what is best for the child and what is ideal (and that is a mother and a father). Rosie asked what Mike was trying to say when he said that we're talking about adopting a child not a puppy. Mike said it was an off-the-cuff comment taken out of context. She asked him if a child should stay in foster care rather than be adopted by a loving gay woman. Mike said he wishes children weren't abandoned at all. Rosie pointed out that we all wish that but they are! Mike said they're just talking about different ideas about what is ideal. Rosie called Mike out on the word "ideal" and asked him if that isn't just code for "heterosexual."

Rosie hoped that Mike would get to know some children raised by gay parents so that he would know that his fears aren't founded on any facts that gays can't parent as well as heterosexuals. She again pointed out that there are half a million children in foster care and for any publicly elected official to try to lesson the pool of adoptive parents isn't right when so many kids need homes. Rosie asked Mike if he's against single straight parents adopting also? Again, he said the ideal would be that both parents (a mother and a father) would be involved. Rosie said that less than 50% of children are raised with 2 parents! She said that in her belief what is best for a child is to have a loving permanent, forever home. She said that she has dedicated her life to finding homes for children who had no place to go, raised millions of dollars for this issue and it is a cause she is very passionate about. She also stated that she was raised in a heterosexual home where there was great abuse, so sometimes, that is not always the "ideal." She told Mike about how much his statements hurt her and how they hurt many people. Mike said that he does not have to accept all values and viewpoints that differ from his. And Rosie said that he is trying to legally discriminate against her right to parent in his state. Then Mike said something like if the prevailing view is that it is acceptable for gay people to be parents than that is what should be law, not his personal views.

Rosie said that gay people have parented since the beginning of time and said it's "Not a new phenomenon, Mike." Mike said that as with all people who adhere to a biblical practice a mother and a father is the ideal relationship for him. Rosie asked Mike if he would think about the human beings he's disparaging with his remarks. She challenged him on his Christian tenants and said that his beliefs do not hold to that. She told Mike that his comments were painful to hear. Mike seemed sorry that he hurt her but said that this issue is not the biggest issue that he even focuses on in political life.

Rosie asked Mike to research COLAGE and spend some time with families with gay parents and said if he did he wouldn't have the kinds of fear based statements that he has. She said he doesn't have to say "they're the greatest things in the world" but to say that unwanted children, unwanted and uncared for children, should not be allowed to be parented by gay people is an unChristian view. Mike said that he tries to be as honest and candid as he can. He said he thinks it's even worse when politicians aren't frank and candid with each other. Rosie asked Mike if he thought children should just languish in foster care rather than go with a gay couple. Mike said that that decision is in the hands of each state. He said that he doesn't question that she doesn't love her kids. He knows she loves them. Rosie said that Parker, her eldest son, came home from school the other day and said "Did you hear that Mike Huckabee guy thinks gay people shouldn't be parents? You should talk to him, mom. You should call him and invite him over for dinner."

Mike said that when he talks about the norm, the ideal, he gives his answer. He said that it may not be the answer that she would give and they don't have to agree. Rosie asked Mike if he knows anyone growing up in a gay family and he said he does. He reminded Rosie that he never said they should go in and take the kids out of the home because of it. Mike said that he too has often been criticized for his views. He said that he loves this country because they can still have mutual respect for each other while holding differing points of views.

Rosie asked Mike what he would do if one of his kids were gay and Mike said that he would love them anyway. He said there would be no less love for them. She asked him if he has any friends with gay children. Mike said that he has had employees, friends, and colleagues who are gay. He said he doesn't point in their face and say, "I disagree with you."

Rosie asked Mike if he believes there is a genetic predisposition for being overweight. And Mike said he does believe that genetics plays a role in weight. Rosie asked Mike if he thinks that gay people can choose to just buckle down and be more ideal (like he did about losing weight) and not be gay. Mike said he's had these types of conversations with people who ask him if they should just suppress their feelings and not be gay. He said that he cannot tell someone else what they have to do. He said that he struggles with what he has to do himself. Mike said that he struggles and fails everyday. He said God is about grace and forgiveness and that he himself is a sinner. He said being a Christian is to love God and to love others. Mike said that God never condemned. He said that God focused on forgiveness and He doesn't put a big spotlight on sin He puts the spotlight on His own grace and says to you "I still love you."

Mike talked about the love he has for his children and Rosie said that he loves his children just the same way every gay parent loves their kids. She said that maybe he should rethink what he says the next time he is asked about gay parents.

Mike thanked Rosie for being so compassionate in the interview with him and said that he's sure if he met Parker he would love him. Rosie said that she hopes everyone can come together in this country and realize the worth of every human being. She hopes that they could come together as parents and find some common ground. And that was the end of the interview.

James was in the studio today and said that he couldn't dislike Mike although when he first read what Mike had said about gays not being ideal parents he was insulted. Rosie said that she was also insulted and the puppy comment was very hurtful. Janette said that the "ideal" (mother, father and child) no longer exists. Rosie said that saying "ideal" is really a covert way to say heterosexual. She commented that she thought it was interesting how he kept trying to change the subject to marriage or abortion. Janette said that maybe that's because children don't occur without marriage in his mind.

Rosie said that finding a forever family is the most important thing for foster children. She said we have to care about the kids more. She wonders why the Evangelical Christians in his state don't each adopt a child from foster care then?!

Tracy's daughter was in 17 foster homes and none of those people wanted to adopt her until Tracy. She seemed very upset that the "gay thing" trumps and clouds your vision so much, even over the needs of a child. James said that is because gay people are seen as intrinsically gross and evil - especially gay men. Overall, Rosie said she was glad that Mike called in. Janette said she respects him that he was willing to have the conversation. Janette referred to Rosie's film A Family Is A Family Is A Family and the scene when the little girl said "they wanted me" in reference to her gay adoptive parents. Rosie said that so many of the kids in foster care have been so ostracized by society and they really need families that understand what that feels like. She sees gay parents as being great at understanding that way to be in the world because they have struggled with it too.

They talked about how they love the show Glee and they loved the Madonna episode. James talked about his own experience with theater in high school. Rosie said she never got cast in any lead roles in high school and is still carrying resentment about it. When Janette was in musicals in high school they asked her to mouth the words because she's 2 steps from tone deaf and it was throwing the rest of the cast off. HA!

Shoshana listed off some of her favorite authors and discussed how she is moving from Chick lit to more serious works for women.

Rosie asked what Chick lit was and the book The Devil Wears Prada came up and Rosie said when she saw that movie she thought "What the heck are those assistants complaining about? She's not that bad!" Janette said the book was much worse than the movie. Rosie said the last thing she ever wants to hear from an assistant is how hard it was to do something she asked! (Got that Shoshana? lol)

Shady (Rosie's squirrel) came up to the window during the conversation and Rosie confirmed she is a girl.
Pete gave an update on his daughter and 2 evaluations later, it has been decided that she's totally normal. Rosie told him if that's true he needs to just "suck it up." lol

Janette talked about the book she is reading entitled Silent Tears: A Journey of Hope In A Chinese Orphanage about a woman who volunteered to live in a Chinese orphanage. Janette told Rosie about the book. She called it an "inspiring story." Rosie is reading Anne Lamont's Imperfect Birds. Rosie said she loves everything that she writes. Janette is reading The Lost City of Z. Rosie said she read it but it had a disappointing ending. James recommended Tweak and Beautiful Boy.

James shared his fitness story with everyone and said that he started going to the gym in his early 20s with his friends just because they were going. When he stopped going he put on a little bit of weight and then he changed the way he ate and made going to the gym a habit. He says he feels so much better. Rosie asked him if he does it because it's part of the gay culture (for men to be very fit) and James agreed that it is part of the gay culture but said that he does it to be healthy. James is going to DJ'ing on Fire Island at a club named Cherry Grove on July 10th and Rosie said she is going to be there at the same time! Read more about James and check out his DJ gigs on his website HERE.

This began a great speedo debate, Pete said if he was skinny and "hung" he would wear one. Janette doesn't own a bathing suit and Rosie recommended the website Junonia to find the perfect bathing suit. Rosie loves that site. Rosie said she thinks it's important that your kids see that you're not ashamed to wear a bathing suit. Pete said he wears a tshirt because he doesn't like his body and he's very hairy. He's worried that people will be grossed out. Janette said she knows no one else cares what she looks like in a bathing suit but SHE cares. Rosie encouraged her not to prevent herself from swimming because of that.

Janette said she's also afraid of sharks in the ocean. She says she knows it's a ridiculous fear but one time she tried to go snorkeling and every time she put her face in the water she heard Jaws music. She also gets sea sick and she can't snorkel for very long. Pete googled the statistics of the chances of getting killed by a shark which are slim to none.

Rosie went to commercial singing along to Macy Gray's Beauty In The World.

and that's what you missed -kw


  1. Holy moly Kelly! Great job covering the Huckabee interview. I tried to catch the show twice today, but missed big parts both times. Thanks for the recap. Alison

  2. Kelly, Thank you for taking such great notes of the Huckabee interview. I am totally amazed how closed minded some people can be. I think of Rosie and Tracy and all the lives they saved between them with their adoptions. Otherwise those lives would have been "lost".

    I also found it interesting that as much as I love and admire Rosie - I don't think I would enjoy working with her. LOL I have a hard time trying to accomplish something very difficult when the requester has no idea how much effort is required and if it is even possible at all. Sadly, if you do manage to accomplish the goal most executive types just assume it was easy.

    Anyway, Thanks again for a great recap!

    Dennis - Fort Lauderdale

  3. Kel - Great job as usual.

    I too experienced the problem when the Mike H interview started but then re-listened to the rebroadcast and it was all there - made more sense.

    Ro did a good job probing Mike about his feelings on the adoption issue and while doing so was able to try and get through to him that there are so many children needing families, and also that we all are just so much alike.

    Did he get it? Probably not, but I didn't find him as polarizing as the typical Republican can usually be regarding the issues of gays.

    BUT.... he is a politician and kept using those key (or code) words, like "ideal." Ideally a child would be raised by two parents who love and support them but that just isn't life in 2010 for the majority of children.... so when the ideal cannot be reached then what? Do they flounder? Are children better off in a system of being moved around from one home to another?

    I think not and I really feel that Ro's points were so dead on.

    Let's not talk about abortion and gay marriage - consider the children.

    Aren't they better just being loved and nurtured and encouraged?

    Of course they are!

    I was extremely proud of Ro today. Even though she interrupted him a few times to make a point, the point wasn't to push an "agenda" other then to think about children.

    WAY TO GO RO!!!

    And another WONDERFUL job Kel at recapping the entire show.

  4. thanks for posting this, kelly! :) i did not listen to the interview but heard the very beginning and end of the show. you do an AMAZING job "recapping" (it is so much more than that!) the show!!
    and i LOVE that macy gray song... just sayin'

  5. OUTSTANDING recap Kelly! You got all of the main bits, I don't know how you do it! The bit with Parker telling Ro to invite Mike over for dinner was great! Ro may not have changed his standpoint on this issue, but I think she's making him at least consider how hurtful he can be in making comments like that. Rosie's at her best discussing issues like this, I think.

  6. Great Recap!!

    I don't remember the last time I wore a bathing suit without shorts on..Hmmmm maybe when I was 10..lol ugh...I have issues.

  7. Excellent recap Kelly!
    Thanks for all the details about the Huckabee interview
    A great interview
    so good to be able to go back and read your notes
    i read them before, listened to the late show and re read
    i got more out of it that way i think

  8. wow! how long did this take you to do???? amazing job and much appreciated!!


  9. Love all the comments! Thanks for reading guys! I was worried I took a vacation and lost all my readers.

    Liz, this blog took me forever to write. Hours. I really thought the whole interview was so important, I wanted to get it ALL out there for those that didn't hear it.

    I don't know how I feel about Huckabee. It was so hard not to like him because he sounded so nice on the radio. But what he was saying was making me crazy at the same time. Not as crazy as the Gayle Haggard interview though. I appreciated Rosie so much more for calling him out on his bullshit - something I did not feel that she did when she interviewed Gayle which bothered me to no end. So I was happy about that.

    I think tomorrow (if it's not a repeat) I'm doing an abbreviated blog. Today's show took way to much time, lol.

    Seriously, thanks for the comments! I really appreciate them!

  10. Good news, Kelly! Pete said that tomorrow is a "recycled" show. I think that it will probably be a repeat, possibly a "best of" so you can take a well deserved day off!

    I think that EVERYONE listening at the 10am broadcast lost the first couple of minutes of the Huckabee interview. When they went to commercial just before, I got 90 seconds to 2 minutes of dead air. Then the commercials ran (probably at the proper length) and were over the first couple of minutes.

    I am so excited that you are going to be my co-host on The After Ro Show on Monday! I will take notes too, so your recap won't be as hard! LOL

    Talk to you then!

    : ) P

  11. Thank you Kelly . Your effort is such a gift for those of us with out Rosie radio.

  12. Hello Kelly
    I have been reading your blog since day 1 and really enjoy your perspective and recap. I wanted to tell you that it is very easy to record from your computer or radio if you need to miss a show. (I sense your frustration on those days!) One way is to use an Ipod (with a mic) and simply use the voice memo option (up to 2 hours). There are more complicated ways, but this might work for you? Good luck.

  13. Kelly<-- WOW! ...I am so grateful for the great job you do with the Rosie recaps. Please know your efforts are very much appreciated! I'm sending Love and Best Wishes to You and Yours! ...JOYFUL Karen Louise :-)