Today was a compilation of previously aired radio. 
It included the Huckabee interview and I actually listened to it again.  Good stuff.
I'm going to try to get to the questions that people have asked me over email and in the comments this weekend. 

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!



  1. I know that Huckabee interview took you hours, but I just want to say that I, like a lot of other people on here, really appreciate the time you took to do it. (and every day)

    I was going to go on about how I felt about the interview, but I think everyone kind of feels the same way about it.

    I look forward to the responses to the questions people have asked you! :)


  2. totally agree with you Christina

    i really appreciate the time you invest in writing such a great recap blog Kelly
    it is such a good resource for those who missed the show or parts of it, or heard it but wanted to read for the details and links you post and your editorial pink notes!