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Rosie did not sing the beginning theme song today because it was raining and she sounded just a bit down or tired. Lou played I Can't Stand The Rain by Tina Turner for her and Rosie sang along.

Rosie said she saw some baby squirrels in a tree this weekend and fed them walnuts. Jeannie stayed home all weekend and Deirdre went out to dinner and saw the movie Hot Tub Time Machine and loved it! She said she was crying she was laughing so hard. Janette met Stedman Graham at the WOF retreat. (Here's a link to a BLOG about the retreat! Check out the pictures!) Janette seemed to love Stedman and his life story and she talked about how touched she was by his speech. She said her favorite part of his message was when he said we don't come from our history we come from our imagination. Rosie agreed. She said she always knew she would be famous and that all came from her imagination and her thoughts. Janette said that especially kids who have a hard childhood often dream of a better life for themselves to get through it. A few people at the conference also gave her large donations for MMFC (a cause close to Janette's heart) which made her so happy!

Rosie watched Ultimate Fighting Champion Urijah Faber lose this weekend and get "killed." She said it was painful for her to watch. Pete follows Urijah on his Twitter account and discussed some of his tweets including the pictures he uploaded after the fight. Rosie said it was hard for her to watch and Janette talked about her extremely low threshold for pain. Rosie said when she was on the set of Drop Dead Diva this weekend one of the guys on the set is an UFC champion named Demon who talked with Rosie about how you handle the pain of being hit when you're in the ring in compared to the real world.

Rosie said she's trying not to watch popthatzit videos at the advice of her therapist who thinks it is a bad thing for her intrusive thoughts. Rosie described a video that she watched this weekend of a girl who had a "spalding ball" sized abscess popped on camera and a fountain of crap came out. YUCK! Rosie said it's the most disturbing of any of them she has seen in her entire life and she was still battling to get the image out of her head.

Rosie asked what ever happened to the Chelsea Handler interview that never was and Deirdre said she never got an email or a phone call about it. Deirdre said she got an email from her assistant asking if Chelsea called in that day and Deirdre told her no and then asked her what happened and never heard back. Rosie asked if she was in a feud with her now and Deirdre said "No, I am." LOL!

They discussed how Kathy Griffin would be calling in today which brought up a whole Hollywood plastic surgery debate since Kathy has admitted to having some surgeries of her own. Janette said that she read an article this weekend on how Hollywood is going on a non-plastic swing now. Rosie talked about her friend Tyne Daly and how great she looks at 64 years young!

Rosie's youngest son Blake had a baseball game this weekend and Rosie seemed a bit shocked at how intense the game and the parents were considering it was Little League. Pete said he umped for a while and said he had to quit because he couldn't handle all the coaches going crazy on him for every call! They took several callers talking about the competitiveness of children's sports - both boys and girls.

Rosie then took a call from Kathy Griffin and began the interview asking her about her Cher-like bangin bod. Kathy and Rosie talked about her public pap smear that she did to promote cervical cancer awareness. Kathy said she didn't get as much media coverage on the event as she would have liked and even went to The Today Show with the idea but got "a firm No" in response to her request. Here's a clip of Joy Behar asking KG about her pap smear. She said she's gotten a lot of "we're going to pass" before but not many "firm NO's." Rosie said if she was on the air right now she would have dedicated an hour to it! Kathy talked about how women are unnecessarily afraid to get pap smears done when it's painless and only takes about 90 seconds. Someone from her team accidentally called the paparazzi during her public pap smear for her hit reality T.V. show My Life on the D-List so her privacy was completely violated!

Rosie asked Kathy how she maintains her rocking body and KG said it was her diet of "starvation, bitterness and Redbull." Ahhhhh, I love Kathy Griffin. Rosie asked Kathy what she's going to do the next time she's in Vegas and KG said she's screwed. (there are some hoagies there that she loves to eat) She said that she'll probably lose 16 bucks on the nickle slots though and then she'll be to depressed to eat. Kathy said that since My Life on the D List, she doesn't eat junk food like she used to.

Kathy talked about her recent stand up gig in Biloxi at a Casino where the first 3 rows of the venue were filled with high rollers (as opposed to fans) and she had a high level of walkouts and one elderly man stood up and flipped her off after she delivered her Sarah Palin jokes! She's doing her Bravo special this weekend called "Kathy Does the Bible Belt" and she's hoping to have some protests over her being there. She mounted a letter writing campaign to try to get Kate back on Dancing With the Stars and is truly enjoying Pam Anderson on the show who she says is two steps away from Paula-Abdul-ville. And both Rosie and Kathy are missing Paula on American Idol. Kathy said she wants to challenge Ellen to try to get her on drugs like Paula or passed out on the judges table. She said someone has to pick up the slack for Paula not being there.

Kathy's mom is now 89 years young and she's the celebrity of the retirement building community where she lives. She said her mom is still not herself without a certain amount of bitching and complaining everyday. Rosie bought Kathy's mom a bottle of Dom Perignon which her mom just poses with every year for the last seven years. Rosie's going to send her another bottle or even Cristal this time. Kathy's mom has a book coming out called "Hip it, the World According to Maggie" (I think!). She has placed many contingencies and restrictions on the publisher. Rosie wants Maggie to call in to Rosie Radio when it comes out (but post tape it because she doesn't get up early, even for press)!

Rosie told Kathy about how Chelsea Handler was supposed to call in and didn't. Kathy is friends with Chelsea and Kathy said that she didn't know if the practical jokes she writes about in her book were real but she knows that Chels enjoys her drinky-poo and the sex.

Just then the call was dropped and we lost Kathy for a minute. During the break Rosie and Janette talked about how much they loved Kathy and how fantastic she is because she is constantly doing new material in her standup act.

Kathy called back in on her cell phone as she was getting into hair and makeup for the TCAs for Bravo. She said she gets to have her own panel for the question and answers and she's going to make Tiffany and Tom sit with her. She said Tom will surely pull some hair out over the stress of it. She's happy because it's going to be at the Ritz Carlton Pasadena and she's hoping to get a free meal out of it too. Kathy told Rosie how much she misses her and how she's going to come see her the next time she's in NY (since Rosie doesn't come to LA much). Rosie said she wants to see her bangin body! You can catch Kathy's new season of My Life on the D List premiering sometime in the first week of June.

Rosie asked Lou how his dance lessons are going and he said the teacher loves them and they nailed it! Rosie played the song "In the Name in Lou, cut a rug in the name of Lou" set to the song Pride (In The Name of Love) by U2. Lou's love Maral had a wonderful time too and sent Rosie a card to thank her. Rosie asked if she will be dancing at her wedding and Lou said there are no plans for a wedding yet but he hopes so! Awwww!!

Rosie said that a lot of people wrote to her and Janette about how much they loved the Huckabee interview she did. Rosie finds it strange that politicians often lump together marriage, abortion and gays adopting when they are 3 separate issues. Janette found it frustrating that his whole premise for why gays shouldn't adopt is because it is not ideal, when barely anyone has his version on ideal anymore. And then he stresses that it should be about what is best for the child. So, which is it? Jeannie suggested Rosie send Huckabee and his family on an rfamily cruise. Pete said someone should ask the kids in foster care if they would rather have no one to love them or have 2 moms or 2 dads. He bets the kids would choose to have the family and the sexual orientation of the parents shouldn't matter. Rosie said that a lot of people told her that they thought she was going to yell at him. She said she has only ever really yelled during 2 interview situations and one was with Tom Selleck and one was her time on the View with Elisabeth Hasselbeck. She explained that on the View you had to shout to be heard. They took several callers on the topic. One caller spoke of how sometimes it takes tragedy to be the great equalizer amongst different groups of people and Rosie agreed and recommended the documentary To Die in Jerusalem.

Rosie then introduced Lois Heymann a recognized leader in the treatment of children with listening, learning and auditory challenges. Lois is a private speech and language pathologist with more than 30 years of experience working with families. Rosie and Lois recently wrote the book The Sound of Hope together. The Sound of Hope: Recognizing, Coping with and Treating Your Child’s Auditory Processing Disorder "is the first practical guide to help parents improve their children’s listening skills so they can communicate clearly, interact well and fare better in school—whether the child has a diagnosed disorder, learning disability, or slow language development." The book also contains a foreword written by Rosie.

Lois and Rosie talked about how they first met and Blake's first symptoms he was experiencing. Lois said it is hard to say how many children are effected by Auditory Processing disorder but that it could be as high as 3 in a 100. Lois explained that to a child with APD, their world is not comprehensible to them and when the auditory transfers from the ear to the brain the information is distorted or delayed. Rosie played an auditory simulation of what a child with auditory processing problems hears. You can read that HERE.

Jeannie talked about how she first noticed Blake's tendency to search for words and his inability to find the words he needed to communicate. Lois said that the key is really about getting a good diagnosis and finding out what the weaknesses are for each individual child. She said that oftentimes children with APD are so unsuccessful at language they get frustrated, angry or withdraw. Lois said that APD can effect the whole child and how they live in the world. She said that language is power. Lois likes to work with families on how to teach them to teach the basic tenants of listening. She encouraged all parents to spend at least 15 minutes a day promoting good listening skills in their kids. Lois gives a lot of techniques for parents in the book and how to change any situation into an auditory teaching situation. Rosie and Lois took several callers on the topic. You can also find resources on how to find a speech and language professional in your area in the book.

Don't forget that Rosie and Lois will be on Good Morning America tomorrow (April 27!!) Set your tivos!!

And Join Lois and ROSIE for a book talk and book signing!!
Saturday, May 8-MT.KISCO, NY 3:00 pm
162 East Main Street
Mt. Kisco, NY 10549

Rosie closed the show.

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  1. Wow I missed alot today...Only could listen to KG...Love her, I just wish Canadians were able to watch her show! As usual not avail here.

    Thanx Kelly!

  2. Great recap, Kelly! Thank you for coming on The After Ro Show with me today. You did great! I hope that you can make a regular "visit" to the show!

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  3. Thanks for keeping us updated! I appreciate it!

  4. What I love coming here. Is, you give me even more then the radio show does. The link to Janette's retreat. Even links to anything Rosie mentions. Thank you Kelly. It was a good show. I especially learned so much listening to Lois.

  5. I think Hip it, the World According to Maggie should be Tip it, the World According to Maggie. Maggie always yells Tip It when she is at the end of her box of wine.