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Rosie Radio was broadcasting live from the Sirius studios in NYC today! She had the original singers of the Rosie Radio theme song sing the song LIVE at today's start of the show. It was so perfect you couldn't even tell it was live! Fantastic job! They quickly said their names and I think they were Connie Brooks and James Filladell. (I'm totally guessing on the spelling). They are both classically trained singers. Connie is singing with the Manhattan Choral Ensemble on Friday, June 11th.

The theme song
(The recording quality isn't great, but you get the idea!)

Rosie asked Jeannie about how her Lexapro is helping her and whether or not it is the reason she seems less stressed out lately. Jeannie said it is helping her "not react" as much as Dr. Drew had advised her to do with her teenage daughter. Rosie saw Dr. Drew Pinsky this morning at Good Morning America when she was heading to film her television spot promoting her book The Sound of Hope with Lois Heymann. Rosie was recently asked about the celebrity feud between Dr. Drew and Lindsay Lohan and what her thoughts were on it. You can read about that feud HERE. Rosie stated that she supports what Dr. Drew said completely.

Rosie said she went to the doctor yesterday to have her medications changed to get off Effexor. Rosie said that since she has been getting her hormone levels checked the doctors have discovered that she is only low in serotonin and not in any other hormones. She wants to switch to a medication that only treats her low serotonin levels and nothing else. I really admire Rosie and Jeannie's honesty when speaking of their depression and anxiety issues. Seriously. They are always so open, honest and brave with their personal stories.

Rosie went to an Acupuncturist for the first time ever yesterday and she said it's the first night that she's slept well in months. Janette said her sister Lanette also loves Acupuncture and has gotten a lot of benefit from it. Rosie's now decided she's going to go once a week.

Rosie asked anyone if they could tell that she was wearing her pajama bottoms to the show yesterday and they ALL (including Pete) said YES, they could tell. Apparently she also wore them to see the physician she went to yesterday. Jeannie reminded Rosie about the time that Michael Jackson wore his pajama bottoms to court and Rosie asked her and Jackie to make sure and tell her if she ever "got to that point" and Jeannie warned her she's almost there.

Rosie also learned at her physician's office that the worst things you can do for PTSD and depression is smoke pot. They also talked about a new study that says that pot smoking leads to psychosis. Rosie said that she was told that in terms of maintaining mental health, pot is much worse than alcohol. It has been discovered that marijuana causes panic and anxiety. Janette said she's been off the weed for a while now because she eats too much when she smokes and she feels that when you feel that a substance owns you it's time to quit. She said that if she knows that there's pot in the house, she has to smoke it. Someone in the studio googled pot and said that 1 joint = 10 cigarettes in terms of what it does to your lungs. Pete said he just saw a documentary called The Union: The Business Behind Getting High about marijuana consumption and added some of the things he learned from the film.

The Trailer for The Union: The Business Behind Getting High

Janette talked about the anxiety she feels coming off of pot. Rosie asked Janette if she ever considered anti-anxiety medication but she said she never felt well on anti-anxiety medication and said she would like to go a non-pharmaceutical route to come off of it. Jeannie talked about how the first month she was on Lexipro she didn't like the way it made her feel but that now she feels more like her old self again. As a contrast, Janette's sister Lanette gained a ton of weight and said that she feels like she lost a decade of her life to anti-depressants. Rosie recommended that Janette try acupuncture and she said she would. Deirdre said she has been doing acupuncture for a long time and she loves it.

The doctor also asked Rosie what kind of food she eats at meals and Rosie said she doesn't have "meals" per se. Tracy, Rosie's girlfriend, is a very healthy eater in comparison to Rosie. This weekend they watched the documentary Food, Inc. together. Rosie told Jeannie "this documentary will make you never want to eat again!" Rosie and the staff described the documentary and how it discusses genetically modified food and chickens that have breasts so big they can't walk. Janette said we have industrialized the food industry in a manner that has ruined everything we're eating. They talked about how we feed corn to cows because it makes them fatter but cows get infections from corn so they have to pump them full of antibiotics. Rosie said the documentary "totally changed the way she felt about food" to the point where she is almost thinking of becoming a vegetarian. She said "when you see what goes into making the average hamburger it's enough to make you never want to eat again." Janette pointed out that almost everything we buy in the grocery store has corn in it now and that's why Americans are fat.

The Trailer for Food, Inc.

They also talked about how our hormone filled food industry has been linked to the early maturity of girls. Janette recommended the book Barbara Kingsolver's Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life and talked about eating locally farmed beef and produce. Rosie said if everyone saw Food, Inc. it would change the way Americans eat and asked Deirdre if they could have the filmmakers on the show.

They took several callers on the topic of marijuana smoking and Janette talked about how she started smoking pot originally because she couldn't sleep. But, she said she always feels better when she's not smoking it as Rosie did during her "year without beer." Rosie said they are going on vacation on June 27th and asked Janette if she can go 2 months without smoking it and Rosie asked her to keep a log of what it feels like for her.

Rosie mentioned and recommended the show Nurse Jackie on Showtime. Rosie loves that show! Here's a trailer for that show. I love it too!!!!

Rosie then introduced Brian Charles Johnson who she recently saw perform in American Idiot on Broadway. Rosie said to him, "You are so cute, I can't stand it." Rosie originally met Brian when she saw him perform in Spring Awakening. Brian originated the role of Otto and brought it to Broadway! Brian told Rosie that he had always wanted to perform either singing or acting. Rosie told Brian he was a fantastic dancer and Brian said he never took a dance class in his life but he did play sports all his life and took some movement classes. He said the choreographer, Steven Hoggett choreographed the dancing around their different body types and abilities in the show. Rosie loved it. She said she felt so honored to be there opening night. Brian said that the audiences have been amazing since the show has started and every night people are on their feet applauding and wanting more.

Rosie asked Brian if he was a fan of Green Day before the musical and Brian said he was. Rosie admitted that she didn't know much of their music but it was the first time her teens wanted to attend a Broadway opening. Brian said the song "Holiday" is his favorite from the show and he gets to perform it on Letterman on Thursday! Rosie advised him "not to bring up the intern thing." LOL!

Brian and his friend Chase Peacock have an R&B/rap group and they are going to be doing some gigs on nights when they don't have a performance for American Idiot. Rosie asked Brian how it is working 8 shows a week and he talked about the "boot camp" they went through to prepare for the opening. He said they've been filming through the whole process of the show and he has lost so much weight since the beginning he doesn't even recognize himself in the earlier pictures. Rosie said they should release it as a workout tape! She said the play is SO riveting and and Brian's so good at it!

Brian ended by singing the song Novocaine with Alec Berlin playing guitar.

Brian sings Novocaine
(fantastic job! I totally loved it!)

Rosie asked the studio if any of them saw her on Good Morning America today! You can watch a clip of it below. Rosie said it's been shocking to realize how many kids have APD and talked about managing the disability for Blake but never actually being cured from it. Here is a LINK to an article about her appearance. Here is a LINK to a conversation between Rosie and Diane Sawyer about Blake and APD.

Rosie asked if anyone had been to Dollywood and said that she was thinking of taking the kids there this summer.

Jeannie talked about how involved she is getting with old school friends on facebook and how they are preparing for their 30 year reunion in October!

Betty Buckley, the Tony Award winning theater, film, and television actress and singer, was in the studio to talk with Rosie! Betty is currently starring in White's Lies, a new play at New World's Stages in New York City. She described it as a play about a man named Joe White who "has some commitment issues." Betty plays his mother Mrs. White who tries to get her son to behave. Rosie and Betty had a long conversation about her love of horses and Betty's mother and about growing up in Texas. After 9/11, Betty said that everything changed for her and she remembered her love of horses and how much she wanted to go back to them. Betty is also very into twitter and facebook and it almost sounded like she convinced Rosie to try it again!

Rosie told Betty that she used to watch the show Eight Is Enough and wish her father would marry someone like her. Then she turned 16 and realized it wasn't that she wanted her father to marry Betty Buckley, SHE wanted to marry Betty Buckley! Rosie told Betty about the first time she met her and how she was at a loss for words and instead she sang to her. Betty said for several years she lived down the hall from Robert De Niro and one time she got up the nerve to approach him and he waived her away.

Rosie asked Betty if there is a particular moment in her career that stands out. Betty said it was her first performance of Sunset Boulevard on Broadway. She said the first night on the stage everyone was really frightened and she sang her first song and the house went nuts and she felt enveloped with so much love. She said she came off stage and was breathless. Rosie recalled seeing Betty in Cats on Broadway and how her singing was unlike any moment she had ever seen in a Broadway show. Both Rosie and Betty thought Cats was a fantastic show.

Betty told Rosie how glad the Broadway community is that she's "back." Betty said that Rosie's done so much for Broadway. Rosie admitted that she's missed it, and she's missed getting to showcase Broadway for the masses. She said when she went to Broadway, she would stand by the stage door and that's where she realized that Broadway is where she wanted to be. Rosie said nothing is more exciting to her than the orchestra swelling and the lights going down at the beginning of a Broadway show. Betty said that Rosie changed everything for Broadway with her show The Rosie O'Donnell Show. She said Rosie gave Broadway performers a credibility that they had never had before. Rosie said that Broadway is the only place where showbiz feels as good as she hoped it would. May 6th is opening night of Betty in White's Lies! Rosie said she is going and she can't wait.

Betty then sang a song from Sunset Boulevard with Seth Rudetsky on piano.

(Bad recording quality but fantastic song!  You can hear my kids in the background! lol)

Seth and Betty also perform in a show called Broadway By Request where the audience members get to request the music they want to hear performed! Rosie said she wants them to come into the studio one day and do Broadway By Request on the air.

And then Seth and Betty sang a song from the musical Pippin together!

Rosie closed the show.

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  1. I totally understand the not wanting to Eat after watching Food, inc. I've been a vegetarian for awhile now and took a class once on doing a Raw Food diet. Now, though, I'm always checking labels and it's so surprising to me still how much stuff is on the labels that you wouldn't expect.

    Haha, I love your recaps so much, especially where you insert your own opinions/thoughts/feelings as well as the links to everything(As Ag[and someone else I think, too] said in a previous post)

    One year ago today I met Rosie! Woot. Here's a link:


    Yes. I cried. :-)


  2. I also am vegetarian and recommend Food Inc as well as the websites- http://www.meat.org and http://www.goveg.com/index.aspx for anyone who is interested in how most of the meat sold in grocery stores is produced.

    Good job recording/posting the audio Kelly, I'm sure that takes a lot of time and it really is appreciated!

  3. The clips today were especially great, Kelly. Thanks for including them. I now have Food Inc at the top of my Netflix queue!

    : ) P