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Rosie and the staff started today show talking about how great yesterday's show was with all the Broadway performers and Rosie asked if they should have a show dedicated to all things Broadway at least once and month. UMMMM, YES!

The staff all watched Glee last night and talked about how much they loved the episode and Kristin Chenoweth in it. Rosie called Kristin one of the biggest and brightest stars with true talent out there today. Kristin is currently starring in Promises, Promises and Rosie was supposed to go on Sunday night to the opening but she was sick. Rosie is going to go see it soon. Rosie said the show Glee makes people not need anti-depressants. :)

Rosie met someone at Sirius yesterday who loves Glee but skips through the musical numbers to which she and Bobby gasped in disbelief. Someone in the studio admitted to doing that when they watch SNL which led to Rosie talking about the times she hosted SNL and James Taylor and Whitney Houston were the musical guests the nights she hosted.

Yesterday, Tracy and Rosie went to the Family Equality Council fundraiser. The Family Equality Council "works to ensure equality for LGBT families by building community, changing hearts and minds, and advancing social justice for all families."

A video about the Family Equality Council

Rosie said that typically she attends these sorts of charity events as a host or presenter and last night was the first time she had been just a guest and not set in the back VIP room preparing to present. She saw Cathy Rigby and her husband. She met Stephen Wallem (the guy who plays the diabetic nurse on Nurse Jackie) and she said he was so cute and funny and he asked her to do a guest spot on the show and Kerry Butler performed. Rosie really was touched by one of the honorees at last night's event - Dr. Jane Aronson. Rosie said she had a conversation with her and said she was amazing, adorable and so smart. Rosie said she was so moved by her speech. She called her speech "soul fuel" and said she found herself audibly sighing by what she said. She said it was like listening to Stratavarious only she was the violin and the player. And the Executive Director Jennifer Chrisler also spoke. Rosie had met Jennifer before on some of the RFamily cruises and last night she talked about Mike Huckabee and his stance on gays adopting. Rosie said she had wished she had talked to Jennifer before her interview with Mike because she had some fantastic facts. Jennifer said there are over 1,000,000 gay and lesbian parents raising over 3,00,000 children already and that gay parenting and adoption is NOT an experiment. It's been going on for years and years and it's been working.

Rosie said that this was Tracy and her first public event together ever and when they got home, Tracy told her that she felt a little invisible. Janette said she too has experienced this with Rosie and said she finds it very relaxing and encouraged Tracy to embrace it. Rosie stressed that they don't get a lot of nights out together and it was different for them. Rosie ended the conversation talking about how much she enjoys Tracy and being with her.

Rosie said she spent all day yesterday on TV and talking about her book and that she was really thankful that Jeannie found the Little Red Riding Hood audio clip because it really helped her explain APD to people.

Just then the studio spider made another appearance and Deirdre was summoned to kill it and flush it down the toilet. They debated if it was the same one. Janette said that they need to do a spider check before they begin each show. Either Pete or Bobby suggested that they spray for bugs in the studio and Janette said then they will all die from the spray! Rosie said Janette wants Mike Hukabee's ideal and that's impossible. LOL!

Rosie bid on several things at the silent auction at last night's charity event (especially to help increase the amount they get at their event) and ended up winning a trip to Costa Rica! Rosie said that Tracy really wants to go and Rosie recommended just putting Costa Rica sounds and music on at her house in Miami like Tommy Mottola once did. He is her neighbor in Miami and he put speakers in the trees so it sounded like there were all these exotic birds in the trees. Someone recommended to Rosie that she go on the Costa Rica trip as a trade off for camping and Rosie said that Tracy is not one for bargaining.

They took several callers debating the pros and cons of Costa Rica. Rosie sounded intrigued when someone mentioned the monkeys! She won a trip where she is staying at the The Gaia Hotel and Reserve (HOLY SHIT! I looked it up and it looks AMAZING!).

Rosie took several more callers including a woman who called in to talk about Glee and Rosie and the caller started to talk about her daughter who suffers from Bulimia and anxiety. They talked about the great conversations that Glee can begin between parents and teens and the important messages it provides. A Christian minister called in to tell Rosie that not all Christians believe the way Huckabee does. He said he thinks Rosie is a kind, compassionate, person and God loves her and what she's doing and he would be proud to have a daughter like her. AWWWWWW!!!! I seriously got teary eyed. Rosie asked him why is it that more every day Christians don't get more media attention and he said most people just don't know gay people and that's the problem.

Rosie talked about the interview of Jennifer Knapp on Larry King Live. Jennifer is a Christian singer who recently came out as lesbian. Rosie talked about her minister being on and telling Jennifer that she "needs to come back to Christ." Rosie thought that if you really loved someone you wouldn't be so judgmental. She wondered why being gay is the one sin that makes you no longer allowed to be a Christian? Rosie loved Larry King and the points he made in this interview. (ME TOO! Watch it below.) She said it was disheartening to see what the pastor had to say to her. Watch below:

Rosie read that Sandra Bullock filed for divorce and adopted a baby! Rosie said that she's very happy for her! Rosie told her own adoption story of Parker and how they told her if he got under 5 pounds she would have to bring Parker back to the hospital. Rosie said she and Bobby had to weigh him twice a day and she still has the little form that they filled out with his weights and how much he ate. They would weigh him with his diaper on because he did drop some weight and got very close to 5 pounds. He even took those little preemie bottles that you can't buy anywhere and can only get from the hospital. Bobby said they were both suffering from no sleep and they needed more bottles so he drove to the hospital and asked to buy a bunch of bottles but started crying hysterically with the nurses. The nurse asked him if he was a new father and gave him a whole bag full of bottles and he went all the way back to the car crying. They reminisced about how fun it was when he was a baby and how they can't believe he's now taller than Bobby! Rosie remarked about the "little 5 pound baby boy that changed everything." It was SO SWEET! I can relate to this so much. I feel the same way about my oldest. They change you forever.

Janette told a story about how she saw 2 people wearing sandwich signs confessing that they were verbally abusive to their significant others. The girl told the boyfriend that he was verbally abusive so he wore a sign confessing that he was. Then she started thinking about herself and realized that she had been verbally abusive to him right back. It made Janette think about herself and she thought that she was maybe verbally abusive to herself in front of Barry. Pete and Bobby read the definition of verbal abuse and Rosie asked if that's what she did to Lou the first 2 weeks of the show. Janette said it was! Janette said even if the situation was a hoax she found value in it because it made her think about her own actions. Lou said what Rosie had to say to him made him better. Rosie talked about when she gets really angry how she gets very still and at that moment of stillness, she realizes that feeling of wanting to kill someone. Rosie has felt THAT angry before.

Anne Leonard, the creator of The Story of Stuff, called in to chat with Rosie! Rosie said that Tracy's biggest goal is to get rid of half the stuff in her place and Rosie said she feels a huge relief from it. Rosie told Anne how she loved her story and the way she presented it. Anne said she's been working on environmental issues for over 20 years and she wanted to talk about the serious issues in a fun, engaging and accessible way. Anne said she got into environmental issues when she went to college in NYC and was mesmerized by the shoulder high pile of garbage on the streets. She said looking at garbage is like reading a city's secret diary. She then took a trip to a landfill which she thinks should be required before we get our first credit cards. Anne talked with Rosie about how it's fundamentally wrong to build an economy based on waste. Anne studied environmental science and political science in college and traveled with Green Peace for 10 years tracking the hazardous waste and garbage all over the world. She traveled to 40 countries and visited hundreds of factories studying waste. She said we have a global system that encourages consumption and waste and she studied it first hand. She said instead of thinking NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) we need to think NOPE (Not On Planet Earth). They talked about how oftentimes the poorest neighborhoods are where they dump the hazardous waste because the poor does not have political power or a voice.

Anne said that we shouldn't be discouraged because there are amazing innovations out there to improve our environment and it is absolutely possible for us to make the things we need without trashing each other or the planet. She said although she appreciates people that go green and encourage others to recycle the real way to make change is by engaging in democracy and changing legislation.

Rosie brought up the fact that we now pay for bottled water (which used to be FREE) and how "they" have convinced us that our tap water is bad for us and the waste the bottles provide. Anne said she has a whole new film all about bottled water! You can watch it HERE.

Anne encouraged listeners to slowly extricate themselves from the "consumption treadmill." She said it can be a lot more fun! She said someone studied the science of happiness and what makes people happy and it's not a new flatscreen TV or boots that make people happy. She said they found 3 things that truly make you happy: 1. the quality of our social relations 2. having a sense of purpose and 3. working with others towards a shared goal. She said we as a country are neglecting the things that actually make us happy. She said that there is no need to live with guilt because we didn't set up the economy this way - someone else made those decisions. The best thing we can do is to not feel guilty but to plug back into the political process and change the world.

At the end of the interview Rosie asked Anne if she liked camping. LOL She said that yes, she likes camping but she takes her pillow and her solar powered espresso machine so she does it well. :)

Pete was tired (and possibly was dozing off during today's show?!) and Rosie asked him about it. Pete told Rosie how he wanted to stop to get donuts this morning on the way to work and Shoshana was the "donut Nazi" and wouldn't let them stop. Rosie was given special homemade coupons from someone at the studio (possibly Brendan) and one of them is everyone in the control room has to wear silly hats and the other one was daily donuts and bagels for a full week!

Rosie said she got a letter from a kid who takes classes as the Maravel Arts Center saying how much she loves being at the school and taking her classes and she said, "I don't even care that you're a les-bean." Rosie loved it.

There was a great bagel vs. donut debate with listeners calling in and giving their thoughts on the caloric content of both and which is worse. One caller said that an original glazed Krispy Kreme donut is better for you than a bagel! She was a Weight Watchers leader and talked with Rosie about weight watchers and losing weight. Rosie talked about her friend Lauren Slater who recently gained some weight due to depression and how it changes you.

Another listener called in who started the "Robin Quivers green drink diet" to tell Rosie it's the best thing he's ever done. He did it because he had no energy and he wanted to lose weight and after the 5th day he's felt better than ever. He recommended the documentary Simply Raw to Rosie and listeners. Rosie told him she's having dinner with Robin tomorrow to discuss it!

Simply Raw diet Trailer

Rosie closed the show talking about switching to all raw foods, possibly going camping, traveling to Costa Rica and maybe even taking a hike! It's a whole new "her" she said. :)

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  1. I hope Rosie doesn't do the Robin Quivers diet, she'll hate it and I don't believe she has the will power to stick with it. I wrote to her blog and suggested she get a jump start with the South Beach diet, just cut all bad carbs, and no fruit for just first 2 weeks. She won't crave sugar after the first week. Fill up on low-fat protein and veggies, no hunger.
    Tracy will help her, it helps to have a supportive non-judgmental person by your side! Always feels good to start summer off with a little less of that winter "bloat"!

  2. i missed today's show and
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  3. Wow, Jennifer is SO well spoken. I missed Rosie discussing this, so I am SO thankful you put this link up, Kelly. I hope Rosie has her on the show!

    : ) P

  4. I was one of the callers today about Costa Rica! I was on my way to a rehearsal in NYC for a show I'm in that opened this afternoon. I'm convinced Rosie was my good luck charm! Show went great! (I was the person who hated Costa Rica!) I can't believe today was the day I called in and got through -- I had to pull over to the side of the road and thought I'd be late for my last rehearsal!

  5. Yay for Sandra's Baby!!

    That's cool that the minister called in and said such nice things! I bet I would've gotten teary eyed listening to it, too, lol.

    Thanks for the recap!!


  6. pastor bob.... he scares me.

    thanks, kw! xo