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One of the studio staff members gave Rosie a coupon for her birthday that she could turn in that required all the members of the crew to wear funny hats so everyone had on silly hats for Rosie's pleasure today. They described them all. This led to a discussion about the Transformers movies and Rosie hated Transformers both 1 and 2. She said she thought it was the worst film ever made and said that no one warned her when she became a parent that she would have to sit through horrible movies like this. Deirdre, Janette, Pete and Pete's wife all LOVED the Transformers movies, thus starting a debate. Then again, Rosie admitted that she didn't like Titanic either (that went on to win 11 Academy awards which Pete pointed out).

Blake pitched last night (see Rosie's blog header for a picture)! Rosie said it was pretty intense to watch. He pitched the last 2 innings and struck the first batter out without allowing any runs. During the last inning, he walked a couple runners so he was "relieved" by another pitcher. That's the best I can do for sports reporting. My knowledge of sports is extremely limited to say the least. Rosie said she filmed Blake pitching and took about 240 pictures last night. She said she's really enjoying the "Little League thing."

Lois Heymann, the author of the book The Sound of Hope and Blake's speech therapist was also in attendance at the baseball game. If you haven't already ordered your copy you can do so HERE. I am waiting for mine to come and was thinking of writing a review of it if anyone is interested. Would you all like to hear about it?

Rosie said that apparently Kathy Lee Gifford is mad at her for the remarks she said about Kathy having plastic surgery. Rosie said she's always liked Kathy Lee and seemed sad that she is mad at her. Kathy said something like "Rosie, you can come here and see if you can find the scars." Rosie said that Kathy, Hoda and Rosie should do a whole hour show without any makeup. Rosie said her friend Georgette Mosbacher always knows who had what plastic surgery and she can spot it from a mile away. Rosie apologized to Kathy on air and admitted that she herself had a "chin suck thing." She said she doesn't begrudge anyone who has had plastic surgery except the people who totally lie about it like Barbara Walters (which she whispered). Janette admitted to having botox, a little restalin, a little liposuction under her chin and a nose job. Rosie said that Tyne Daly looks the best at her age and Rosie hopes to look like Tyne when she's older.

There was a lot of talk about movies that Rosie didn't "get" like Brazil and Blue Velvet. They talked about movies about the future and Janette said that all the books and movies that go into the future are grim which scares her. Janette recommended Margaret Atwood's Oryx and Crake to the listeners. A listener called in to talk about how it has disappointed her that the feminist icons like Marlo Thomas and Jane Fonda have succumbed to the plastic surgery that Hollywood pushes on celebrities. Rosie loves both those actresses and said that they both grew up with famous fathers in show business and proposed that it may be hard for women of that era. Rosie loves Jane Fonda in every capacity and she thought she was physically stunning as she was. Rosie says she has compassion and understanding for them and realizes it's there own personal decision but remarked that it is mildly disappointing. She talked about how Janette and Kelli's mother scared her about how much she was going to hate menopause and growing older. Rosie did her best "Kelli O'Donnell mama" impersonation. She said that now because of the magnifying mirror that Kelli's mom got her she has Chronic Skin Picking Disease. Rosie talked about how she saw Kelli's mom at the Little League game yesterday. She said it was a little awkward at the beginning but said what great grandparents they are to their kids. Rosie invited Pete and his girls to come and watch one of Blake's Little League games one day.

Rosie and Pete started talking about Catholic mass and how their favorite line as a kid was "the mass has ended go in peace." Rosie said she used to get anxiety over greeting everyone around them in mass and wishing your neighbors peace. She said the only Catholic masses she ever goes to now are during funerals.

Brendan and Janette debated the new Arizona immigration law that authorizes police officers to stop suspected illegal immigrants and demand proof of citizenship. The law's constitutionality is being debated. Brendan's standpoint was that he thinks we need immigration reform but thinks this is a bad way to do it. Janette's point of view was that since 70% of Arizonians supported this law we need to listen to them. Janette said that the law doesn't state that they are allowed to stop "anyone for any reason" she said there has to be reasonable suspicion to ask for someone's proof of citizenship. She also said there is a sentence in the law that states that they shall not investigate complaints based on solely race. She said that we cannot hire illegal aliens and the state of Arizona is in fiscal crisis because they have so many undocumented persons to support in their state. She said their services, hospitals, and educational system are all drained and the federal government does nothing to enforce the current immigration laws and penalties. She said that Arizona has the right to do this.

Brendan said to make this law it infringes on the rights of American citizens and it is not the solution to the problem. Janette maintained her position that nothing is being done on the Federal level! They took a few callers on the topic. Brendan said the law promotes racial profiling and said he wanted a different solution to the problem. Brendan said the law sounds like Germany when the Nazis requested someone's papers. Janette said that this was totally different and not about someone's religion or race it was about someone entering this country in an illegal manner.

Rosie asked Janette if she knows any illegals and Janette said she dated someone who was in the country illegally once. Janette said it's not about the people but about the fact that they are entering into this country illegally when there are processes in place to allow people to immigrate here in a legal way. It was a fantastic debate! I totally loved it and both Brendan and Janette brought up some really good points!

Rosie brought up the news story about a lesbian girl named Ceara Sturgis who was told she cannot wear a tux in her high school yearbook so they took her out of it entirely. Rosie spoke about the article and the girl and said it reminded Rosie of her friend Seth Rudetsky's story (whom she called an amazing, accomplished performer and musician). Seth called in to tell his story of what happened to him during high school.

Seth said in 1985 he had gotten his yearbook and he opened it up and the nickname written under his photo was "queerboy." Seth said someone had had stolen the sheet that he filled out with the facts about himself and written that nickname in and it got approved and printed in the yearbook. He said he was not out in 1985 - he was 16 years old. He was immediately ashamed and didn't want his parents to see it. His parents went to see a lawyer and the lawyer asked him flat out if he was gay. He denied it at the time. The lawyer said that they couldn't sue if he were gay (which is total BULLSHIT!) but if he was not, they could. He said the school made everyone bring their yearbooks back and crossed the word out with a black magic marker.

Seth said a year later he went back to the lawyer and told him that he realized he was gay. The lawyer yelled at him for embarrassing him and just as he was going to withdraw the case the school offered them a small settlement of $6,000. Rosie asked Seth how hard it was to be in school afterward. He said he thought is was yet again, something humiliating and embarrassing that happened to him at school. In a way he was forced to come out to his parents. Rosie and Seth talked about today's world and how things have changed (for many but not all) gay teens and the gay straight alliances many high schools now have.

Rosie ended the interview letting Seth know that she definitely wanted he and Betty Buckley to come back and do Broadway By Request on Rosie Radio! They talked about the amazing Betty Buckley and how much they both adore her.

You can listen to Seth on Sirius/XM every afternoon from 3pm-9pm EST on the Broadway Channel!

Just then Melissa Etheridge called in to talk with Rosie! Melissa is performing in Tribecca tonight! Rosie asked her about this and she said she's only performing 5 or 6 songs and said that if it were a big concert she would have totally invited her to come. Melissa told Rosie that she will be back in NY in July and Rosie said she already has her tickets!

Rosie told Melissa how much she loves Melissa's new album Fearless Love. Melissa said she's excited about touring because she called it "the big payoff." She said she loves performing and she's going to be touring with a brand new band! She said they're incredible and she's really looking forward to going on the road performing her new music. Melissa said she's bringing along her older kids and they're pumped to go! Rosie said that this year when her kids found out she's not going on tour with Cyndi Lauper and True Colors they were all disappointed. She said to them - "Newsflash, I'm not a rockstar." LOL

Rosie asked Melissa how she is dealing with am almost 13 year old teenage girl. They both let out a collaborative UGH. Melissa said that both her older kids are musical and she loves it. She also said that they love to go on the road with Melissa and get their own bunks on the bus and each bunk has their own DVD player. She said they can play video games and it's like an adventure! Melissa also talked about her "babies" who are 3 years old! She adores her kids, it was so sweet to hear them talk about them!

Rosie talked to Melissa about how she's into "clean food" and how Rosie is thinking of doing that too. Melissa said that food was comfort for her and then she learned to comfort herself. She said she learned that food is nutrition, not comfort. Melissa said that we have more power than we know with what we eat and the emotions that we feel that can dictate our health. Melissa said she is very into eating fish and organic chicken these days.

Rosie brought up the caller who once called in who is obsessed with Melissa Etheridge and arranged for him to talk to her on the phone during the interview. The caller got to talk on the phone with Melissa and tell her how much he loves her new album and how he feels like in a lot of ways she saved his life. He said it was hard for him to explain but her music gave him something to relate to and look forward to when things weren't good in his life. He said he can put in her CD and all the bad goes way. Awwwww! So sweet! Melissa told the caller that feeling good is normal and encouraged him to find those things in life that also make him feel good and keep filling your life with them. She said he should feel like that every day. She said to him that he is a wonderful human being and he's worth love and we're better off in the world because he's in it! It was such a sweet conversation! Truly, as a fan, I totally got it. An amazing moment.

Melissa and Rosie talked briefly about her bout with cancer and how it changed her life. Melissa said that it woke her up and she's appreciative that she got cancer for that reason. She said that cancer awoke her to the reality that we're here to create love and joy every single day. She said her new album is the result of doing that. Melissa said that instead of searching for something outside ourselves we need to reach into the power that is within us. She said the secret and the goal is to be happy.

Melissa's tour starts in June and her latest album Fearless Love is available for download on iTunes now!

Fearless Love by Melissa Etheridge

Tonight Rosie said she's going to see Everyday Rapture which has the same writer, director and producer that are putting together Find Me and making it into a one woman show! She said that she hopes to be reading for readings of it in August of this year and see if they can get it up and running before she starts her "daytime talk show venture."

Rosie seemed to look forward to the idea of going back to TV but when she asked for the staff's feelings on going back to TV Janette took a LONG pause. Janette said she "loves radio" and Rosie said she does too but it bothers her that it's not free for everyone like TV. Has Rosie seen a cable bill recently?
Janette said on cable networks you can have programming that you can't have on any other station and on radio you get to say what you want. Janette was making the point that if they go to network TV they won't be able to talk about or discuss issues in the same way as they can on cable or Sirius. Rosie said she would like to take the intimacy that they have now on the radio and bring it to TV. She said she would like to make her new show more of an "organic show." Janette said on TV it is sometimes conceived, typed and edited differently and "the medium is the message." Rosie had never heard that quote before so they explained its origin to her. "The medium is the message is a phrase coined by Marshall McLuhan meaning that the form of a medium embeds itself in the message, creating a symbiotic relationship by which the medium influences how the message is perceived." Brendan said it was also a famous scene in Annie Hall. Marshall McLuhan makes an appearance at the end of the clip:

Rosie said she just read that Melissa Etheridge was over at Elisabeth Hasselbeck's house last night watching American Idol. She said it's probably true but wished she had known that before she interviewed her because she would have asked her about it! She said that one day she's sure that she and Elisabeth will make up and she will cry. LOL

Rosie talked about who she has a supposed celebrity feud with and made it clear that she is not in a feud with Kelly Ripa. Pete pointed out that she may be in a feud with Chinese Americans so not to forget about that. Thanks Pete!

Rosie told listeners how she BEGGED for the role of host on the Price Is Right and how they had many many meetings on it. She said she likes Drew Carey a lot but doesn't think he gets excited enough for the winners. Janette said it is a good thing she didn't get it because it would have been too hard for Rosie to let the contestants lose.

They VERY briefly talked about American Idol last night and played Crystal Bowersox's performance. Rosie said she doesn't want to hear anyone being mean to Crystal ever.

Rosie took one caller who tried to convince her that she would love the flan that she makes. Rosie asked her to send her some and closed the show.

and that's what you missed -kw


  1. What a great moment it was with the Fan of Melissa E ..I get it as well Kelly ;)

    Fabulous Recap..Thankyou!

  2. Kel -

    I called in today to discuss the AZ Immigration law. Spoke with James and was on hold for 10 minutes. They took that one call from Annibel (I think that was here name right) who said a lot of what I was going to stay.

    Once Ro said they were moving om - I hang up.

  3. The law does NOT "authorize police officers to stop suspected illegal immigrants and demand proof of citizenship." It a) states that it is illegal to be in the U.S. illegally (which is already a federal law), b) gives law enforcement permission to ask suspects for proof of citizenship/residency (drivers license, State issued ID, green card, ect.) and c) if a suspect is found to be here illegally, law enforcement has the right to detain then instead of having to call/wait for an officer of the Dept. of Homeland Security (Border Patrol, ICE, ect.) to come and detain them. No where does it propose that law enforcement will go walking around demanding proof of citizenship or looking for suspected illegal immigrants.

  4. Hi Kelly:

    It would be great if you did a review of "The Sound of Hope". I got my copy today after hitting numerous bookstores trying to find it. BTW, I played the Little Red Riding Hood APD Sample clip for my 17-year-old son and he said that it was really close to how he used to hear things. (He had APD treatment for many years and it really helped.) He thought that it was amazing that they were able to capture the idea so well, although his was not as pronounced a problem as heard in the sample clip. I just about fell over realizing how difficult and frustrating it must have been for him all these years in school. A.

  5. Thank you for the Annie Hall Marshall McLuhan clip. Priceless. If only life worked like that....and where was McLuhan when I needed him to help me with my Media Studies and Communications exams? I loved that man. A.

  6. Do a review of The Sound of Hope. I'm all for it! : )

    Thanks for the great recap!