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Jeannie said she had a nice and relaxing Mother's Day brunch with family. Rosie said that her youngest son, Blake, had poison ivy and was pretty sick on Sunday. She and Blake watched Lord of the Rings together which she called "the longest movie ever made." Rosie said she attempted to see Lord of the Rings when it premiered in theaters but left after only 20 minutes. Rosie's girlfriend Tracy made a big fire pit to make s'mores with the kids! Wyatt, Tracy's youngest child, thought it was funny to burn the marshmallows and put them on Rosie's clothes. Apparently, he thought this was the funniest thing ever. They also did a little boating this weekend!

On Friday night Jeannie, Jackie, Tracy and Rosie all went out to Casa Del Sol for girls night out! They then proceeded to describe a hilarious night of drinking and laughing that they had. Here are some of the highlights: They each had a few huge frozen margaritas but were safely driven home by Rosie's driver, Stanley. Jackie had her daughter Katie and her friend come out with them so she had a designated driver back to her house. You know when you come with a designated driver there is some serious drinking on store! I was recently with my 2 girlfriends Liz and Michele and may have had a few margaritas myself which may or may not have made me almost pass out in Liz's back-seat. Maybe. But who's to say? Jeannie said she was a complete mess Friday night and Stanley drove her home and she ended up falling asleep on her living room couch only to awake to her husband waking her up at 2am with her coat still on!

At one point in the evening, Jeannie took a siesta on Ro's couch and later showed Tracy her 3rd nipple. Jeannie and Jackie were hysterically laughing because Rosie came out of her bedroom that night with a nightshirt with a white zig zag trim on it (which they thought was incredibly funny, more funny when drunk I'm sure) without any undies on. Then she proceeded to roll off the ottoman in the living room and fell on the floor with her butt in the air! Jackie said she lost all day Saturday to her hangover. The threesome couldn't really remember the last time they were all so drunk together and had so much fun.

Jackie's daughter, who was sitting at another table at the restaurant close-by, said that they all embarrassed her by laughing so loudly and Rosie was "talking really close" and spitting while she talked. Rosie also said to Jackie's daughter's boyfriend (to be read in a drunk voice) "I'm very, very famous and if you had come here with me in the past, I was like the Beatles in here. I was bigger than the Beatles. You may remember me? I'm Betty Rubble, Star of the Flintstones?" LOL God I wish someone had that on tape.

There was a girl (minding her own business) that walked into the restaurant who was "clearly gay" and had a spikey haircut and Rosie called her a "lesbian rooster!" Rosie then started talking to her and gave her her email address! LOL! Jeannie called Tracy "Stacey" a few times during the night and had a cigarette with her. She said the cigarette put her so over the edge and she almost threw up.

They said they all feel old because they couldn't bounce back easily from the evening's events. They each talked about what a great friendship they all have and how they can't imagine life without each other. They also all really enjoyed having Tracy along for the first time!

When Rosie and Blake were picking out what movie to watch, eventually settling on Lord of the Rings, they watched the trailer for Wide Awake. After viewing the entire trailer Rosie asked him if he wanted to watch it and Blake said "Nah." Rosie asked him if he knew that was her in that movie and he didn't even recognize her! Nor did he care, they watched Lord of the Rings.

Wide Awake Trailer

Rosie said she was riding in her car on Friday morning and heard Janette "moonlighting" on Sirius OutQ radio! Janette explained that she was on Larry Flick's show on OutQ when she finished her Rwanda videos promoting her charity MMFC and she saw a big bump in donations so she went on again. She and Larry like each other a lot and both have the same taste in music. Rosie said she felt a little bit betrayed and she tried to call in to say "Hello Janette, you're fired" for doing a competing show. :)

Rosie said she had been looking into the Couch to 5K program and asked Pete about his progress with Shoshana. Pete said that they are currently starting week two today. Rosie said she's contemplating doing it! They talked about the program and how you alternate walking and running to become a runner in 12 weeks.

Rosie then took several callers- one of whom made them laugh hysterically because she had such a funny cadence and twang to her voice. They talked to another caller about post drinking pooping and the beer shits.

Rosie said that Blake wasn't feeling well because of his poison ivy and Vivi gets extremely jealous! Blake doesn't sleep well in general and Rosie said she wants to do a sleep study for him. Rosie is concerned he doesn't ever get a full night's sleep. Rosie said her shrink gave her a different sleeping medication (not Ambien). Rosie was using half of a Xanax as a sleep aide because it makes her so tired. Her doctor has changed Rosie to something else and she slept the whole night last night.

Lou got his Pearl Jam tickets for the VIP section at their final performance at Madison Square Garden! He said he was shaking when Deirdre told him about them over the phone. He also promised Rosie he would quit smoking if Deirdre came through so he's going to be slowly working up to quitting until the night of the show and that night will be his last night of smoking! GO LOU! They then discussed Pearl Jam and whether or not Jackie, Jeannie or Rosie were familiar with any of them. Lou kept playing songs until he found one that they recognized.

This then started a Rosie Radio Oldies Karaoke party where Jackie, Jeannie and Rosie played oldies and sang along. The songs included The Night Chicago Died and Bad, Bad Leroy Brown. I remember dancing with my mom to Bad Bad Leroy Brown in my kitchen growing up.

Jackie and Rosie said they once raised money for the Ronald McDonald House charity and kept the money! Rosie said that she still has guilt about it to this day. Jackie talked about her mother's cheap ways even though she drives around in a Mercedes. She recalled the time Toys R Us wouldn't take a broken toy back because she didn't have a receipt so she took the girls to the store and had them put the broken toy on the shelf and take a new one! Jackie said her mom still buys the meat that's on sale.

They very briefly discussed Betty White and how funny she was hosting Saturday Night Live. Other than mentioning it, that's really all they said about it. If you missed it, you can watch the FULL episode HERE!

During 'Today in History With Google Pete' in which he lists off significant events that happened on today's date in our history, Pete revealed that the last episode of Laverne and Shirley aired on ABC in 1983. Rosie said she talked to Penny Marshall recently and said she said she is doing okay and confirmed that she does have cancer and she's fighting it. I'm so sad about this news! I love Penny Marshall.

Rosie and Jeannie talked about their 30 year High School Reunion coming up and Rosie said it's going to be weird to see who's not around anymore. Jeannie said there's a whole Facebook group dedicated to classmates they have lost from Commack South High School.

Jackie mentioned she's not a fan of Rosie's blog and doesn't like the lowercase way she writes on it.

Janette said she found mouse droppings on her desk this morning! Jackie purported it could be because they leave the window propped open and they continue to offer walnuts to rodents. I'm getting the feeling Jackie doesn't approve of Shady being on the ledge. Just a feeling. Janette wondered how a mouse could even get up on her desk and didn't think it was possible for mice to jump that far. Pete must have googled it during the conversation and said that from a standing position a mouse can jump up to 12 inches! Then he yelled "Lawyered!" which was a reference to the show How I Met Your Mother but not one person in the studio "got" the reference. I looked all over on YouTube for it too and couldn't find it.

Rosie said that Pete was like the female version of the character Zoe Barkow (played by Merritt Wever) on the show Nurse Jackie. I love that show. Rosie loves the show and said that Merritt is getting better and better every week. She makes Rosie laugh so hard she has to rewind it to catch what she missed from laughing!

Rosie said she and Blake also watched a documentary called X Games 3D: the Movie. She talked about Danny Way from the film and how he hurt himself badly doing a stunt but continued to do it. Pete looked up Danny's video of him jumping The Great Wall and they watched it together.

Danny Way Jumps the Great Wall

Rosie said she would like to book him on the show! Rosie said she was contemplating getting Blake a dirt bike because he wants one and Jackie's response to that was "He's 10, No." Rosie said she wants to ride with him at a closed course where they take lessons.

Rosie then introduced Joan Lunden who recently wrote the foreword to Chicken Soup for the Soul: Thanks Mom: 101 Stories of Gratitude, Love and Good Times .

She said she hoped that the book would boost the morale of mothers. Joan has seven kids herself and said moms always questions themselves about whether they are doing a good job or making the right decisions. Joan lost her father at 13 years old and remembered her mom having to go out and take care of her and her brother. Her mom had to go back to school and go back to work. Now, as an adult the fact that her mother persevered through such tragedy with a smile on her face allowed Joan to have a happy childhood. Now being a parent herself, she learned from her mother to let things roll off her back more. Joan has one brother who is adopted and only 6 months younger than her. She and her brother were basically raised as twins. Joan talked with Rosie about how she and her husband used a surrogate to conceive their younger children. She also has older children ages 22, 27 and 29 who absolutely love spending time with the twins!

Joan and Rosie talked about how she met her husband and what attracted her most to him. Joan stressed that she wanted to find someone who would love her children as much as he loved her. Now, her adult children have a great relationship with their step-father and will frequently call him if they need advice.

Rosie and Joan talked about how difficult it is to balance work and motherhood. Joan speaks all over the country about these issues and how we as women feel the need to do it all without being exhausted and feeling guilty.

Joan will be 60 years old in September and Rosie commented on how great Joan looks! Rosie and Joan talked about how in life we are constantly reinventing ourselves. Joan said people think that life is going to stay the same and she stressed the need to embrace change. And Rosie agreed and talked about how working can make your life fuller. They talked about the people that they have inspired and how people, in turn, inspire them right back.

Rosie mentioned how Lena Horne died today and Rosie can't even believe that she knew her and that was her "old" life. Joan said she often feels the same way. Rosie complimented Joan on retaining her normal essence and not losing it all to fame. She thanked Joan for coming to the interview and told her to kiss her babies and her husband for her. Joan is launching a new line of linens on QVC on Wednesday! Check it out HERE!

Rosie said that tomorrow the exterminator will be on to talk about the mouse droppings on Janette's desk and closed the show.

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  1. I Love Monday mornings with JJR! ...Beyond funny today..I don't even drink but would I love to go out drinking with them! LOL

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    talk about a hilarious show today!
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    i loved listening to them laugh as they talked all about it
    great start to the week

  3. Petra..On different Broswers you can ;)

  4. I have a funny story from when my Mom and I were in NY involving Penny and Star Jones... but... I won't tell any of you unless it's in person :-P

    Rosie cracks me up when I'm sober, so I could just imagine if I was sloshed...

    Thanks, K! Rosie should put you on the staff ;)

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    Thanks for another great recap, Kelly!

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  6. Ha! Maybe I will, Petra ;-) I hope Penny recovers quickly. She looked okay at the Betty White SNL party they showed on the news, so hopefully she will be all good before we know it!

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