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Rosie reminded listeners that American Idol and Glee are on tonight! Janette watched 24 last night but had to leave the room during the torture scene because it was too upsetting. Janette said the only reason she can watch that show is because she knows that Jack Bauer won't be killed because they're doing a movie.

They discussed Dancing With The Stars and Jeannie, Lou, Rosie and Janette watched it last night. Rosie commented on the incredibly hot body of Chad Ochocinco! She was overcome and drooling over his cuteness and commented on what a beautiful man he was. She enjoyed his smile and "tummy muscles." They talked about the suspected rumors that he is dating his partner Cheryl. Rosie said he looks "like the Statue of David or something." She seemed actually surprised at how attracted she was to him! LOL They discussed Dancing With The Stars and all the contestants that are remaining. Lou said that he read that DWTS is beating American Idol in the ratings this year.

That led to an Idol discussion. Janette heard that they are polling viewers on their website trying to see why the ratings are down this year. They wondered if this had anything to do with Paula not being there, Ellen being the new judge and Simon leaving next year for The X Factor. Jeannie polled Rosie on her American Idol opinions and Rosie answered the questions super fast like it was the speed round in a game show and I couldn't keep up! Here's a LINK to the poll. Rosie eventually gave up because it was way too long. She said it was like taking the SATs and she got a headache from it.

Rosie mentioned that Barbara Walters announced yesterday that she's having open heart surgery. Rosie said she will be fine and said that they "shared a lovely email exchange" yesterday. Janette commented on how lucky we are to have the advances of modern science that we have today that we can just fix it when these things happen. Rosie enjoys Barbara and wishes her well.

Jeannie commented on Rosie's very tan legs! Jeannie, Jackie and Rosie got an hour of tanning in yesterday after the show. Rosie said she's gotten a lot of grief on her blog about the tanning. She said she's not "sun-damaged" she's "savage tan!" Pete asked Rosie if her goal is to look like the tan lady in There's Something About Mary? Rosie said she was going for more of a "George Hamilton" type of look. Rosie said she puts on sunscreen after she's tanned for a good 2 hours to get a sufficient base, but she does wear it! She compared the blog comments about her tanning to walking up to people who are smoking and reminding them that that could kill them. She said the person who is smoking already knows it's bad for them and they don't need you to remind them. Rosie said she feels like, for her, she NEEDS the sun. Rosie commented how Jeannie looked like a real smoker the way she was smoking with Tracy on Friday night and Jeannie asked if that was before or after she almost vomited from it?

After the show yesterday, Lou and his girlfriend drove to Buffalo, NY, to see Pearl Jam in concert! (I just googled it and it's almost a 7 hour drive. That's fan dedication!) Lou said he only slept for an hour and a half last night in his car on the side of the road because he was getting woosey and beginning to see mirages in the road. It was his girlfriend's first live Pearl Jam experience and she is now officially in love with Pearl Jam. She said it was magical. They had great seats and were surrounded by other fan club members. Lou is also going to see Pearl Jam on May 21st in NYC thanks to Rosie! Rosie asked Lou how the quitting smoking was going and he said he smoked the hell out of himself yesterday and has 10 days to taper down in order to quit on the 21st, as promised. Rosie said he has an excuse today if he screws up and he can blame Eddie Veddar if he does. Lou's girlfriend got pulled over for speeding and got 2 tickets - one for speeding and one for an expired license. Lou had to take over the driving for the rest of the trip and said he doesn't speed which surprised Rosie. Lou said "No, I don't speed and you also thought I liked prostitutes, Rosie."

Rosie announced that there is a big scandal in the Sirius community. She explained that Martha Stewart is having a cupcake decorating contest with all the Sirius radio hosts. She said that the producer, Spot, from the Sirius show Cavino and Rich entered the contest with an unoriginal cupcake! Bobby said when he was looking for inspiration online, before they designed their squirrel cupcake, he found a picture of the exact cupcakes that Spot created at a bakery called The Pink Cake Box in New Jersey! The Pink Cake Box said that they invented the billiard cupcakes in 2006! SCANDALOUS! Rosie asked what the prize even was and she wasn't too impressed with the prizes until they said the winner will receive Crumb Cupcakes delivery every month for a year! Then she got really up in arms over the copycat pool ball cupcakes. Rosie accused the "cheaters on Stars 2" of going to The Pink Cake Box and purchasing theirs! Janette said that Rich, from the show Cavino and Rich, also claims that women comics are not funny, so that was another reason to hate them! Rosie reminded listeners to vote again and that they're not just voting for them, they're voting for Shady. Then they discussed how the pool balls aren't even racked correctly! The staff went through each entry on the site and critiqued them.

Just then Spot, the Sirius producer who "made" the billiard cupcakes, called in. Rosie and Spot had a heated discussion about the creation and the inception of the alleged faked cupcakes. Rosie asked Spot if he has ever heard of a place called The Pink Cake Box? He paused. Had her repeat the question and then said he didn't know! Rosie asked him if he had a lawyer with him because everything he says can and will be used against him in the court of Martha Stewart. Spot said he made the cupcakes and he has the pictures to prove it! Rosie said she wants to see the batter and the bowl and see the tools he used. Spot assured Rosie that he made the cupcakes and reminded her that "no one likes a sore loser." Then he referred to Shady as a chipmunk! Rosie gasped in horror! Bobby asked Spot how he came up with his idea? Spot said that guys love pool and that last year he entered with a sunflower which was under par so this year he put more thought into it because he wants to win! Spot suggested that they call The Pink Cake Box and see if they have any record of him ever purchasing cupcakes from their store and Rosie said they already have a call into them and they are checking their records!

They grilled Spot on the preparation of the cupcakes and how he accomplished the look. Rosie's Shady cupcake was making a comeback in the voting as this discussion was going on and Spot reminded Rosie that HIS show comes on at noon and he was going to get all HIS listeners to vote! Rosie asked Spot how old he was and he told Rosie he was 29 years old. She called him a child and told James to hangup on him because he's too quick and she kind of liked him which was making it hard to argue with him.

They discussed whether or not they believed Spot's lies and analyzed how he held a dramatic pause when they asked him about the cake shop and repeated the question back! Everyone was confident that is a sure sign of lying. Brendan said he has seen Spot making lots of different food items in the Sirius kitchen though. Rosie said that Spot is on Sirius/XM Stars 2 and that's not even a real channel. She said she doesn't even think she gets that channel. She reminded her listeners to vote a lot and said she would give out prizes for voting!


Several listeners called in and said they have been voting so much that they have been frozen from voting anymore. Rosie gave all the callers who continued to vote lots of prizes. Have you voted yet today??!!

Rosie went to her doctor and talked to her about how she's not eating 3 healthy meals a day and it's affecting her energy level. Rosie said she's not eating enough good food and she wants to learn to cook better meals. Rosie said she wants to talk to Robin Quivers about it and asked Shoshana if they are confirmed for dinner but Robin hasn't called Shoshana back yet. Janette recommended The Brain Power Cookbook that talks about food as medicine and how it can cure ills. Janette said that when you cook in your own home you're also putting in your own energy not to mention you know what the ingredients are. Janette thinks Rosie will get really into cooking once she starts because it can be similar to creating art. Rosie said she thinks she's going to like it too and she just wants someone to clean up for her afterward. Janette also recommended the cookbook by Rocco DiSpirito. Jeannie said she just googles recipes whenever she needs one and no longer uses a cookbook. Pete and Jeannie recommended the website epicurious.com where you can just type in the ingredients you have and it gives you a recipe. Rosie also was reading from Rachael Ray's 30-minute-meals although she never watches The Food Network. Janette suggested a cooking segment where Rosie cooks on air and Rosie flat out refused. Only if she talks like Julia Child.

Rosie talked to one caller about becoming a locavore and losing weight. She then talked to another caller who recommended the site cooksillustrated.com that he says gives a scientific approach to cooking so that you can get the best and the easiest way to cook every food.

Rosie then introduced her exterminator, Joe, and his son, Joey. Joe has been Rosie's exterminator for the past 10-12 years. He has found many insects and varmints on her property but usually lies to her about what he's found because he doesn't want to scare her. Rosie asked Joe what is up with the spiders around the radio house? He simply said "we're going to take care of that, that's what's going on with that." He called the spiders a CHS -Common House Spider. Joe provided a very disgusting little known fact - Do you know that in a course of a lifetime we ingest 11 spiders? YUCK!

Joe's favorite part of being an exterminator besides the money is making people happy after getting rid of all their pest problems in their house. Growing up, Joey pretty much always thought he would follow in his father's footsteps. Joey is also the mouse expert.

Janette took it personally that the mouse only pooped on HER desk and couldn't understand how the mouse even got up on her table. Joe said that mice can climb walls and squeeze through a hole the size of a pinkie. Joe said the scariest thing that has ever happened to him was once he was in an apartment in NYC and a huge 17 inch rat fell on his shoulder. He said he took off running! He said he takes good care of the rats around Rosie's place. Joe said you have to know what rodents will do, where they go and what they eat in order to exterminate them.

Joe's area of expertise is structural pest control. He will capture the squirrels or raccoons and relocate them. He said you can take squirrels just a couple of miles but raccoons have been known to come back 20 miles to their home so they have to be released further. Joe was one of the people that Rosie called the night that Blake's snake got away. She told Joe that the snake is missing again and that they're pretending that he went to Disney.

Rosie asked Joe if carpenter bees do structural damage to a home? Joe said that they'll make a 3/8ths of an inch diameter hole in a home. He said they use dust to exterminate them and you can plug up the hole to make the house look nicer but next year they're just going to do it again and make new holes. He also said that the females do sting.

Joe said he became an exterminator by accident in the 80s. He said he moved back to the area and didn't have a job so he worked for a pest control company. He started his own business and he loves it. He said you have to love it or you're not going to be successful at it.

Janette said that while she doesn't want there to be a mouse in the studio she doesn't want Joe to poison it. She said she thought a trap that killed him quickly would be more humane. Joe said they use an anticoagulant that makes the mouse bleed out and they never feel a thing. He said 99 times out of a 100 the snap traps don't kill the mice because it's not a perfect hit. Rosie asked if the Hantavirus is real? Joe said "You better believe it!" He said that deer mice carry the hantavirus but that all mouse droppings should be treated as if they carry the virus. He said when you handle mouse droppings always spray them first with mixture of Clorox and water before you handle it. He said to never vacuum mouse droppings.

They took several callers with pest control questions. One listener called in to ask about the black widows outside her home. Joe recommended huge glue boards along the walls purchased at your local hardware store. For wood spiders, he treats those with sprays - the kind that only an exterminator can provide. For scorpions he recommended putting peanut butter smelling glue boards everywhere!

Jeannie asked about the spider crickets that have infested some of her friends' basements. Joe recommended spray. And he also said that they were most likely camel crickets, not spider crickets. He recommended calling an exterminator.

A listener called in and asked about carpenter bees eating her front porch railing. He said the best way to kill them is to beat them with a racket if you can! He's also done this with cicadas. He said if the carpenter hole is nearby, you can spray the inside of the hole and caulk it. The caller has even tried WD40 and it's worked for her. Joe said even Windex will work to kill bugs because of the ammonia. One listener asked about stinkbugs. He recommended calling her exterminator and tell him to try harder with the sprays and to do the cracks and crevices better. A listener called to ask about what she can use in a pantry to kill mice and Joe recommended anticoagulant blocks, not pellets! He said mice can drop the pellets going back to where they live and animals or children may get them. One caller has a lady bug infestation and Joe recommended a vacuum cleaner. He said not to use chemicals, to just vacuum them up. He said to then spray Windex into the vacuum and the ammonia will kill the lady bugs. If you're in the Bedford, NY, area and you would like an exterminator you can reach Joe at A Certified Pest Control out of Bedford at (914) 234-2877.

Rosie asked Pete and Shoshana how the 5K training was. The dynamic duo ran yesterday at a scenic lookout at the Palisades instead of their normal parking lot run. They both found it scenic but difficult because of a brutally HUGE hill. Pete has to bring a a change of clothes after the run because he is like a "beast" dripping wet with sweat. Shoshana wondered why he feels the need to change before he gets on the subway when it's the grossest place already. Yesterday, Pete changed in a port-a-potty. Rosie said she wouldn't change in a port-a-potty even if you offered her $1000. She also would not pee in a port-a-potty. Rosie asked if they feel different yet from all the running but Pete does not think he feels or looks any different and he's been running consistently for a month. Janette said he needs to check his body fat vs. muscle percentage. This also started a discussion about peeing and pooping outside. Rosie has never peed in the woods but Jeannie has. Jeannie used to pee out of the window of Rosie's car! Rosie said her fear of peeing and pooping in the woods was one of the main reasons she would never ever do Survivor.

Don't forget to VOTE! Brendan said to read the argument going on in the COMMENTS portion on the Cupcake Contest page! Rosie closed the show.

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  1. "Janette suggested a cooking segment where Rosie cooks on air and Rosie flat out refused. Only if she talks like Julia Child."

    ..But she does it all the time when she sings the theme song..( expect the last few shows) IMO..Rosie sounds like a cross between Julia Child's and Mrs.Doubtfire..Seriously..don't you think? ..Not that there is anything wrong with it..lol

  2. I have voted a bunch of times today! but I just tried now and got a message that says, thank you we have already counted your vote.
    Shady is currently in the lead. Go Shady!!
    Great recap, kw! :)

  3. I drove 6 and a half hours to a Colbie Caillat concert last summer only to turn around and drive straight back... I feel Lou's pain, ;-)

    I'm loving the split screen photos!

    And... I don't want to hear about ingesting spiders. ever. again. Thank you, lol.


  4. I kept getting that message too Michele but I got it after my first vote.

    I kept on voting anyway thinking it was counting since I didn't get booted out but now I'm not so sure.
    I voted on my lap top as well so I know I got 2 votes in but I want to keep voting.

    I love this Spot vs Shady contest.....lots of fun....Go Shady Go!!!

  5. love the pics you edited! :)

    i, too, have voted for shady but keep getting the message that michele mentioned above. they are on to me. ;)

    thanks, kw- xo