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Rosie started today's show by skyping in with Hoda and Kathie Lee on the Today Show! All the ladies had no makeup on and were chatting about it. Watch below!

After the interview Rosie said she was worried she hurt Kathie's feelings. Deirdre said that Rosie didn't actually say the things that Kathie heard she said about her. Rosie asked for the audio of what was actually said and Brendan went on the hunt.

Spot, the producer from the Sirius X/M's Covino and Rich, was in the Rosie Radio kitchen and broadcasting live on the Ustream Shadycam during the program! He was there to prove to Rosie, her staff and her listeners that he did bake the now infamous Billiard cupcakes in the Martha Stewart Cupcake Contest. They talked about how they were all worried because Spot was showing he could obviously bake! He was even making his own fondant. Rosie talked about how incredibly cute Spot is and how he's a great catch because what woman doesn't like a man that can bake? She wished she could fix him up with a single gal. Janette said Spot is creative too because she asked him to make her a "calorie free cupcake" and he handed her a cupcake wrapper. HA! They discussed how Spot's balls were still in the lead and how he had an unfair advantage because his cupcakes were featured on the contest page. Janette wanted to know who they paid off to get that great presentation. Rosie said she was feeling remorseful about some of her slanderous words about Spot. She said he's obviously a nice guy who knows how to bake and would make a good addition to their team. Janette still didn't like it that he lied about where he got his inspiration from but admitted that he's a good baker. She also reminded listeners that the best doesn't always win first place and cited Adam Lambert not winning American Idol as an example. So there!

Spot talked on the air as he made his cupcakes in the Rosie Radio kitchen.

The staff discussed last night's episode of American Idol and how Big Mike was booted off. Rosie said her kids were very upset about him leaving. Rosie still loves the contestant Crystal Bowersox so much that she releases involuntary sounds/moans when she hears her sing which makes her kids hate Crystal and wish she would go home.

The Rosie Radio producers then played the actual audio of what Rosie said questioning whether Kathie Lee Gifford had plastic surgery. On the audio Rosie said "I'm looking at Kathie Lee Gifford (live on air) and she's had a lot of botox, restalin or plastic surgery." Janette and Rosie then talk about how nice Kathie Lee is. Rosie continues "but it's weird when people have a lot of crap done to their faces." That was the whole conversation.

Janette thinks it's weird that people actually hear what they say on the radio and sometimes forgets that they are on the air. Rosie explained how she didn't mean her statement to be mean, she just noticed that Kathie Lee looked different to her. Brendan thinks it's also her vernacular use of the word "crap" that may have been offensive. The Rosie Radio crew really enjoyed that Hoda and Kathie Lee went on the air without hair and makeup. Janette said Kathie Lee Gifford is one of the nicest people she has ever met. She also commented how Kathie Lee is not only nice to the host when she does a talk show but she's also incredibly nice to the staff as well. Rosie continued that Kathie Lee also has very intelligent, incredibly successful kids.

Rosie took a caller to discuss the American Idol voting population and Rosie said she thinks there are a lot of young girls voting and that is why sometimes the voting goes the way it does. Brendan brought up the famous YouTube video entitled "American Idol Freakout" of the girls who had a spaz attack when David Cook beat David Archuleta in the seventh season of American Idol.

Apparently, Sonya Fitzpatrick is upset at the things that Janette said about her the other day on the show. When Sonya Fitzpatrick was on Rosie Radio a while back, there was a discussion about Janette's hairless Sphinx cat that Janette took great offense to. Sonya said how being a hairless cat can be hard on the animal because cats need hair to keep themselves warm. She said they shouldn't be bred that way. She also said the cat's looks were shocking and that the cat doesn't understand why it doesn't have any hair and is upset that he looks different. Rosie thinks the cat is the ugliest animal on the planet and proceeded to say it many times. I found it so funny that Janette took offense to what Sonya said - NOT Rosie and Rosie was ripping her cat apart! lol Janette said that Sonya Fitzpatrick did not know how her cat was feeling but she is SURE her cat is a very happy and cared-for cat. Sonya wrote an email to the Rosie Radio show saying that her comments were taken out of context and that she in no way was being unkind about an animal. She said that what she meant was that breeding a cat in order to look a certain way for humans is not always best for the animal. Sonya said Janette's comments made her shocked and distressed and Rosie said there is not a day that goes by that Rosie doesn't feel shocked and distressed by the things Janette says on the show.

Janette said she thinks Rosie is so adamant about not liking her hairless cat because she's just sad she didn't keep him herself. (Rosie gave the cat to Janette as a gift.) Rosie insisted that Janette apologize to Sonya which she did but not before reminding Janette that she was her boss and she has hired her more than anyone else in her professional life. They took a caller who thought Janette was personalizing the issue because Sonya was merely talking about the breed itself, not specifically Janette's cat. Rosie said when Janette is mean to someone Rosie likes, she forces her to apologize. The caller asked what triggered Janette's emotional response to Sonya's comments.

Rosie made Janette promise to be quiet and said: Janette had a difficult childhood. Her mother left, she had an abusive father and she was very overweight. Rosie explained that Janette always felt unloved and like the outsider and when she is feeling attacked (or that one of her loved ones are being attacked) she goes right back to being 8 years old again. Rosie said that Janette can't differentiate between herself and the cat and felt the comments were personal. Rosie made Janette agree that the lovely Sonya was not trying to harm her and Janette needlessly lashed out. The caller suggested that Janette go to therapy.

Janette, who was now allowed to speak, said that she had a Gestalt therapist who would have her talk into an empty chair in therapy and pretend that the person who hurt you is sitting in that empty chair. He would then have her go sit in the empty chair and be the person who hurt you.

Janette said she took it personally that Sonya felt that she didn't understand her own cat. Rosie said that Janette is not a Pet Psychic! Bobby stuck up for Janette and said that she's a pet mother though! Janette ended the Sonya discussion saying that she understands that she went too far with Sonya and said Sonya is a nice woman.

Janette then mentioned her cat Whitey Brown who speaks English and the entire staff tried to refrain from laughing at her. They played the audio from this video - see below.

The video made Deirdre laugh so hard she practically peed herself. Rosie then imitated the cat's meowing which I was listening too at Occupational Therapy which made me laugh uncontrollably. They played "In the Name of Lou" (because of Janette's cat saying I love you?) and went to commercial break.

Off the air, Sonya called to say thank you for clearing up what she had said on the show about Janette's cat. Janette took another moment to apologize to her for calling her "nasty" and admitted she shouldn't have done that. Rosie said she was right about that but they were all wrong about Spot who was in the process of replicating his Billiard cupcakes. She said that moments like these define one's character and she gave Covino and Rich her humble apologies. She said she is going to listen to their show everyday for the next month to show how sorry she is. Janette explained that once he lied about the idea for the concept that began the suspicion.

Rosie admitted that they told a lie too! The lie was that Rosie helped Bobby make the Shady cupcake! She did put in the teeth, provided the idea of the chocolate covered raisin nose and fixed some of the hair so she kind of helped. Pete had some of Spot's fondant and said it was awesome. Deirdre licked his batter and liked it! Rosie said they need a good baker on staff but forgot what a great cook Jeannie is and that Pete can make a mean chocolate chip cupcake, too. So, they have skills. They also had more fans watching the cupcake making on Ustream. They had 500 viewers to Spot's 100 on his Ustream cam. Rosie said that Spot is only 29 years old and she's been in showbiz for 30 years so she better have more fans!

Rosie then briefly spoke about the following video of Donald Trump where he shows his real hairline. She wondered how it was possible that his hair is actually styled like that and why he looks so "orangey." She said in the interview he didn't look at all like what she thought he looked like in real life.

Donald Trump on Ryan Seacrest's show

Rosie then introduced Nate Phelps, the son of Fred Phelps who is the founder of the Westboro Baptist Church (godhatesfags(dot)com). Rosie played some of the clips of what Nate had to say when he was recently on Nightline. See video below:

Nate Phelps on Nightline

Rosie commented on how brave Nate is and asked him about his upbringing and what it was like to be raised by Fred Phelps. Rosie said she was so impressed with how he's dealt with his abusive past. Nate and Rosie talked about the abuse and the violence that occurred in his family and about the time he was brought to the police station after a teacher reported the bruises they saw on him. Eventually all the charges against his father were dropped and his father ended up suing the people that accused him of the beatings. Nate talked about how extremely aggressive and intense his father is and how he intimidated people. Rosie asked if his father was always that rage-full and angry. Nate said his father has always been that way. He said he could be kind and a Southern gentleman but that raging and hatefulness is always there ready to surface. He said that he and his siblings always lived in fear. Nate's mother tried to intervene in the abuse and once left his father but she couldn't support them and she had to go back. If she did intervene she would be beaten too.

Nate said that if his brother hadn't left he might not have ever had the courage to leave. By the time he was 18 years old, and decided to leave home, he said he was so unprepared for the world and the realities of life. Nate said his father controlled every aspect of his life. Nate's older brother Mark left home because of his girlfriend. One night she showed up and Fred was beating Nate's sister so badly she was screaming and everyone was just standing around not doing anything. Mark's girlfriend walked out that night and said she would not raise a family in that type of environment. His brother was forbidden to see her ever again and he left.

Rosie and Nate discussed how the way he grew up was exactly like being in a cult. He said you are brainwashed to think that their way is the way the world functions.

Rosie asked Nate about his father's fixation on hating gay people. She wondered where that came from. Nate said that his father's perception was that homosexuality is the ultimate sin against God because of the language in the Bible. In the Bible Fred interprets it as that God gave up on gays, and therefore it is the ultimate sin and there is no chance of turning back. His father thought homosexuality was the unpardonable sin. It was the only sin that was unpardonable. When Nate got older and tried to find answers regarding religion he found out that was a twisted view of the Bible. Rosie said that usually those who are the most outspoken against homosexuality seem to have repressed homosexual tendencies (like George Rekers, for example). Me thinks thou dost protest too much.

Nate told Rosie that when he left his home he didn't have any plans, money and a just a few boxes of personal belongings. He knew that he would be excommunicated when he left. He contacted his older brother Mark and found some family to stay with.
Rosie asked Nate how he righted himself. Nate said for the first 5 years after he left home he was convinced he was going to hell. He thought he would never have children because he was always taught he wouldn't have kids unless he was in God's good graces. He went to therapy with a counselor with a theological degree and he also ended up in a mental hospital for about 2 weeks. He seemed a bit embarrassed to reveal that to Rosie. Rosie told him to not be ashamed of that. He has been through a terrible childhood and she most definitely understood.

Lastly, Rosie asked Nate if he eventually lost his belief in God. Nate said that ultimately he did. He said his father believes in his own literal translation of the bible and he said really everyone does. He believes now that religion is not from God but it's man-made. He said if there is a God, he's not accurately reflected in the religions that exist today.

Nate now has 3 biological children and 2 stepchildren and a wonderful, loving relationship. Nate said that experiencing the love of a child helped heal him. He said his fiance helps force him to communicate and he realizes that true communication is really a huge aspect of showing and receiving love.

Rosie asked Nate if he feels at peace today and Nate said that depends on the hour. He said it's important for him to speak out against his father's church and he is surprised how much it effects people. Rosie told Nate how very inspirational he is and asked him if he has seen his dad since he left. Nate has not. She asked him if his dad were to pass away if he thinks he would be at peace with not speaking to him again. Nate said he thinks he would at this point but wished he could see his mother again. They talked about how the need for a child to have a mother and how it never leaves you, even when there is abuse. You can go to NatePhelps.com if you would like to connect with Nate. Rosie wished him nothing but peace and told him he deserves love today and he deserved love growing up. She thanked him for the interview.
Rosie took some callers to express their thoughts on the Nate Phelps interview.

After the commercial break Rosie said Spot is the real deal and she admitted she was officially wrong. She apologized for doubting him to Spot directly. She went on to say that Covino and Rich is the best show in the universe! She also invited Spot to come and work for Rosie Radio and bake for them twice a week! Spot sounded appreciative but said that he loves working for Covino and Rich. She then asked him if he gets gifts and gave him an iPad! She challenged him to see if Covino and Rich ever gave him great gifts like an iPad!

Spot thanked Rosie for letting him come to her home and commented what a great setup and beautiful view they had. Spot said all he wanted was Rosie's endorsement and she said VOTE BILLIARDS! I can't believe I just typed that! And she said goodbye. Rosie closed the show.

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  1. I couldn't listen to a lot of today's show, I thought they were being awfully hard on Janette! Maybe Rosie has known her long enough to take certain liberties, but the bottom line is this Fitzpatrick chick offended Janette & hurt her feelings! Janette is entitled to her feelings, just as everyone is, and she shouldn't be made to apologize for them, jmo. I <3 you Janette!

  2. I never really liked Kathie Lee but she was really personable in that video. Kudos to her. Ro *should* be more thoughtful about some of the things she says..at least on air and if she doesn't know if what she's saying is truth. It's one thing to make an observation to a friend, completely different to broadcast it to the world.

    And the Phelps story was the saddest thing I have read in a long time. I am glad he got away from his "family".

  3. Oh HA! Kathie Lee has eye makeup and lip goop on her.

  4. Hi Kelly,

    I clicked where it says "Update: Here's a link to some sweet behind the scenes photos" and I got some sort of virusy malware type of page. Maybe you should pull the link just in case.

    Thanks for doing the recaps!


  5. Thanks Carrie! I noticed that too! I wonder why that happens? It's like every other time I click on it. I put a warning on the blog for people. Bizzaro.