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Rosie started today's show meowing to the theme song like Janette's cat from yesterday.

They talked briefly about the Martha Stewart Cupcake contest and how they all not only were impressed with Spot's cupcakes, they tasted great too! Rosie offered more cupcakes to everyone and Shoshana didn't even want one. Rosie said that "thin people's restraint is annoying to her." lol They all really enjoyed Spot and Janette said that Rosie would really like Rich (from Covino and Rich) too.

Rosie gave the listeners an update on her dentist woes. She was going back again. This was taped on Thursday (05/13).

Rosie asked Janette who her favorite comic was and Janette said (since Rosie is a given) it had to be Judy Gold. The second comic she mentioned was John Riggi who is now the Co-Executive Producer of the show 30 Rock.

Rosie suggested they have another contest amongst the Sirius teams. She thought they should do a crafty challenge where you are given certain materials and you have to produce the most creative craft. Rosie said she didn't even want to do participate in the cupcake contest in the beginning and then she got really into it and wanted to win so badly!

Pete said he's gotten really into making candles and soap after reading Rosie's Crafty U and watching all the online videos with Rosie and Bobby. He and his wife also made vampire soap with garlic inside. As in, wash your hands with it and you smell like garlic and keep the vampires away! Janette said next time Pete needs to buy her a gift a simple card will do.

A Crafty U Video!
HERE is a link to even more!!

Janette mentioned her cooking show "Lighten Up!" that she hosted on The Food Network in 2003 and Rosie commented on how it wasn't very good! Rosie said it seemed like she didn't appear to be prepared. Janette said that that was done that way for a reason because they wanted it to be more like real life. The show was cancelled but Janette purchased the ratings and said they were actually very good so she never did understand why they were cancelled. 

They started talking about having lots of kids, because the woman Janette did the cooking show with has many kids.  Rosie asked Pete if he was planning on getting a vasectomy (or "snip snip" as she called it). Pete said he was planning on getting one though his wife didn't want him to say that on air! Rosie asked Timmy (her brother) how it was when he got a vasectomy. Timmy said it wasn't bad at all and he was cooking Thanksgiving dinner the very next day. There was some mention of being able to now enjoy your "morning boners" but I was laughing so hard I couldn't take notes at this part. Rosie gave Pete permissino to get his vasectomy on a work day if he brought Brendan and Lou along with him and he could say he was producing a segment for work so he didn't have to use his time off.

CHELSEA HANDLERRosie then interviewed Chelsea Handler! Chelsea said it was her assistant's fault that she missed the interview the last time she was supposed to be on the show. Rosie told Chelsea she was reading her book Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang on a plane and was laughing out loud! She asked Chelsea if it was all true (especially the parts about how she tortured her boyfriend) and Chelsea said it was! Chelsea said she showed the video of her boyfriend walking to the dog's funeral (a story from her book) on the Jay Leno show! Chelsea and Rosie laughed about how her previous relationship made for great material for her book! Chelsea said she doesn't run into her boyfriend anymore but he does still work for the show she works on.

Rosie asked Chelsea how her Dad likes being written about in the book and Chelsea said her dad likes it because he's a narcissist. He actually wanted Chelsea to pay him money for the rights to write about him! Chelsea said that her father once used her name to rent a beach house and said that he has no shame and no ability to see or comprehend anyone else's point of view.

Rosie asked Chelsea how she became a comedienne. Chelsea is the youngest of 6 children and her brother died in a hiking accident when she was 9 years old and that pain and tragedy turned her into a real character. She became a storyteller in order to distract and deflect from the pain that she felt.

Chelsea is 35 years old now and Rosie asked if she remembered when they met at the Tonight Show? Rosie said that she watches Chelsea's show Chelsea Lately and said she laughs hysterically when she watches it. 

Rosie asked Chelsea who her comedic role models were and Chelsea said she wasn't really a fan of any specific comedians but she was a big fan of The Cosby Show and Family Ties. Her goal wasn't necessarily to be a stand-up a comedian but she always wanted to be on T.V.  Chelsea said that she sort of fell into stand-up when she was 21 years old.  Rosie and Chelsea talked about her stand-up days and how she was pretty good at it in the beginning but started bombing after a year or so.  They both agreed that every comic has to bomb in order to really improve.  Chelsea said that the male comics were very nice to her but it was the female comics that weren't (unlike in Rosie's experience).  She said she hates it when female comics don't support each other.  Chelsea said she never slept around with the other comics and that worked to her advantage since the male comics were probably being so nice to her in an attempt to sleep with her. 

Chelsea and Rosie talked about her show Chelsea Lately and how all the great comic writers she has.  Rosie said she also loves seeing the hilarious Ross Matthews on the show! 

Rosie asked Chelsea about Katie Couric, Chelsea's new friend, who she went with to the White House Correspondents dinner.  Rosie asked Chelsea if Jay Leno bombed at the correspondents dinner because she had heard that he did.  Chelsea said he didn't bomb at all!  She said that Barack was a tough act to follow.  She said he had to have had the best speech ever delivered by a President and Jay had to follow it which was extremely difficult.  Rosie then told Chelsea a story when she bombed when she once had to follow Tim Allen which she said was difficult.  Both Rosie and Chelsea agreed that events like the White House Correspondents dinner and the Emmy's are "no win events" that take a TON of preparation and a lot of criticism. 

Chelsea said she is single and loving it and she's also house hunting.  Her BOOK is also doing selling really well and you can catch Chelsea on Chelsea Lately at 11pm M-F!  You can follow Chelsea on Twitter HERE!  Rosie thanked her for the interview and offered to do her show sometime soon!  Keep an eye out for that! 

Rosie took some callers and chatted like long lost friends and gave them lots of gifts!  One caller mentioned her recent interview with Nate Phelps and she and Rosie chatted about it.  Rosie recommended the book A Child Called It to her listeners.  A born-again Christian who was also a lesbian called in to tell Rosie that Fred Phelps gives Christians a bad name and Rosie agreed.   

Rosie then introduced actress, singer and author Bernadette Peters
Bernadette has a new book that just came out called Stella Is A Star.  It is a Children's Book about a pup named Stella "who would rather be a graceful pig ballerina than what she really is: a dog no one seems to like."  Stella "learns the lessons of self-acceptance, following her heart's desires and, most important, that it's okay just to be herself." The book includes a CD with an original song written and performed by Bernadette!  Bernadette talked with Rosie about her book and her love and support of animal shelters. 


Rosie told Bernadette about her really old dog that they adopted as a pup that she moved down to Florida because his arthritis was so bad.  Rosie also talked to Bernadette about how much she is loved by her gay fans and why that is.  They speculated on the reasons but just both agreed that she has a huge gay following.  Rosie thanked Bernadette for coming in to the show and for the interview!

After the Bernadette interview, Rosie and Janette talked about how nice Bernadette is and how fantastic she looks for her age!  

Then it was time for UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL with Janette!  Just listen!

Rosie was so surprised that she learned so much stuff about Janette during her Up Close And Personal!  Janette said she would love to write more and she absolutely loves doing radio.  Janette said that she's a "future live-r" and the only thing about getting older that she really hates is that her future is now getting shorter.  She said it's harder to live in the future now and she needs to learn to live more in the present.  

Bobby Pearce is "on deck" and will be the next staff member featured in Up Close and Personal!  YAY!  

and that's what you missed FINALLY!-kw 

me updating at my sister's.

Peace out peeps.


  1. It's okay, take your time, you're allowed to have a life! We're just grateful you can do this for all of us that can't hear the show, or have missed it. Thanks for that, at any rate...Although, I will admit, I've checked your site about a dozen times since yesterday! ;o)

    Kathleen B.

  2. So is Christmas! I kid. Hope you had a lovely day...

  3. this site rocks!! Thank you

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  5. thanks, kw! i know firsthand what went into this blog post! I appreciate all that you do....

    it was a great weekend for a wonderful cause... miss u all already.

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  6. thanks, kelly!! :) i can't believe you still found time to update... i was falling asleep to the sound of your typing!! ;)
    this was an incredible weekend and i was so happy to be a part of it!! xo

  7. I love Chelsey Handler and Bernadette Peters! Funny thing about Bernadette is I am gay and I can't really say why I love her so much either. I've always thought she was fantastic even when I was much younger. Weird but cool.