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Rosie began today's show talking about the amazing weather they had this weekend in New York. She is actively working on her savage tan and even decided to use sunscreen all over her face (instead of just her nose) and still got brown. She was a bit sad on Sunday morning when she woke up and wasn't sunburned but then realized she had gotten darker, even while using the sunscreen Neutrogena Sun Stick. While she was tanning she read the book Little Bee by Chris Cleave. She loved it and Janette seemed very interested in the book and said she'd like to read it too. Rosie said she is going to now read the latest book by Anna Quindlen entitled Every Last One. Jackie recommended it to Rosie and told her it will make her sob so hard she's going to want to read it in private.

Pete googled the name of the sunscreen for Rosie when she couldn't think of it and she played and sang along to I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston. Pete had one finger nail painted at work today because in an attempt to get his youngest daughter Irene to calm down, he and his wife tried to paint her nails. He painted one of his to show her what it would look like and that convinced her. Rosie asked Pete when he was going to bring her in to have Jeannie evaluate her. Pete said he would anytime and is going to bring in the report from the evaluation done by the specialist they sent her to that said there is nothing abnormal going on with her for Jeannie to read.

Rosie's BFF Jackie came over this weekend with her 20 year old son, Nicholas. Jackie told Rosie she was going to have to take Nicholas to the doctors for an issue on his back. It was a huge zit and Rosie popped it for him! Rosie was very excited about it and wished they would have taped it for popthatzit.com. Pete said that Rosie could be their biggest fan as well as their biggest contributor if she starts submitting videos! Rosie said her therapist is suggesting that she not go on that website anymore because it contributes to her Chronic Skin Picking and OCD picking issues.

Rosie told Jeannie that she uploaded the video of she, Jackie and Jeannie laughing during last week's show to the blog. So FRICKING FUNNY. I love the way Jackie covers her mouth like she's a 10 year old in church trying not to laugh. Anyway, she said she also mistakenly recorded about 35 minutes of the radio show on her phone and it was the first time that she ever listened to herself on air. She said she had wondered if it was going to be good or not and said she thought it WAS really good and really interesting!

Jeannie also had a great time this weekend hanging out with her kids and going to her nephew's first communion party. Rosie asked Jeannie how her teenage daughter is doing and Jeannie sounded positive about it! She said she's still getting letters from the school about her skipping classes but she has been making more plans of late concerning what she wants to do when she grows up. She has expressed an interest in criminal justice lately and those conversations make Jeannie happy because she sees her thinking about her future more. Jeannie said her daughter knows that if she doesn't graduate from high school her life as she knows it is going to be over and she will not be allowed to live at home anymore. Jeannie did sound hopeful about the future and said that her daughter will be going on the mother/daughter trip to Miami in July with Rosie and Chelsea!

Rosie said her kids are going to different schools next year. They have Parker all set up with his school but they are still debating where Chelsea is going to go. Chelsea really wants to go to public school but Rosie does not think that is a good idea. Rosie said Chelsea is working on dealing with her emotions in a positive way and she's trying to get it across to Chelsea that she's allowed to have feelings but she's not allowed to disrupt the entire household with her own feelings. They went to therapy together (Rosie and Chelsea) for 2 hours last week. Rosie said Chelsea is having all sorts of emotions about her adoptive family including thinking that life would be better if she would have grown up with her birth parents. Rosie said she remembers what it is like to be that age and it's incredibly hard to deal with all the emotions that you are feeling. Chelsea also talked about how hard it is to have a famous mom and how they can't go anywhere without people stopping them and wanting to talk to Rosie. She doesn't understand why Rosie always has to be nice to everyone.

Rosie then told a story how she took the boys - Blake, Archie and Wyatt to see IronMan II this weekend while Tracy took Chelsea and her daughter (?) to see Just Wright. She said she was a bit overwhelmed and having anxiety trying to get the tickets on a busy Saturday night at the movie theater and someone came up to her and wanted a hug. Rosie said she was pretty rude to the woman about it because she was feeling stressed about the kids and getting the tickets. She said it is hard to not feel obligated to talk to everyone who approaches her.

That was exactly Chelsea's point in therapy - that she hates when she has to spend her energy on others and not her when they're together. Chelsea also mentioned how it is "weird" to have a gay mom. Rosie seemed surprised by this since Chelsea grew up with it and has never known any differently. She never thought her being gay would ever be a problem. Janette tried to make her feel better by saying that every teen hates every thing about their parents at that age, no matter what.

Rosie took a few callers. One caller was in the same boat as Jeannie once and had made it through to the other side and one caller used the privilege to get texting as a motivation for a positive attitude in her teen.

In the end Rosie seemed baffled by Chelsea's angry response about being adopted being directed at the people who love her the most. Janette said that very often when creating their own identity teens do everything in their power to become different from their parents. Rosie said that that is true with Chelsea. She said that in Chelsea's class they are often asked to read/perform/play an instrument in front of her class and Chelsea absolutely HATES this part of school because she tells Rosie she is NOT a performer. Janette said that's probably because Chelsea is constantly being told how talented a performer her mother is. Deirdre suggested that all this anger might just be misdirected anger over the divorce and over her feelings about her adoption.

Rosie mentioned a news clip that she saw on Huffington Post where a newscaster talks about "enjoying penis" on air! Watch below....

Rosie and the staff rewound it a couple times listening to the camera man in the background gasping in horror and watching the female newscaster's faces as the male newscaster says "enjoying penis" live on the air! They all laughed hysterically over it. The video is about the results after administering a G Shot so there was then an in-studio debate over whether the G Spot even exists. Deirdre said she's heard many doctors say it does and Dr. Oz says it does, so it must. Brendan said that the newscaster probably got a bonus in his check because his blooper has most likely caused the hits to their website to quadruple!

Brendan then asked Rosie if she had heard about the New York newscaster that says "keep fucking that chicken" on air. Rosie had not heard about it so Brendan played the clip...

Rosie and the staff wondered why in the world the newscaster would have said that! What the news anchor meant to do was make a play on an old Purdue chicken commercial. Rosie wondered if he was drunk! lol The newscaster has since issued an apology for the blooper.

Speaking of chickens! Rosie now is the proud owner of 11 chickens, 1 coop and a partridge in a pear tree. Just kidding about that last one. She said she and her girlfriend Tracy are going to decorate the chicken coup with old bottle caps and aluminum cans. Actually, Tracy's uncle is the man who made the Beer Can House! Janette and Pete wondered how badly it is going to stink up the joint. The "chicken man" as Rosie so lovingly referred to him came to the house to teach them all about the chickens and how to feed and care for them. Jeannie asked Rosie "Who are you and what have you done to Roseann O'Donnell?" Apparently, Jeannie was not used to seeing the "farmy" side of her good friend. Jeannie said the whole scenario - the garden, the chickens, the art made out of recycled materials - just makes her laugh. Rosie said that the chicks are extremely cute though and posted pictures of them on her blog. The chicken man told her that a bear killed all his chickens recently and she worried that she might be tempting bears to come on the property now.

Continuing on the chicken topic, Jeannie watched the documentary Food, Inc. this weekend. She said it was horrifying yet wondered if organic was really safer? Janette said that eating locally is definitely safer because while local farmers may still use pesticides, they do not use the volume of pesticides that huge mega farms use. She also said you then support your local farmer in the process. Jeannie just kept remarking how sad the film was, especially the way that they treat the animals. The staff talked about the fears of what is put in the food that we eat including the pesticides and the antibiotics. Jeannie said how it is so difficult to think about buying locally every single day because she gets caught up in the convenience of the grocery store. Pete recommended she look into a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) in her area. "A CSA consists of a community of individuals who pledge support to a farm operation where the growers and consumers share the risks and benefits of food production. CSAs usually consist of a system of weekly delivery or pick-up of vegetables and fruit in a vegetable box scheme, sometimes including dairy products and meat." [source: Wiki] Pete also recommended the animated site Meatrix in addition to Food, Inc. that basically provides the same information as the documentary, only in an animated form. Janette stressed that the only way to get things to change is to support local farmers.

Rosie briefly mentioned the documentary Crossing Arizona. This documentary deals with the influx of migrants crossing from Mexico through Arizona, the rising death toll and the complicated issues that come with it. Rosie recommended the documentary to her listeners and talked briefly with the staff about it.

She then asked Pete what the update is with the oil spill in the Gulf. The Exxon Valdez oil spill was a disaster that still effects Alaska today. In the Exxon Valdez oil spill, 11 million gallons of oil were spilled. In the recent oil spill that happened in the gulf, it is estimated that 210,000 gallons of oil are leaking out per day. We theoretically would reach the magnitude of the Exxon Valdez spill every 4 days. Janette said in Alaska you can still pick up debris covered in oil and Rosie and Janette worried about what this means for future generations. They also stated that no monetary fine could ever really pay for what has been done to the environment and the wildlife. It is now thought that the oil spill has reached the Gulf Stream and will effect Florida. Janette says this topic upsets her more than anything else. She worried how we will ever recover from it because it's been 21 years since the Exxon Valdez and we're still seeing its effects. Pete said that the oil companies are not really going to pay even financially anyway, we are. The oil companies will just raise their prices and we Americans will foot the bill. Not that any amount of money could pay for the damage anyway. Rosie stressed that Americans need to move away from oil and look into alternative fuel sources. Pete (or Rosie) recommended the documentary Who Killed the Electric Car. They discussed how everyone who had an electric car loved it and how today anyone who makes an electric car makes a bad one because the oil companies finance the car companies. Janette talked about the government lobbies and how they mainly effect our politicians' decisions. They all said it feels hopeless and wondered what they could do to change it.

Rosie talked about how Eve Ensler has been going to other countries to help in a more global way and how she can't seem to find the strength to go abroad because of all the issues we face in this country. Janette referenced Jane Aronson who was recently on Rosie Radio who stated that in other countries you can see such a huge difference with even the smallest effort and how that's motivating for her. Janette agreed and has seen the same things in her medical mission trips to Rwanda. Janette talked about her own issues with this country and how she feels betrayed by it. She stated that in other countries you expect it, but you do not expect it here.

Janette mentioned something about Congo and Rosie asked her why she calls it Congo and not "THE Congo." She said that annoys her as when people say "I went to hospital" instead of "the hospital" or "I went to university" instead of "the university." It was too funny!

Somehow the subject of Pete came up and Rosie and Janette told him that both both Lanette (Janette's sister) and Jackie (Rosie's BFF) think Pete is so smart! We agree!

Rosie then introduced actor, singer and dancer Joel Grey who was on the phone! Joel has won an Academy Award, a Tony Award, a Golden Globe Award, and BAFTA. Joel is currently directing a staged reading of The Normal Heart with Lisa Kudrow to benefit the Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center. Rosie and Joel spoke about the play, about family and about the pains of raising teenagers. Joel said that Ryan Murphy, the creator of Glee and Nip/Tuck, is making the play into a movie. Joel loves Glee and loves Nip/Tuck too. Rosie and Joel then talked about when Rosie was on Nip/Tuck and her love scene with Julian McMahon. Rosie compared it to having sex with Superman (or how she would imagine having sex with Superman would be like)!

Joel is a photographer too and Rosie didn't know that! She asked him about how he got started with photography. You can see Joel's photography on his website HERE. Rosie called his art very compelling. Joel's photography show will premiere on May 27th along with pictures from the 30s. Joel said he's always been into photography and loves it. Rosie asked Joel if he's going back to Broadway anytime soon and he said he is not. Only if it were a short run like a 3-4 months show. They chatted about the backers(?) of the musical La Cage Aux Follies and how they never thought it was going to work and how it's now a huge hit! Rosie thanked Joel for calling in and told him to 'Break a Leg' tonight.

Rosie talked with the studio about how wonderful Joel Grey is and how it is so amazing to meet the people that you grew up looking up to and finding out that they are as wonderful as you always hoped they would be. Rosie then gave away tickets to the show to callers from Los Angeles!

Jeannie said all this chicken business, the garden, the coop, etc. doesn't sound like her, that it's very entertaining but it's not like her. She wondered what they were going to do with the chicken poop. Apparently, Tracy uses the poop as fertilizer for the garden. And she feeds the chickens the scraps from their meals so there's a whole recycling thing going on. Janette said that chicken shit stinks and she can't imagine how that's going to be in their yard.

Rosie asked if anyone has seen Ironman II. Pete said it got bad reviews. Rosie said that the movie was very loud. That's really all she said about it, that it was loud. She said Tracy's son Wyatt was holding his ears and her son Archie kept asking her questions throughout the whole movie.

Rosie said she was picking at the heel of her foot and she should have used her Ped Egg but she couldn't find it so she used her razor on it and now it's all wounded! She ended up making it much much worse. Rosie talked about how great Tracy is and how they're walking together now!

Brendan shared with everyone his Earwax removal story from this weekend. Apparently, he got the DeBrox Earwax Removal Aid Drops and used them and what came out was a "viscous goo." There was then a big Qtip debate whether or not Qtips were safe to put in your ears. Brendan said Qtips were bad to put in your ears and Rosie said NO and stopped him from continuing. Rosie's ADD/OCD causes her to be quite obsessive about earwax removal apparently. One of Brendan's worst fears is having visible earwax in his ears.

Rosie then took several callers about earwax removal and children. One caller's obsession with her kids earwax did scare me just a little. It did sound a little crazy obsessive, the thought of chasing after your kids and pinning them down with a light on your head to remove their earwax. I gotta say it. Rosie told the caller that they will be sharing a room together in the mental hospital. Pete read from ehow.com and said that Qtips are not safe to stick in your ears and that the ear is a self cleaning organ and does not require anything placed inside it. Pete said that they're working in Canada to put a warning label on Qtips because there have been 4 deaths related to their use! One listener recommended Heel Tastic for Rosie's heel issue.

Jackie and Nicholas (Jackie's 20 year old son) then joined the studio for the last 5-10 minutes of the show. Rosie chatted with both of them about the zit she popped on his back. She was bummed they didn't video tape it for popthatzit.com. Nicholas is a Junior in college and getting a 3.5 GPA! He said he feels old now that his sister is driving. Rosie asked if he's still taking pictures of his poop and emailing it to his sister and he said he is! Good to know! He said the poop pics started with friends and that Saturday mornings are the best day for poop pics because they drink beer and go to a Mexican restaurant every Friday night. NICE. Jackie said that Nicholas is eating her out of house and home and she's made a limit on how much fruit he can eat per day. Rosie gave her shit for it and said "it's fruit, it's good for him!" I get it though, Jackie. I have 3 boys. You can never buy enough when they sit down and polish off a bag full of grapes in one sitting.

Rosie closed the show.

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