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Rosie started the show talking about her wounded heel. She peeled off a piece of skin on her heel this weekend and then tried to "even it out" with a razor and ended up creating a fairly large, hurtful wound. And it's hurting her pretty badly. She went walking yesterday for about 20 minutes with Tracy and it totally tired her out. Then, this morning she woke up with 4 or 5 bloody spots on her face because she's picking her face at night. She once wore gloves (the kind you wear at night for softer hands) to try to keep herself from picking her face but would take them off. She got to the point where she even duct taped them to her wrists!

It was "rainy and gross" today in Nyack and Jeannie arrived at the studio with only 3 minutes to spare, but she wasn't late! Jeannie said she listens to classic rock in the car for the hour+ long commute. She loves, loves, loves her classic rock. She also has lots of tolls on the way and estimated it probably costs her almost $15 each way. Rosie asked her if she had an EZPass which she does. Pete just got an EZpass. Jeannie said she forgot it one day and almost cried waiting in line to pay the toll watching all the other cars speed through the EZPass line. Having the EZPass saves a lot of time on her commute. Rosie said when the EZpass first came out she would get very panicked about which lane to get in. Janette said it makes you not realize how much money you're spending on tolls. Pete said you can also use the EZPass for airport parking now! Janette said this is just our way of moving towards eliminating money all together and referenced the book Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood.

Bobby watched DWTS last night and thinks all the contestants are pretty good. He said they did solo dances which causes a big panic for all the non-dancers. Jeannie and Bobby think Chad Ochocinco is going to be go home next. Jeannie thinks their perspective has been skewed by his rock hard abs and his sparkly white teeth. Jeannie doesn't want Nicole (from the Pussy Cat Dolls) to win but then again, she doesn't know who she wants to win. They discussed the contestant Evan Lysacek and how he has a really creepy affect but they loved his love for his nephew. Rosie thinks Mixed Martial Arts Champion Urijah Faber should be on the next season of DWTS. Urijah was on his way to the Rosie Radio studio in her car with her driver and Rosie started talking to him as if he was in the room. She told him next time he's in a fight he needs to protect his leg! She went on and on about what a cute boy he is and she hoped that he looks as cute in person as he does on T.V. She adores him not only his looks but because he's such a great person and when he wins, he always remembers to thank his mom and his fans.

Rosie kept burping throughout the morning and Janette suggested that perhaps she switch to regular water instead of sparkling water. Ya think? Jeannie's husband Dan is doing the P90X workout and read that regular water is better than carbonated water. This annoys Jeannie because she doesn't have many vices so she doesn't want to eliminate her sparkling water too! James is doing the P90X workout too and said it's really difficult and he could barely get out of bed after doing it!

There's no water in Rosie's home so they've been having to go to Tracy's to go to the bathroom. Blake thinks it's funny to turn on the faucets and listen to the sound it makes trying to make the water turn on. Rosie said the sound scares her and it sounds like something is going to blow up. Now she's also worried that all the faucets are going to be on when the water is fixed. Janette told a story about when that happened in Barry's apartment and she left the shower on and then they went out of town. When the water was turned back on it flooded his apartment and the super had to break in to turn it off.

Vivi has been playing Fantage online where you create an avatar and go places and chat with people. Pete said it's kind of like The Sims but less intense. Bobby has killed people on the Sims by forgetting to feed them. Rosie only plays Scrabble online, that's it. Pete said he wants to play against her but he doesn't want to beat her too badly. He's a hardcore scrabbler too. Rosie's BFF Jackie is also very cocky about her scrabble prowess. They also play Bananagrams. They described the game and the rules.

Rosie said she finally had a date she could go to Howard's house in the Hamptons and he's already booked that weekend! She doesn't know if they're ever going to find a date that works with both of their schedules. Janette talked about how much Howard loves the new Sex And The City II movie.

Pete said Shosana has a good game that they play. Pete asked Rosie and Jeannie to think of a word in their heads and on count of 3 they had to say the word out-loud. Jeannie said Trachea. Rosie said balloon. They did it again and had to say one word that they think of based on the two words - trachea and balloon. The goal is to get them to say the same word. The next two words they said were air and breathe. Then they said oxygen and lung. Then they said asthma and inhale. They never said the same word. Rosie then started a game where you had to name a famous person whose initials were two letters that were called out. For example, someone says HH - and you would say - Howard Hughs, Helen Hayes, Hugh Heffner, etc.

Rosie then talked about the hilarious Lewis Black on Glen Beck's Nazi Tourettes. Here's a direct link to the video (which I tried to embed in the blog but it didn't work.) .

Or you can watch it on Keith Olbermann's show...

They played he entire video and laughed and loved it.

Rosie then interviewed 31 year old Mixed Martial Arts fighter Urijah Faber. Rosie couldn't believe how cute he was and said she was old enough to be his mother if she had had a baby at 17 years old! Rosie asked Urijah about his last fight and whether or not he saw what that "idiot" was doing by kicking his leg so many times! The other fighter was Jose Aldo. Urijah said that Jose has been around for a while and has knocked out his last 6 fighters he's faced! Rosie said she didn't like him because he kept going after his leg. Urijah said Jose is known for his kicks to the legs and he's pretty tough. They talked about his fight against Mike Brown and how he got in a lucky punch. He said that the fight against Mike was pure luck (on Mike's part) and it was Urijah's fault because he "jumped into him backwards." Rosie said that when Urijah went down it was like seeing Superman go down! Urijah said that Rosie is just like his mom. After that fight his mom kept telling him how she didn't like that he could get hit in the head like that.

Rosie was truly beside herself at how handsome Urijah is. She told him he should be a movie star.
Rosie commented on how unbelievably in shape he is in too. Urijah said he had a unique upbringing that was all about health. His parents didn't believe in immunizations and he only ate healthy food. He also became an athlete at a very young age and played football, roller hockey and ran track. Urijah has a brother who's 3 years older and a 17 year old sister who he described as "drop dead gorgeous." Rosie asked him if he's watching out for her and Urijah said she has a good head on her shoulders. He's headed to Santa Barbara next to go see a big choreographed dance routine she did. At one point in the interview Urijah took out his gum and Rosie kept it and said she was going to sell it on eBay. LOL

Rosie talked about the history of Mixed Martial Arts and how it used to have a bad reputation but not anymore. Urijah explained that in the beginning there were no rules or regulations but they now have lots of athletes involved in the sport and put in more rules and regulations. Urijah said that the guy who kicked his leg so badly in the last fight, Jose Aldo, is actually pretty nice and he read to her the texts he sent him after the fight. He explained that he expected the kicks to the leg but didn't expect them to be so damaging. Rosie asked him what he can do to prevent that next time? Urijah said his background is a wrestling background so he needs to use more of that. He's also going to Thailand and Holland to train. Here's a clip of Urijah talking after the fight....

Rosie brought up Urijah's new clothing line and told him that the day it came out she bought one of everything from the store!

Rosie asked him how he got his nickname - The California Kid. Urijah said he was born and raised in California and just looks like he's a surfer. She asked him if he was getting the Cornrows back and he said he's not a big planner and if his hair is in his face he either will get it chopped off or do the cornrows again. Urijah mentioned the website Teamalphamale.com which is link to the guys that train out of his gym. He said he has a similar set up as Rosie's but on a smaller budget. He said they have 5 houses on the same block and the guys are awesome, like family. The guys that come and train stay in the houses. He doesn't have a girlfriend right now but is dating.

Rosie said that she thinks that Urijah is the reason that MMA is so successful. She said that he has helped turn it around. Urijah said that Rosie needs to meet the other guys and they talked about some other fighters that he loves. Rosie talked to his manager(?) that was with him and said that Urijah is a star! She said how about he fights for one more year and then starts to do movies! She offered help if he needs any getting Urijah on the big screen. Rosie said that Urijah has a great message and he's inspirational. You can learn more about Urijah on his website at Urijahfaber.com where you can see photos and videos and you can follow Urijah on his Twitter HERE.

Urijah asked Rosie if she has a Twitter account and she said she's bad at it and doesn't understand it. She also told him that she doesn't do Facebook and doesn't understand that either. Pete doesn't think they should Twitter, he said her blog is her twitter. Rosie thanked Urijah for coming in and told him next time, "don't let someone kick you in the leg like that."

Rosie went on and on how cute Urijah is after the interview and Jeannie said how cute Rosie is when she gets so smitten by someone. And she loves how kind he is with his Kirk Douglas chin. Janette said that he's also nice to everyone on the staff and she's going to watch him fight now! Jeannie said he was very polite and introduced himself to everyone in the room not like her other celebrity friends. Rosie told her just to say who she was referring to but Jeannie wouldn't! Rosie said she gets really upset when he doesn't win and once woke her son Blake up crying after he lost! Rosie called him modest, humble, gentle and gorgeous. She repeated that he has the potential to be a big superstar. She said she could see him in movies in a minute.

Rosie's little crush on this younger man caused her to ask Jeannie if she worries at all because her husband is 10 years younger than her. Jeannie said it doesn't but she is not looking forward to the day that someone asks if she's his mom. Rosie said this is the first time she's ever been with someone so close to her age. She commented how interesting it is having the same memories of things that happened in their pasts. Jeannie said the age difference is only really obvious when the talk of music comes up. She said he carries a lot of stress so he's older than she is emotionally. Jeannie said her husband is a big worrier. Then (AGAIN) they started talking about when is the right age to die. Janette thinks 86 is a good age because that is the age her father died. Jeannie said she doesn't want to live past 80. She said she wants to be able to clean and feed herself. Rosie thinks if she lives 30 more years she'll be 78 and she feels like that might be an okay time to go. Jeannie said her son is obsessed with death and now he's asking how many more years he has until he dies. Pete said his daughter Sophia does that. Janette said that death and the thought of not existing frightens her. Jeannie and Rosie would like to be cremated and an organ donor. Pete said he wants his body to be cut into pieces, put into plastic and made into paper weights for his friends that could be given out at his funeral.

Rosie said she always wanted to be cremated and have her ashes spread around Miami but now she's worried they'll get all stuck in the oil! She's worried Miami, as a vacation spot, is going to be ruined. The amount of oil that has spilled is so much worse than the Exxon Valdez. Pete said that BP has been found to have been egregiously willful. They talked about how BP is a huge supporter of politicians including Barrack Obama and George W. Bush. Janette said America is for sale to the highest bidder.

Rosie then introduced her friend Attallah Shabazz. Attallah is the daughter of Malcolm X and Betty El-Shabazz. Tomorrow (5/19) her father would have turned 85 years old. She said they've always celebrated her father's birthday as if he was still home with them. She said she will not do anything on May 19th and May 28th (her mom's birthday) but will do things leading up to and in between those days to honor them.

This year, she wanted to focus on who he was so she created the Inspiration Campaign. She loves young people and when she meets them she wants to remain in their lives as a positive influence. For the next year, until May 2011, the Inspiration Campaign will support 200 graduating seniors making sure that they have their dreams encouraged. She called it an Inspiration Dowry. She hopes that in about 5 years she will have alumni that can come back and support new candidates in the program. She said part of the campaign is to get these young people a passport so they can feel their full citizenship. Attallah and Rosie talked about how so little can make such a great difference in someone else's life.

Ms. Shabazz said that people still come up to her as if they know who her father was. She said that oftentimes there is aggression associated with her father's legacy. Ms. Shabazz said that he meant his message to be a positive one of self improvement and empowerment. She said her father was a global citizen who wanted all people to feel equal. Her father was a humanitarian and believed in all human kind. She was in grade school when he was killed and her family was not notified when his killer was released as victims families are supposed to be notified as required by law.

Jeannie did a report on Malcolm X in the 4th grade and was "in awe" sitting there listening to her speak.

Rosie asked how Attallah's mother recovered from having her husband murdered. Ms. Shabazz said that her mother never recovered but just found ways to live with it. Attallah said their house was bombed and her father was assassinated a week later. She said her mother focused on her children and that got her through it. She raised them to be full citizens in the world. Attallah said she had a bounty of amazing people around them that raised them and she kept herself going with his spirit within her. For information on Ms. Shabazz's Inspiration Dowries you can email lacaravan@aol.com. Be sure to include "Inspiration Dowries/Rosie radio" in the subject line of your email.

Rosie closed the show.

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