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Rosie started the show talking about American Idol and how happy she was that Crystal and Lee made it to the finals. Rosie asked the staff if they thought that Lee has an edge to win the whole thing now and they all pretty much do. Janette said he has come a long way since the beginning and Deirdre said he has has an edge because he has Simon in his corner. I think Bobby said that he has always thought Lee had an edge. Rosie was moved by Lee when he went for his hometown visit and was crying. Rosie said no matter what they're both very young and are going to have huge careers. Bobby said that they must love each other because of how they hugged. I KNOW! I totally saw that too! Rosie was surprised to know that Crystal had a guy because she said she "thought she was a PL" or "potential lesbian." They discussed last night's episode and what to expect in the finals next week.

Someone mentioned how fantastic Jennifer Hudson looks she lost a lot of weight on Weight Watchers. They briefly discussed her family tragedy. Everyone agreed that the amount of loss that woman has had to endure is unimaginable. Deirdre said she looks beautiful. And everyone remarked on what a wonderful actress she is. They all love her!

Rosie said that Gabourey Sidibe is in a new series starring Laura Linney called The Big C. Rosie said that The Big C is about a school teacher who finds out she has cancer and gets her mojo back. Watch the trailer...

Janette said that it's the staff's last chance to influence the voting on American Idol! Rosie wondered if texting as voting really counts and if anyone had done it before. She also wondered if all that texting that gave money to Haiti really counted. She asked if people ever call their cell phone companies and claim that they didn't mean to do it. Bobby said it is hard to accidentally text the word HAITI to a specified phone number by accident. Pete said that his daughter Sophia downloaded a game Bubble Burst on his phone that cost $6! She knows how to download stuff so he needs to be careful.

Rosie said that Blake got an RBI last night. She said that he got out at first but his hit allowed the first base runner home. This was after Janette asked what an RBI is. Bobby said the only reason he knows what an RBI is is because of the musical "Damn Yankees." The fact that Janette didn't know what an RBI was made the men in the studio laugh hysterically. Blake also pitched a couple of innings last night. Rosie said the coach got all flustered because he didn't like one of the calls by the ref and he said to her "I'll stop because now I know I'm going to have to hear about it on the radio." Rosie's talked about the Little League coaches before on the show.

Rosie watched Primetime: What Would You Do last night with Tracy "by mistake." She said she and Tracy "half watched" the first story about a guy dressed as a pilot, getting drunk. But then the second story, about a kid with Downs Syndrome bagging groceries, got their attention. (watch the video below) Rosie talked about the episode and it was very upsetting for Rosie's girlfriend Tracy to watch because she has a son with Downs Syndrome named Wyatt. The storyline made Tracy cry. Me too Tracy.

THEN, the second story was about a gay family being denied service in a restaurant (see video below). Rosie said that too is very upsetting for them to watch. It is legal in 33 states to deny service to a couple because they are homosexual. Still. In 2010. HERE is a link since it's not letting me post it for some reason.

Rosie said it has been a challenge to have a Downs Syndrome child in her life all of the sudden. She said it's been a real learning experience for her. She talked about the difficulties in communication with Wyatt and how you can't really always reason with him. She also talked about how he doesn't always have an understanding of what is dangerous. She said that Tracy has to be so vigilant all the time and that's why as soon as she hears a kid get up in the morning she's up because she wants to make sure Wyatt is safe.

Rosie has always spoken up for those that she felt were in danger or those who she saw being discriminated against. And it's gotten her in so much trouble! Rosie used to pretend she was a cop before she was famous. If she would see something happen she would say something and pretend she was a cop to stop whatever was happening. Then, she got a little famous and tried it and the guy totally called her out! She was outside of Macy's and a guy was pushing his girlfriend and she told him she was a cop and he needed to cut it out and he said "No, you're not, you're that comedian!"

Then Rosie told the story of when she stuck up for a girl who was sexually assaulted when she was in 8th grade. She also tells this story in her book Find Me. If you have never read this book, I highly recommend it. As a Rosie fan, it's a gift, like looking into her soul. It is such a wonderful book and provides such insight into how she became the woman she is today - comedienne, hero, mother, philanthropist, friend. And the audio book? You can download it on ITunes and It. Is. Fabulous. It's like having a private moment with Rosie herself telling you her own story. Spingle. It is absolutely one of my favorite things ever. Just listen...

Here is the clip from Rosie's audio version of Find Me
where she tells the story of the girl from 8th grade...

Rosie said when she saw the ending of the movie Stand By Me, when they talked about what happened to all the characters when they grew up, she remembers hearing about the one that was killed trying to break up an argument and thinking that is going to happen to her. Rosie said she has no control over her impulsions to stand up for or help people. It just happens.

And now, when she sees the oil spill images and hears of the destruction to the area, she just wants to scream at someone. She's worried about all the dolphins, the human toll it is going to take and the effect it is going to have on the industry in the area. She said she wants to go and find out who's responsible. Janette agreed that the oil spill tragedy and the animals that have been killed gets to her too. They took some callers to discuss the topics they have been discussing.

One listener called in and said that the same thing has happened to a girl in her daughter's school - she had sex with boys at school and is now being shunned. The caller said she has encouraged her daughter to reach out to this girl but her daughter didn't want to get involved. Rosie talked to the mom and told her to keep encouraging her daughter to reach out to the girl. Rosie then quoted the lyrics from a Tori Amos song 'Silent All These Years' to the caller "your MOTHER shows up in a nasty dress, it's your turn now to stand where i stand, everybody lookin' at you, here take hold of my hand, yeah i can hear them, but what if i'm a mermaid, in these jeans of his with her name still on it, hey but i don't care, cause sometimes i said, sometimes i hear my voice, and it's been HERE silent all these years." Rosie also gave the caller a $100 git card to Chilis and told her daughter to invite the girl from school and all go together.

Another listener called in whose daughter is being teased because her mom is gay. Rosie talked to the caller for a while and discovered that she came out later in life and ended up getting together with her best friend. Rosie suggested that they all go to therapy together and talked with the caller for a while about her life. She asked her to call her again in 6 months to let her know how it's going.

Janette said that she has been dumped 4 times by men man who left her for another man. She said it makes sense to her because she has always felt more comfortable with gay people. She also said at that time in her life she chose people she knew didn't want to commit.

Rosie talked about the mean things she receives on Rosie.com and the comment she received by one particular blogger named Sue.

sue writes: You are very mean spirited and reason being is you are GAY! as most GAYS are -NASTY NASTY NASTY

rosie writes:
thats me
nasty gay

So, that mean blogger inspired this song parody! Listen below!
Nasty, Nasty Gays
A listener then called in who said Rosie had totally changed his opinions on gay people since listening to her show. Rosie thanked him so much for calling and quoted the Joni Mitchell lyrics from the song Down To You " Things that you held high and told yourself were true, lost or changing as he days come down to you."

Rosie, Deirdre and Janette commented on how strange it is to them that there are people that do not know anyone that's gay in their real lives. Janette said that's because they work in Show Business and live in New York. Janette said that even her father, who hated everyone, never had a problem with gay people. Rosie commented on why anyone would choose to be gay, how it's a hard way to live, that no one would choose it. Rosie said that she can appreciate the attractiveness of a man but doesn't want to go have sex with them. Janette said that's how she feels about women. She said she can appreciate the beauty of a woman but is more interested in her outfit not in seeing her without it on. Rosie dated a man for a little while in her life and said there was something really amazing about having all the societal approval of their relationship. She was dating this man the first time she was ever on Oprah.

Rosie then spoke of the news story about Michelle Obama from her visit to a school the other day. Michelle was told by a little Hispanic girl that her mommy told her that "Barack Obama is taking everybody away who doesn't have papers." She then proceeds to tell Michelle that her mom doesn't have papers. Janette thought the child was probably schooled to say that and Rosie GASPED in horror! Pete and Janette thought the little girl was probably told to say what she did to the First Lady. Deirdre and Rosie thought that just bringing attention to the immigration issue would only shine a spotlight on her mother's immigration status, so why would she be told to bring it up? Pete said that they perhaps did it for public sympathy. Rosie asked why on Earth the girl would expose her mother in that way if she's constantly living in fear of her being taken away? Janette said that very little happens to get illegals out. There was some discussion about the differing deportation laws between Cuba and Mexico that Brendan clarified for everyone.

Rosie said that illegal immigrants live under constant threat of being deported. Janette said we need to look at the laws and change the policy if we want things to be different.

Rosie said that Janette was looking at it in a logical way but not an emotional way. Rosie asked Janette how we expect the country to function without immigrants taking all the jobs that Americans don't want? Janette said that we're using illegal immigrants like we're importing a slave class because they cost less for companies. A listener called in that said that illegal immigrants live in constant fear that that their loved one will be taken someday. She said that must be how that little girl felt who talked to Michelle. Rosie recommended that everyone, including Janette, watch the documentary Crossing Arizona. She said it will open your heart and mind because the statistics diminish when you face the humanity of what is happening.

Janette said she understands and feels bad because we have a world in crisis but she still thinks you have to make decisions and laws from facts and not emotion.

Deirdre and Rosie said we wouldn't be who we are as a country without immigrants. They quoted in unison "Give me your tired your poor" from the Statue of Liberty. Janette said that we need to keep immigration LEGALLY. She said that states can't afford the cost of what the illegal citizens are doing to their law enforcement and rising medical costs. She asked what are states to do when their systems are so drained financially? Rosie said that anyone who is Mexican is now treated as a second class citizen in Arizona when they are forced to show their papers. Janette doesn't think that's true.

A Mexican American called in who completely agreed with Janette. She said she is happy to show anyone her license. Rosie asked if she felt as if it infringed on her civil rights? She said no, because they already have border checkpoints. She said that the situation in Arizona has already reached that point here. She has family who is living with illegals who are living off government assistance and the taxpayers pay. She said it's also a danger to the public. Janette said that they are defrauding the government and asked at what point is fraud okay? Rosie ended the conversation by saying that the makers of the documentary Crossing Arizona will be on next week.

Rosie then introduced the three lead actors from the Broadway show American Idiot. She introduced Stark Sands who plays the character of Tunny in the show. Stark is a USC theater school graduate. He worked in LA. for a while and then three years ago did his first Broadway show Journey's End where he played a soldier. He started singing in high school and did some musicals in college. Rosie then introduced Michael Esper who plays the character of Will in the show. Michael was in A Man For All Seasons on Broadway and he too did musicals in high school. He talked about what a physical challenge the show has been but he said that the music in the show and the cast really helps you along. Michael wasn't a dancer before this. He said he was more of a "stand stiller.'

Rosie asked the men if they knew of Green Day's music before they did the show and they were all familiar with it. Rosie said that's because they're so young. She said her 15 and 13 year olds had the night of their lives when they came to see it in the theater and were also very familiar with the music. She said that they even like the Broadway versions of the songs almost more!

Rosie then introduced the third star of American Idiot, John Gallagher who plays the character of Johnny in the play. Rosie saw John when he was in Spring Awakening! John said that Spring Awakening was such a dream. He also played a heavy role in Spring Awakening like he does in American Idiot and said he always ends up playing "screwed up people." John grew up in Delaware and came to New York for the first time on a bus trip to see Titanic, the musical. Rosie then burst out into a song from the musical Titanic. John did a lot of local community theater and then was asked to audition for Spring Awakening but almost turned it down. He said he was always really intimidated to audition for musicals and declined when he was asked to try out for Wicked. He said he was pursued for Spring Awakening and did the workshops for it for 3 years before it even went to Broadway. John said he wrote his own music and played in some bands but never thought he would be doing it professionally.

Rosie said that American Idiot is getting rave reviews and selling out so get your tickets while they are still available. She said that opening night was amazing and magical. She talked about when she had Brian Charles Johnson on the show and how he is "the cutest thing in the world!" She said the show would help any plus sized person feel better and she enjoyed that the cast is so different looking than most Broadway casts that are full of professional dancers of a certain body type.

Stark told the story of his recent engagement to a woman he met in London 2 years ago. They went on a romantic getaway and he got down on one knee and she said yes, before he even asked.
Rosie talked to Michael about being a klutz. Michael said that he's good at standing still and falling down.
She then asked John what his favorite moment is in the show and John said it was hard to pick but he said he loves the first 4 songs. He said it's exciting to see how the audience catches on and follows the story and he said he can tell what kind of night it's going to be by how the audience reacts right from the beginning. The boys then sang Wake Me Up When September Ends. Rosie recommended that all her listeners go see it. She said it's a "beautiful night of theater."

Rosie said that she has a nasal prescription only device that allows her to not have to wear her sleep apnea machine (that she says makes her look like snuffaluffagus). Janette said she's going to call and tell her sister Lanette because Lanette has sleep apnea too and cannot sleep with her mask on. Here is a picture of Rosie with the device in her nose!

photo belongs to rosie.com                    

Jeannie wrote in to Rosie and said she wished she was there for the Immigration debate. She said that they need to remember that most immigrants want to be legal and the woman that cleans her house (for example) has been ripped off twice by crooked lawyers. Janette said that we allow 1.3 million people per year to come into our country legally and she never blames the individuals. She understands that people are dying out there but no country can just not preserve it's borders and expect it's citizens to pay an absorbent amount in taxes that ends up destroying their own way of life. She maintained that we need to work on changing the policies. Rosie said she understood Janette's point and wasn't saying that she was wrong. Janette said that Lou Dobbs has lots of good information on his website and that she fears that the plight of Arizonans is being ignored. Rosie ended the discussion by saying that it certainly is an interesting topic and that it gets peoples' hearts going.

Rosie said that she wants to have a squirrel expert on the show. She said that she hasn't had a lot of "alone time" with Shady and that they had to get reacquainted in the craft room the other day. She said that's all that Vivi wants is an alone day. She said that's all Vivi talks about. Also Silly Bandz have been banned at Vivi's school. Rosie said that she ordered a lot of Silly Bandz to give to listeners but worries that they won't be cool anymore by the time they come in. Janette said then she will just take them and give them to the kids in the third world. Rosie asked Janette when she's going on another medical mission trip and Janette said they need to talk about it because she'll need some time off.

Rosie said that it's supposed to be a beautiful day in Nyack today and said to use your sunscreen but get savage tan and then closed the show.

and that's what you missed -kw


  1. Ha, I was the Mexican-American who called in! It was my 1st time calling and I can't believe I got through!

  2. I didn't know Tori Amos sang that song. I love it.

    And I am totally on Janette/Pete's side of the immigration debate after a lot of back and forth in my own mind. The thing is, everyone has to carry identification *anyway* so it really isn't a civil rights issue. Also, the whole "give me your tired, hungry, poor, etc. etc" is not the best argument when debating undocumented workers. The history with that is in people coming here for freedom, to get help, and to eventually give help by becoming American. And unfortunately, many undocumented workers have absolutely no interest in becoming American....or at least, the many, many guys I've known in the 10 years I've worked in restaurants.

    Great recap! I'm outta school 'til the first, so I need to keep my debating skillz fresh. ;p

  3. I just watched the clips from Primetime: What Would You do? I cried too! It upsets me so much that people wouldn't say anything because they didn't want to get involved. I'm not surprised by it. I understand that they think they should mind their own business. I also understand that they may be afraid the verbally abusive person will turn on them. Yet I don't understand how they can watch and listen to something so cruel and do nothing. Thank goodness I wasn't there at the grocery store or the restaurant. I know I wouldn't have been able to keep silent. When is it ok to embarass, degrade, or abuse anyone who is different in some way...NEVER!!! I know the clips are just part of the show setup. But this happens in real life and it breaks my heart.

  4. There were definitely some technical issues yesterday. I couldn't leave a comment. But, I also had technical difficulties all day with computers/phones, la la la.

    I couldn't bring myself to read Find Me when it came out because .. Well, I didn't think I'd be able to handle it... Maybe I should read it now.

    Thanks for the update, K.

  5. Love the recap, Kelly, but I want more PINK! When I have listened to the show all the way through, I still come here, to see what extras you've found and to read your pink editorials, which are the very BEST part of your recaps. Love you!

    : ) P

  6. Thanks everyone for the comments!

    Cat, you had some great points. I love when I "know" the callers! And I love it when the callers bring up such fantastic points to the conversation. It is so interesting to hear someone's point of view who's actually living there.

    Katherine, I don't know how I feel about the whole immigration debate but I thought the discussion - hearing both sides - was very educational. My Aunt Debbi volunteers with an organization called No More Deaths that helps the immigrants who are dying in the desert. It is a topic that we've been discussing in my family for years.

    Christina, I know I was having trouble too yesterday! Thanks for coming back to comment again. I don't always write back but I always read them. I really really appreciate the input and support. It makes the time I put into this blog so worth it.

    Petra, I know I need to comment more! The actual writing of the blog takes so much time that I am totally exhausted with the computer by the time it's over. And sometimes, as in the immigration issue, I don't know where I stand. I will be more pink for you. Thanks for mentioning it! xo

  7. I love the picture of you on your recap blog the other day wearing the Rosie Radio cap.
    Is it new?
    I've got some of the Rosie radio stuff but maybe the hat is new?
    Do you know if they are going to be selling the Rosie Radio stuff for Rosie's foundation?

  8. Hi Kelly,
    Your blog is awesome! I can't listen at work so I hurry over every afternoon to read your blog. Keep up the great work. God Bless.

  9. Thanks Kelly! I actually wanted to talk more about the exploitation of undocumented workers and how I feel it's not any more "humane" to allow them to be exploited by business/corps. than it is to deport them, and the myth of "jobs Americans won't do" being propagated by TPTB to keep their cheap labor. It's not that Americans won't do these jobs, it's that they're required to be paid minimum wage, unlike undocumented workers who are practically paid in peanuts! I also wanted to say that I think we need more/better programs to help ppl. who want to immigrate to U.S. understand the immigration process. I think it's great ppl. are talking about this and sharing their opinions/experiences!