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Rosie began the show saying that she's been getting a lot of comments on rosie.com from people who are asking why she isn't talking more about the oil spill in the Gulf. They began a discussion about the latest news on the oil spill and how Kevin Costner has invested in a machine that he thinks can help clean up some of the oil. Brendan commented on the irony because he once starred in the film Water World where the world runs out of clean water and he makes a contraption to clean his own pee to make it drinkable water. Rosie, Bobby and Pete loved Water World (even though it got horrific reviews). Rosie said that Sean Penn is getting crap for going down to Haiti to help but she admires him for it. She said that instead of ridiculing we should appreciate those who choose to go help. However, Rosie thinks that people need to be honest about the risks that the rescuers face when they go to help in disasters - like the cleanup from the Exxon Valdez and the first responders during 9/11. Janette said that the media is complicit because they only report a little piece of the story and produce for emotion instead of fact. Rosie said she puts on Macy Gray when she realizes that the world is going to Hell.

Rosie said it's very disturbing and if you focus on the bad things too much and it can be too overwhelming. Janette encouraged people to get involved in the world or in their community. Rosie said it feels like doom every time you turn on the news. She admitted it's narcissistic but said that all she thinks about is the effects that this oil spill will have on her most favorite place on Earth - Miami. She said to her, it's the most beautiful part of the U.S. and the concept could be over, kills her. Rosie said Miami is and has always been her respite. She worried about ever seeing anymore dolphins, not ever being able to go out on her boat and the risk to the local economy. Janette thinks the economy of the whole U.S. is at risk now. And all we're doing is throwing plankton, hair and a lot of chemicals to break up the oil. They are adding chemicals to the spill that is meant to break it up so it disperses. But then the fish eat the oil because they think it's food and then the chemicals enter the food supply. Janette said she's not going to get the fish flavored cat food anymore. Brendan said the EPA is asking them to ease up on the chemicals. Janette said it's mind numbing and she feels so, so, so, badly for the people that live near the spill. Rosie quoted Joni Mitchell song The Three Great Stimulants and said we are so lucky in this country because "No tanks have ever rumbled through these streets" but still, it's depressing.

Janette talked about the importance of talking about the oil disaster because we need to be sure that some other company doesn't just go and do it again. Bobby stressed that we need to look at alternative fuel sources and that is the only way this will ever end. Janette agreed and said that the only reason we haven't developed valid alternative fuel is because of corporate greed. Rosie said she feels like it's unbearably depressing to talk about and it's hard to finish a show after discussing it. Rosie then said she will never go to a BP gas station. And Janette added that 97% of the safety citations have been against BP and all of our politicians take money from them for their campaigns so the politicians don't do anything about it.

On a much lighter note, John Travolta and Kelly Preston are expecting a baby! Rosie said she was so happy for them especially after the death of their son. Rosie thinks this new baby will probably be healing for them. Rosie said that it made her feel like life goes on and you can get through anything. Rosie said the death of a child is hard to imagine and probably one of the hardest things to get over.

Rosie then introduced Robert Kenner who is the maker of the documentary Food, Inc. Rosie told Robert that his film Food, Inc. was shockingly revelatory to her. Roberts said he thinks we need to open our eyes and see not only what we're eating but what it does to the land as well. Robert said he is a filmmaker, not a social activist. He's made 15-20 documentaries, he's done commercials, theatrical features and theatrical documentaries. Robert said that he read "Fast Food Nation" in 2002 and Eric Schlosser saw some of his films. They connected and together decided they wanted to make a film on his book. He was funded in 2005 to make the documentary just after Super Size Me was released. People thought they were about the same thing but they were not.

Rosie talked to Robert about specific revelations in the film such as the the story about the chickens. She said she had a "common man's" approach - that red meat is bad and chicken is better for you. She couldn't believe what his documentary revealed. Robert said that it's not our fault as consumers, that our food has been transformed without us even knowing. He said it's become a different food even though it's packaged and looks the same. He explained that we have developed chickens to have big breasts because that is what we want most, breast meat. And we feed them corn because it makes the chicken grow bigger and faster. Cows aren't meant to eat corn either and we feed it to them for the same reasons. Rosie talked about some of the scenes of the cows and said it's unbelievable that we're ingesting the meat of some of those animals. Robert spoke about a meeting he went to where they were discussing whether we should label the meat and how it is processed and the meat packers didn't think it was in the interest of the consumer to know what they're eating. They say it's too confusing to give us all the information and it's not good for us.

Rosie said the documentary has changed her ability to enjoy food. Robert said he wants the film to make us more conscious of what we eat. He said in a way, we have more choices than we ever have. He encouraged listeners to go to farmers markets and support our local farmers. He said that they're growing great food. He said not to eat processed food when possible and shop the outer rows of the grocery store.

Rosie and Robert talked about the woman in the movie named Carole Morison who Robert called a hero. (I haven't seen the movie yet, so I'm doing by best explaining this based off of the conversation.) Carol wouldn't close the windows on her chickens like they wanted her to because she thought it would be inhumane. She's also become immune to antibiotics and now speaks out about the industry in spite of the danger she has faced. Her houses were burned and she's faced serious repercussions. Robert called her a brave lady and mentioned an article about her on Huffington Post. You can read more about Carole HERE.

Robert said that the film has had large repercussions and has contributed to a HUGE food movement. One of Rosie's friends once asked her, with all her resources, why she eats the way she does. She never knew what her friend meant until she saw his film. Robert said that they made this film for the people that don't know, for people like Rosie. He said that the consumer can be the one that can force the change now that they are more conscious. Rosie said with all these chemicals and hormones in our food it's no wonder why Autism and cancer rates are so high. Rosie said she thinks it's all connected. Robert said that 1 out of 3 people born after 2000 will develop diabetes in their lifetime and diabetes is a horrific and expensive disease. He said that they recently did a study with 2-5 year olds and they had very high levels of pesticides in their urine. He said no one has proven a link to cancer but it is an assumption one could make.

Robert said that he has a friend who was thinking she could avoid this bad food because she was a vegetarian. He said the next day there was the ecoli outbreak in the spinach. He said the way we handle our food effects all of us even if you don't eat meat. He also said that the food products have more rights than he does. Robert has spent a ton on legal fees since the documentary was released.

Rosie thanked him for doing the documentary and told him he is starting a movement and he has changed the way we view food today. She thanked him for doing the show.

The Food, Inc. Trailer

Then it was time for the Jeannie and Jackie segment!!! Jackie said her mother was crying listening to the radio the other day when Jeannie shared her struggles she's having with her teenage daughter, Toni. Jackie has no anxiety over what she says on the show because no one ever listens that she knows personally. Jeannie said she doesn't even remember what was said that day but said she's been told by many people that she made them cry. Jackie said her mom could relate to Jeannie's struggles and that's probably why she was crying. Jackie's mom had her own problems with Jackie's younger sister when she was a teen. Her sister went through a hard time with drinking and boys. Jackie was the good girl. She thinks that may stem from the fact that her father was an alcoholic and she became a people pleaser and always tried to make things seem calm. They talked about the physical ramifications that occur from stress. Jackie got a horrible case of bronchitis that wouldn't go away once when she was very stressed and Jeannie got migraines during the height of the Toni stuff.

Jackie said her brother was no picnic either! Jackie's mom was a single mom and raising 3 kids with no support from her father. They talked about the times that her brother had to go to the hospital from injuring himself. That then led Rosie to tell the story about the time she hit Jackie in the head with a wooden baseball bat. She told Jackie to tell the story and then Rosie totally took over! lol Rosie was up to bat and she hit Jackie in the head on her back-swing. Jackie flew through the air and landed right at Rosie's father's feet. Jackie just remembers Rosie's mom telling her to stop crying so much and that it wasn't that bad. Rosie said she thought her brains were falling out. They put her in the blue station wagon that they called Bessie and drove her to Huntington Hospital.

Jackie said they were injured a lot as kids and that's because they were hardly ever supervised. Rosie said she used to hide in Jackie's above ground pool (under the stairs) when it was time for church. They talked about the differences today and how they watch their own kids so closely. Rosie said they would all go to the mall all day and hang out at Spencer's. Jackie said Rosie's whole family turned out well, all the kids. Rosie's 4 brothers and sisters graduated from college and Rosie didn't do too badly herself!

As they were reminiscing Shady the squirrel came up to the window and Jackie squealed and flapped her hands at him. She asked Rosie, "WHY would you want him here?!" Janette said Shady works there! Jackie still doesn't believe that it's the same squirrel from 4 years ago. Jeannie said she now believes it and Jackie said she's "drank the Kool-Aid."

Rosie commented on how old they are now, almost 50. Jackie said when she sees her 20 year old son Nicholas she realizes that they're "ancient." They always dreamed they were all going to grow up on the same street and their kids would play with each other and they almost accomplished that! Rosie said you have to dream it to live it. I love it when she says that. They then talked about who they think will die first amongst the three of them. They hoped that they all died together so that no one would have to lose the other.

Jackie told a story about when she was trapped in England visiting her husband's family. She said it was just after a terrorist tried to blow up a plane with a water bottle out of the England airport and all flights were cancelled. She said they kept going to the airport and couldn't get a flight out. She said she panicked and called Rosie crying. Rosie hired a private plane for them to come home! Awwwww!!! And Jackie said it was the greatest flight home. Rosie asked her if it's great having her as a friend because she can "private plane her ass out of terrorism?" Jackie hissed at Shady and Rosie said "I flew you on a private plane be nice to my squirrel!" and said she's going to "use" that more now.

On Monday's show Rosie was talking to Pete and told him that Jackie really loves him but would like to clean him up a bit. Jackie was so put off that Rosie told him that because she really loves him and thinks he's super smart, one of the kindest people she knows and it great on the radio. Jackie said she just wants to "fashion" him up - to clean shave him. Rosie said she wants to "shuezz" him up. Pete came into the studio and said he would do it but there was no way he was wearing a golf shirt! A star trek uniform? Yes. But a golf shirt? Out of the question. Pete said he would do it but he's not guaranteeing he would wear the clothes multiple times. They are promising to do a Pete makeover complete with the Before and After pictures so stay tuned for that!

Jeannie said she never has to "shuezz" up her husband Dan. She said that he cares more about how he looks than Jeannie! He's quite particular and well groomed she said. Although he is losing his hair and contemplating shaving his head. Rosie just said how much they enjoy him more than Jeannie's husband number 1.

Rosie then interviewed 88 year old Doris and her son Scott. Rosie commented on how fantastic Doris looks for her age! Doris is the great grandmother of one of Blake's friends and she and Rosie met and started talking at a Little League game. Doris showed Rosie a picture of a broken plate and another picture of that same plate that she had resorted to look like new! She and her son own a Fine Art Restoration Company. Scott does the preliminary work and she does the artwork. They even make the missing pieces! They said their customers are often stunned when they see the finished product. They get most of their business by word of mouth and Lladro has 24 restorers that they recommend to customers and they are one of them. Scott learned the trade from his mother. She told him she wanted to teach it to him because she knew if he learned it it would be a talent he could do anywhere. Scott loves it and said it's very relaxing and enjoys that he doesn't have to get dressed in a suit and tie to go to work.

Doris got married 5 years ago because she felt her mother telling her that it was enough hanging around, it was time to marry the man. Doris enjoys golf and is quite the character and she and Rosie had a great rapport. Doris said her first husband died and that was okay. She said she put in enough time with him and it was okay. She felt badly when he died but she wasn't wrecked. Scott said he was happy when his mom found someone again because she could take care of her new husband and he was no longer the focus. Scott said it was sad when his father died but he was never very close with him. Rosie asked him if he thought it was because he was gay. Scott thought that might have been part of it. He said his father wanted a "Father Knows Best" type of family and Scott was more interested in dancing and hanging out with his girlfriends (who weren't actually his girlfriends). Doris said she knew her son was gay at 5 years old when her sister gave her a pretty purse and he wore it and loved it. She always loved him and it didn't matter to her that he was gay.

There was a cute moment between Rosie and Doris when she told Doris that she didn't have a mom and asked her if she'd like to come hang out with her. Doris said she would love to and would teach Rosie how to cook!

Joe and his partner go to Bali every summer with International Doorways. They bring teenage students to do community service, play with kids in an orphanages, teach English and help clean the village. They first visited Bali on vacation and fell in love with it and didn't want to leave. Click on the LINK to find out more information!

Doris said that they worked on very expensive things in their business but the most valuable thing she ever fixed was a sugar bowl for a woman whose mother had died. She said it was always in her life and she was so touched when she saw the finished product she not only paid her for her work, she brought her a box of candy and gave her a huge hug and kiss while crying. Rosie understood as she only have a few things of her mom's that she keeps very high on a shelf. Doris said that was the most special thing she ever fixed.

For more information on Doris' restoration you can call 718-769-1164, or email dorisrestoration@aol.com

They then played a game to see if other members of the studio could guess whose tivo list was whose. Pete was exempt because he doesn't have a tivo or cable. And Deirdre was not playing either because she doesn't have tivo.

The first tivo list was Glee, American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, Scare Tactics, Amazing Race, Drop Dead Diva, Castle, etc. Brendan guessed Bobby! And he was right! Bobby then described the show Scare Tactics for Rosie and Rosie said she was going to add it to her tivo list too. Oprah isn't on Bobby's tivo list because he watches her live. Rosie wishes her tivo recorded more and she had more memory.

The next tivo list contained The Office, South Park, MadMen, The British Office, Family Guy, 30 Rock, Parks and Rec, The State, WWE (something or other), Community, Wonderland, Jersey Shore, ESPN 30 for 30, etc. Shoshana guessed Brendan and she was right! Brendan has a real nostalgia for the classic WWE. Rosie said she thinks that's sad. He explained the MTV show The State to Rosie and crew.

The next tivo list contained Moonlighting, Mash, Meet the Press, Modern Family, Desperate Housewives, Frasier, Lie To Me, Chuck, Golden Girls, Moving Target, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, The Late Show with David Letterman, Two and a Half Men, Glee, American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, etc. Rosie said that she knew who it was at Two and a Half Men - Janette. She said no one else watches that. Bobby said that Janette's tivo works all the time!

The next list contained South Park, Biggest Loser, The Daily Show, Spartacus (which Rosie said was gay pornish), Dexter, The Life and Times of Tim, Modern Family, Greys Anatomy, V, Family Guy, Simpsons, True Blood, etc. Rosie guessed James at Spartacus and Biggest Loser.

The next list contained the shows 30 Rock, 90210 (hello Shoshana), Accidentally on Purpose, Parenthood, Life Unexpected, How I Met Your Mother, American Idol, White Collar, etc. Rosie said that 90210 gave her away and guessed Shoshana.

Rosie's list had Life Unexpected, Glee, Dancing with the Stars, Oprah, Intervention, Hoarders, Survivor, True Blood, The Wanda Sykes Show, Locked Up Abroad, Celebrity Rehab, etc. Locked Up Abroad gave Rosie away.

Lou's list included Undercover Boss, Parenthood, Nurse Jackie, United States of Tara, The Office, Intervention, 30 Rock, Community, Saturday Night Live, The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.

Rosie and the staff then played another game. This time you took a celebrity's name and use the letters of the alphabet to come up with two initials. Then you had to think of a famous person whose name starts with those initials. If someone else thinks of the same name it doesn't count. You are allowed to use theoretical people.

The name they chose was Macy Gray. So they needed to think of names that started with
aM, bA, cC, dY, eG, fR, gA, hY

Here are the names that they came up with... (half of these people I had no idea who they were so I'm not googling every one of them to see if I'm spelling their names right. I'm just putting them here so you get the idea)

am - Alex McGlaughlin (which later Shoshana retracted because she wasn't sure that's a real person) Anne Margaret, Anne Miller, Andrea Martin, Allison Moyet, Arthur Miller, Anne Magnisun and Alfred Molina.
ba - Bea Arthur, Bob Arron, Bryan Adams, Ben Affleck, Bob Altman, (not counted because it's Robert Altman)
cc - Christopher Columbus, Ceaser Chavez, Charlie Chaplin, Chevy Chase, Coco Channel, Chris Carpenter, Cat Cora, Christopher Ciccone (Madonna's brother), Chris Colpher from Glee.
dy - Dwight Yokum, Danny Young
eg - Estelle Getty, Ellen Green, Ed Grimly, Eric Green, Eva Gardener (which was disqualified because it was Ava not Eva), Eva Gabor, Elizabeth Glasier
fr - Frank Rich, Frank Robinson, Fred Rogers, Frank Ryan
ga - Gene Autrey, Greg Allman, George Adams, George Abrams
hy - Harris Yulin

Brendan won the game (SHOCKER) guessing 8 names that no one else guessed. Bobby and Rosie cancelled each other out most of the time guessing the same names and Pete beat Rosie which surprised him! Janette and Shoshana didn't do well.

Rosie closed the show with some chit chat and wishes for her listeners to have a great weekend.

and that's what you missed- kw


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