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Jeannie-weenie was running late because she was stuck in traffic and was texting Rosie along her route. Careful Jeannie, no texting and driving or Oprah is going to come and get you! Rosie said it was a beautiful sunny weekend in NY this weekend but today it was raining like they were living in Seattle. Deirdre and Bobby love rainy days. Rosie said she wakes up and thinks "why even try."

Rosie gave an update on her dental work. Rosie's dentist found an abscessed tooth under one of her crowns that she had to pull. She ended up taking a PICTURE of the tooth and emailing it to Jeannie and Jackie and showed it to members of the studio. She considered putting a picture of it up on her blog! She said she was in a lot of pain so they gave her antibiotics and Oxycodone. She said when she took the Oxycodone she wondered if she'd feel like Rush Limbaugh and all the sudden get the urge to spew lies on the radio. lol They talked for a while about dental care and how it's sad to think that there are people out there that don't have dental insurance and can't afford to get their teeth fixed. Rosie said she was supposed to have dinner with Robin Quivers but had to cancel because she was in so much pain so she sent Robin a picture of her abscessed tooth to prove that she wasn't cancelling for no reason. She said she wanted to make sure Robin wasn't mad at her since Kathie Lee Gifford is!

Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda talked on their morning show about how Rosie "accused" Kathie Lee of having plastic surgery. Rosie played the clip of what they said about what Rosie had supposedly said which included that Rosie said she's had a lot of cutting which Rosie never said. They said Rosie went on and on about Kathie Lee's plastic surgery. Rosie said that wasn't true and she started to sing Rumors by Timex Social Club. Hoda and Kathie Lee have agreed to do the hour long program without any makeup at Rosie's suggestion and Rosie's publicist wrote her and said, "THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN." Rosie thinks it's a good idea though and Janette and Deirdre think Rosie looks great without makeup. Rosie said she's going to convince her makeup artist and friend Eric to move back to New York and do her makeup when she goes back to TV. Rosie said that it may be hard for him though because he gets mad when people talk to her when he's doing her makeup and for TV everyone needs to talk to you.

Weenie made it to the studio and shared with the staff that it took her an extra hour t0 get to the studio this morning because of traffic. She said that her youngest daughter won her dance competition again this weekend! She said her daughter is 8 and already talking about how she wants to get a dance scholarship to college.

Rosie worked on her tan this weekend and remarked how much tanner she is than their good friend Jackie who she called "so white, she's see through."

James had a dream this weekend that there were spiders coming out of his dishwasher and then this weekend when he was driving there was a spider on his dashboard - the same kind they have been finding in the studio! James wonders if they're now bringing spiders home to their houses from the radio studio. Jeannie said that it's just the time of year and said that she killed a spider in her daughter's bedroom this weekend. Rosie couldn't believe that Jeannie would kill the spider herself when she has a husband that can do it and Jeannie said "I can't believe a big lesbian just said to go get my husband." LOL Rosie took offense to the word "BIG."

Rosie said that carpenter bees are destroying her homes. Then there was a big debate over whether or not she should have the bees killed. They listed off some facts about carpenter bees and how 1/3 of the bees we need are dead in the US, how the low bee population is negatively effecting agriculture and how carpenter bees do not cause structural damage to homes.

The staff discussed the massive oil spill in the Gulf and its environmental effects. Rosie liked Bill Maher's stance on the oil spill this weekend when he said "all the idiots who said 'drill baby drill' should now show up for the cleanup." Brendan said there had been some outrage and protests over the Cape Wind Project and expects that people will be more willing to except that as an alternative to oil now that this disaster has occurred. Janette talked about the massive ecological destruction of the wetlands and the coasts of Louisiana, Florida and Alabama. She said there will potentially be massive destruction of animal habitats, those coastal villages will lose their source of income, tourism will take a huge hit and gas will go to a hundred dollars a barrel (Brendan added). Deirdre pointed out that President Obama said that he will make BP financially responsible for the cleanup but Janette said that in the end they'll just charge us more for gas and we'll end up paying for it. They took a caller who said that we are the only country that doesn't have to have an automatic shutoff on oil rigs. She also said that if the oil spill hits the Gulf Stream it could potentially travel all the way around Florida to the Bahamas and up to Ireland. Yikes.

When Rosie was on the set of Drop Dead Diva Rosie she was asked about what she thought about Lindsay Lohan and they played the clip of what she said. She said that they asked her about many different topics and yet chose that specific comment to air and barely even mention what the purpose of the original interview was! She pointed out that they asked HER what she thought, she didn't just walk around giving out her opinion.

Rosie said she's considering writing a book about her year as a Little League mom. She said it's really a study in sociology. Three dads coach the team and it's been so interesting to her to see them (kind of) reliving their childhoods through their children. She said it's also been interesting seeing the other parents screaming at the top of their lungs at their own kids. Rosie said she tries to calm the dads down. She thinks she should be an assistant coach next year just to be the "emotional support." Rosie thinks that at 10 years old winning shouldn't be the only objective. She did say that she enjoyed the end of the game talk the coaches have with the boys encouraging them and giving out game balls.

Rosie said that she is going to be interviewing Chely Wright today who is a country music singer who is coming out. Deirdre said she's only doing 3 interviews and one of them is with Rosie Radio. Rosie said she also enjoyed her book Like Me: Confessions of a Heartland Country Singer. If you don't know Chely and would like to learn more about her before they air the interview on Wednesday here are some links: Her WEBSITE, her TWITTER, her YOUTUBE, her music on iTunes. And listen to Rosie Radio on Wednesday for that interview! Rosie said that Chely and Sherie Rene Scott who stars in the play Everyday Rapture both grew up in the same town. She recommended her listeners go see Everyday Rapture if they can. Rosie said it's really good!

Rosie asked Janette how she is holding up since getting "off the pot" and Janette said it's been 2 weeks and she's starting to feel her anxiety easing a bit. Janette said she's received some very sympathetic and supportive emails and Rosie said that she too has received a lot of support for Janette on her blog. Janette said that she doesn't really like to drink wine recreationally and she's been drinking it with a bite of goat cheese to get it down. Janette said she loves the feeling of being high but doesn't like the feeling of being drunk. Rosie and Jeannie said they get dysfunctional when they get high and Jeannie said if she does pot at a party you will find her just curled up somewhere laughing and not talking to anyone. Janette said she is going to go 2 months without pot and then she's going to make a choice about how much longer she wants to go. Janette also said she often needs pot to write so she knew when she began to feel that dependent on it, it was time to stop. Jeannie said she thinks they should do it at the studio one day. And someone, maybe Brendan or Pete (the voices of reason), reminded the ladies that pot is still illegal! Apparently, Kevin Smith will do podcasts when he's smoking weed (Kevin Smith who's got some weight issues). Janette said that she doesn't know how anyone could lose weight smoking pot because of the munchies.

Rosie said that some "horrible, mean" blue jays have been killing baby birds on her property and told a story about it.

Bobby, I mean Rosie, is submitting a cupcake into a Martha Stewart cupcake contest (I looked for it but couldn't find it). Bobby, I mean ROSIE, bought the wrong color paint to decorate the cupcake with because he, I mean she, forgot that Shady is a GREY squirrel not a BROWN squirrel.

Rosie read some tweets from the twitter page shitmydadsays. So fricking funny! Go read it! (then come back...) Rosie then interviewed Jason Halpern who is the author and creator of the twitter feed shitmydadsays. Jason is 29 years old and told Rosie how he ended up living with his parents again. Jason said he moved to San Diego to move in with his girlfriend and she literally broke up with him the same day. He put his bags back in his truck and had to figure out where to live. He reluctantly moved back home. He had a good relationship with his parents and said that each of his older brothers all took a turn moving home with his parents, too. Jason went to San Diego State University and had been out of the house for 6 years before moving back home. He is a screenwriter and writing was his career. He said he never really thought about writing about his dad because he didn't want to hear it from him if his dad was to ever find out. He started the twitter page to anonymously record the funny things his dad was saying thinking that someday he might write a character based on him. Jason described his father as spunky with a lot of character and an opinion on everything and not afraid to share them! He also said his dad has no filter. Rosie asked Jason about his dad's relationship with his mom and Jason said they have a fantastic relationship because his dad knows that she's a lot smarter than him. Jason's dad is a Vietnam veteran but has never shared anything from the war with Jason.

Jason said he had no idea the twitter feed would take off in the way that it has. Jason said that there is a WEBSITE that records and posts the most favorited tweets and a tweet from shitmydadsays is number one - higher than Barack Obama's tweet about making history after the election! The famous number one tweet is "Sometimes life leaves a hundred dollar bill on your dresser, and you don't realize until later that it's because it fucked you." Jason said that his dad never gets angry at any of the tweets he shares, only the time he used his mom's name in one. Jason now has a book (to be released May 4th!) and a deal for a TV show starring William Shatner!

Here's William Shatner reading some shitmydadsays!

Rosie asked Jason what what his dad thinks about all this attention and Jason said that he really didn't get the scope of it until he came to the taping of the TV show (which he didn't really even want to attend). Rosie asked Jason if he's done Jimmy Kimmel's show because she thought his humor was right up Jimmy's alley. Jason and his dad were asked by Jimmy to do his show and his dad's response was "Who the fuck is Jimmy Kimble?" Jason told Rosie that she's one of the three people his dad has actually heard of in the entertainment industry. Congratulations, Rosie! Rosie ended the interview warning Jason to be careful of his girlfriend. She said as a mother, she didn't like what his girlfriend did to him encouraging him to move down to San Diego and breaking up with him in the same day. She told him to take his time on that one. Here is a LINK to Jason's website. Here is a LINK to the book information which you can buy on Amazon HERE.

Rose and the staff talked about how Mike Huckabee was on Sean Hannity's show and Hannity kept asking him what he was thinking doing Rosie's radio show. She said that Huckabee was nice and "didn't take the bait." Rosie said that Hannity is just mad because she made him look like such an idiot on The View, before she was even a host. Watch a clip below:

The radio staff talked about how the NYPD found a car bomb in Times Square this weekend. They talked about how it happens in so many other countries and how lucky it was that it didn't go off. Bobby, who only lives blocks away from Times Square, said that all the Broadway theaters started late and they released the audiences directing them away from Times Square. He said all he heard Saturday night were sirens blaring and it made him feel very panicky. Rosie agreed that anytime she hears multiple sirens in Manhattan she gets instant PTSD. And Bobby talked about how seeing planes low in the air still bothers him. Pete told Bobby to never move to Queens. Janette said that anytime she hears of a situation like this in Manhattan she worries that it's going to kill Barry and she actually teared up talking about it! Awwwww!!! Jeannie said she tries not to let these incidents paralyze her and she really tries not to worry about things she can't control. Rosie's been reading about The Sedona Method which teaches you to release anxieties and worries and encourages you to live in the now. Rosie has found in the last 24 hours the method has been helping her. Rosie told Janette, who was practically in tears over the thought of losing Barry, to marry the man but Janette said she won't. Then Rosie suggested that maybe she should get stoned so that she's not so upset. Awwww!

Tracy's son turned nine this weekend so they had a big pool party and Rosie was touched that all the kids who attended were adopted! She said she had a good time but was pretty upset about the dead birds that the Blue Jays killed. She confirmed that Tracy has contacted someone that makes chicken coups out of recycled materials so they will be getting chickens soon! Janette mentioned about becoming a locavore (a person who only eats locally grown food) and Pete and Jeannie giggled because they didn't know what the word meant. It's often that Janette will use a term that no one knows the meaning of. Janette also recommended Sprout Creek Farm where you can purchase locally grown food including cheese. I looked it up, it looks really cool!

Just as Rosie was singing along to Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens in honor of Tracy getting chickens, Pete interrupted and let her know that Lynn Redgrave had passed away of breast cancer. Lynn was only 67 and was the Aunt of Natasha Richardson. They talked about mortality and how it bothers you even more when you're a parent. They worried for Lynn's children and remarked how it's hard to lose a parent at any age. Here is a LINK to an article about Lynn.

Rosie closed the show.

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  1. Love it! Such detail! So many great links! Thanks for reminding me about the "big lesbian getting a husband" thing that Jeanne said, too funny!

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  2. Ah the dental thing. We have coverage but unfortunately it's only for regular stuff, not big problems. I'm agonizing right now because my 10 year old daughter has a big huge problem with baby teeth not falling out and adult teeth in which makes her have two layers of teeth, like a shark. $1000 dollars to fix it. Sucks like mad. We're hoping to do it sometime next year.
    Love your blog! It's the only way I can keep up with rosie radio.

  3. Kelly I was looking for the name of the book Rosie mentioned..It wasn't on her blog link today and thankgod you had it! " The Sedona Method"...Thank you ! Thank you! ...I seriously need to buy that book , beyond ASAP. I worry 24/7 about everything..It's awful.

  4. just a fyi.. it's "Kathie" not "Kathy"

  5. thanks, kw!

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  6. The website for the Sedona Method is: http://www.sedona.com/

  7. haha liz! I didn't notice, either.

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    Thanks for the recap!

    Oh, and yeah.. I don't really miss the View after re-watching that clip.. I think my blood pressure must've been at an all time high when Rosie was co hosting.