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Rosie began the show talking about her teeth and how she had to cancel dinner plans with Robin Quivers last week. She sad that someone told her that Howard Stern and Robin were talking about how Rosie has canceled plans with them many times and wondered whether that's her "modus operandi." Rosie said that she's had to cancel because of custody issues with the kids, her tooth getting pulled last week and baseball games being canceled and then rescheduled (not to mention the 10 kids she has living at her compound). She swears she wants to hang out with Howard and Robin and swears she's going to make it happen. She felt really bad that they think she doesn't want to hang out with them. She said she would love to go to the Hamptons with Howard. Who wouldn't?!

Jeannie said her son had an ear infection and she had to drive him to the pediatrician yesterday and then she came back to the parking lot and her car wouldn't start. Her husband came and tried it and it didn't work. She had to wait 45 minutes for the tow truck, which she said wasn't that bad but she felt really badly for her son. Her daughter's license was suspended so she's lucky she has an extra car in her driveway to drive to work this morning! Rosie asked Jeannie if she has AAA and she said didn't have it. Pete read the details from the website about what a membership includes and they all thought it seemed like a great deal. This reminded Rosie about a comic named Mike Reynolds who did a joke confusing AAA and AA. This lead to an entire discussion about gambling.

Rosie and Janette then talked about what a gambler Mike was. Janette talked about how Mike gambled when they were on the road together whether they were in Vegas or not. Bobby's father had a gambling problem. Bobby said it wasn't an "addiction" but he likes to gamble. Bobby said that he goes to OTB sometimes when he's in NY visiting but now he plays poker on the computer with fake money. Rosie's brother Timmy plays poker online. Bobby and Rosie thought it was a very scary thought to be able to play poker right in your living room. Rosie thinks she's very lucky she never really liked gambling because after performing stand up she would be unable to sleep and would go to the poker table and play. Although, she said she wasn't very good at math so the serious players would get mad at her. Rosie said that she once went to Vegas with Kate Jackson who was really bad at poker but people wouldn't say anything to her because it was Kate Jackson! They talked about Roulette and the odds of winning. Bobby and Jeannie like to play the slot machines. Rosie lost interest in slot machines when they stopped paying out actual money and started just giving you credit.

Pete suspected that because slot machines are all run on computers now that means there is a guy in a room somewhere controlling the machine's payout. Rosie thinks the slot machines in the airport in Vegas are set up to win more so when you walk off the plane you see people winning money. Janette agrees that when they took away the actual money included in the slot machine payouts, it wasn't as fun anymore.

Rosie said she is a lot happier today because of the sun. She talked about how intense her moods change in accordance to the weather. She said she did NOT have a good night last night. Firstly, she had a meeting in the city at the NBC studios (the same place that TROS was filmed) and she said it was weird to be back in that building. She also had to get hair and makeup done for the meeting which is always a bummer for her. Not to mention it was a "kid day" and she doesn't like to schedule work on days when she has the kids. Then Rosie took Parker to the Acupuncturist because he's having trouble sleeping and is complaining of a backache. Then she took Chelsea for their weekly manicure. All that was fine until she came home to the sounds of screaming at Tracy's house. Tracy called her hysterically because their dog got his head stuck in the electric gate. It was stuck there for a while and released its anal glands (gross). Rosie went over to Tracy's house with Chelsea and all of Tracy's children except one were crying hysterically. Rosie wasn't sure the dog was going to make it.

They took the dog to an animal emergency room near her house. Rosie said she's lived there for 16 years and never needed the Animal ER and Tracy and her family have been there for 3 months and they need it. A woman who had found 2 newborn kittens was also at the Animal ER. Chelsea saw the kittens and was like "Mooooooooom!." And Rosie's response back to her was "Noooooooooo."

Rosie was so surprised at how the Animal ER looked so much like a real ER with what looked like real nurses and doctors. Bobby once took his Chihuahua Abby to the Animal ER because she ate an Ambien that had fallen on the floor by accident. He said she was acting very strangely so he took her and they pumped her stomach. Rosie said she has never seen the amount of tears in a real emergency room that she saw at the animal emergency room. She said the vets and aides were so nice to Tracy who was a mess because she was so upset over the dog. Rosie wondered why doctors and nurses aren't that nice to people in REAL emergency rooms as they are with people in the Animal ERs. They didn't know but thought that the dog could just have a pinched nerve and kept him overnight for observation. Rosie said Tracy's kids were traumatized and Rosie battled her own PTSD over seeing the screaming kids. Rosie said that Chelsea was so calm and just scooped up the hurt dog to take him to the ER - no problem.

When Rosie came home she couldn't sleep and Vivi wouldn't stop talking about how upset Tracy's kids were. Eventually, Vivi and Blake fell asleep in her bed.

Since Rosie couldn't sleep she decided to watch Nurse Jackie until she realized Vivi was watching it too! After Vivi went to sleep Rosie watched last night's Intervention. Jeannie watched it too. Rosie told the story of what happened on last night's Intervention. If you missed it click HERE and check out episode 116 - Tyler. Rosie said she missed the show Fame and Recovery but had wanted to see it. Rosie said she wants to see Lindsay Lohan on the next episode.

Rosie took some callers who shared their Animal ER stories. Bobby said he would be a "basket case" if anything ever happens to Abby. Rosie said she needs an extra bottle of Xanax on hand for that reason and as soon as Bobby's dog dies she's getting him a replacement. Janette said you can't get a replacement for a dog. Bobby said that his Abby is like a child and he carries her like a baby. He even has insurance for her because he thought if she ever needs surgery and he couldn't afford it, he would kill himself.

Rosie and the staff then started discussing the oil spill and Congressman Gene Taylor's comments. You can watch and listen to it HERE. In the interview he states that it's not Armageddon, not as bad as Katrina and compared the oil spill to spilled milk. Rosie played the clip. Rosie did not think he was quoted correctly by the media and after listening to the interview thought he wasn't necessarily comparing it to spilled chocolate milk as was presented. Rosie and the staff wondered what the truth was regarding the oil spill and the damage that is, has and will cause. Janette doesn't think we should panic over the oil spill but believes it has to be taken very seriously. HERE is an article about the Congressman and his comments. Rosie played Rush Limbaugh's comments on the oil spill but said that she hates to even play the tape of what he said because he's an idiot. Janette said it was important to hear because many people listen to him and believe what he says! Rush even went so far as to suggest that the oil spill could have been an inside job by environmentalists. Rosie took several callers expressing their concern for the beaches, the fisherman in the area and the ecological and financial ramifications of the spill. Rosie referenced the movie Armageddon (and commented how much she loved the "animal cracker sex scene" She pondered whether or not this was because it combines food and sex!)- she wishes they could just take some divers down to the bottom of the ocean and turn it off! Janette also pointed out that it is the height of oyster season and the boats are docked so the financial ramifications go far beyond the cleanup. A caller who was very disappointed by the misinformation by the several callers before her said that they had safety checks in place and that the responsibility falls on many people's shoulders - not just BP's. Rosie said that we had seatbelts too, but once we realized airbags could do a better job saving lives we installed them. That's what they should have done with the automatic shut off valves. That's my favorite part about Rosie - when she uses something in our lives that we use everyday as an example to explain things to callers.

Janette thought the comparison to the destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina was out of line because that was a natural disaster and the oil spill is a disaster caused by corporate greed. Rosie stressed that we as Americans need to stop being so dependent on oil and recommended the documentary Fuel featuring Willie Nelson.

Janette seemed frustrated by the fact that it is so expensive to go to alternative power sources. Rosie said she got an estimate to make her whole house solar paneled and they were told they could have it paid off in 4 years by the money they would save. Rosie said that the projections for the oil spill are scary and she hopes the worst case scenario doesn't happen. She said she couldn't sleep last night and wanted to call Tyler (from last night's Intervention) and then she watched Tudors. She called it "intense" and "crazy" and recommended it to Jeannie but said it's not a show to watch in front of the kids. Rosie asked if she goes on her boat in Miami if it would blow up if there's oil in the water and Pete said, "No."

Rosie asked Bobby about the time he was nominated for a Tony award and he told the story. Bobby said he was in his apartment and his friend Leo woke him up and they watched it on TV together. He said that everyone had been telling him he was going to get a nomination because of Taboo and when his name was announced as a nominee he simply sat down. Next thing he knew Christine Ebersole called and congratulated him. Bobby listed all of this year's nominees and both Rosie and Bobby think that American Idiot is going to win Best Musical! Rosie was happy that her friend Dick Scanlan was nominated. Dick wrote Everyday Rapture and is turning her book Find Me into a one woman show! Bobby absolutely loved Kevin Chamberlain in Addams Family and was happy he was nominated and Rosie performed with Katie Finnernan in Love Loss and What I Wore who was nominated for featured actress in Promises, Promises. Rosie was very happy for Katie! Bobby said that Katie "is the reason to go see that show."
Valerie Harper (who was a previous guest on Rosie Radio) was nominated for Looped! For a complete list of Tony Nominations click HERE.

Rosie wondered who was hosting the Tonys and hoped it was Neil Patrick Harris again. Bobby and Rosie both think La Cage aux Folles will win in their category for Best Musical Revival.

Rosie asked everyone what was the best musical they ever saw and Jeannie said The Lion King. Rosie agreed. Jeannie said the first opening note brings her to tears every time. Rosie thought it was so unbelievable how they made the movie come to life. Pete said the best musical he ever saw was Beauty and the Beast but said he has never seen The Lion King. Rosie said "let's fix that" and said she was going to get him tickets to that instead of the "stupid Star Wars thing" he wants. Janette said her favorite musical ever was Spring Awakening. Rosie's all-time favorite was Les Miserables. Rosie said when she saw it in 1980 it was "life defining" for her. Bobby said he cried so hard in the overture of Les Mis someone behind him handed him a Kleenex. Bobby said his favorite musical ever was Evita. Rosie began to sing to Evita songs and asked Lou to find some to play and Jeannie said, "LOU, please hurry!" LOL Rosie sang along to some songs from Evita that I had never heard before.

Somehow this lead to a discussion of the movie The Princess Bride and Pete knew all the quotes from the movie and did an impersonation.

The Princess Bride Trailer

Rosie took a caller whose favorite musical was Wicked. The caller's favorite song was "For Good" so Rosie played the song in its entirety for her and Rosie and I sang along, lol. My all time favorite, hands down.

Pete then told a story how he asked Lou, James and Brendan if they'd like to come to a DeathStar Lego Building party with pizza and beer and then a follow-up poker game. The winner of the poker game gets to take home the Lego death star! He made a flyer for his friends and listed the details which included a $100 donation for the purchase of the death star and the pizza and beer. The idea came to him when he and a friend were at FAO Schwarz and saw an "awesome Lego of the death star." It was the greatest Lego thing they ever saw but it was $500. They thought that was too much money and knew if they could get a couple of friends to go in on it they could have a "rockin' evening." Brendan thought inviting the radio crew was just a way to get them to "subsidize his need to play with toys." Brendan said he would have me if it was a true poker game and you actually got to TAKE YOUR WINNINGS. Jeannie read from the message board where he posted his invitation and a blogger wrote "You are so fucking awesome you have no idea." Pete said all his friends on the message board he posts on responded in a positive way. He is having the party in June because it was going to be his Father's Day present from his wife. Jeannie said, "I don't get it but you're really adorable, Pete." Pete really thought the radio crew would have been interested and instead he was hit with a lot of derision. Rosie said she will purchase the death star for him but Brendan was not to be involved and he needed to document the evening for her. Pete was so excited he went online to search for them right away! Rosie also said that if she requires photos he can tell his wife that it is something he has to do for work. Rosie took a caller whose 13 YEAR OLD SON also had a Star Wars obsession and after the call Rosie asked Pete to buy 2 and send one of them to her son.

Rosie told a story about being at a hospital and seeing a little boy who was in a lot of pain. She went over to talk to him and he told her that he absolutely loved Star Wars and later that night she and Parker went home and ordered every Lego Star Wars thing they could find online and had it sent to him.

At some point, Rosie talked about how she gives everyone nicknames and tried to think one up for Janette. She thought of "crummy" because she's a curmudgeon. Janette didn't really like that. Janette said she's getting more and more supportive emails about her quitting pot and wanting to know what her nutritionist gave her. You can find more information about the anxiety supplements HERE. They were called ProEase, ProSoma and ProCalm. Rosie's doctor recommended she take aloe vera juice and liquid chlorophyll to work through her issues.

Rosie reminded listeners to watch American Idol tonight and Glee and closed the show.

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