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Rosie began the show singing.....oddly, but happily! :) She talked about the two baseball games she had last night. She was happy to announce that her eldest son Parker hit 2 balls into the outfield! Parker is on a school team and not a Little League team like her other son Blake. Rosie said that Blake has been hitting "okay" but she's been taking him to a guy near his school that coaches kids how to improve their batting. It has made a huge difference for Blake and he instructed him in a way that Blake could really understand. Blake struck out on his first up at bat but on his second, he hit a line drive right to the pitcher. Janette remarked how good it is for kids to feel that success at something.

The woman that yelled so badly at the last game was written up! Since listening to the show the coaches have changed their coaching style but they don't want to act like Rosie has anything to do with the changes. When there's an error made by a player the coaches now say, "It's okay, mistakes happen." They call that "the Rosie line." Rosie said she doesn't care if they win or lose, she just wants them to have fun!

Then Blake's Little League coach (Ron) called in to have a chat with Rosie. There was a lot of joking back and forth between the 2 of them about the game and Ron admitted to his shortcomings as a coach. Rosie told him she keeps a Xanax in her pocket just in case she needs one. And apparently the coach's son threw a bat at the last game and was not supposed to play last night but he did. Rosie spoke about the incident and said to Ron, after speaking with the umpire about the bat being thrown you then went and reprimanded your son after he'd already been disciplined by the ump. Ron said he's working on his coaching skills and no one is perfect. Rosie hopes that when the ump makes a bad call instead of going "ballistic" the coach would just say "shit happens in baseball." Rosie told Ron what a very good coach he was and how enthusiastic he is. Ron admitted to Rosie that he hates losing and Rosie said she could tell and told him to "breath through those moments." Rosie told Ron no matter how good of a coach he was there is always room for improvement and the moments of glory outweigh any types of mistakes. She did say that you never want a child going home after what could have been a great experience with baseball and all they remember is dad yelling at him. Rosie again said she's going to write a book - "My Year As A Little League Mom." Rosie told Ron she was so glad that Blake is on his team. Ron told Rosie the experience has been life-changing. Rosie explained to the coach that her son Blake has Auditory Processing Disorder and he does not always understand the words as they are spoken. She encouraged him to read her book! Ron said he has known Blake for 3 years and has always thought of him as a star and a magical kid. Ron told Rosie that she and Kelli have raised some amazing kids! He said he has met some celebrities before who have raised some really obnoxious kids. Rosie thanked Ron for calling and told him she'd see him at the next game and reminded him...no more yelling. :)

After they ended the phone call Rosie said that Ron and his wife and kids came to Miami last year for a week. She said Little League has brought her a lot of enjoyment. Janette remarked at how much boys learn participating in team sports.

Shoshana said that her boyfriend (who is 24 years old) is in a softball league and lost a game recently and was SO upset. Basically, he went to catch the ball and he dropped it. She said her boyfriend was so upset. He told her that he's never dropped a ball in 15 years of playing. Shoshana remarked how the competition of sports never ends for these boys (or some girls, I'm just saying I know one and her name is Michele). Janette talked about her ex-boyfriend who she lovingly refers to as "that asshole Todd" who was a huge Kansas City Chiefs fan and every time they lost he got more and more depressed. Pete said then he should have been depressed a LOT. Rosie didn't like "that asshole Todd" and she's only ever liked Barry (when remembering Janette's boyfriends).

Rosie talked again about the news-story that recently broke about how George Rekers, an anti-gay activist, was caught with a "rentboy" whom he presumably paid to have sex with. They talked about the prevalence of prostitution and how the Internet has now made it even more easy to pay for sex. Rosie brought James back into the conversation to add his two cents since he really researched the article for yesterday's show. James thinks because of the Internet and its perceived anonymity, it is so much easier to become a prostitute or escort. Rosie asked if any one on the staff has ever hired a prostitute and totally singled LOU out! She said that was because he was a "man about town." LOL Bobby said he would be too chicken to hire a prostitute and Rosie said she could never do it because she is too co-dependent and would just want to sit and talk to the person about why they chose their line of work. She said years ago when she was doing stand-up she would be coming home late at night and see the prostitutes hanging out on the corner and would talk to them and offer to buy them a sandwich. Rosie and Janette wondered how many of the men and women in the sex industry have been sexually abused. Rosie said she wanted to have a prostitute call in on the show and asked how Howard books his prostitutes.

Janette said she could understand wanting to purchase a prostitute for sex when she was younger but not anymore. She said that was because she has such bad body issues, when she's with a date she always wonders if they'd be disgusted with her. If she was paying them, she wouldn't feel bad about her body then. Rosie said that "sex is loaded" for her and she feels very vulnerable having sex. She said it is never an enjoyable experience for her unless she already knows the person well and is in love with them.

Just then, a former escort called in to talk with Rosie. "Elise" is now 46 years old and was a prostitute for 7 years in her thirties. Rosie asked Elise why she chose to go into the sex industry and she said her decision was totally financial. She originally put a regular dating advertisement on a Yahoo board and then she decided to start getting paid for it. She was never arrested but she was subtle in her advertisement as not to get caught by law enforcement. Rosie asked if any of the men she "dated" tried to save her. She said absolutely NO. Bobby asked her if she was ever afraid of the danger factor. Elise said she was nervous about her safety in the beginning and would keep the biggest knife she owned in between her mattresses. Elise said being a prostitute did help her financial crisis. Rosie asked her if she was ever worried that people in her town would find out and she said No. Elise said she would never expose any of her customers and talked about how upset it makes her when "these women" do that to celebrities. She said celebrities are buying their silence. Rosie asked the caller if she has any shame about it and she said she was absolutely okay with it and thinks it should be legal. Rosie thanked the listener for calling in and wanted to give her something but she protested and said she's a hoarder so Rosie couldn't! lol So she gave her food so she couldn't hoard it.

After a break Rosie then took a caller from a listener named John who is 35 years old and has been a prostitute on and off since he was 17 years old. The caller had been in foster care since the age of 12. Rosie asked his how he chooses his dates to be safe and he said that if the date comes off cocky or sounding like an asshole, he doesn't select those. He gets paid $120 an hour and has many return customers. He will also go on an official date with them, like out to a restaurant or something, if they pay for the time. John has a partner and said he makes really good money but the job has been stressful on his relationship because he has no desire to have sex with his partner. Rosie asked him if he was sexually abused as a child and he was not. John said that sex is no longer fun because it's work to him. Rosie asked him what he would he do if he was hooked up with a "Ted Haggard" or a "George Rekers" and he said he sure as hell wouldn't be carrying his bags around! LOL John said he is involved in gay rights so if he knew the client's agenda he would probably expose him but he really doesn't know for sure. He said that 75% of the men he sees are married to women. John said he's a handsome, good looking guy and he's in high demand. Rosie asked him if he was happy because he didn't sound it over the phone. John said he's most happy when he's not working. He said after 12 years of doing it, he's over it. He did say that Rosie Radio makes him very happy, (true dat) and he listens every day. Rosie ended the call and thanked him for calling in.

Rosie commented on how different the two phone-calls were. She seemed sad at the second caller's story because he had no ground and no forever family. Janette commented on how interesting it was that most of the men that John sees are married to women!

Rosie went to commercial playing All the Wrinkled Ladies (a spoof of All The Single Ladies by Beyonce) to lighten things up. Rosie loved the video and loves Anita Renfroe the maker of the video and said she would love to have her on the show.

Rosie then asked the staff if they have heard about Silly bandz. She said her kids are going crazy for them so she ordered $100 worth of them for her kids and Tracy's off Amazon. Rosie didn't tell Kelli she ordered them and Vivi came home from her house with an arm full! Pete did the math and told Rosie if she ordered $100 worth of sillybandz that means she 480! Rosie said she bought 2 of every kind. Bobby said Rosie still has his phone number down with that account and he will still get phone-calls sometimes verifying her purchases. No matter how strange the order he's usually sure that Rosie probably placed it. Tracy does not understand Rosie's need to buy multiples of everything.

Rosie said she needs to get a new "carrier bag" for her dog because the one she has has a broken zipper. Bobby has a backpack for his dog with wheels and a seat belt! Rosie said that when she filmed Drop Dead Diva she had a piece of luggage that didn't fit in the overhead compartment. She bought it and came home and her laptop is way too big for it. She didn't know what to do with it and Tracy told her to return it! She had already taken off the tags, so she couldn't. Janette referenced the story of stuff and reminded Rosie, "If one bought less crap, one could retire early." Rosie said back to Janette, "You have a thumbelina doll in a bird cage hanging from your ceiling so you have nerve." LOL

Rosie said her first class flying days are over because Tracy can't see the point of wasting all that money on first class when JetBlue is just as good! Rosie likes JetBlue a lot and so does Bobby. Rosie said that if you are traveling with special needs kids you get the front row on the plane with extra leg room, too. JetBlue also has TV which is great for the kids. They also have XM radio on there and someone reminded Rosie that her kids could listen to Rosie's show! Rosie said that her kids have no interest in listening to her and when she mentioned to them that she's going back to TV they asked in what capacity. Rosie said it would be a sit down type talk show similar to Oprah's and their response was BORING. Parker asked her "Why don't you do a good show like CSI Miami?" Parker loves that show because he often sees their Miami house in the shots.

Rosie then introduced Jennifer Chrisler, the Executive Director of the Family Equality Council. Rosie called her "really wonderful and very smart." Rosie was so impressed at the eloquent things she had to say about Huckabee's interview at the Family Equality Fundraiser that she attended the other night. Rosie also asked Jennifer if she could call her the evening before she has one of these types of interviews. Jennifer and her partner have twins named Timmy and Tommy. See right----------------------------------->

Jennifer said she has offered to come on Huckabee's show before and have the conversation with him about gay families and she says he hasn't accepted because he knows he's on the losing side of the argument. She said that LGBT families are about love, commitment and supporting each other and it's a fact that's hard to argue with. Jennifer said LGBT couples adopting is definitely not an experiment. She said that there are currently 1,00,000 LGBT parents raising 2,000,000 children in the United States today. She said Mike Huckabee can have his opinion but it's not based in fact or reality. Rosie asked Jennifer if she thinks the protest of gay parents adopting is because they don't know gay families personally Jennifer said, "Yes." Gay families worry about all the same things other parents worry about when raising kids - bedtimes, bathtimes, routines, potty training, etc. She stressed the fact that LGBT families need to tell their stories and talk about their lives so we can all see that we are essentially the same and just love our kids and want the best for them.

Jennifer said that 80% of gay kids today expect to raise kids and be parents someday. Families telling their stories and celebrities coming out about their families and sexuality help makes the possibility of becoming parents even more available to all LGBT people.

Jennifer grew up in a small, conservative, homogeneous town in Upstate, NY. She didn't talk about being gay until she went to Smith College where there are lots of smart, gay women. She had a very good experience amongst her peers but it was a slow process with her family. Rosie asked if having children with her partner has changed her family's acceptance of her sexuality and she said Yes. Especially with her in-laws that were very resistant to accepting her partner's sexuality and are now some of the best grandparents.

Jennifer stressed that we need the LGBT community to get comfortable telling their stories in a lot of different venues. She said the more stories we can collect as examples of successful LGBT families, the better job we can do to change policy. She said that every child deserves a family and we need to incentivize every state that go the extra distance to make more homes available for kids. She said there are four times the amount of waiting LGBT families waiting to adopt than there are children waiting to be adopted. She said we could absolutely solve our child welfare crisis if we allowed more LGBT parents adopt. She cited the Arkansas ballot initiative that banned all unmarried cohabiting potential parents from adopting when there were 3,700 kids waiting for homes and they only had 1,000 registered foster care homes. Just recently the bill was overturned as unconstitutional but the way the law was written would have left all those children without the option for a forever family.

Rosie asked how we can help? Jennifer said LGBT families can go to the website and tell their story so that they can make sure they are heard. She said the most compelling argument for changing public policy are personal testimonies of the families. She also said they accept financial donations on the website. The Family Equality Council sponsors many events across the country including Family Week in Provincetown.

Jennifer and Rosie ended their conversation sharing stories of their kids and talking about Little League. Visit The Family Equality Council for more information!

Rosie brought up the news story about Lawrence Taylor being arrested for raping a 16 year old girl. Rosie told the story and described the news article. They also talked about Lawrence Taylor's criminal history and previous run ins with the law.

Rosie said she doesn't like the words "breaking news" anymore it causes her to panic. Shoshana said most "breaking news" she receives is usually something unimportant. Brendan said this morning he saw a breaking news story that said Robin Roberts has died and he began to panic and it turned out they were talking about the 83 year old pitcher, not the ABC news anchor. He said it was very upsetting for a minute!

They then discussed the story and played a clip of Elisabeth Hasselbeck bashing Erin Andrews from Dancing With The Stars. After playing it Rosie and Janette said "You gotta love Joy" who pointed out that EH had less clothes than Erin had on! Rosie said that Elisabeth needs to be careful because she is eluding to that whole myth that women who are raped or stalked are somehow responsible for it because of what they wore. She's essentially blaming the victim. They then played the tape of EH crying and apologizing to Erin. In response to the audio of the apology Rosie quickly quipped back "I don't like to hurt someone unless it's Janette or Rosie." She said that one day she thinks she and EH will have a little chat. Rosie said that she actually liked her up until she threw her under the bus that infamous day on The View. Which is why it hurt her so badly when she did it. Rosie said she saw Elisabeth for who she really is and she knows that Elisabeth doesn't feel the way she's purporting to feel. Rosie asked Melissa Etheridge if it was true that they hung out and she (Rosie) thinks that the more gay people she gets to know the better. She said it will only help her and open up her world view. Janette said that over the years Elisabeth has become even more entrenched in her conservative beliefs. But she thinks the problem there is not her, it's Bill Geddie, the show's producer. She said that he enjoys Elisabeth and will spoon feed her notes before the show.

Janette asked Rosie if she remembered the time that Rose McGowan was on The View. Rosie said that Bill Geddie had a "boner" for Rose McGowan pre show. Rosie said Rose is stunningly beautiful, smart and totally left thinking and she fell in love with her. He was so excited to talk to Rose but by the end of the show she turned into an Ogre as far as he was concerned because of her political beliefs. Janette and Rosie ended the discussion saying that they do not think that Elisabeth is a bad person they just think its a very toxic environment to work in. They took several callers. Rosie DID say to one caller that she's looking to work in a radio show with her TV deal!!! YAY!!

Hmmm, I wonder what happened to Bill Geddie's boner during this clip? :)

Or this one?

Rosie ended the show reminding listeners that Chely Wright will be on the show tomorrow and by playing Anita Refro's All The Wrinkled Ladies.

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  1. Great recap, Kelly. The Rose McGowan clips were wonderful - I hope Rosie gets her on Rosie Radio.

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  2. Thank you for doing this every day- I always look forward to your posts.

  3. Loved the Rose MGowen clips....although I did suffer a bit of PTSD hearing EH's high-pitched BS.

  4. as a mom that just sat through 4 little league games in the last 28 hours - i get what rosie and gang are saying. there are so many wonderful learning experiences for the children in little league. and in a world where we so often are disconnected - it is one place i feel completely connected to the community. we are lucky - our little league doesnt allow any of the yelling, etc....they all go to a positive coaching clinic and the philosophies are enforced all year. it's pretty good!

  5. I asked on Rosie's blog if she picked her Pulse playlist for ya, Kelly, and she answered! :-D

    Haha, 'Alderella' yes, totally!

    Wonderful recap, as always!

  6. I LOVE all the baseball talk!
    and I also get what Rosie is saying as my youngest plays and I help coach, there is no reason to yell. I saw a kid on the other team get yelled at last game & then he looked over at me because he knew me, he looked like he was going to cry. I felt so bad for him...
    and I wish I could have called in when Shoshana was telling the story about her boyfriend! you are right kel, that is SO me! I play in the outfield and I rarely ever drop a ball, but if I do and it costs us the game I get really upset.

  7. I love the baseball talk too
    can't wait to for Rosie's next book about her experience with little league!

    "All the Wrinkled Ladies" LOL!

  8. First time to the blog Kelly and it (just like the FB page) is fabulous! I love, love, love it! Rosie needs to get you out there to do the show!


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