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Rosie (and her board op Lou) started today's show playing Rainy Days and Mondays because it was, well, Monday and it was rainy.  Rosie was not pleased at the weather and sounded a bit tired from her weekend of Tracy induced walking on Fire Island.  She was also thoroughly annoyed with Jeannie.  Here's why...Pete had "saved" Jeannie's computer from an early death for her so she made him her famous Heath Bar Crunch Cake as a thank you - complete with a red ribbon on top!  This was the cake that Jeannie made last week for everyone that everyone on the staff raved about.  Especially Rosie.  Jeannie explained that the special cake was "a present for Pete, Roseann!"  Jeannie also got Pete a 2010 Hallmark Star Trek Keepsake Ornament.  A Rosie Radio fan named Amelia facebook messaged Jeannie and suggested they have a Star Trek themed Christmas tree in the studio.  This gave Jeannie the idea for purchasing the ornament for Pete as a gift.  But that gift paled in comparison to the cake that Jeannie made for Pete.  Jeannie brought in a "consolation crumb cake" for the other members of the staff but the Heath Bar Cake was to be a special gift for Pete and Pete alone.  Rosie was pouting and being a big baby about the fact that she couldn't have any of the special cake!  Deirdre was on Rosie's side and thought Pete should share his cake with everyone.  Rosie reminded Jeannie that she wouldn't even have Pete to thank if it weren't for her because they never would have met!  Jeannie asked Rosie if she'd like her to make another cake for tomorrow for everyone to share and Rosie said her cake "wasn't even that good" (which Rosie admitted was a lie and she said it just to be mean).  Then the B word started flying and Jeannie and Rosie went at it (not really, it was all in fun and it was truly funny).  Janette chimed in and said she would like a Heath Bar Cake tomorrow!  Jeannie said she'd do it and and "they'll all remember that Roseann said she didn't want any."  Then Jeannie started texting Jackie and Rosie called her out on it.

Jeannie took over the radio show at this point because Rosie was pouting so she set the stage and let the listeners know everyone that was in the studio.  Rosie suggested Jeannie just take over the rest of the show and she would go bake something!  Rosie reminded Jeannie that they're going to her fabulous house this weekend in Miami and she better not forget it!

Rosie said she went to Fire Island this weekend with Tracy.  It was supposed to be a romantic weekend getaway but her eldest daughter Chelsea came along because she was grounded and couldn't go on a trip to Mexico with her Ex Kelli and her siblings Blake and Vivi.  Rosie said she had a nice time except for the fact that Tracy wanted to walk around everywhere which Rosie found exhausting.  Rosie briefly commented on the naked sunbathers that they saw and if it is a prerequisite to have a banging body if you're going to go naked.  Deirdre seemed to have some experience with this and she said it is not a prerequisite to have a great body or a big "thingy" if you choose to go naked in public.  Jeannie didn't do anything but hang out in her backyard with her husband and their feet in the baby pool.  They also splurged on a slip 'n slide for the kids.  Jeannie did not partake in the slip 'n slide action but the mere thought of her slip 'n sliding made Rosie crack up.

Rosie said this weekend she noticed the large amount of "old lady underarm fat" she has.  Jeannie said her  son asked her this weekend if she had an extra boob because of the arm roll that was sticking out.  Rosie said she mostly tanned this weekend and caught up on some reading.  Rosie read Silent Tears: A Journey of Hope In A Chinese Orphanage at Janette's recommendation and she said she found it "mildly redundant and not very well written."  Janette found the details of the Chinese orphanages heartbreaking which was why she recommended it to her. Rosie also began reading The Passage, that her brother, Eddie, had given her.  She is still in the middle of it but she recommended it to Pete.  She described it as compelling and suspenseful and said it is giving her nightmares already.  Janette said she hates suspense, in films and in books. 

Speaking of suspense, Pete, Shoshana and Brendan all saw Inception this weekend.  Pete said he was on the edge of his seat for the entire movie.  Shoshana didn't especially like it and she, Brendan and Pete had an hour-long conversation this morning analyzing it.   

Pete said he wore a suit to a wedding this weekend that he unknowingly "outgrew" and when he picked up his daughter Sophia  he ripped out the arms.  He said, "You know you're in the wrong suit when you can't put anything into your pockets."  He hoped no one noticed but Janette assured him that someone probably did. 

Janette has been watching the NBC miniseries Persons Unknown and she described it to Rosie and recommended it to listeners. 

Rosie, who has been trying to spend less time online, said she did not take her computer to Fire Island this weekend!  (She did have her iPhone but it has horrible service up there, so that's okay.)  Parker, who is at a 5-week summer sleep-away high school prep camp, called Rosie while she was up there.  Rosie asked the other members of the studio how horrible it would be if she let him come home early.  She said that Parker is doing really well, getting straight As, and is really bored.  Janette and Jeannie said it's important that Parker finish what he started.  Deirdre, who went to sleep away camp as a kid, said she would miss home and her mom would miss her terribly but her mom would never pull her out early.  They discussed the pros and the cons of letting Parker come home early and the general consensus was that Rosie shouldn't allow him to come home until he's finished.  Janette said that doing what you promised you said you would do is a great lesson.  Rosie wasn't really happy with anyone's answers and said she still really wants him home. 

Rosie said her kids really want to go see The Last Airbender and they're dying to see Despicable Me.  However, Rosie had heard there was a strange representation of adoption in the film Despicable Me so she had Pete describe the plot to her.  She wasn't sure if she was going to see it or not in the end.   

After the commercial break they announced that Pete cut his Heath Bar cake into huge pieces for everyone on the staff but as a protest, Rosie didn't want hers.  Janette said it has to be the best cake ever and could be even better than the last one.   

Rosie wanted to discuss the new Kia Soul commercial she saw with the Hamsters which she loved.  They watched the commercial in the studio and discussed it. I'm not sure if this was the exact one they were discussing but here is one I found on YouTube. 

Pete explained that this commercial they were discussing was a follow up to the first one.   Rosie talked about how she can't imagine the advertising agency pitching it to Kia and what that conversation was like. 

Rosie wanted the latest updates on what's going on with the oil spill.  Pete explained that they have successfully installed an oil spill containment cap and so far so good.  They discussed the rumors that there could be oil leaking into the ocean floor.  Janette is still skeptical and thinks BP is primarily just all about trying to profit from the situation as much as possible.  Janette read an article in The Sunday New York Times about the hidden damage to the environment after an oil spill.  She said that they've now found that past oil disasters have allowed scientists to study what it does to nature over decades.  For example, today there are crabs that still act drunk and react slowly to predators at the location of a previous oil disaster.  She said that they've found oil eating microbes in the ocean and that the ocean would have done a better job cleaning itself from the oil rather than the dispersants.  She also read that erosion is a huge problem in general and the Louisiana marshes have been killed off at an extraordinary rate.  They now worry that the erosion will happen even faster now because we're losing the marsh grasses.  Janette said in nature, change is the only constant.

Rosie said that her girlfriend Tracy was upset about the methane bubble article Pete talked about last week.   Pete said he sees it could be a possibility that the world will come to an end in the next couple of weeks due to a methane bubble explosion but said he's not stressed about it.  Brendan doesn't agree with this theory at all.  

Rosie was excited that the new "cast" of Celebrity Rehab had been announced.   They discussed all the cast members and when Rosie mentioned Janice Dickinson, Deirdre said that Janice asked her to have sex with her once!  Deirdre said that when she booked Janice on the Wendy Williams Show they were backstage talking and Janice flat out asked her if she wanted to have sex.  Deirdre said she was like "See ya!"  When they listed off Celebrity Rehab cast member Leif Garrett, Rosie recalled the time they booked him on The Rosie O'Donnell Show and he came out to talk to her for the interview with a fresh burn mark on his face from an obvious drug related device.  He was on the show celebrating his sobriety. 

Rosie asked Jeannie if she had shared the recipe for the Heath Bar Crunch Cake with the listeners and Jeannie said she had sent it to Kelly for the Rosie Radio Recap Blog and to Pete for Rosie.comLittle shout-out so I thought I'd include it in!  Here's the recipe:

Jeanne's Heath Bar Cake

1 Chocolate cake mix
1 can (14 oz.) sweetened condensed milk
1 small jar butterscotch topping
12 oz. whipped topping (i.e., Cool Whip)
4-5 Heath or Skor bars, chopped

Prepare cake according to directions on the package and bake in a 9 x 13 pan.
While still hot, use a wooden spoon handle to poke holes in the top of the cake. Pour condensed milk evenly over the top, then pour butterscotch topping evenly over that. Sprinkle half of chopped Heath bars over the top. Refrigerate at least 3 hours.

Spread whipped topping over cake, then sprinkle with remaining Heath pieces.

Jeannie said the recipe is the "easiest thing in the world."  She said you simply make a boxed chocolate cake and refrigerate it for a couple of hours and then "dump" the rest of the stuff on it.  Janette said she had a recipe for a lighter chocolate cake where you replace the fat ingredients (like oil and butter) with pureed beets.  No one asked for the recipe and Janette assured the listeners that there is no way it tastes as good as Jeannie's.  Jeannie admitted she doesn't even enjoy baking as much as she enjoys cooking food. 

Rosie said her brother Eddie made them Nigella Lawson's Chicken Cacciatore on Thursday night when they stayed at his house.  She said his garden is something to be seen, too!   

Rosie said she can't seem to get out of her bad mood today.  She said she's just tired and cranky.  Jeannie asked if the oil was in the Gulf Stream yet which it is not.  They think.  Janette said that the unique thing about this particular oil spill is the depth.  She warned that if we don't start moving towards sustainable energy this is just going to keep happening.  Then she enthusiastically began to tell everyone in the studio that you can now buy water in recyclable cardboard boxes!  Rosie then dropped cake down her cleavage and ate it.  They discussed the 5 second rule.  Rosie asked what ever happened to their plans to lose weight.  Jeannie said she lost 20 pounds since they went on air but she hasn't been able to lose any beyond that.  Deirdre has lost 14 pounds and has only 9 more to go!   And Rosie said the only bad thing about Fire Island is that you have to walk everywhere.  And then she said she doesn't think she's good at this job anymore because she wasn't in the mood to do it today. 

Rosie started looking at James' Facebook photos and commented on his picture with the NJ Housewife Danielle.  Deirdre likes how in almost every photo that James has of himself on his Facebook he's shirtless.  Rosie said the next time she hosts a party she's going to hire James for the job!  He said he could make those amazing cookies he once made and Rosie said they won't invite Jeannie (still mad about the cake she made only for Pete)!

Brendan said he heard an advertisement on Sirius for deodorant for your sweaty breasts!  He said he never knew this was an issue for women!  The website is SoFresh.SoDry.com. This began an entire conversation about sweaty breasts and then sweaty balls!  Rosie took several callers on the topic too!  One listener has tried repeatedly to get on the show and talk to Rosie and couldn't believe that this was the topic that she finally got through to talk about.   The caller has big boobs and uses regular deodorant under her boobs.  She said that she feels gross during the day if she doesn't.  Rosie gave her $50 Visa giftcard "to get more deodorant for her tits."  The caller said she was a teacher and said she was going to buy school supplies for her students.  She then asked listeners to visit donorschoose.org where you can donate money to teachers who need to buy school supplies for their students.  Rosie took another caller who puts deodorant under her boobs too!  She works outside all day and said when it's 100 degrees, you have to do something.  She said her girlfriend puts powder under her boobs.  Janette uses powder too and didn't start wearing a bra until she was 42 years old because she never needed one.  Pete wondered if the powder would become a paste which totally reminded me of that Friends episode when Ross wears the leather pants and then puts on lotion and powder on his legs in an attempt to get them back on and it becomes a paste.  Here's a link to it on YouTube if you have never seen it.  

This launched an entire discussion about sweaty ass crack.  Rosie seemed concerned it wasn't a good show today or if they weren't really discussing anything of interest to the listeners.  Pete said they have tons of calls on the topic!

Rosie said that recently they were watching a show on TLC or the Discovery Heath Channel about the fattest man in the world having surgery.  She said that he lost some weight and was eventually able to roll himself over.  She said that his thighs were pretty rolly and it was hard to discern what was what.  When they were watching it Vivi said, "I think that's his ball sack."  Rosie said she started laughing so hard she almost peed herself. 

Rosie announced that Cybill Shepherd was on the phone!  Cybill said she's doing great and excited about her recent roles.  Cybil is starring in The Client List which airs tonight at 9pm on Lifetime.  She said she gets to play a mother in a small Texas town with big hair and she's really liking the character portrayals she's getting to play. 

Rosie commented on how fabulous Cybill looks and asked her about what it's like being 60.  Cybill said she never had an issue discussing her age.   Cybill's daughter Clementine is in Show-Business and they discussed what it was like working together with her daughter on the Showtime series The L Word.  Cybill said that working with Clementine on The L Word was the happiest time of her life.  She described a scene where her character and her daughter's character had to have an argument and Cybill thought her daughter was really mad at her!    Cybill said she was okay with her daughter going into acting but wanted her to realize that rejection is a big part of it.  Luckily Clementine is doing very well with her acting career!  Cybill's other daughter, Ariel, just graduated from Yale and is a playwright and a screenwriter.  Cybill is so proud!  And her son Zach graduates from the University of Pennsylvania next year. 

Rosie asked Cybill what it was like raising teens as Rosie is just entering that stage of parenting and Cybill said that the teen years are difficult but they become hyper-difficult when they get their drivers license.  Cybill said the first time she rode with Clementine when she was driving she sat in the backseat with a Jack Daniels.  Rosie said the eye-rolling from her teenage daughter Chelsea annoys her and is constant. 

Rosie asked Cybill about the beginning of her career.  Cybill said her cousin entered her into the  Ms. Teenage Memphis pageant and she won.  Then she entered the Ms. Teenage America pageant but she didn't win and she hated losing.  Cybill then started modeling and didn't really like it but she started to make some  good money doing it.  A talent scout found her and had her compete in the Model of the Year contest.  Cybill won!   

Rosie asked Cybill about how outspoken she is for civil rights.  Cybill explained that she was raised in the segregated South but she has always been a advocate for civil rights.  In 1968 an announcer came over the high school PA and dismissed the school early because Martin Luther King had been assassinated only 3 miles from her home.  Cybill said she was struck by shame and the guilt that she had done nothing to support civil rights.  She said that it became an explosive force inside her to understand and to take steps to help the cause of equal rights for all people including the LGBT community.  In 1993 Cybill marched on Washington for the LGBT community because she knows that we all have the same investment for equal rights whether we're gay or not.  Cybill's one daughter is a lesbian and her other daughter considers herself bisexual.  

Rosie asked Cybill about the most defining moment of her career and she said there have been many moments but right now what comes to mind are her recent roles in The Client List and on Drop Dead Diva.  She said she is making that transition to a character actor and she loves it.  Rosie and Cybill talked about Drop Dead Diva and how much fun it is to do it!  

The trailer for The Client List which airs tonight at 9pm EST on Lifetime!

Pete recently found out the reason that Drew Carey had no reaction to the time that a contestant on the Price Is Right guessed the cost of the Showcase Showdown dead on the nose.  Pete said he found an interview with the contestant and he said that during commercial break a woman backstage was talking to Drew and was pale white because everyone had won all their games that day.  The Price Is Right had just let go of an Executive Producer and they thought that the EP had rigged the game as a final F__K YOU.   When the final Showcase Showdown came around Drew had been told that they probably weren't going to ever air the show because it had been rigged.  That was why he had no reaction.   Rosie said she is happy that that's the reason Drew was so under-enthused and seemed happy to have it explained.

Brendan announced a game for everyone to play.  The game was to name the musical by it's opening line.  He said it may be a spoken line or it may be a lyric to an opening song.  They had a caller on the phone named Laura who was playing too.   

Janette - "There's a bright golden haze in the meadow." She guessed Brigadoon but the answer was Oklahoma so she was out.  
Jeannie - "Good news, she's dead.  The Witch of the West is dead."  She guessed The Wizard of Oz but the answer was Wicked so she was out.
Bobby - "I got the horse right here, named Paul Revere." The answer was Guys and Dolls and he got it and Rosie and Bobby then launched into the song together!   
Rosie - "Look down, look down, don't look em in the eye."  The answer was Les Mis and she got it.
Pete - "Opening night. It's opening night." The answer was The Producers and he got it.
Laura (the caller)- "There's no business like like show-business."  The answer was Annie Get Your Gun but she didn't get it.  Rosie and Bobby did sing the entire song though and it was hilarious!  She was out. 

Bobby -  "Cash for the merchandise. Cash for the button hooks."   The answer was Music Man but he didn't get it so he was out.   
Rosie -  "Again, step, kick, kick, kick, kick, turn. Again." The answer was Chorus Line and she got it and they sang the whole song.  
Pete -  "We work and work from week to week at the Royal Bangkok Academy."  The answer was The King and I and he got it.

Now it was just between Pete and Rosie again!

Rosie - "Nants ingonyama bagithi baba "  The answer was The Lion King and she got it!
Pete "Dear reader this book is designed to tell you everything you need to know about how to get ahead."  The answer was How To Succeed In Business without Really Trying.

Rosie "Sold your number sir, thank you."  Bobby was cheating mouthing the words to Rosie!  The answer was Phantom and she got it. 
Pete "Are you blind when you're born?  Can you see in the dark?  His guess was Evita but NO, the answer was Cats!  He didn't get it!

Rosie just had to guess the last one correctly to win!

Rosie "My day in the hills have come to an end, I know."  The answer was The Sound of Music and Rosie got it which meant she won the game!

Rosie is up 2-1 in the July Games Tally and no one else in the studio is even on the board. 

Rosie then apologized for today's show and closed it out. 

and that's what you missed -kw.


  1. I don't want to focus on the cake, but it has milk and Kool Whip on it, so it has to be kept
    refrigerated. Right?

  2. The Heath Bar Cake is also known as Better Than Sex Cake and it is a HUGE hit at my school. I am a teacher and we have to bring something in on our birthday for everyone to eat. After I brought in this cake (which I substitute with many different candy bars on top) everyone screamed for the recipe and it has been a favorite since!!!

  3. "One listener has tried repeatedly to get on the show and talk to Rosie and couldn't believe that this was the topic that she finally got through to talk about." - Haha!!!

    I LOVED Inception. I want to see it again.

    And, Dang it, I forgot that Client List was on tonight! Have it set to tape for Saturday.

    Thanks, Kw,

  4. I have seen Despicable Me and it is the cutest thing ever and so funny. There will always be people that overanalyze everything. I totally recommend it, my nephew loved it and asked to see it again. He fell asleep with the last airbender though (he is 6).