In case you missed it...

Bobby sang today's theme song and he's getting better and better and more and more jazzy!  Rosie said that everyone in the studio was in a better mood than yesterday (which really meant her because she was the only one in a really bad mood yesterday).  She said she's making a big decision with inspiration from Janette (who recently stopped smoking pot after 25 years), she's going to try to get off sugar!

Yesterday they talked about the products "Fresh Breasts" and "Fresh Balls" that you can purchase off of SoFreshSoDry.com.  These products are deodorant for your breasts and balls in case you couldn't catch that by the name.  A co-worker named Dave had some in his office "because they are a Sirius sponsor" (hmmm, hmmmm, that's what they all say)  so he brought it in today for the staff.  Jeannie tried it on her hands to feel it's consistency and said although she thinks it smells lovely it leaves a chalky white stain on your skin.  Pete tested it out (not on his hands) and said it feels really good!  Jeannie's going to try it because she sometimes gets some 3rd nipple irritation and Janette said she's going to try it too! 

Rosie watched an episode of Dr. Oz where he talks about belly fat.  She often wonders why the majority of her weight goes to her tummy.  Bobby then went into a very detailed description of how our bodies metabolize sugar and stores it as fat in our omentumsHere's a great article I found written by Dr. Oz about belly fat.  Rosie watched a documentary last night and then afterward, she watched a half hour paid program  on how to get rid of belly fat.   Essentially she learned she needs to cut out sugar.  James then read from an article on what happens to your body when you drink a coca cola

Rosie thinks the symptoms that they listed in the article are exactly what happened to her yesterday after consuming so much sugar in the studio.  Rosie said she also got some comments on her blog from listeners that said that hearing them talk about food like they do on air makes the listeners sad.  Some of the bloggers had very obese parents and it reminded them of how their parents used to talk.  Rosie talked about the time that she cut out beer for a year and how much better she felt.  She wondered why she ever went back to it when she felt better when she wasn't doing it.

They discussed whole wheat bread, white flour and whole grains and which is better for you.  Bobby said that Dr. Oz says that whole grain is always best because it's the least processed.  Rosie learned that getting fruit is always a better alternative when you are craving something sweet.  Bobby read somewhere (possibly in Sugar Busters) that diabetes never existed until sugar was refined.  Janette recommended the book Sugar Blues and said there is no difference between white flour and sugar to our bodies.

Rosie and Blake went to see The Last Air Bender last night and Blake gave it a 5 on a scale of 1-10.  Rosie said it was "not good."  They still have their hopes up for Despicable Me.  Rosie said she was so proud of herself because she got water at the movies and unsweetened iced tea afterward at Chilis. 

Rosie was at her brother Eddie's house last weekend and his wife opened a drawer that had a carton of full-sized Three Musketeers bars in it!  She said she wouldn't be able to sleep with that in the house!  Jeannie does not feel the same way about sweets but brought in another Heath Bar Crunch Cake for everyone today and then wondered if she shouldn't bring them in anymore.  Janette was in favor of that.  Bobby said that he has learned that when dieting you shouldn't deprive yourself, you should just eat in moderation!  Janette didn't quite agree and said that she never would have been able to stop smoking marijuana if she allowed herself to do it in moderation.  Rosie said she had to take a nap after eating the huge piece of cake yesterday and Jeannie said she had a headache and almost threw up on the ride home. 

Pete suggested they make it a game to see who can come in with items to share that taste good and aren't all loaded with sugar.    Jeannie recommended the book Perfect Health: The Complete Mind/Body Guide by Deepak Chopra and said she's going to bring it in to share.  Janette said that when she saw Super Size Me she stopped going to fast food restaurants and has never been back.  She said that fast food is poison and why is a little poison for her body okay?  Rosie went one year without fast food when she saw that movie and thinks she needs to re-watch it.

Rosie then took several callers.  One caller is a self-proclaimed "coke-a-holic" and drinks up to 8 cans of coke per day!  She carries it with her if she goes somewhere and if something stressful in her life happens she even uses it to calm herself.  The caller had tried to cut down on Coke and couldn't get out of bed she had nausea and the shakes.  Rosie recommended she visit an online website for sugar addicts for ideas on how to quit.  A listener called in who found success off of The Sonoma Diet that taught her how to get the sugar out of her diet.  She warned the staff of allowing themselves a day to binge because she said that caused her to have a downward spiral to eating sugar again.  Bobby, who has lost over a 100 pounds!, talked about how he still can't give up Diet Pepsi. 

Rosie said she once went to the doctor and he asked her if she would allow her children to eat what she eats and she said no!  He said then she shouldn't allow herself to eat that way either.  Pete never had soda or fast food because it was so forbidden in his house growing up so he went "nuts" in college.  So he warned against the opposite extreme.  Rosie said it isn't right for her to sit around and complain about her body if she's going to mistreat it like she does by eating bad food.

Janette briefly mentioned that the stress hormone cortisol has been linked to belly fat too.

Rosie said that last night she watched the documentary The Watershed.  She said it was heart- wrenching and found it hard to sleep after watching it.  The documentary is about a father that leaves a family and a mother that turns to alcohol.  Rosie thought it was heartbreaking and beautiful and recommended it to the listeners.  She said that it reminded her a little bit of The Glass Castle and said they were going to have the woman that made the documentary on next week.  Rosie said you can stream it on Amazon Video On Demand for only $2.99 and recommended her listeners watch it if they can. 

She's also reading The Passage and said it's getting more and more creepy.   She didn't especially like the book that Janette had recommended to her about Chinese orphanages.  Janette explained that she now wants to go to China on a medical mission to help children with Cleft lips and Cleft palates because of that book.    Rosie seemed inspired by this aspect of Janette's personality.  Rosie said that after the World Trade Towers fell Janette went right down to Ground Zero to help out and all Rosie wanted to do was to gather everyone she could and flee the area.  She said that that has always inspired her about Janette.  Janette said she feels that if the people can live through whatever tragedy they are facing the very least she can do is go and help.   Janette said that if Rosie likes The Passage then she would love Margaret Atwood's Oryx and Crake and Lady Oracle about weight. 

Rosie asked the staff if they think they'll be able to do no sugar because they all couldn't stick to their diet.  Janette pointed out that when Deirdre got serious and had a plan, she did very well on her diet and lost 15 pounds!

Rosie asked Jeannie if she allows her kids to eat before bed and Jeannie said that they are not allowed to eat anything after 9pm.  Rosie said that she needs to do that.  She said that Vivi rarely eats and when you say that to her she gets very defensive.  Jeannie's son is the same way.  Vivi also told Rosie she doesn't want to go to Miami for their mother-daughter weekend because she doesn't like the heat.  But once she found out that Jeannie's daughter Cami was going she got immediately excited about it.  She is excited to draw, play dress-up and dance with Cami.  Jeannie's eldest daughter Toni is coming with them too and Jeannie is so excited!  

Jeannie said she was thinking of getting a tattoo when they're in Miami this weekend!  Rosie was excited by this news and said she would treat her to the tattoo.  Jeannie joked and said she was going to get a big cake on her ass and then she admitted what she was really thinking of was a beautiful dragonfly.  She said that's her "hi" to her dad.  Jeannie said that when she went to a psychic she knew it was legit because at the end of the reading she asked the psychic what her "hi" sign to her dad was and the psychic closed her eyes and she saw a dragonfly.  Jeannie said that if you're open to the reading you will get more out of it.  Jeannie said she still has the reading on audio tape and listens to it years later.  The psychic also told her that she had a son who her father never met who is a likeness of her father.  Jeannie said that was true and her 3rd child was conceived a week after her father passed away and he looks just like her father. 

Rosie said that Jackie will not like that Jeannie is getting a tattoo and Jeannie said that that is because she and Jackie are opposite in every way.  She thought about getting it on her ankle like Rosie's.  Rosie said she would love it and would love to go with her!  Jeannie asked if Rosie could make a call and get them in and drop her name so they can get an appointment. 

Rosie said that her fame is weird nowadays.  She said she was out last night and she noticed a mom who was recognizing her and then told her children (who had no idea who she was) to go up to her and say hello.  She had to explain to the kids who she was.  Rosie and Jeannie's own children don't really even realize why Rosie is even famous.  Jeannie's son Ryan saw League of Their Own recently and wondered why Rosie was on TV!  Blake and Vivi watched League of Their Own the other weekend and were laughing with Rosie about her accent.  Rosie didn't know why she talked with such an accent in the movie and said it was as if she was channeling Fonzie!  Rosie loved doing League of Their Own.  Jeannie's favorite movie Rosie has ever done was Another Stakeout

Jeannie's favorite scene of Rosie from the movie Another Stakeout. 

Rosie saw I Am Comic and described it to the listeners.  Rosie said it was pretty interesting.  She also said that Jerry Seinfeld's movie Comedian is "required viewing" if you're a comic.   Rosie said it was interesting to watch the documentary I Am Comic.  She asked Janette if she ever felt like she almost got too good at stand-up and it wasn't as fun anymore and Janette said she never had that problem.  They talked about the documentary and a comic who was famous for stealing jokes.  Janette said she hates it when comics steal jokes.  Brendan saw an interview with the comedian and said that he seems totally unaware of the  repercussions of his stealing!  Janette said she is not a fan of Robin Williams because she has heard that he is famous for stealing jokes from other comics.   Pete loves Robin.  Brendan said that he's heard Robin address this issue and he's said at the time he didn't think he was stealing, the jokes just comes to him on stage, fast.  Brendan wondered if there isn't a finite amount of reality that we can joke about and if after a while all comics are going to cover the same topics. 

Rosie said that tomorrow night (Wednesday) the Biography Channel is airing a piece they did on her!  Jeannie and Janette are both in it!  Everyone must watch it so set your tivos!   

Rosie then introduced Margaret Cho who was in the studio to have a chat.  Rosie and Margaret began the interview by talking about her latest album entitled Cho Dependent.  Margaret said that ever since she saw Bette Midler do Beast of Burden with Mick Jagger she thought she wanted to find a way to do that.   Even though Bette considers herself primarily a singer, while Margaret considers her more of a comedian. 

Margaret reached out to singer songwriters that she knows and loves and they were very excited to work together.  She said that all comedians wish they were musicians because you don't have to get laughs as a singer!

Rosie and Margaret talked about the documentary I Am Comic.  They talked about being stand-ups and using old material to support their new material.  Rosie asked Margaret who her comic inspirations were and she listed Paula Poundstone and Henriette Mantel

Margaret said she doesn't write jokes ahead of time but instead she performs and then tries to remember the jokes after the fact.  She and Rosie also discussed the Joan Rivers documentary A Piece of Work

Rosie commented on how much she loved Margaret's book I'm the One That I Want and remembered the time she picked up the phone and called Margaret out of the blue to tell her how much she enjoyed it.  Rosie said it was awkward but Margaret loved it and said it was so sweet of Rosie to call.   Rosie said the book was moving and real and asked Margaret if it was hard for her to reveal some of the things she reveals in the book.  Margaret said that comedy is the true test of a storyteller and that writing is so much easier.  They talked about Joan Rivers and how they were surprised that she was so driven from her own pain.  It was surprising to Margaret to see Joan not so "on."  Rosie said there were moments in the Joan Rivers documentary that broke her heart.  Both Margaret and Rosie agreed that all the female comics need to come together and put on a tribute for Joan that is not mean spirited.

Margaret said that she never went to college and started doing comedy right out of high school.  She said she wished she would have gone to college because she thinks she might be smarter and might not care so much about dumb things.  She said perhaps she would be more interested in saving the planet for example.  Rosie also really regrets not finishing college and leaving early to do stand-up full-time.  Margaret said that the upside of not finishing college is that it gives them permission to do so many other things like art and music. 

Margaret said she will be touring soon and doing mostly stand-up in her act but also incorporating some of the songs from her latest CD.  She loves touring and is excited to have a bus this time!  Both Rosie and Margaret love the tour bus. 

Margaret is a regular on the show Drop Dead Diva on Lifetime.  She said that Josh Berman saw her do stand-up one night and came up to her and asked her if she wanted to be on the show.  She was the first person that was cast and now it's been a successful two years.  They both love actress Brooke Elliott and they discussed what a wonderful actress she is. 

Rosie joked with Margaret about the line in her act that said the secret to a successful marriage is to have a lot of sex....with a lot of different people.  Margaret said "it takes a village" to have a successful marriage.   

Margaret and Rosie got to talk a little bit about Margaret's mom.  Rosie loves her.  Margaret said that her parents were not happy when she came to them and told them that she wanted to do stand-up in fact, her mom said, "Maybe it's better if you just die."  Now however, she's super into it.  Her mom will stand in the lobby at events and shake hands with Margaret's fans and with every fan she sees she says that's like seeing "forty dollar."  Margaret has one brother who was born 5 years after she was born who has chosen to go into the family business with her parents.  Margaret is glad that he is doing it so she doesn't have to. 

Rosie loves all of Margaret's tattoos.  Margaret said that Ed Hartley did the ones on her stomach and back and Kat Von D did another one of the tattoos she has. Jeannie said that she has a girl crush on Kat.  Margaret said that Kat's more beautiful than you'd even expect and is very fun.  She's also a great tattoo artist and doesn't use a lot of pressure in her hand when tattooing so it's not totally painful.  Margaret said that she has no space left.  Rosie said that when something monumental happens in her life she feels the need to mark it with a tattoo.

Margaret likes to Twitter and Rosie talked to her about it.  Margaret said she has a small Facebook account and uses it to keep in touch with old comics she used to work with.  They talked about new comedians Charlyne Yi and Tig Notaro who they love.  They reminisced about the Atlanta comedy clubs, The Laughing Skull Lounge and The Punchline. 

Rosie asked Margaret about her CD Cho Dependant and the song entitled "I'm Sorry" which is based off a true story.  Margaret said that in 1993 she fell in love with one of the writers on the show All American Girl.  She loved him completely and held him in her heart for years.  When she turned 40 and she wanted to find out what he was doing, she googled him.  It described what he was doing and then it said in 2007 he was  convicted of the murder of his wife!  He stuffed her in the attic and she wasn't found until she was partially mummified!  Margaret said the fact that she had loved him and that could have been her  horrified her so she wrote a song about it.  She said that sometimes the only way to work through these things that happen in our lives is through humor.  Rosie added that she, Janette and Margaret all know and worked with the comedian who was a serial rapist named Vince Champ!  They talked about how weird that was.

You can catch Margaret on Drop Dead Diva on Lifetime on Sundays at 9pm.  And her album Cho Dependent drops on August 24th.   

Margaret Cho performs I'm Sorry on stage

The game was that Brendan would name two of a threesome and the contestant would have to give the third.

Pete - The Nina, the Santa Maria and the _______.  The answer was the Pinta and he guessed it!
Janette - Alvin, Simon and ___________.  The answer was Theodore but she didn't get it so she was out.  
Jeannie - Truth, justice and the___________.  The answer was The American Way but she didn't get it so she was OUT.  She flicked everyone off for making fun of her for not knowing it.
Bobby - Farrah Fawcett, Kate Jackson and ____________.  The answer was Jacqueline Smith and he got it!
Rosie - Janet Wood, Chrissy Snow and _________.  The answer was Jack Tripper but she couldn't guess it so she was out!   

So, it was down to just Pete and Bobby!

Pete - Germany, Japan and _________.  The answer was Italy and he got it correct!  (These were the Axes of power in WWII)
Bobby - Kelly Rowland, Michele Williams and _______.  The answer was Beyonce but Bobby only got it because Rosie started singing All the Single Ladies.  So, he was still in, only because Rosie didn't want Pete to win again. 

Pete - Charlotte, Emily and ________.  The answer was Ann from the Bronte Sisters and he only got it because he googled it!

Rosie declared that both Bobby and Pete lost because they were disqualified.

Rosie said that since they were both DQed Janette, Jeannie and Rosie had the opportunity to steal. 

Purgatorio, Paradiso and _________.  Everyone yelled out Dante's Inferno and the answer was Inferno so there was no winner for the first time.

Rosie told listeners to have a good day and closed the show.  

and that's what you missed-kw


  1. Man - I so want to give up sugar. i know it's my downfall and yet i still eat it. i gave up diet coke 2 1/2 years ago. i used to ALWAYS have it. first thing in the morning - and about 4 a day. now i'm hooked on iced tea (unsweetened).....

  2. I love food and diet talk!..I should have tried to call in but then it would have taken up to much of their time...Not sure if a certain someone is reading the blog but I would love it if a certain someone can have Jillian Michaels on the show! ( huge fan and I know many are as well)..She's got a great book out called Master your Metabolism..A def eye opener about food etc...Her passion to help people have healthier lives is amazing.

    Just the word DIET causes me to stress and eat..And who ever came up with the idea of those 100 Calorie snacks/cookies and everything..Let me just say 1 thing..They should be called 500 calorie snacks..( enough said).

    Alright , I think I talked about food enough. You see what happens.

    Ps..My word verification was " cously"...Freaks me out because I'm eating couscous couscous right now!! And it's all over my keyboard..lol ugh.

  3. the thought of giving up sugar makes me so very sad.

    i must go eat cake now.

    thanks, kw! xo

  4. I wonder why more people don't comment here - I just want to say thanks for this blog. I couldn't catch the show today and am so appreciative that this blog is here. Thanks again.

  5. I have a book to share:

    "Everything You Always Wanted
    To Know About Nutrtion" by David Reuben, MD

    He speaks realistically about sugar and white flour and shares the chemical composition of both white sugar and cocaine, LOOK >

    WHITE SUGAR C12 H22 O11

    COCAINE C17 H21 NO4

    "For all practical purposes, the difference is that sugar is missing the 'N' or Nitrogen atom."
    found on page 167

    I had low blood sugar as a teen and reading this book really helped my awareness of how hard sugar is on our bodies.
    Thanks for letting me share this with you all, luv,mm

  6. Thanks so very much for doing this blog!!!