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Rosie and the crew began the show today talking about the 2-hour episode of America's Got Talent they all watched last night.  They spoke about the specific performers and overall Rosie commented on what a well-done show it is.  She loves how the show allows the viewers to get to know the contestants on a personal level and she also loves the judges!  When talking about the contestants they began to talk about "the strong man" and Rosie said she could really see him working in an act in Vegas.  She then reminisced about the times she used to perform at The Riviera and would have to do 3 shows a day which was exhausting!  No one thought that Gabourey Sidibe's mom did a good job last night. 

Tonight is the premiere of Rosie's episode on Biography!   Tune in at 10pm on the Biography Channel to see it!  I will be hosting a "viewing party" on my Facebook page so if you're watching it live tonight and you'd like to comment come and join me!  HERE is a direct link to the discussion!  Jeannie and Janette are in the special too!  Rosie said she and Jeannie will be watching it in Miami together.  Janette is nervous about the special and about her answers to their questions.  Suzanne Somers is in it too! 

Rosie again said that it seems like there is no one listening sometimes because there is no live audience with radio and she is still  amazed when people come up to her and tell her they listen.  Janette said the first time that Rosie did Howard she thought it was fantastic.  Rosie said that was because she made a deal with herself.  If she was going to go on Howard Stern, she was going to be authentic and answer whatever he asked her. She did admit that there was a time when the conversation leaned towards sex toys that she sort of skirted around the question but beyond that she was totally honest.  

Rosie recently taped an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm and she shared that in the episode, she and Larry David have a crush on the same girl!  She said that the show is primarily Improv and the conversation led toward a little "sex toy talk" and it was awkward because she brought Chelsea along to the taping.  Rosie said she thinks that Larry is "perfect in every way," as a comedian and as a man.  She had the same sentiments for Jeff Garlin.  The staff also loves Susie Essman.  Susie was booked to do the show on Veterans Day last year and the conversation about war and our Veterans was so sad and serious they couldn't find a way to transition into her interview so they had to cancel.  Rosie still feels badly about it and Janette explained that that was the first week of Rosie Radio and they were still getting used to the format.  She said if that would happen today they would "post tape" the interview and air it at a later date.   

Rosie said to tell Shoshana (her assistant as well as a segment producer) that she's not going to Ireland for 2 weeks in a row.  Rosie is going to Ireland to  research her ancestors for an episode of Who Do You Think You Are.  Bobby thinks it's so cool that Rosie's going to Ireland.  Deirdre offered to go with Rosie and said they would have a great time!   Rosie said that her problem with it isn't that she doesn't want to go but that she doesn't want to be away from her kids for 2 whole weeks.  

Brendan talked about the flight from Dulles out west that hit such bad turbulence over the Rocky Mountains that 30 people were hospitalized and they had to make an emergency landing in Denver.  HERE is a link to an article.  Brendan read from the article to everyone's horror.  Bobby was in an airplane that was diverted to a different airport once because the turbulence was so bad and he said he'll never forget it.  He was sitting next to two young boys traveling alone and a woman across from him was screaming, "We're all going to die!" He tried to get the woman to get a hold of herself and joked with the kids that it was like they were on a roller coaster.  Rosie was once on an airplane where the oxygen masks dropped down.  She was on a flight with Lois Smith, a former agent on their way to tape an episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show and the flight turbulence was so bad one of the flight attendants started crying!  Rosie said that if you're afraid on a flight you can usually take a look at the flight attendants and if they're not worried you don't need to be.  She said it freaked her out when she saw the flight attendant crying!  The flight ended up landing two states away from their destination and they had to drive to the taping.  Bobby said that flight attendants are amazing and on his JetBlue flight a man was having chest pains during the turbulence and a flight attendant crawled down the aisle to bring oxygen to a passenger. 

Rosie, Jeannie and Jackie "and all the twerps" are going on Jet Blue to Miami this weekend.  Jeannie is bringing her 2 daughters, Jackie is bringing her two daughters and Rosie is bringing her two daughters plus Blakey.   Rosie didn't know if they would get the seats in the front with the extra leg room but said that when she travels with Tracy and her kids they usually get those because Tracy's kids have special needs.  Rosie joked that she has special needs and needs those seats.  Janette prefers the exit row seats because of the extra space.  Janette said she's okay with taking on the extra responsibility that the seats require and said she'd be good for the job because she's committed to showing no emotion in public.  Janette said she thinks she's going to die in a plane crash every time she flies.  Bobby and Rosie never worry they are going to die in a plane crash.

Deirdre, Janette and Rosie remembered the time they filmed The Rosie O'Donnell Show in L.A. for five weeks during El Nino.  Rosie said it rained everyday they were out there.  When they were there Rosie got in Deirdre's face and said "WE ARE NEVER DOING THIS AGAIN!"  It was only the second year of the show and Rosie stayed at Dan Akroyd's house.  One day, she couldn't get the gate open and she had to climb over the gate with Parker who was 2 years old at the time and Chelsea who was only a newborn.  Deirdre said that the lobby of the hotel where she was staying flooded!

Rosie said the only thing that worries her about this trip to Miami is that Parker isn't with them.  She said it's fine if they all die together but she doesn't want to only leave one behind.  Janette feels the same way.  She doesn't worry as much if she's flying with Barry because she's okay if they die together but she worries when Barry flies alone because she can't bare the thought of losing him.   Deirdre admitted she gets a little claustrophobic.  Pete grew up on airplanes flying all over the world so he's not afraid.  Janette said her father did everything he could to traumatize her when it comes to flying.  Janette also said a mercenary she once dated said it's harder for a sold out flight to crash so it's better to be on a full plane than an empty one.  

Rosie and the staff talked briefly about how Lindsay Lohan has now entered jail.  Rosie said she feels bad for Lindsay but at the same time she feels as if she's an addict and she needs help.  Bobby said he thinks time in jail will help her.  Rosie asked if anyone could think of any other celebrities that have come through rehab and an arrest successfully and Deirdre listed Robert Downey Junior.  Rosie hopes that Lindsay will use Robert as an inspiration.  Deirdre thinks that she will recover if she removes herself from her parents.  Janette hopes that her therapist in rehab will help her with that.  Deirdre said that Lindsay's mother Dina used to party with Lindsay at the clubs when she was underage!  Rosie said that Dina is from an area close to where Rosie is from and she does not enjoy her.  Rosie said she hopes Lindsay gets her act together. 

Rosie said she's going with her brother Eddie to Ireland and she thinks there is a surprise there for her when she gets there.  Rosie then talked about the dreams she used to have about her mom.  In one of those dreams her mom was back in Ireland still alive.  In another dream her mom had a whole other family and Rosie remembers just trying to get her mom's attention. She asked listeners to call in who have had the same types of dreams about lost parents.  Rosie recommended the book Motherless Daughters: The Legacy of Loss by Hope Edelman for women who lost their mother either by death or abandonment.  Rosie said the first time she had a dream that her mother was still alive she remembers not wanting to wake up.  Rosie and Janette said that death either makes your loved one a saint or super-villainous.  Janette said the reality is that they're probably more somewhere in between.   

Jeannie texted Rosie during the show to alert her to the fact that her mother was listening today and Rosie told a story about Jeannie's dad.  Rosie said she used to do anything to make Jeannie's dad laugh and he was famous for parking in the furthest parking spot when they would go shopping and Rosie would make fun of him for it.  She used to call him "daddy jerky man" and so they started to call Jeannie's mom "mommy jerky woman."  Rosie also said that Jeannie's mom had a really fat dog that they called "piggy dog."  Rosie said she used to love to go to Jeannie's house because they always had the fudge striped cookies.  Rosie still remembers Jeannie and Jackie's phone numbers from their childhoods and listed the numbers on air!  Then she felt badly because she wasn't sure if Jeannie's mom still had the same phone number!

Rosie said that people need to read the article on Huffington Post about the doctored photo that BP released that was supposed to represent all of the people at BP hard at work.  Turns out it's all FAKE!  She wondered why on Earth we are trusting BP with this cleanup effort?!  She again quietly whispered that Obama needs to seize their assets.  HERE is a link to the article she was referring to. 

Rosie took several calls from listeners who shared their dreams of lost loved ones.  One caller was a faithful listener (much to Rosie's surprise) and has switched over to Rosie Radio from Howard.  She still listens to Howard on his repeats but she listens to Rosie everyday too.  The listener's father died when she was only 7 years old and her younger sister died a year later.  Rosie talked with the caller about how they survived such tragedy and they shared stories of their dreams of their lost family members.  Rosie and the caller agreed that if The Oprah Winfrey Show had been around in the 1970s it would have helped them realize that they were not alone in their grief.

Rosie took another call from a listener who lost a son in a helicopter accident while he was serving in the Navy.  His body was never recovered.  The caller said that adds an extra layer of difficulty because she still feels as if he could show up at anytime.  Her son was only 20 years old when he died and was killed in 1991.  Rosie talked with the caller about how the loss can actually be harder when there's no closure by burying the body of your lost loved one.  The caller thought it was harder and said that her family has a gravestone  to visit but it brings her no comfort because he isn't there, he's in the ocean. Rosie thanked the listener for calling in and for her son's service to our country.   

Rosie told the very touching story about when she and her sister were brought up to say goodbye to her mother at her mother's wake.  She said that everyone in the room started to cry loudly as she and her sister stood at her mother's coffin.  Rosie remembers her sister asking if their mommy was sleeping and then they were picked up, put in back of the old Buick and taken home.  It was thought that it would be too upsetting for them to go to the funeral.  Rosie said that if she had never actually seen her mother's body it may have been even more difficult for her to accept the fact that she's never coming back.  She emphasized greatly with the last caller.  If you still haven't listened or downloaded the audio book version of Find Me, Rosie tells this story in it.  And if you've never heard it, I highly recommend it.  It will break your heart but at the same time she is so revealing and so honest in it.  It is a must hear for any Rosie fan.  Here is a LINK to download it. 

Lastly, Rosie took a call from a listener whose father died when she was 15 years old who still dreams about him.  She said in all her dreams she is angry at him and he is really horrible to her.  Rosie said in her dreams her mom is always unreachable.  The caller now has children in her teens and she and Rosie commiserated. 

Rosie said that she's doing a good job in her attempt to eat less sugar.  For example, last night she only had 2 chocolate chip cookies when normally she would have had more.  She said if it isn't sugar, it's pretzels that get her.  Rosie described a product called Unique Pretzels that she tried this weekend.  She really enjoyed them!  Pete looked them up and said they were 110 calories for only 3 of them.  Shoshana told Rosie about the new Pretzel M&Ms!  Rosie said that her journey to eating less sugar is "an evolution, not a revolution" and said there would be a transition process.  Bobby recommended Rosie try honey in her tea instead of sugar.   

Janette went to her nutritionist yesterday and asked him about belly fat and if it's always related to cortisol.  The nutritionist said yes.  He explained that when your cortisol goes up, your insulin goes up and then there is a crash.  When your blood sugar crashes you crave sugar.  The more sugar you have eaten the more your blood sugar will crash and the more sugar you will crave.  He said that belly fat effects Estrogen, your serotonin levels and your thyroid levels.  He said that is why depressed people crave sugar.  Rosie wanted to know how you reduce cortisol.  Janette said exercise and her supplements have helped her.  Bobby also said that mediation, music therapy, massage, sex, laughing, Vitamin C, Black Tea and makeup reduces the cortisol level. Janette said that she's learned that her cortisol goes up at night.  Rosie said that means her stress level increases at night and they said they would talk about why that is during the commercial break.  Janette said that the worst things that have happened to her in her life have happened to her during the day.  Janette also has struggled with insomnia in the past and said she once didn't sleep for two months.  Rosie said she never has problems sleeping. 

Rosie said that she has always let her kids sleep in the bed with her. Rosie never had a problem with it but Kelli couldn't sleep at all with the kids in bed with them.   Pete said he is the same way and can't sleep when the kids are in bed with them.   Pete's kids move around a lot and kick him when they sleep in their bed and he said that it interferes with his sleep and he's constantly up at night.  He said if his wife isn't sleeping then he's not sleeping either.  Pete said his wife will wake him up and tell him to get the kids to either stop kicking or to put them back in their beds.  He said that he will move them but they always come back. 

Rosie said she had a huge bed and her kids can make borders with their Linda Dano pillows that no one is allowed to cross.  She said there is plenty of room for them to sleep with her.

Barbara, Pete's wife, texted Pete and told Rosie to "suck it."  Rosie told Barbara to "suck it back, Barbara." And then she said "In fact, if you had sucked it, you wouldn't be pregnant!"  Good one!

Rosie then took several callers on the sleeping topic.  One caller wanted to spend as much time as possible with their youngest so they allowed him to sleep with them but now she wishes they wouldn't have ever started it.  One caller was from Rosie's hometown and still allows her teenage sons to sleep with her.  Rosie talked to the caller for a bit and discovered that the caller had been married to a man for 11 years and then left her husband when she fell in love with a woman.  Rosie asked the caller lots of questions about what that is like for her kids and for her Ex.  She said that they have a very functional dysfunctional family and somehow it all works out.  Rosie said that she's always wondered if it's harder for kids when their parents come out later in life. 

UPDATE!!!  Want to listen to this interview?  Click HERE to download it! 
Rosie then introduced Sarah Symons who is the founder of MadeBySurvivors.org.  Rosie asked Sarah how she came up with the idea of this charity and Sarah told her story.  Instead of trying to recapture Sarah's story here go to her website and read her story in her own words.  It's moving and she does a much better job explaining it than I would here.  Here is a direct link. 

Basically after seeing a film about children and women being sold into the sex slave industry Sarah was inspired to help. 

Rosie asked Sarah how these children are put into slavery and Sarah said that it happens in a variety of ways.  She said that most are impoverished and sometimes they have lost their parents, are living in war or their parents are tricked and told it will be a better life. 

Sarah went to Nepal to visit the organization from the movie she had seen and she was able to meet some of the survivors and was blown away.  She asked the director what she could do to help and the director said they need help getting reintegrated into society.  She also said they need to make them slavery proof and the way to do that was through education and getting jobs.  Sarah wondered how they could employ the girls and then saw a room piled high with beaded crafts they had made.  Sarah was determined to find a market for their crafts in the U.S. and use the sales to help them.

Sarah and Rosie talked about how sex trafficking is happening all over the world and even in the United States.  She said that children are sold into commercial sex - both prostitution and porn videos. 

Rosie couldn't imagine how Sarah was able to function after hearing the stories she has heard doing her work.  Sarah said she has three choices.  She said she could make herself sick and dwell on it, she could turn away or she could choose love and be the light in the darkness.  Sarah said that the girls look up to her with so much love, recovery and courage and if she has anything to do with their recovery from what they have been through, that makes it worth it.

Sarah said that her kids and her husband are also involved now.  Her husband left a very high powered job to help with the operational aspects of the organization.  He was then sucked in to the beauty that was being created through their work.  She said for three years they made nothing and invested all their savings into growing their non-profit. 

Sarah said that there are lots of ways people can help and it is all on their website.  One of the ways is to agree to host a party and share facts but some hopeful stories too.  Then share the crafts with people and tell people how they can help and how they can make donations.  Sarah said that her organization raises about a half million dollars a year with the products that they've sold. 

Sarah told Rosie stories of two women who have been inspirational to her.  One of the women was featured in the film The Day My God Died that had been Sarah's original inspiration for her non-profit.  To see that documentary go to  Thedaymygoddied.com and order a copy of it. 
Rosie admitted that the problems of the world often overwhelms her which is why she mainly concerns herself with the problems of the U.S.  
Sarah told Rosie the story of Anita who was trafficked at age 12.  She was drugged and woke up in a brothel in where she will tell you she never really came back from.  She was sexually abused, malnourished and some of the girls are even forced to have abortions.  There was no means of escape and if you tried you would surely be killed.  She was rescued in a raid and has since recovered.  She is now educated and works at a border station stopping cars looking for girls who seem like they too might be a victim of sex trafficking.  She's no longer a victim, now she's an activist.  

The second story Sarah told Rosie was about a girl named Pushpa from Bangladesh.  Her parents couldn't care for her so they married her when she was 10 or 11 years old.  She moved to the city with her husband in India and her landlord trafficked her.  She has since recovered and is now working and making her own money selling her crafts.  She shares her story with other women that are rescued and tells them that this is not the end, it is only the beginning.  She is full of pride and hope now. 

Rosie was truly humbled by Sarah's internal fortitude and how she faces injustices one on one like she does. 

Rosie asked how people can help.  Sarah said the easiest way people can help is by visiting their website.  The second way to help is by remembering the girls and joining their mailing list and facebook page.  Sarah explained that every penny they raise goes to the girls because they have an operational grant that runs the program. 

Sarah said you can also sponsor a child and send them to school for only $30-$45 a month!  Deirdre, Janette and Rosie all did it!  Sarah said it will change the girl's lives forever.

Sarah said they just rescued 50 children out of a quarry during hard labor, some as young as 3 and 4.  Rosie said she would sponsor a child but she needs to be sure not to tell her too many horrible things about the girl or she's going to have to fly over and take one.  Sarah jokes with Rosie about adopting one more and Rosie said she already has 10 children and many with special needs!  And Rosie's pretty sure she has special needs of her own! 

Sarah ended the interview with Rosie simply saying that the beauty is greater than the evil that was done to these girls.  Rosie called Sarah a superhero and thanked her for the interview. 

Visit Made By Survivors website HERE!
And follow them on Facebook HERE for updates!
And follow them on Twitter HERE!

The staff sang Happy Birthday to Sarah (since it was her birthday) and Sarah joked that they were "putting the FUN back in Fundamental Human Rights."  Rosie loved that saying and thought it should be a t-shirt slogan.

Rosie then said there is a guy on the Howard Stern Show named Mikey who does song parodies and he put together a song for Rosie.  The song was to the tune Jessie's Girl and all the lyrics were changed.  The chorus of the song is "I wish that I was Rosie's girl. I wish that I was Rosie's girl.  I need to find a way to grow a snatch" (instead of how do I find a woman like that!).  Rosie laughed hysterically and closed the show.   

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  1. Great recap, Kelly! Today was a fantastic show. Loved the "Rosie's Girl" song. Sarah Symons....Wow. Incredible woman. Incredible interview. Rosie knocked it out of the ballpark again. Bio-Channel is featuring Ashton Kutcher tonight instead of Rosie's Bio here in Ontario. RATS!!!
    Alison aka Alderella

  2. "Janette also said a mercenary she once dated said it's harder for a sold out flight to crash so it's better to be on a full plane than an empty one."

    I lol-ed. Is that really true of was she pulling a funny?

  3. Rosie's Bio aired at 7pm in the Bay Area. It was fantastic!! I hope her fans saw it. Thanks for letting us know, Kelly!! Love, Jessica

  4. I wish Rosie would finally understand how many people, especially women, she touches each day - hitting different needs, thoughts, concerns, validations, for everyone. Whenever I hear anything negative about Rosie, I always say - listen for one week and then talk to me. She needs to know how special and honest she is and how she, and her topics, help people.