In case you missed it...

Janette "sang" the introduction theme song (but I'm pretty sure she's tone deaf).  Jeannie announced that she has a new addition to her family!  She adopted a 20-pound cat that was abandoned at her vet's office.  She said her new cat is between 3 and 5 years old and he's fat and lazy and Jeannie's soul-mate.  He loves to be held and cuddled and will roll over like a dog when you pet his belly.  The cat's name is Coby and Jeannie sounded very excited about her new addition.  She has a dog too but they are getting along pretty well!  Janette got her hairless cat Bismark as a kitten (a gift from Rosie) but she got her cats Beastly and Whitey Brown as adult cats.  They had to be separated by a child gate for 2 years before she could let them be in the same room together. 

Rosie and her girlfriend Tracy each have two dogs and at night when Rosie goes to spend the night at Tracy's she brings along her Chihuahua, Missy.  Tracy's big Dalmatian-mix has killed small animals and Rosie is afraid to set Missy down when she's over there.  She wondered how she could assimilate the two dogs so she could feel comfortable. Janette said that cats get along better with dogs than they do other cats.  Jeannie had cats growing up and loves them.  She said she's found that most people who say they are not cat people have never owned or experienced a cat.  Rosie found a kitten in a pine tree near her house and Tracy climbed the tree and saved it!   

Rosie and Tracy got into an argument, she has lawn people who spray her grass with chemicals and the pets and the kids can't go on the lawn for 24 hours.  Tracy can't believe Rosie's allowing someone to put poison on the Earth where her kids and animals play.  Janette AGREED!  Janette said that she read that people in wealthier neighborhoods have higher cancer rates because they can afford to spray those chemicals on their lawns and in their homes. Now Janette even uses the green cleaning supplies because pet psychic Sonya Fitzpatrick told her to. 

Rosie said that they have a big problem at the house because two of their chickens are roosters and have begun cock-a-doodle-dooing.  Pete and Shoshana have heard them.  Janette asked if they can remove their vocal chords to make them silent so they don't have to get rid of them.  Pete offered to eat them for her.  Tracy  is so sad that they have to give them away.  It's Blake's chicken so Rosie's going to have to break the news to him.   

Janette said that lots of the people who are losing their homes because of the economy are also having to give up their pets.  She said that might have been the case with Jeannie's new cat and they talked about how horrible it would be to have to give up your beloved animals. 

Rosie asked the staff if they preferred baths or showers.  Rosie takes only baths.  Janette doesn't take baths ever because she hates sitting in water and it makes her feel like a carrot in her own stew.  Shoshana read one person in six can't remember the last time they took a bath.  Rosie doesn't ever take a shower unless she's in a rush. A bath is an event for Jeannie.  She needs candles, her laptop a glass of wine. It's a relaxation experience for her.

Janette said she likes the ocean but gets very motion sick and can get sick just being in the water.  Barry had to drag her back to shore once when they were scuba diving.  Shoshana once almost threw up from motion sickness when she was scuba diving and then couldn't walk for 45 minutes afterward.  Shoshana didn't understand snorkeling in general and why you wouldn't just wear goggles.  She didn't understand if you were just a few inches under the water why you would need a snorkel.  Brendan and Pete said it's so that you don't disturb the fish down below.  Rosie said that at her dock in Miami, at certain times of day, it's like being in an aquarium. 

Janette then began the Either/Or game.  The question was, which do you prefer?
Red or White wine? Rosie neither, red if she had to.  Jeannie likes red, specifically Cabernet.  Shoshana and Pete said neither.   Janette said red in the summer and white in the winter.  Janette said she learned from The Wine Coach to take a sip of wine followed by a bite of goat cheese followed by a sip of wine and it changes the whole wine experience. 

Would you rather be killed by a person or by an animal?  Pete said he'd rather be killed by an animal because he could fight back and feel like Grizzly Adams for a minute. Janette said she would rather be killed by a  human because she would never expect it from an animal but she would expect it from a human.  She loves animals too much.  Rosie didn't like the question.

Pajamas or comfy clothes to sleep in?  Rosie lives in both she said.  Rosie has a long nightshirt that is 3 sizes too big that she sleeps in.  Jeannie prefers pajamas.  Shoshana prefers boxers and a t-shirt because if she wears a nightgown she will wake up and it will be at her chest or all twisted up.  Pete prefers his underwear.  Janette only sleeps in nightgowns. Janette wears a long white cotton nightgown and said she can't sleep with anything touching her waist (like the waistband of pajamas).  It doesn't have to be white but she prefers a nightgown.

Mud leaches or amoebas?  Pete had a large problem with leeches because they once lived in the jungle so he prefers amoebas.  But then he mentioned amoebic dysentery so he wasn't sure.  No one else answered the question. 

Cupcakes or muffins?  Everyone said cupcakes except for Shoshana and Janette.  Rosie said she can't have either because she's going sugar free now.
A tram through the Alps or a canoe in the Amazon?  Rosie said a tram so she could sit and not have so many bugs around her.   

Tuna noodle casserole or mac and cheese?  Rosie said Tuna Noodle Casserole and said she has a great recipe for it, her mom's.  When Rosie was sick with her staph infection and afraid to eat anything her brother made her 30 individual sized portions of tuna noodle casserole for her.

Rosie asked to play this game again but next time with better questions. 

McDonald's or Burger King?  Pete said Wendy's!  Jeannie and Rosie said McDonald's.  Janette said that Burger King has some chicken strips that aren't fried that are only 4 weight watchers points so if you have  to eat fast food she recommends Burger King.  Although Janette never eats fast food. 

Rosie then introduced a previously recorded "WordPass" game that was in the same fashion as the old Password game (but the name was changed for legal purposes). It was a head to head match between Rosie and Jeannie vs. Jim Breuer and Pete Corelli.  You can catch the unedited version of the game on Raw Dog Comedy on Sirius on Channel 104 and XM 150 at 1pm and 5pm ET on July 22nd! 

(Before the game began there was a lot of berating of Lou who works for both Rosie and Jim.)

Here's a clip from the game! 

Rosie and the staff then discussed the 5 second rule for dropped food.  Janette read a study that said that they found that salmonella and other dangerous bacteria can live on dry surfaces for weeks so that nothing you really drop on the ground is ever safe.  If you drop it, it's immediately contaminated.  Janette said that she also learned that in terms of bacteria there is less on a sidewalk then on your kitchen floor.  Bobby said if food hits the ground he never eats it.  Janette said that she goes by the saying that we will all eat a peck of dirt before we die.  Jeannie doesn't see anything wrong with it and believes that germs boost your immune system.  She said that by her third child she was totally okay with her son eating things off of the floor.

Rosie said she and her family went to Five Guys Burgers and then went to Carvel's for ice cream afterward.  Rosie has a "free Carvel ice cream for the rest of her life card" but she never feels comfortable using it.  Pete said you have to be really awesome to get that card.  Rosie said that Dinah Lohan tried to use her card over and over again and they asked her to stop coming.  Rosie never uses it because she thinks it's embarrassing to take it out and ask for free stuff when you can afford it. 

On the way back from Carvel's, Blake found a candy on the road and by the time she was able to scream "no!" it was already in his mouth!  Janette actually got Pete to dry heave by telling him about the time she drank a roach in her low calorie Ovaltine. Jeannie's girlfriend thought she had a coffee bean in her coffee and it was a roach!  Janette once drank snake tea and one time she was eating cereal and after two bowlfuls she noticed worms in the bowl!  She called poison control they said it wasn't a problem and told her that all cereal has bug eggs in it and if it stays too long on the shelf too they will hatch.  They told her to consider it protein.  Pete read the guidelines for processed food once and was surprised to see that fecal matter is acceptable under certain limitations.

Pete's parents were working in Guiana in the 1970s and there was no food in the country so they had to get their food from the Embassy.  By the time you got your food it was months old and covered in "stuff."  He said they would get cream of onion condensed soup and mix it with the rice after it was boiled they would just tell themselves that whatever crunchy stuff they ate was just an onion.  Pete's brother was born in Guiana and they raised him with basically no food available.  When his brother was born they had to send a telegram to let people know because there were also no phones there.  Janette wants to go to Guiana because she read how there are so few people there. Pete said that that is because the drug cartels have killed them all off.   

Janette once got a black cherry soda with a shoestring in the bottom of it and got a free case of soda because of it!  Rosie's brother Eddie bit into the candy once that had larva inside and they got coupons for free boxes of candy and they were so excited!  Rosie said when she watches the show Survivor she thinks she would definitely lose because she wouldn't be able to eat any of the gross bugs and things.

Rosie asked if anyone had been watching Wipe Out and talked about it.  She and her youngest son Blakey watch it and they can't believe anyone would ever do it!  Rosie watches that show and is sure someone's going to die. 

Jeannie talked about the time she ate raisins that had ants in the box and about the time that she dated a guy who killed things for them to eat.  Bobby told the story about the time he thought he had a ham sandwich and it turned out to be tongue.  Janette said she likes to order the weirdest things on the menu like buffalo, alligator, ostrich, etc.  She said there's a farmer's market in Union Square that sells ostrich eggs and she's been wanting to try them. 

Rosie watched the documentary that Janette had given her called Win or Lose and she really liked it!   Janette said that the man who made the documentary helped her do the editing on her Rwanda Videos for free so she agreed to watch her documentary and she really liked it too.  Rosie thinks it would be great on Teen Nick.  She said the documentary is all about camp and the kids who have gone to the camp and what happens during collegiate week.  She said it's well done, short and entertaining. Rosie didn't go to camp and it effects what she thinks camp is.  You can go to WinorLoseMovie.com to purchase yourself a copy of the movie! 

The conversation on camp then led to a conversation about children leaving for college.  Janette said that college is was like a half-way-house to help you learn to be out on your own.  She said her father was overprotective and she didn't really know how to do anything by herself when she graduated from high school.  She said that college helped her practice her independence before she had to go out and do the real thing.  Rosie only went to college for three semesters and she didn't like it.  She didn't figure out that she could take late classes that began at noon until later on so she missed many of her early morning classes.  She admitted she had no discipline at the time.  This she said is another reason she should keep Parker at the sleep away camp that is his preparation for high school that he is currently attending.  Parker is half way done with the camp and is doing really well but is begging her to come home.  He said he is lonely and bored. Janette doesn't think that being lonely and bored is so bad and thinks that can be valuable sometimes.  Rosie said that his favorite comedian Gabriel Iglesias is playing at the Borgata soon and she's been thinking she wants to break him out to go see him together.

Jeannie and Janette thought that it's better for him to learn he needs to finish what he's started.  And Janette said that he needs to learn that life is not always fun, that we can learn things from times that are not fun too. 

Jeannie had to send her daughter to a camp for discipline issues and said she got many phone-calls and emails saying, "Come get me and how could you have done this to me?"  She said it was heart-wrenching and even though her case was for a different reason, Rosie is going to set a bad example for him if she lets him leave.  He's going to learn that quitting is always an option.

Rosie admitted that she wants to bail him out partly because she misses him.  Jeannie said that she is the same way with sports.  If her kids join a team she makes them finish even if they hate it.  She tells them that they've made a commitment and they need to follow through.   Janette said that in life, if you stay through the rough time, you will usually look back and say it was all worth it.  She said that Rosie would be depriving him of that experience.  Pete said every morning his daughter cries that she doesn't want to go to summer camp but everyday that he picks her up afterward she's had the best time. 

GAME - Before and After 
It was time for another round of Before and After.  And this time, in the second round, to make things even more difficult it was going to be Before, DURING, and After!  Pete was so cocky he didn't think he had to do the first round at all but Rosie made him.  

1. Bobby - The 2004 Hillary Swank movie that she won Oscar for and the 1992 hip hop song by Sir Mix A Lot. (see answers below)  He didn't guess it so he was out.  Rosie felt badly and gave him another shot because it wasn't people's names this time and he didn't know that. 
2. Bobby - The Narrator of Everybody Hates Chris and the Music Video Game by Harmonics Systems.  He didn't get it so he was officially out. 
3. Rosie - The 1991 Clint Eastwood movie and JK Rowlings magical protagonist. She got it!
4. Pete - The 1851 novel by Herman Melville and 46th Vice President of the United States.  He got it!
5. Janette - The symbol of Judaism and English footballer playing for the L.A. Galaxy. She got it!
6. Jeannie - The 1959 animated Disney movie and the 1991 animated Disney movie that became a Broadway show.  She was OUT.

7. Rosie - The 2007 Cohen Brothers film with Tommy Lees Jones and the 1997 film with Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith.  She was OUT!

ROUND THREE - 3 names
8. Pete - The lead singer of The Culture Club who became the first President of the U.S. after writing Sleepy Hollow.  He got it. 
9. Janette - Robin hood's love interest who was twice elected mayor of Washington D.C. and arrested for cocaine possession and gained fame with the songs Mandy and "I write the songs."  She got it.

10.  Pete - The actor in The Jerk whose actively participated in civil rights movement who won a Grammy for Dance With My Father in 2004.  He got it!
11. Janette - The comedian arrested for obscenity, batman's alter ego and the hockey player who became the all time scorer.  SHE GOT IT!!!

12. Pete - The founder of the weight loss company who played the title character in Coach and the bully of Springfield known for his laugh.  He was OUT!
13.  Janette - The Chinese Kung Fu actor known for the Dirty Dozen and whose hits include "I heard it through the grapevine."

Janette WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Janette called it a shocking miracle.  She felt good because she really got the last one on her own without cheating!

1. Million Dollar Baby Got Back 2. Chris Rock Band 3. Dirty Harry Potter  4. Moby Dick Cheney 5. Star of David Beckham 6. Sleeping Beauty and the Beast 7. No Country for Old Men In Black 8. Boy George Washington Erving 9. Maid Marion Barry Manliow 10. Steve Martin Luther Vandross 11. Lenny Bruce Wayne Gretsky. 12. Jenny Craig T. Nelson Munce 13. Bruce Lee Marvin Gay 

Rosie closed the show announcing that tomorrow's show will be a "Best of" because she and Jeannie and Jackie will be in Miami eating Jeannie's Heathbar Cake! 

and that's what you missed -kw


  1. Wow, Great recap. There are things I didn't even remember and I listened to the show. Of course, I was playing Farmville while listening. I have got to stop that addictive game. Remember, I have House Rules if you are brave enough to read it. I would be happy to mail it to you. And you could pass it on to someone else. My heart just went out to the Mom and the son.

  2. I loved the show today so much I thought I'd have a listen to the replay of the 'wordpass' game. Unfortunately I tuned into 'Road Dog Trucker' and was subject to five minutes of reactionary Fox-News-loving dialogue before I realized my mistake and quickly switched over to the correct channel, 'Raw Dog Comedy'! (note: not the same "dogs" all, these two channels).

    And thanks as always for your recap - just one correction: Pete's parents worked in Ghana (Africa) (which, as Rosie & Co. noted, is not Guyana - the South American country where Jim Jones and his followers died, and which was formerly known as British Guiana).

  3. Veroncia, your comment about the wrong Raw Dog Channel made me laugh! I would have been the same way.

    Yeah, the part about Ghana vs. Guyana confused me in general when I was listening. And sometimes my notes get 15 seconds behind and I confuse the details. Thanks for clarifying!

    Since I've been working for Rosie I've gotten lots of emails from bloggers regarding grammar and spelling tools I should be using. Maybe I need some sorthand lessons too! lol!

    Candy, I think I'm nervous to read that book. It's sad at the end right? I usually can't read sad or depressing stories. I once read Alicia (a story about the holocaust) and I couldn't get it out of my head for weeks.