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Janette sang the introduction today!  Jeannie, Rosie, and Jackie and their daughters (plus Blake) all went to Miami this weekend.  Jeannie said it was paradise but they're exhausted because they didn't get home until 11pm last night.  Rosie weighed herself this morning and is sure that she gained 12-14 pounds over the weekend.  Jeannie said she is at least 5 pounds heavier.  They talked about a fantastic steak dinner they had at Red that might have something to do with the rapid weight gain and the sweets that they ate.  Rosie said they flew JetBlue on their way down to Miami and she felt squished in between Jeannie and Blake.  Everyone in the studio was telling her how great she looked and Rosie couldn't believe that anyone wasn't saying, "You're fatter than normal and we can tell!"  She said they're all in fatty denial. 

Rosie said she's back on her "no sugar diet" because she said her weekend was an epic failure.  She convinced herself that they were on vacation so she allowed herself to go off of her plan of eating less sugar.  Rosie remembered the time her pal, Natasha Lyonne, came to visit her house in Miami and couldn't believe Rosie could live in a house with all that bad food in it!  Janette had 6 pretzel M&M's this weekend and then remembered she was supposed to be adhering to the no sugar rule. 

Rosie briefly mentioned to Pete that they saw the news-story about the man that robbed the bank in Long Island dressed as Darth Vader and they were convinced it was Pete! 

Rosie said she even hears wheezing now when she lies down and she's convinced it's because she's fat.  Janette told Rosie she really needs to exercise and that since she's been exercising she's felt so much better!  Janette read that if you sit for more than 6 hours a day you go to an early grave.  She said that sitting suppresses hormones which could trigger heart disease.  Rosie used to do pilates but she doesn't anymore and she has practically no energy these days.

Rosie is also convinced she has flesh eating bacteria.  Rosie said that after swimming in Miami a spot on her ankle started to itch and ooze.  The next morning she also had an itchy spot on her finger.  Pete recommended she go to the doctor.  Deirdre said to wait a few days to see if it gets better on its own.  Rosie said she doesn't want to go to the doctor because she's afraid of getting weighed.  Janette said that she thought it could be Candida.  She said that both her sister and her boyfriend, Barry, have had it.  She told Rosie to spit into a glass of water in the morning (before she brushes her teeth) and if the spit "grows long legs" then it could be Candida.  She said that they both took antibiotics for a month to get rid of it.  Janette said that many of Rosie's symptoms sound like the symptoms that they had when they had Candida.

Jeannie said that everyone, including her 18 year old daughter, Toni, who she has had a trying time with this year, had a great time in Miami this weekend!  Jeannie said that Toni likes to present herself as hard and edgy and she appreciates Rosie because she doesn't judge her for that.  Rosie said there was a big scandal because Blake (Rosie's youngest son) saw Toni smoking!  Blake told Vivi (Rosie's youngest daughter) who then ran and told Rosie.  Vivi asked Toni about her smoking in front of her younger sister Cami (who is 9) who didn't know that her older sister smokes.  Cami was so upset about this that she flicked Toni off for it!   Toni then had to explain to all the younger kids that smoking is a bad habit that it is very hard to stop once you start.  Then Cami felt really badly that she flicked her sister off in front of everyone. 

Jeannie got a tattoo this weekend!!  Rosie took Jeannie to Miami Ink treated her and her oldest daughter to mother/daughter tattoos!  Jeannie got a dragonfly with a banner around it with her father's initials tattooed on the top of her foot.  Typically, this is a very painful area to get a tattoo but Jeannie said it was nothing compared to childbirth.  It was her daughter's 5th tattoo and Jeannie's first. 

(During the conversation Rosie's eldest daughter Chelsea walked in gave her mom a hug and Rosie chatted with her for a minute.)

Rosie said she seriously needs to cut out sugar and she's now promised Vivi she's going to cut out alcohol.  This weekend Vivi reminded Rosie of the time when she didn't drink beer for a year and now Vivi wants her to do it again with all alcohol.  She asked her if she could do it until her birthday.  Rosie made a deal with her that she would.

Rosie also said she's trying to do the same with sugar but this weekend she failed.  Janette said that the more healthy food you eat the more healthy food you will crave.  Rosie said that her girlfriend is totally willing to help her too and made her a really healthy breakfast. 

Rosie was reading comments from bloggers who were guessing what her skin issue was. 

Rosie then introduced Alexandra Pelosi who recently made a documentary entitled Homeless: The Motel Kids of Orange County which premieres tonight on HBO!     Rosie said the documentary was shocking but she hoped everyone would see it.  Alex was supposed to stop by the Miami house this weekend but HBO called her to do press for the new documentary that premieres tonight.  She said that traditionally media doesn't want to cover homeless children but that they've been very interested in her film.  Rosie said the film was jarring but in the best way.

Alexandra said that the topic of homelessness is very controversial and that every organization has its own definition of what constitutes homelessness.  The statistics are hard to nail down because of this but Alexandra said that it is estimated that 1-50 kids in America are homeless.  There are 30,000 homeless kids in Orange County alone, one of the richest places in the world.  And the children that live in the motel that she did the documentary about, aren't even counted as homeless because they live in a motel and aren't on the streets. 

Alexandra and Rosie talked about the film and some of the details from it.  They also talked about Alexandra's other films including the Trials of Ted Haggard.  You can learn all about Alexandra's films on her website HERE!

Alexandra was a news producer at NBC for 10 years.  One day they were asking for someone (who didn't have a life) to go on the road with the Bush campaign for a year.  While she was on the road she started filming.  After the year was over she edited the film and sent it to HBO.  Sheila Nevins aired her documentary and asked her to do more for them so she quit her job and started making films for HBO full-time! 

Rosie asked Alexandra about her mom Nancy Pelosi, who is Speaker of the House.  Alexandra said it used to be cool to have Nancy as a mom, back when everyone liked government for a minute and there was more hope with the Obama campaign.  She said that now everyone is back to hating government and thinking nothing will get better.  Alexandra said that she now has to ask people not to hold the fact that her mom is Speaker against her.  Rosie blames the backlash to her mom on the oil spill and Alexandra blames Republicans for ruining her mother's name.  Alexandra is the youngest of 5 children and now has 2 kids of her own.  She brought her kids with her for the filming of this latest documentary but then decided that it was too dangerous and sent them to her mom's house for the summer.  Rosie really enjoys Nancy Pelosi and made sure that Alexandra knew that. 

Rosie asked Alexandra if she had seen Rachel Maddow's response to Bill O'Reilly that she recently posted on her website and they talked about how they both love Rachel.

Rosie asked Alexandra what her next documentary will be and she explained how she came up with the idea.  Alexandra's husband is Dutch and recently became an American citizen.  She said she asked people at the ceremony on Ellis Island, why they wanted to come to America.  She said she got fantastic answers to that question and it inspired her to do her next film.  In the film she travels to all 50 states to meet and interview new Americans and why they wanted to come to America.  She also interviewed famous immigrants like Gene Simmons, Henry Kissinger, Diane Von Furstenberg, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Madeleine Albright. 

Rosie recommended that all her listeners watch Alexandra's documentary that premieres tonight on HBO!

Homeless: The Motel Kids of Orange County (trailer)

Rosie took several calls to talk about her mysterious skin condition.  The guesses ranged from Eczema, Candida, Staph Infection, Poison Ivy/Oak/Sumac, Ring Worm, or a Diabetic related sore.  One caller, who was sure it was Candida, said that Rosie should start a cleanse to get rid of all the yeast in her body.  One caller bashed conventional doctors (a little) which made Jeannie speak in defense of doctors because her brother is a doctor and one of the most hard-working ethical people she knows.  Janette maintained that Rosie needs to institute an exercise program and that that will make her feel better.  Janette has lost 8 pounds since they came on the air and has also gained 5 pounds of muscle and lost 3 pounds of fat.  She really enjoys going to see her nutritionist and said that it's helping keep her on track.  She's also exercising 3 or 4 times a week.  When discussing her skin issue Rosie posted pictures of her sores on her blog and told listeners to go and look at the pictures and tell her what they think it could be.  Here is a link to the pictures of her ankle, another picture of her ankle, and a picture of her finger

They briefly discussed the dangers of looking up symptoms online and diagnosing yourself.  Pete said that he has done that and has convinced himself that he has the human version of fainting goat disease.  He said that he has large calves and his legs and feet always hurt.  They then watched the videos of the fainting goats!

Rosie asked if anyone in the studio was watching The Real L Word on Showtime.  No one in the studio was really watching it so Rosie wasn't sure she wanted to discuss it.  Rosie said that she doesn't see the reality in the reality show at all.  Rosie took a few calls from listeners who watch the Real L Word.  One caller who wasn't gay herself thought it wasn't a good representation of lesbians and one caller who was gay loves the show and said it reminded her of when she was younger.  In the end, Rosie said that she misses the original L Word and Bette, Tina and Alice.  I think that she mentioned she will be having the other staff members catch up and discussing it tomorrow!  We will see!  She also wants the staff to catch up on The Jersey Shore so they can begin to discuss that!

Janette talked about an article that she read that discussed the calories in kids meals.  She read from the article and talked about the importance of starting our children off well when we have a society that's getting heavier and heavier.  Janette doesn't eat "crappy food" but she knows she eats too much.  She stressed that how what we eat relates to how we feel and how much energy we have.  Jeannie feels that there are many factors that contribute to childhood obesity including kids not playing outside as much anymore and portion sizes increasing and that we need to be careful not to isolate any one factor as the cause. 

Rosie said she's going back to TV in one year and that she is going to use the next year to get her body back into shape.  She said that a man wanted a picture with her at the bowling alley this weekend and that the man almost had to help her get up!  She said she felt like her nana.  Janette said all that Rosie needs to do is eat whole grains, lean protein and lots of fruits and veggies.  Rosie admitted that when she watched Biography special on her career that premiered last week, all she saw was her weight at different points in her life.  She then thanked Jeannie and Janette for doing it and told Janette that she loved her impersonation of Barbara Walters.  Rosie said it made her laugh.

Rosie took a call from a listener who told her to not think of this change as a diet or a negative change but a positive change in her life that will only make her life better.  Rosie ended the call just saying that she is happy that she has a year to make the change.   

Then it was time for a game that Brendan (The Bob Barker of Rosie Radio) said was designed especially for Jeannie.  Brendan read common slogans and the player has to guess the product or service that the slogan belongs to.   

Shosana -"Melts in your mouth, not in your hands." M&Ms and she got it.
Rosie - "I'm loving it."  The answer was McDonald's and she got it. 
Pete - "Mmm, mmm, good."  The answer was Campbell's Soup and he got it.
Janette - "Can you hear me now?"  The answer was Verizon and she got it.
Jeannie - "The quicker, picker, upper."  The answer was Bounty and she got it.

Shoshana - "Think outside the bun."  The answer was Taco Bell and she got it.
Rosie -  They keep going and going and going."  The answer was Energizer and she got it.
Pete - "We bring good things to life."  The answer was GE and he got it.
Janette - "Priceless."  She guessed Kodak but the answer was Mastercard and she was out.
Jeannie - "Good to the last drop."  The answer was Maxwell House and she got it. 

Shoshana - "Zoom, zoom, zoom."  The answer was Mazda and she got it.
Rosie - "Just do it."  The answer was Nike and she got it.
Pete - "Once you pop you just can't stop."  The answer was Pringles but he didn't get it so he was out.
Jeannie - "That was easy."  The answer was Staples and she got it.

Shoshana - "Think different." The answer was Apple Computers but she didn't guess it so she was out. 
Rosie - "Kid tested, mother approved." She didn't know it but the answer was Kix cereal.
Jeannie (for the win!) "See what brown can do for you."  The answer was UPS but she didn't get it!

Rosie -  "The freshmaker."  The answer was Mentos but she didn't know it!
Jeannie - (for the win!) "Expect more, pay less."  She guessed Payless Shoes but the answer was Target!

Rosie - "Come hungry, leave happy."  The answer was IHOP but she didn't get it!
Jeannie - (FOR THE WIN!)  "Eat fresh."  The answer was Subway and after several hints from Rosie she got it!

JEANNIE WINS and Rosie closed the show. 

and that's what you missed -kw


  1. A friend of mine has a skin condition ( which looks nasty) called nummular eczema..Just to be safe her Dr sent her for a Biopsy but reassured her it's not serious ( she will know results this week). ..From the look of the 2nd photo ..Rosie may ( not 100% sure) have this.. http://www.aocd.org/skin/dermatologic_diseases/nummular_eczema.html

  2. so glaD 2 READ THIS
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  3. I made Jeannie's Heath Bar Cake over the weekend. Delicious!!! Thanks so much for posting the recipe.

  4. Hi,

    I read your Rosie Re-Cap blog faithfully. Thanks for your work!
    I found it really interesting about Alexandra Pelosi. Always wondered what she was like. Her Dutch hubby is a political correspondent for our Dutch news. Very fitting being Nancy's son-in-law!
    I did the opposite. Left Miami for Holland and became a Dutch citizen.
    Thanks again for the blog. I love it!