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Rosie and the crew sang the theme song to Rosie Radio with a Jersey accent today in honor of the Jersey Shore episode that they all watched last night!  Rosie said it is her ex-girlfriend Michelle Blakely's birthday today.  Rosie said that Vivi asked her recently if she ever kissed anyone besides Kelli Mommy and Tracy?  Rosie told her yes but decided not to list off everyone she has ever kissed for Viv.

Rosie saw the promo for the new season the The Jersey Shore that premieres this Thursday and asked the other staff members to watch an episode online last night so they could get caught up.  She said she wants to "be hip" and wants everyone to watch it so that they don't miss out on what everyone talking about.  And I just cannot even explain how happy this makes me!  They picked the episode when Snooki gets punched in the face.  Rosie had to explain to her girlfriend last night that she had to watch the Jersey Shore "for work."  Hmm, mmmmm.  Riiiiiight.  You know you just want to get down with the GTL!    Rosie wondered if it was common in college to have sex with other couples having sex in beds in the same room with you (in reference to the episode they watched).  Seen it happen, that's all I'm saying.  Jeannie said it isn't "common" but isn't uncommon either.  James said that one of the guys in the cast is 29 years old and not exactly "college aged."  And they're not all Italian either.  Rosie was surprised that the cast members seemed nicer than she thought they were going to be though she did not think they had a high intelligence level necessarily.  Rosie said the show was more normal than she expected.  And Jeannie thought this was because they grew up on Long Island.  They then discussed the men's bodies and whether or not they've used steroids which James thought they did.

Snooki doing the promos for Season 2!

Rosie went to the Jersey Shore for a week and it looked nothing like the shore that they showed on the series.  James explained that that is because they film the show at Seaside Heights, not Love Ladies where Rosie and Tracy went.  Rosie suggested that they tape Rosie Radio from the Jersey Shore next year during the first week of summer!!!!!  James said that if they're going to do it, they have to do it at Seaside.  Rosie wondered who they could they get to sponsor it?!  The mere thought of spending a week at the beach with the the Rosie Radio staff made Janette start sweating.  Watching it last night made Rosie want to go to Seaside Heights and do the show from there so badly.

Janette said that the character Snooki is her favorite.  Rosie discussed a mean NY Times article written about her and said she would like to interview her.  Rosie wondered if perhaps Snooki won't do the show because she's gotten too famous for her.  Deirdre couldn't believe Rosie suggested that Snooki was too famous for them and said she would book her.  The staff then discussed "the punch heard round the world (of Seaside)" when Snooki was punched in the face by a guy at the bar.  Brendan explained that the only time the punch ever aired was in the promo for the next episode because various women's groups and anti-domestic violence organizations protested the airing.  Here is a link to the video of Snooki getting punched in the face if you're wondering what all the hub bub is about.  I have to admit this is all old news to me because I watch the show religiously.    That's so yesterday's news. 

Rosie asked why Snooki is so popular and asked for listeners to call in.  She took a few callers on the subject and also asked listeners to write into her via AskRo.  One caller suggested that through watching the show viewers grew to love her and are now protective of her.  She said that we can all relate to her because we all have someone in our lives like her.

Rosie and Jeannie talked about the time that they almost got into a rumble at the movie theater and Rosie dropped (and possibly lost?) her varsity jacket.  Rosie also told a story of the time her sister almost got into a fight with someone.  Her friend snuck her out of class with a fake pass and Rosie threatened to fight this girl who had tripped her sister.  The next day the gym teacher had heard about the impending fight and suggested that they arm wrestle in gym that day.  She purposely put Rosie up against the girl she was supposed to fight.  When Rosie won the match she looked at the other girl and said "get the point?"  As in, if you fight Roseann you're going to get your ass kicked!  There was never a fight after that.    Rosie ended the conversation telling listeners that they were going to be watching the show and discussing it. 

Season 2 of The Jersey Shore premieres this Thursday at 10pm!

Deirdre is obsessed with a new show called The Colony.   In The Colony, a new group of volunteers with differing backgrounds, skills and personalities, bear witness to how they would survive and rebuild in a world without electricity, running water, government or outside communication. Over the course of 10 episodes, the colonists must work to utilize and strengthen their exploration, technology and survival skills in ways they've never had to before. [source: Discovery.com]

The Colony premieres tonight at 10pm!

Deirdre said she would do it in a heartbeat!  Rosie recommended the book The Passage to Deirdre and to a listener who called in to discuss it.  In response to the show and to the book that Rosie was talking about Janette said "we're preparing for a world that she doesn't want to live in."   

Rosie said that she is sure that her mysterious skin condition that she has been battling is either Poison Oak or Shingles and said that she has a doctor's appointment today to find out.  She said she will let the listeners know what the diagnosis is.

Jeannie and Rosie talked about their fabulous weekend they had in Miami this past weekend.  Rosie asked Jeannie to share the story of what happened to her when they went tubing.  Rosie explained that they have an old 3 seater tube that is falling apart that they drag behind the boat.  On one trip, Jeannie sat in the middle with Jackie's daughter on one side and her daughter on the other side.  She was the heaviest on the tube and therefore her butt was getting the maximum impact of the water as Rosie drove the boat and sped along the water.  When they were riding along she was screaming "MY ASS!  MY ASS!" because she said she felt the water going up her ass!  Rosie and Jackie heard Jeannie screaming but couldn't tell what she was saying so they didn't stop.  Jeannie said it was painful and there was a huge amount of seawater going up her ass but she didn't want to stop because it was so fun.  The next morning however, Jeannie went to get ready to go on the boat again and she said her stomach exploded like the scene in the movie Dumb and Dumber!  She even had an accident on the way to the bathroom.  Rosie doubted that Jeannie could have have held the seawater in her ass for 14 hours! 

For Weenie...

Jeannie also got her first tattoo when they were in Miami and now she wants to get a tattoo around her 3rd nipple.  She wants a flower tattoo around her third nipple so that the center of the flower is the nipple itself.  There was some discussion of Jeannie's third nipple and what it resembled and Rosie said that if she got the tattoo she would be the hit of happy hour the next time they all went out!  Jeannie said she has no anxiety and no regret about her tattoo she got this weekend and that is what makes her happiest about it.  She admitted that the tattoo is a little more animated then she had envisioned but she's okay that it's not perfect.  And she's happy that she's okay with it.  She said that the next time she gets a tattoo she would go in with more specifics like her daughter who was totally specific about what she wanted - this being her 5th tattoo. 

James said that he wants to get a tattoo and Rosie offered to give him his tattoo as a gift done by her favorite tattoo artist Anil Gupta.  Rosie originally saw Anil's work on TV and went to him so he could fix a bad tattoo of hers.  He told her he doesn't do "cover-ups" and bringing him a bad tattoo to fix is like bringing a dirty canvas to an artist.  Eventually, he did her cover-up as long as she promised that she would allow him to tattoo her on a clean piece of skin.  She did.  When her magazine lawsuit ended and she was pronounced innocent she went to Anil and got "truth" tattooed on the back of her neck. 

James is seriously considering getting a tattoo except for the fact that his mom would have a problem with it.  Rosie told James to just remind his mom that he's gay and that would remind her to be more upset about that and she'd forget about the tattoo.  James said he wasn't sure what tattoo he wanted but said he wanted it to be something "vaguely Staten Island-ish and stupid Italian."  He thought perhaps an Italian Cross on his bicep.  Pete said he would only ever want a Star Trek tattoo but felt that it wouldn't be right to get a Star Trek tattoo without getting his daughter's names tattooed on him first.  He said he shouldn't do Star Trek if he won't do his kids. 

Deirdre is going back to Anil in August and she and Anil have been working on her next one together.  Anil is one of the best tattoo artists in the country and Rosie insisted on treating James.  She then joked with James that he should get a protein shake or a cross with headphones as his tattoo.

Rosie said they have two mean roosters in the chicken coop who aren't especially good with the kids and they have to get rid of them.  She expressed wanting to give them to the Beekman Boys when she and Tracy go visit them in September but said that she is concerned that they can't wait that long.  Deirdre and Janette reminded Rosie that Josh from the Beekman Boys is going to be on the show tomorrow.  Rosie asked if Deirdre would call him and ask him to bring a cage to take the roosters home with him after the interview.

Apparently Tracy went out to the chicken coop the other night and there was a skunk near it!  She chased it away with a rake but they also put out a trap because skunks kill chickens.  First they caught a baby raccoon and last night they put out a can of tuna and all the skunk ate all the tuna but there was no skunk to be found.  Rosie said it's a smart skunk.  Janette asked where the animals will go once they catch them and Rosie said that her exterminator Joe releases them into the wild far from the house.  Joe was on the program in the fall because Janette found mouse poop on her desk.  Joe killed the mice to get rid of them and to this day it still upsets Janette who feeld responsible for their deaths.  Janette explained that it's not that she's a vegetarian, she understands the food chain, but she likes animals to die with dignity and for a reason.  She never wants and animal to be killed for just being.  She isn't sure what caused this change in her but thinks it may have to do with her relationship with her cats and how much she loves them.  She is surprised that none of her charity work is about animals though when the needless killing of animals upsets her so much.  Janette even appreciates hunting because at least the animals in the wild had a good life and weren't factory  raised.   Jeannie said that Janette reminded her of a bumper sticker that used to infuriate her father.  He hated the bumper sticker "I brake for animals" because he would say "What, and you don't brake for humans?"  Jeannie said that Janette might be the type of person that her father was referring to.   

Rosie briefly stated that she and Tracy are going to see the movie The Kids Are All Right.

The Kids Are All Right

And Rosie said that the new Mel Gibson tapes that have been released finally have no effect on her.  She said she has now desensitized herself from his rage.   

Rosie attempted to work out yesterday.  She talked to Tracy about how badly she feels about her weight and Tracy encouraged Rosie to walk with her.  Tracy had to practically pull Rosie along with her but Rosie at least did some walking yesterday.  Janette talked about a recent article she read about the dangers of being sedentary and how it contributes to practically every horrible illness.  Rosie said she never looked or felt better than when she did a Broadway show and hopes to do another one someday  Rosie said she would love to be Miss Hannigan in the 2012 revival of Annie on Broadway!  She even hopes that maybe her daughter Vivi could be one of the orphans too.  OMG, someone get me tickets to that!  Right?!  Rosie said her goal is to try to move more and workout more.  Janette suggested swimming laps since she has a pool. Rosie said she might try her Wii Fit, the Wii Balance Board or even Yoga.  She has already made plans to start back with Pilates next Thursday.  Shoshana recommended Rosie make a moderate goal to start with and said that is what helped her work up to running 4 miles!  She did the Couch to 5K running program and it really worked for her!  Pete started the program with Shoshana but hasn't kept up with it as she has.  Shoshana now runs 4 miles 3 days a week!  She still hates running but she said she lives guilt free because of it.

Rosie took several callers on the topic of dieting and weight loss.  One caller recommended the website FoodAddicts.org which is a 12-step program.  She said it's the only thing that's ever worked for her.  She even has a sponsor and she gets to be a sponsor towards another member.  Janette did Overeaters Anonymous but said that Weight Watchers was the program that has always worked best for her.  Rosie once did Weight Watchers and shared a story at a meeting about some men hitting on her and how uncomfortable it made her feel.  Instead of support and understanding other members just told her she should feel lucky.  She said there's not enough emotional support for her at Weight Watchers    Tracy has been trying to encourage Rosie to change her mindset as to why she wants to lose the weight.  She told her to think of it that she wants to do it for her health, not necessarily for her looks.  Rosie talked about how much she appreciates Tracy and her enthusiasm for life and how much Tracy makes her laugh.  Janette said that Tracy is Janette's favorite girlfriend that Rosie has ever had.

Rosie took a call from a flight attendant that said Rosie's huge weight gain from the weekend was "JetBelly"  from flying and that flight attendants get it often.  She told Rosie that her body just needed to deflate from the flight. 

Rosie commented on how nice people are to her. She said she was asked if fans/strangers have ever been mean to her (to her face) and she could really only recall one time someone has been really rude to her because she's "Rosie O'Donnell."  One time she was flying to Miami with Blake and the flight attendant was trying to help them so that they could sit together by asking people if they could move seats.  After they got to Miami a man kept cutting her off with his luggage cart in the airport and she asked the man if he was aware that he was doing it.   He looked at her and said "I know who you are and I don't like who you are and I would not change seats with you because I know who you are Rosie O'Donnell."  Rosie just replied "Lovely to meet you sir."  Blake looked up at Rosie and said "Boy, that guy is in a bad mood!"  Rosie also recalled the time when Howard Stern hated her for 10 years and boys at the mall used to stick their tongues out at her and say "Blah, Blah Blooey!!!" 

Janette discussed an article she read how Coca Cola was denied the right to dismiss a lawsuit against them that challenges the health claims of Vitamin Water.   Someone is suing Coca Cola for claiming that Vitamin Water is healthy without meeting certain requirements.  The staff discussed the article and what constitutes a healthy drink.  Pete and Shoshana felt that since it does have vitamins it is better for you than soda.  Janette's point was that soda doesn't make claims that it's healthy for you but Vitamin Water does.  Janette also talked about how she now uses a stainless steel water bottle because of the dangers that plastic can do to your drinks when it is heated.  She also has stopped using plastic bottles because of the waste to our environment.   

Someone mentioned going to a meeting Food Addicts meeting and they looked up meetings in Rosie's area.   Jeannie and Rosie mentioned how they do not want Jillian Michaels on the show to help them lose weight because they both said she scares them.  (Sorry Heidi and Michele!)

Jeannie was sporting a Bumpit during today's show and Shoshana and Rosie liked the look on her!  Pete said it was hideous.  Rosie then said she'd post of picture of Jeannie in her Bumpit on her blog.

He listed off 3 items of food and the player had to put them in order from least calories to most. 

Janette - A medium hard-boiled egg, a Cadbury cream egg and 1/2 cup of Wegmans egg salad. The answer was the hardboiled egg, the Cadbury egg and then the egg salad.  She got it wrong (by accident) and was out. 
Jeannie - One serving of Starbucks pumpkin pound cake, 1/2 pint of skim milk, and a chai latte with skim milk.  The answer was the skim milk, the latte, and then the poundcake.  She got it right!
James (? bad notes sorry!)  - A single rice cake, a serving of Rice Krispies and a serving of rice pilaf.  He said the rice cake, then the Rice Krispies and then rice pilaf.  He was right!
Shoshana - A bottle of Grape Crush Soda, a glass of champagne and then Welch's grape juice.  The answer was Champagne, then Grape juice then the soda.  She was right!
Rosie -  one ounce of Cheetos, 2 tablespoons of jalapeno Cheddar Cheese dip and a McDonald's cheeseburger.  The answer was the cheese dip then the Cheetos then the Cheeseburger.  She guessed wrong. 
Everyone got the second round wrong!  (but they read the items off so fast I couldn't keep up!)

Rosie closed the show suggesting that listeners watch The Colony and America's Got Talent tonight because they will be discussing them tomorrow!

and that's what you missed -kw


  1. I think Pete's first tattoo should be "I Love My Mom".

  2. Jillian is known for her yelling but it is done out of pure compassion for those she is trying to help! Jillian rocks!! and I just know if Rosie got to know her she would love her...

    I'm at Seaside this week. I'll be on the look out for Snooki and the gang! :)

  3. This Blog ROCKS!
    Not able to catch my Rosie Radio lately,
    but with you able to catch up in no time!
    nothing beats live, but if you can't catch it live, this blog is the nex best thing!!!
    Keep on Blogging! And thanks for all your effort...don't know how you do it all, but I like it! Steph H.