7-28-10 - "The Gayest Show Ever"

In case you missed it...

Rosie began the show immediately discussing the premiere episode of the Discovery Show The Colony that they all had agreed to watch last night.  Rosie said she HATES the show and she thinks it should be banned from television.  She called it "the worst show on television" and said she was completely horrified by it.  Here's a link to a description of the Colony.  Rosie said the program was already sad right from the start because it was filmed in a place destroyed by Katrina.  Bobby and Deirdre loved it!  Rosie explained that the fighting in the episode really bothered her and said it made her upset that people were physically hurt for the sake of entertainment.  Rosie said the show exploits the worst aspects of humanity and thinks it should be taken off the air.  Janette thinks there's a danger when you begin to visualize and enact a potential situation that is so horrible.  Rosie related it to the time in our television's history when show's like Jerry Springer and Geraldo Rivera were popular and made violence acceptable television.  Bobby loved the overall idea of seeing if people can rebuild their society.  One of Janette's problems with the show was how they killed animals for no actual reason except for entertainment value.  Rosie thought the entire show was disturbing and that there was no redeeming value in it.  Rosie compared the show's premise to how we now color code our fear through the nation's terror alert.  She absolutely hated the show and said she had trouble sleeping afterwards.

Rosie took several callers to discuss "The Colony." One caller loved the first season and still loves it, violence and all.  Another caller said shows like "The Colony" desensitize us to violence and made him fear that we're ruining our selves.  Rosie said the program reminded her of the Milgram experiment.  Janette bets the show is going to get good reviews and people are going to watch it.  They looked for some reviews online of this season but couldn't find any.  Rosie enjoys the show's producers' other programs like The Deadliest Catch but feels as if they have "jumped the shark" with this program.

Rosie and Tracy went to see The Kids Are All Right about two gay moms whose children meet their sperm donor father and what happens as a result.  Rosie loved Mark Ruffalo and all the actors in the film and she thought overall it was a great movie.  Rosie did say that she and Tracy were the only lesbian couple in the theater and that made her uncomfortable during the lesbian love scene.  In the movie, Rosie said the couple watches gay male porn.  She liked the explanation that the mom gives to her teen about why they watched men having sex.  In the movie she says that a lot of  women's sexuality is internal so sometimes it's good to see the external proof of excitement.  Rosie said that she knows lots of gay women who watch male porn including herself (when she's in the mood).  Rosie explained that when she sees women in porn she begins to worry about the women and what drove them to making porn and it becomes very distressing rather than arousing.  Then she wants to call the porn "actresses" and have a therapy session.  Rosie said that with male porn she's sure they're having a good time because of the "physical proof!"   Deirdre is friends with someone from Triangle films that creates lesbian porn for women and suggested it to Rosie.  Rosie said she wanted physical proof with women that they're having a good time before she can enjoy it. 

Rosie said a lot of lesbians and lesbian bloggers were upset over the movie "The Kids Are All Right" because one of the moms has an affair with the sperm donor.  Rosie thought it was very believable.  She understood how the character could fall for the father of her son because of the connection they shared and how he reminded her of her son.   Janette understands why many lesbians would be upset by this because they were probably looking forward to a film that reaffirms their personal reality.  Rosie said that just because you're with a woman doesn't mean you could never be attracted to or fall in love with a man.  Rosie doesn't think sexuality is so black and white.  Janette said that perhaps lesbians are sick of hearing the phrase "If you'd just meet a nice man you'd get over that lesbian thing" and that this movie touches a nerve for them. 

A listener called in to say that she was disappointed that there had to be a relationship with the lesbian mom and the sperm donor and that in many lesbian movies this is a common theme.  She cited Kissing Jessica Stein and Chasing Amy as examples.  She understood that women (even lesbians) can be attracted to men but just wished they could have made a film that didn't have that storyline involved in it.  Rosie said that the movie hit home for her about the ending of a relationship and she loved the line in the film when the girl came home and said "so now we're not the perfect lesbian family?"  She said she was crying in the car on the way home last night and it really got to her.  A listener (who is resubscribing to Sirius because of Rosie Radio!) said she loved the reality of the film and thought dealing with the issue of the lesbian having an affair with a man is a real issue and we cannot label human sexuality. 

Rosie came back from break talking about human sexuality and how it's on a continuum and how all people fall somewhere on it.  They then played Elisabeth Hasselbeck's recent comments on the View when they discussed the recent increase of women coming out later in life.

Rosie simply stated "Oh Dear Lord, save me from this woman."  Bobby wrote down EH's exact quote and read it.   "We've done studies that women aren't necessarily needing something sexual, they're needing something in terms of companionship."  Janette asked where were these studies done at The Institute of Studying Steel?!  Janette said that was the stupidest thing she's ever heard Elisabeth say, even worse than the Institute of Studying Steel comment.  Rosie said that Joy's head looked like it was going to explode and said she's worried she created a monster. 

Brendan spent all last night searching for the comments by Bill Geddes on the December 2nd, 2009 episode of The View when they were discussing Meredith Baxter coming out.  Brendan said that Bill commented that he thinks women are getting older and older and aren't able to get men so they turn to women.  Barbara Walters said something to Bill like "You're being a bit narrow-minded."  He couldn't find the clip anywhere!  But the whole point of it was that it is proof that Elisabeth is merely Bill Geddes puppet and she just reiterates the talking points he gives her every morning. 

Rosie doesn't hate Elisabeth and had to stop the "EH bashing session" although they did have a ton of calls on the topic.  Bobby really liked EH in person until she would get on T.V. Bobby said what really ruined his opinion of her was when Kathy Griffin was on the show and she YAWNED from boredom.   He said that was absolutely rude.  Janette said that EH's arrogance is now her downfall.   

Rosie said she went to the doctor's yesterday for her mysterious skin condition and the diagnosis is staph.  She said that a listener called in two days ago and was sure this was what Rosie had.  (They played the audio from the call)  Rosie is applying topical lotion to her wound and talking Sulfa medication. She has it covered but Janette brought Clorox wipes just in case!

A listener called in for an update on Rosie's teeth.  Rosie said her top teeth are done and tomorrow her bottom teeth will be done.  The caller was a dental hygienist and asked if Rosie would post a picture of the  final result. 

Rosie said that she's been getting lots of emails asking her why she continues to go to Target because they are anti-gay.  The reason that LGBT groups are upset with Target is because Target donated $150,000 to MN Forward that supports candidate Tom Emmer.  Emmer opposes gay marriage and one of Emmer's cohorts calls homosexuality an abomination.  Target has come out and said they have unwavering support for the LGBT community and for gay rights. Bobby said that Target gives a huge check to Broadway Cares/ Equity Fights AIDS every year and ever cynical Janette reminded everyone that no corporation gives out these donations out of the goodness of their hearts.  She reminded everyone to follow the money and then you will find out why any corporation gives to charities and political campaigns.  The staff then talked about how corporate interests own our country.  HERE is a link to the article Pete provided on Rosie.com about Target's political donations. 

Rosie took a call from a listener that offered to take their roosters off their hands.  Rosie and Tracy have a chicken coop and recently discovered that two of their chickens are roosters.  Because of the noise ordinance where they live and the fact that roosters aren't always great with children, they have to find them a home.  Tracy wants the roosters to go to a home that will not kill them.  This caller has family that are Mennonites who have a farm.  He offered to stop by the house and pick up the roosters and take them to his family's farm.  Rosie chatted with him for a bit and had him set up a date and time to come and get the birds. 

Janette said she loves radio because they're saving lives!  (as in the roosters)  Rosie was again taken aback by Janette's unwavering love of animals and told her to watch the documentary about the woman who started PETA entitled I Am an Animal: The Story of Ingrid Newkirk.   Janette hasn't seen it but and said she doesn't even really know why she can handle war and crimes of humanity but she cannot handle cruelty to animals. 

Rosie said that her girlfriend Tracy often says to her that she thinks Janette would make a good mother and she wanted to bring the kids down to the radio house to play with her someday.  Rosie just smiles at Tracy and says "Oh, that's so sweet but you really don't know her."  Janette admitted that she doesn't feel maternal at all and that she doesn't hate kids but she does fear them. 

Rosie said that when her youngest daughter Vivi was a baby she was performing in Fiddler on the Roof on Broadway.  Whenever Vivi would see a Hasidic Jew at Target or at the mall Vivi would tug on his leg and say "you're my favorite tradition man" because she thought that every Hasidic Jew she saw was from the play Fiddler.  Rosie recently saw a group of young Hasidic Jews at the airport and Vivi was asking about them and why they dress the way they do.  She wanted to ask them but Rosie explained to her that typically Hasidic Jews are not very friendly towards people outside their group.  One of the men had on crocs and a big straw hat over his traditional hat and Rosie chatted with him about it.  She told him he was one of the most overtly friendly Hasidic Jews she has ever met.  She said that later on his friends seemed horrified that he had even spoken to her.  Rosie's girlfriend Tracy grew up in Texas and never knew anything about Hasidic Jews.  Rosie said they are fascinating to her and so is trying to explain their culture to Tracy.

Rosie said that years ago the phone rang in her craft room and the person on the other end kept asking for Giddy.  The phone rang over and over and she kept telling the callers that there was no Giddy at that number.  Finally, a woman named Giddy called and she ended up talking to her for an hour!  Giddy thought for sure that she knew Rosie from Temple but Rosie explained that she is not Jewish.  Giddy was married to a Rabbi and explained to her that her mother had died and she was doing a year of Shiva.  She then 3-way-called her sister Pearl and the 3 women chatted some more.  Rosie asked Giddy why the Hasidic Jews won't make conversation with her and Giddy told Rosie that that was because she has a Goyish face and they stick to their own. 

The next day Ro went to Target and there was a Hasidic Jewish woman with her 3 daughters.  Rosie struck up a conversation with her and she introduced her daughters to Rosie.  The three girls were named Giddy, Pearl and Rose!  ZOINKS!  Giddy and Rosie were supposed to have dinner together but haven't yet.  Rosie asked if there has ever been a movie about Hasidic Judaism besides Yentl?  Rosie said there was a great documentary she watched recently called Trembling Before God about Judaism and being gay. 

Rosie said today is "the gayest show ever" because of all the topics and because of their next guest Josh Kilmer-Purcell from the Fabulous Beekman Boys

Rosie then introduced Josh Kilmer-Purcell from The Fabulous Beekman Boys who was in the studio to talk about his book I Am Not Myself These Days.  Rosie loved it and called it a wonderful read.  Josh's other book is entitled The Bucolic Plague which Rosie also loved.  Rosie and Tracy are going to Josh and his partner's farm in September to stay there during the Harvest Festival. 

In "I Am Not Myself These Days" Josh tells the story of the year when he dated a prostitute and drug addict.  Josh explained that he had just moved to New York at the time and was working in advertising by day.  He then began working as a drag queen named Aquadisiac by night.  One night at a club he met a very handsome man that he thought was a doctor because he carried a pager and took him back to a gorgeous penthouse apartment.  After seeing each other for a while, they went back to the apartment one night and there was a big naked man tied up on the floor.  His boyfriend then explained to Josh that he was a high-end escort.  Josh was okay with it at the time and they fell madly in love.  Not too long after seeing each other Josh realized that his new love was also addicted to crack cocaine.  As their relationship progressed his boyfriend got heavier and heavier into the drugs.  Josh would come home and he would be baking crack in their kitchen.  Josh and his boyfriend were only together for a year but it felt epic to him so he wrote the book. 

Josh wrote the book 10 years after the relationship ended upon reflection of what it meant to him. In the end, Josh said that the relationship was about him exploring and differentiating between what is true and good and what is bad in the world.  After the book was published Josh got in touch with the his ex-boyfriend and he ended up being okay with the story being written about their relationship.

Rosie asked how is current partner Brent feels about the book.  Josh said it's so far out of Brent's reality that he can't even comprehend the book.  He talked about the time he was at Martha Stewart and she asked him what he did for a living.  He told her about the book and it's premise and her response to him was "Are you normal now?" 

Josh's book has been "optioned" for a TV series!  The series is in development now but they are making his character into a married closeted power broker who secretly does drag at night.  Rosie told Josh that Bobby was a drag queen too!  Bobby's name was Beverly Hills and he could sing!  Rosie said that Bobby was also really funny and he looked better than Rosie ever did with make-up on.  She said that both of them look better with make-up than her and she finds that very annoying. 

Today Josh loves living on the farm although he wishes he could be there full-time and didn't have to go back and forth to the city for work.  He said tonight's episode is interesting because Farmer John is recovering from surgery.   Josh thought that John could recuperate in the house so Brent and John could bond.  He said it wasn't a good plan. 

Josh and Rosie joked about when she and Tracy are going up to visit them in September and how they're going to wear matching pajamas!  You can watch The Fabulous Beekman Boys on Planet Green tonight

After coming back from commercial break they played the song "Keep It Gay" from the Broadway musical The Producers in honor of their gayest show ever. 

Keep It Gay from The Producers

Brendan announced that today's game was a non-gay game even though it was the gayest show ever and it would be a T.V. related game since Jeannie wasn't here.  Jeannie's not a fan of the T.V. trivia games because she always loses at them.  Brendan listed off 3 characters from a sitcom and the player had to name the sitcom.

Deirdre - Cliff, Claire and Rudy.  The answer was The Cosby Show and she got it.
Rosie - Arnold, Boom Boom and Vinny Barbarino.  The answer was Welcome Back Cotter and she got it.
Pete - Steve Urkel, Carl Otis Winslow and Harriet Winslow.  The answer was Family Matters and he got it.
Janette - Lou, Mary, and Ted.  The answer was Mary Tyler Moore and she got it.
Bobby - Harry Bently, George and Weezy.  The answer was The Jefferson's and he got it.

Deirdre - Fran Fine and Niles.  The answer was The Nanny and she got it.
Rosie - Mel Sharp, Les Flow Castleberry, and Vera Gorman. The answer was Alice and she got it.
Pete - Jason Sever, Mike Sever and Carol Sever.  The answer was Growing Pains and he didn't get it so he was OUT!
Janette - Paul Buckman, Jamie Stemple and Ira Buckman.  The answer was Mad About You but she didn't get it so she was OUT.
Bobby - Andy, Barney and Opey.  The answer was The Andy Griffith Show but he guessed the Andy Williams Show which was wrong so he was OUT. 

Deirdre - Jessica Tate, Mary Cambpell and Jodi Dallas.  The answer was Soap but she guessed Golden Girls so she was OUT.
Rosie - (to win it)  Julia Sugarbaker (was all they had to say and she yelled out...)  Designing Women!
Rosie won!!! 

Since she's such a gracious winner, she then sang a song rubbing her win in everyones face especially Pete's because he hates to lose.  She then picked out her sticker for the board that is keeping track of the wins and losses this month in the Rosie Radio studio.

Just before the show ended she took an un-screened caller to see what they wanted.  After the caller recovered from the shock of Rosie answering the telephone, the caller asked if they had gotten the name of a good Hasidic Jewish movie yet?  She recommended The Chosen with Robby Benson.

Brendan said that listeners had been calling in recommending A Price Above Rubies where Renee Zellweger plays a Hasidic Jew.  And they had calls recommending movies on the Amish including Witness and Kingpin.
Rosie closed the show.

and that's what you missed -kw


  1. Poor Elisabeth. She seems like the type where a person doesn't know whether to do her, slap her, or say fug it and do both. Light slap. Like on the back. ;p

    Seriously though, it doesn't look even *she* believes what she's saying-she looks like she wanted to laugh. Look at her facial expression and body movement right after she says it. That shit made me lol. It's seriously comical. Big eyed like she wants to laugh, then pursed lips and shoulder shrug as if to reign herself in. Of course, I'm easily amused after 5 times of watching it...I wonder if she says what she does for "shock value" and "any publicity is good publicity" vs actually believing what she says.

    But whatever, she can suck it after calling Kathy scum. That was just ugly mean.

  2. Re Rosie's weight gain, being tired, and skin problems. These are all symptoms of major Candidia-I know because I've been through this. Contact yeast buster website, order yeast buster and do same. Then layoff booze, sugar, wheat products etc. for as long as it takes to return to normal. Second week of yeast buster she shud feel much better but to get back to normal is long process but it is worth it. When you have your health you have everything. Do it Rosie, you'll be so glad you did. I've never felt better in my life - only wish I had found out about all this 20 years ago-so much lost while being ill. Whatever you do, don't take antibiotics for Candidia as they strip your gut of all good things and actually cause yeast in the long run.

  3. greetings from the jersey shore! I am laptopless bc it is in the shop... I have my iPhone but can't edit on it so i am afraid I'm not going to be a very good proofreader! sorry...

    great post--thanks, kw! xo

  4. Liz - Okay, so, I first read, "laptopless' without the lap... lol I need to read a little bit slower.

    I actually listened to a bit of the show this morning!! Then stuff got crazy and I missed the rest but of course got it from here!! Thank you!( yet again)

    Hopefully I'll get to listen tomorrow!

  5. There is a fabulous documentary about Hasidic Judaism called "Be Fruitful and Multiply". I would HIGHLY recommend it for anyone interested in learning more about the lives of Orthodox Jewish women.