8-11-10 "The show all about quitting jobs and facebook"

In case you missed it...

Rosie was proud to announce that she walked a little over a mile yesterday!  She called her hometown of Nyack "a humidity carnival." Apparently, it was very hot and humid yesterday but she did it!  And she went to Pilates again!  And Rosie didn't pick her face after she felt the need to last night too!  She said it's a whole new world for her.  Rosie did pluck a few stray hairs off her face and she asked Janette how long she has been shaving.  Janette started shaving the peach fuzz off her face years go after her longtime boyfriend Barry insisted it was fine.  What finally convinced her of that was an article that she read in a hair salon that said it was fine and that Japanese women have been doing it for years.  She also read that this is one of the reasons men age better than women.  Rosie doesn't think the part about shaving making you look younger is necessarily true.  Rosie said seeing actresses who do not have a ton of plastic surgery is refreshing and said that she thinks plastic surgery could be addicting like getting tattoos!  Rosie even implied that she had been considering it for herself!  Deirdre told her not to do it because surgery is dangerous.  Bobby cited Totie Fields who developed a blood clot during plastic surgery and had to have her leg removed and Kanye West's mother who died after having plastic surgery as examples why she shouldn't have it. 

Rosie wanted to know why people keep writing into her asking her why she is going back to The View?!  She said she is NOT going back to The View and they wouldn't want her back anyway!  She said The View acts as if she was never even on it and she is the name that shall never be mentioned like Lord Voldemort.

Rosie said she is sick of the story about the flight attendant at quit his job on JetBlue.  She said it's been two days and she can't believe this is the story that leads the news.  She said with everything happening in the world she cannot believe people are so interested in this story!  Bobby thinks the story has struck a chord with a lot of Americans and would like to quit their jobs in such a dramatic way. 

Rosie told a story about a time she was sitting in first class with Blake and a woman sitting in the row behind her was making out with her boyfriend.  The flight attendant told her that she was going to have to sit down (because she was on top of the man) and she got up and yelled at the flight attendant!  Rosie told the woman to "shut up" and go back to her seat and that she had a son who has some sensory issues sitting with her so if she could keep her voice down that would be helpful.  The woman was so argumentative and rude and wouldn't stop yelling at the flight attendant or making out inappropriately with her boyfriend.  Rosie said she couldn't imagine what that must have been like for the flight attendant because they are literally stuck on the plane when passengers are rude to them like that.  Deirdre mentioned the Japanese animation that they've created to imitate the event that took place on the JetBlue plane. 

Bobby said that the flight attendant can have the last laugh.  He was once on a flight with an irate passenger and the plane landed and the woman was arrested!  Bobby thinks the interest in the story is more about people wishing they could leave in such a dramatic way at their own job.  He mentioned a popular YouTube video that's circulating right now of a woman quitting her job and calling her boss out for the hours he spends playing Farmville.  Watch that video below:

The general consensus was that people who hate their jobs would like to have a dramatic way to exit.  Deirdre said that she knows a lot of people who continue to stay at their jobs despite the fact that they hate them.  Janette said the poor job market is a license to abuse employees because there are no other jobs available!   They talked about the flight attendant and how it must feel to have this immediate notoriety for something he had done.  Janette said she knows from her own experience.  She said turning up on Page Six was quite unpleasant. 

The day that Rosie quit The View, or perhaps the day after?, Janette drew a mustache on a magazine tearsheet of Elisabeth Hasselbeck.  The View said that she destroyed property and drew multiple mustaches on photos of Elisabeth.  They even released the surveillance video footage of her in the halls of ABC that were from a different day because she was wearing a totally different outfit!  She was on every news channel including the lower crawl on CNN!!!!   And Nancy Grace went off about her.  Her ex-assistant Kate, who now has a different very successful job, was visiting her family in Ohio and saw the "news" about Janette across the CNN crawl.  Rosie, who is always grateful for Janette's support, thought it was hilarious and yet worried that she shouldn't be encouraging this behavior in Janette.  Rosie's brother Eddie called Janette to tell her about it when the news broke and he was laughing so hard he couldn't even speak on the phone! 

Rosie said there was a scene in Charlie St. Cloud that made her laugh hysterically.  Rosie didn't particularly enjoy the film and was making jokes during scenes that were supposed to be serious.  She started laughing so hard in the theater and afterward she tried to tell the story of what she thought was so funny and she couldn't even explain her own joke she was laughing so hard!  Apparently this is an O'Donnell trait!

Rosie took several phone-calls from callers who hate their jobs.  One caller who used to hate her job went out in a great way.  Her boss used to scream and throw things but he was a complete germ-a-phobe.  After on particularly bad rant he threw a stapler at her.  After he left she walked into his office, which was all glass windows so all her co-workers could see, and she proceeded to lick his keyboard, mouse, door handle, and the stapler and then walked out!  She said the other assistants were applauding her when she left.  Rosie loved the story and cracked up as she was telling it. 

Rosie mentioned how she watched America's Got Talent last night.  She said a grungy musician contestant flicked his lifesaver/dental floss at Howie Mandell.  Howie Mandell is such a germ-a-phobe he has a separate house to stay in if his family is sick.  When the contestant did this Rosie thought Howie was going to have a heart attack on the air!  He had a full-fledged panic attack!  She said that Sharon Osbourne couldn't even speak, she was laughing so hard. 

Janette said one of her favorite rules for living is "if you can't be aggressive be passive-aggressive." 

Another caller called her Office Manager out for having an affair with the doctor in the office in front of the entire staff the day she quit.  The Office Manager was so mad that she attacked the caller.  The caller sued the woman and took a vacation to Aruba with her family with the money she got in the lawsuit.  Every time they ordered a drink they toasted the woman in thanks!

One caller was a Katrina survivor who understood how the flight attendant could just "snap" like that.  This caller told a long heroic story of survival and how she and her family lost everything in the hurricane.  After finally finding a place to sleep one night she ended up at a home of a woman who was bi-polar and had been off her medication for days.  The woman was crazy with alcohol and her disease that the caller just snapped and choked her!  Rosie thanked her for her long story, praised her for her survival and gave her gift cards for shoes, Starbucks, Applebees and Sillybandz.  She then made her promise that she's not going to choke any more bi-polar people who are not on medication after a hurricane. 

Rosie said she quit Facebook again!  She said she doesn't like Facebook and she doesn't know what she's supposed to like about it!  She said people (like Deirdre) just get on and post stupid fortune cookie sayings and then other people "like" their posts and she doesn't get it.  And, she was friends with Cindy Berger's daughter and every time her daughter changed her profile photo Rosie would get an email.  Rosie said she doesn't care!  Also, a lot of people requested her as a friend and she was worried about hurting people's feelings if she didn't accept them as friends.  She tried to make a fake name but people found her anyway.  Janette said that Rosie had Rosie.com for a reason and there's no reason for her to have Facebook too.  Janette has found Facebook useful in connecting with old friends from the stand-up days!  Rosie said that she feels badly when people requested her on Facebook and she couldn't remember if she actually met them or not. Pete suggested that people walk up to her and sing a jungle and then she would remember them!

Rosie said she started her website Rosie.com because she couldn't understand how to do blogspot. Rosie doesn't have any patience for things she cannot understand quickly, like her girlfriend Tracy's multiple remotes.  The other night when Tracy wasn't home it took Rosie 35 minutes to figure out how to turn on the TV.  She said she has intense abilities to focus on some things.  Bobby said Rosie is only able to focus on what she wants to focus on. 

Also, pretty much everyone on radio staff cannot stand Twitter!

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Rosie said she didn't understand the uproar about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's daughter swimming topless.  She is only 4 years old and only wants to wear boys clothes, have a boy's haircut and be called by a boy's name.  Bobby carried a pocketbook as a child!  He said his mom was totally okay with it but his father not so much.  Rosie remembered wanting to desperately learn to play drums as a kid so much so that she forged her mom's signature on the permission slip.  Her mom didn't want her to play drums.  Rosie wondered what the point was about trying to change a child's essence.  Deirdre admitted that she desperately wanted a G.I. Joe doll and then was upset that he wasn't biologically accurate with a penis!  So she and her mom made one for G.I. Joe out of playdough!  Rosie advised that Deirdre talk to a therapist about that story.  The staff talked about issues with gender that children have and how some people feel threatened when children (or adults) question the gender they are "supposed to" have.  Rosie thinks living in a body that feels like the wrong gender must be a painful way to be in the world.  Rosie said that the gay community isn't even especially accepting of transgendered.  Rosie said that she knew she was gay from early on and that boys never really peaked her interest growing up.  She didn't want to date them and at no point did she ever want to be one.  

Rosie took a call from a listener whose youngest daughter is in school with a boy who wants to be treated as a girl.  He's only 8 years old and being teased terribly therefore he teases others terribly.  Rosie said that Barbara Walters once did an interview with a boy who transitioned into a girl named Riley (watch interview here).  Barbara paid for her and her family to go on an RFamily cruise and Rosie said there was no question that Riley was meant to be a girl.  Rosie took another call from a listener whose daughter transitioned to a man and is so much happier today.  There is no glimpse of the girl he once was and the caller had a grieving period over it. It was through watching his now son's girlfriend's family fully accept her son into their family that finally changed her mind and convinced her to fully accept who he is now.  Rosie recommended the documentary  Prodigal Sons to the caller even though Rosie thought it focused too much on the brother's mental illness.  Rosie recommended the caller apologize to her son for her non-accepting ways. 

Rosie and the caller discussed how special the love is between a parent and their first born.  She said that she's talked to many moms about this and when you get them alone they will admit that the love for the first child is unlike any other.  Rosie remembered thinking that her mother loved her older brother more than her.  Rosie said there's a difference but it doesn't mean you love one child more.  They talked about how sometimes there is a difference in the bonding a parent feels when they have a baby who is born premature vs. one that goes full-term.  Pete agreed that the love he feels for his daughter is different.  He believes that birth weight had something to do with the immediate bond he felt.  His eldest daughter was full-term but his youngest daughter was underweight.  He thinks that because his second daughter was struggling so hard to survive herself that that is the reason they didn't have the same immediate bond.  Rosie was proud of him for admitting it and feels the same differences between her bonds with Parker and Chelsea.  She said people tell her it's bad to admit it but to ignore it would not be helpful either because everyone is aware of it and ignoring it doesn't make it go away. 

Rosie then introduced actor Dylan McDermott who is starring in a new show on TNT called Dark Blue.  Dylan has two daughters ages 14 and (almost) 5.  He and Rosie talked about the love of children and the challenges of raising teens, though Dylan hasn't really hit those same challenges as Rosie has yet. 

Dylan talked about his new show Dark Blue where he plays an undercover police officer.  He said it's a much lighter workload then when he did The Practice.  This is the show's second season and Dylan said this season is a little funnier and lighter than the first season.  His character also now has a love interest in the show.  Dylan loves the world of undercover cops and being able to play a character very different than the character he played on The Practice.  He even went on a few ride alongs with cops and they pulled  over  and he was recognized!

Rosie asked Dylan if he had seen any Broadway shows lately and Dylan said he just took his daughter to see Billy Elliot and they loved it!  His daughter told him she wanted to act after seeing that play.  Rosie said her children have no interest in performing.  Dylan and Rosie talked about the rejection and the struggles that actors feel in the business.  Dylan said that actors have to have a great desire inside them to succeed at acting and want it more than anything.  He once said he never wanted anything else to fall back on because he could never imagine doing anything else.  Rosie said she was the same way with performing.   

Dylan said that tonight's episode of Dark Blue is his favorite so far. So, be sure and catch Dylan on tonight's episode on TNT at 9pm! 

Rosie discussed briefly how her children fart with abandon and are fascinated with farting as entertainment.  Vivi, her youngest, is just starting to master her farting skills.  Bobby said they were not allowed to fart as  children because it was considered impolite.  His mom once was laughing so hard she farted and was so mortified and she had to leave the room.  Shoshana and Bobby said they were taught to leave the room if you had to fart.  Rosie said the farting at her home is now making her nauseous.  Janette didn't have a comment on the subject but thought it was a really funny discussion.  Pete's daughter enjoys the thrill of the fart too.  She farts with abandon and announces it!  A listener called in whose husband is teaching her nephews how to fart and now whenever they get together at a family dinner it's a running theme!  Another listener's daughter farts like an old man.   

Rosie asked that her listeners watch the documentary Dear Zachary tonight because they're going to talk about it tomorrow.  She also wanted them to look into Byron Katie because Rosie will be interviewing her on Friday's show!  She's coming to the studio tomorrow and they're going to tape the interview and air it on Friday!  Rosie's so grateful that she's coming to New York to meet with her and so excited to talk with her. 

Brendan announced today's game!  He would list off a famous band member and if you could guess the band by the first name the player would get 3 points.  If the player needed him to list off two band members the player would get 2 points.  And if the player needed all 3 band members and could guess the band, they would get one point.  If they couldn't guess it after all 3 band members were listed they got no points.  The person with the most points at the end wins.  

Janette - Brad Whitford, Joe Perry, Steven Tyler.  She guessed "Guns N' Roses" but the answer was  Aerosmith so she got a zero.
Bobby - Nikki Sixx, Vince Neil, Tommy Lee.  He guessed "Guns N' Roses" but the answer was Mötley Crüe so he got zero points.
Caller - Rikki Rockett, C. C. DeVille.  She guessed Poison after 2 names and got 2 points.
Shoshana - John Densmore, Ray Manzarek, Jim Morrison.  The answer was The Doors but she didn't get it.  Zero for Shoshana.
Rosie - Roger Taylor, Brian May, Freddie Mercury.  She guessed Queen and got it! Rosie got 1 point.
Pete - John Entwistle.  He guessed The Who after one name and got 3 points! 

Janette - Nick Rhodes, John Taylor, Simon Le Bon.  The answer was Duran Duran, she got zero.
Bobby - Chris Frantz, Tina Weymouth, David Byrne. The answer was the Talking Heads, he got zero.
caller - Kyle Cook, Brian Yale, Rob Thomas.  The answer was Matchbox 20, she got zero.
Shoshana - Margot Olaverra, Jane Wiedlin,  Belinda Carlisle.  The answer was the Go Gos.  I think she got 1 point.
Rosie - Ben Smith, Ann Wilson.  Rosie guessed Heart and got 2 points!
Pete -  Mike McCready, Stone Gossard, Eddie Vedder. He guessed Pearl Jam and got 1 point. 

Janette - Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, Jerry Garcia. She guessed the Grateful Dead and got 1 point.
Bobby -Anni-Frid Lyngstad, Agnetha Fältskog.  He guessed Abba and got 2 points.
caller - Peter Buck, Mike Mills, Micheal Stipe.  The answer was R.E.M. but she didn't get it. 
Shoshana - Danny Wood, Joey McIntyre, Donnie Wahlberg.  The answer was New Kids on the Block and she got one point.
Rosie - Michael Nesmith and she immediately guessed The Monkees!  She got 3 points!!!! 
Pete - Denny Doherty, John Phillips.  He guessed The Beach Boys but the answer was The Mamas and the Papas.

The winner was Rosie!!!!  Rosie LOVED that she beat Pete!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Pete closed the show complaining that the game was rigged! 

and that's what you missed -kw


  1. To anyone going to watch 'Dear Zachary' I say please read the story about Andrew Bagby and what happens first.. it's a truly disturbing story, and while the story of the family is amazing.. you might want to check out what happens before watching first because it is a shocker that hits you very, very hard.

  2. thats kinda like saying if you are gonna go watch the 6th sense, make sure you find out the surprise ending before hand...

  3. Uh, no. This is a disturbing REAL story that some people might not be able to handle. It isn't just a movie. Get some sense, thanks.

  4. I have seen Dear Zachary and it is turly heart breaking.

  5. Nothing much...but I started walking yesterday too. Two miles...in the South Texas heat...OMG. I am so proud of myself. Keep walking Rosie.

  6. I think you need to start a club for those of us who want to start getting healthy.... hate saying diet club. Rosie's Walkers or something. That way we can all support each other and challenge each other to exercise, eat right, etc. Even if it's just a forum on your site or this site for us to post in.

    For me, I tried to do Zumba because a couple of friends love it. It's HARD when you are completely and utterly out of shape. I feel like some of the contestants on Dance your A$$ off. I have too much weight and my balance/stamina are out of whack.

    Still it would be nice to find some people who can laugh about it, offer support and share other thing in common besides losing weight! :)

  7. Actually Anon, I was thinking of doing that! I am going to start my own weight loss workout plan in September too. I figure my kids will be going back to school so that will be a good time. Do you really think others would like to do this? I could add a place where people can link to their own blogs about their own weight loss goals too!

    Hmmmmm, let me think how to do this! Thanks so much for reminding me!

  8. I would be interested, however I do not have a blog or facebook. I know how 'anonymous' feels about Zumba. Jeez...the class I thought about joining was full of healthy & sleek individuals. I started yoga 2 weeks ago and I LOVE IT. It seems everyone in the class is out of shape, so none of us feel self conscious. I have now committed to walking twice as week as well. I live in a town with a population of about 2,600 so there is not much in the way of an organized health club.

  9. I'm interested (original Anon) but I don't' have a blog etc either.

    I just got a FitBit in the mail today. www.fitbit.com It took almost 2 months to get here, they are filling demand as quickly as possible. I can track food intake, activity, and my sleep patterns with it. I like gadgets and I had to try this when I read about it. I am really interested in how the sleep analysis works.

    Anyway, I would love it if we had a message board or something to exchange ideas, recipes, encouragement, etc.

    I need to hook up my XM boombox inside so I can hear Rosie when I'm at home. Right now I catch it once or twice a week while in the car. Funny how I will plan my errands now around her show time!