8-10-10 - "The show all about weight loss and dancing it off"

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Rosie started today's program talking about the JetBlue flight attendant that was arrested after an altercation with a passenger.  The flight attendant got into an argument with a passenger on a jetliner arriving at JFK airport on Monday, cursed the passenger, grabbed a beer from the galley and then deployed an emergency exit slide and exited the plane.  He was arrested a short time later.   Rosie didn't really care much about the story but the other members of the staff loved it!  Jeannie loved the story too and thought it was awesome!  They discussed how it is illegal to be on the tarmac and Rosie said when she travels with or near Jane Fonda she always gets to leave on the tarmac.  Rosie and the staff discussed if they had ever walked out on a job in a similar abrupt way.  Rosie once walked away from The View and didn't go back.   Everyone in the studio and the control room has wanted to do it before.  Deirdre has wanted to do it to  publicists sometimes and guests she has dealt with in her years of booking.  Janette thinks the story resonates so well with people because many people have felt powerless and thumbed-down on a job.  Janette herself has walked out on two jobs before.  At one job she was a legal secretary at a law firm.  The associate at the firm came running into the office and said that the lawyer Frank was mad and ran out!  Janette knew the guy was a screamer so she packed up everything she had, she calculated her hours and wrote herself a check,  he came in and screamed at her and she said, "Sign this!" and walked out!  She said it felt fantastic.

Jeannie said for 15 years she was pummeled by a boss and was miserable.  One day she knew she was going to be called into her boss's office again to be berated so she prepared a soliloquy of everything she ever wanted to say to her boss. She pulled in a witness with her and delivered her speech to her boss along with her resignation and walked out.  Janette once walked out after a stand-up set and told them she didn't need the money that badly.  And one time Janette was performing stand-up to an audience of hecklers and she blew up on them and yelled at them that they weren't allowed to laugh at her.  This was towards the end of her stand-up career.

Deirdre walked out of a job at Letterman once.  She said she was the receptionist and people were awful to her so she walked out.  She went back though.  Rosie had the fight on air at The View and then they came back from commercial and they pretended like nothing happened.  Rosie didn't quit to anyone personally that day but she never went back.  Rosie has quit her therapists before!  If she felt that a therapist was particularly wrong or bad she would stop seeing them and then change her phone number to avoid them!

Rosie took a call from a nurse who explained how nurses are often treated badly by the patients, the family members of patients and doctors.  One caller had quit/walked out several times from jobs!  She said that you think in your mind that you're teaching your employer some big lesson, but you're really not because they can just replace you. 

Janette read from a New York Times article that stated that unemployment is at a level not seen since the depression.  She said that the article states that this is our new normal.  Just last month alone, we've lost  130,000 jobs and job creation is not even keeping up with population growth.  Rosie talked about how scary this was and said that the amount of foreclosures is really shocking too.  They also discussed student loans and the struggle to pay for college.  Rosie said that part of the problem is that people don't even plan for the future when the times are good.  For example, when they were on 'The Rosie O'Donnell Show' many of the staff members didn't prepare for the shows end and thought that times like those would last forever.  Janette did prepare and said she has learned that nobody else is going to take care of you and you must plan ahead. 

Rosie can't believe she's going to be 50 and she's grateful that she is but she still cannot believe it.  Deirdre agreed and said she was talking to her Aunt and called someone "old" who was 40!  And she's in her 40s!    Rosie did the same thing when she was talking about someone she knows who's dating someone who's 50.  She couldn't believe that a friend of hers is dating someone in her 50s and then she realized she's almost 50! 

Rosie went back to Pilates this weekend and is going again today.  She talked about how sore she was the next day, but a good sore.  Rosie said her goal is to be in non-plus-sized clothing when she goes back to TV.

Deirdre had a big fall this weekend.  She was out to dinner at a restaurant where you are allowed to let your dogs off the leash.  Her dog Ruby ran into the kitchen of the restaurant and right opposite the kitchen was a garage loading dock.  She saw Ruby running to go out the garage door which would have led her right out into the street and she started running towards her and stepped right off the loading dock which was 3-4 feet off the ground.  Deirdre said it was very dark and she couldn't see the ledge.  Deirdre was so panicked for her dog's safety that she didn't even realize right away that she had been pretty hurt from the fall!  When she got back to the table her knee swelled up.  Deirdre went to the doctor this weekend and is having an MRI on Thursday.  She has ripped her meniscus and they will either repair it or cut it out but she's getting a second opinion from Jeannie's brother who is a doctor, too.  Deirdre is on crutches, but said she's fine. 

Janette announced that she read an article about belly fat that basically states if you have a fat belly, goodbye!  She said she read the giant belly bulge, especially in women, is deadly.  Rosie carries all of her weight in her belly and Janette sometimes gets seats on the subway for the baby she is (not) expecting!  Janette read that if you have belly fat you are at higher risk for everything - respiratory diseases, heart attacks, cancer, diabetes, etc.  Men should not have a waist size over 40 inches and women shouldn't have a waist size over 35 inches.  Jeannie, Rosie and Janette talked about the differences in being overweight and how women carry their weight in different places, part of the reason it's so hard to find plus sized clothing that fits. Rosie talked about her belly fat and Janette and Deirdre went on and on about what a great ass Rosie has!  But Rosie said it's very disturbing to her (her belly fat). 

Janette said that in order to quit smoking she would remind herself of the diseases she could get if she keeps doing it, heart disease, lung cancer and emphysema.  Janette will judge what kind of day it's going to be by looking at her stomach in the mirror every morning.  That's the opposite of Rosie who will avoid looking at her stomach at all costs.  Last night Tracy took a photo of Rosie sleeping in her bed.  Rosie was hot and fell asleep on her bed in just a t-shirt.  ALL Rosie saw in the photo was her stomach.  She grabbed the phone from Tracy and deleted it.  Tracy was trying to be cute and show Rosie what she came home to see but Rosie only saw her big belly in the photo.  And Rosie said she has to do something about her belly and feels as if she's getting closer to a point to being ready to dealing with it. 

Rosie took a call from a listener who said there are five phases of dealing with weight loss.  Contemplation, looking into it, actually start doing a few of the things to change, completing it, and making it a lifestyle.  Rosie agreed and hoped that she would get to the lifestyle phase eventually.  Rosie talked with a caller about the Style network show Ruby and mentioned that she will be in a future episode. 

Rosie spoke to a caller about diabetes and how it runs in her family.  Rosie doesn't have diabetes but she said she's waiting for it because two of her brothers have it.  Her glucose levels are not high right now though.  Rosie's brother Timmy had diabetes and had a reaction to Insulin.   Then he totally changed what he ate and looks like a completely different person today!  He will simply not eat badly anymore. 

Rosie explained that part of her motivation to make a change is the fact that she is working for Oprah.  She doesn't think there's any way to "half-ass" it with Oprah and she wants to give the job 100% of her best.  She said there's no way to give Oprah her best if she's overweight because the weight causes her to have self-esteem issues and it makes her tired because it wakes her up at night.  Jeannie is sure that Rosie will achieve her weight loss goals because she said that Rosie does everything she really puts her mind to.  Janette said Rosie needs to want to lose the weight for herself and not for anyone else.  Rosie said in a way she needs Oprah to tell her she can do it in order for her to do it.  Rosie has such respect for Oprah and it's such a vote of confidence for Oprah to want to work with her it makes her believe in herself even more. 

Rosie said she's even going to a 12-step program with her good friend Natasha, who once battled drug abuse.  Rosie's daughter Chelsea just completed a one week camp at the Maravel Art Center.  She went to the camp moody and conflicted and she came back home giggly and happy.  Rosie thinks it's because Chelsea moved her body every day and did fun things!  It completely changed her outlook! 

Bobby recommended the Wii game Dance on Broadway!  Rosie and the staff are going to start a 30 minute exercise routine after the daily radio show and they've been discussing dancing as the means of exercise.  Jeannie suggested everyone learn to dance to Beyonce's Single Ladies!

For Jeannie and the radio staff...

When Rosie went to the Melissa Etheridge concert she danced for two hours straight and Tracy said it was the most she's ever seen Rosie move!  Nothing gets Rosie moving like dancing.  Rosie used to watch weight loss shows like Celebrity Fit Club in horror peaking over her covers but recently when she watched a 20/20 special about a man that lost 400 pounds instead of feeling fear she felt inspired!  Rosie discussed that her belly hangs over her pubic area and that this is a common thing for women who've been abused to not want to see their private areas.  Rosie said that whenever she sees heavier people, she immediately thinks that they must have been abused.  This is not the case with Jeannie however.   

Rosie asked the staff if they watched the videos of Byron Katie online.  Jeannie said it was a hard night for her to watch them last night and Janette said she was distracted by how much she looked like Sharon Gless. Janette sees Katie as a path towards a change in thinking and said that there are many paths.  Janette said that if you can change the way you think  it will change your life.  Rosie wondered why it clicked with Bryon Katie for her and why it hasn't with others she has seen speak on the same topic.  Janette said that for whatever reason it has resonated with her and that's all that matters.  Janette once took a course that revolutionized her life because it taught her how to change her thinking.  Deirdre found one author that she loved that totally worked for her that she goes to whenever she's struggling with something in her life.  Rosie quoted Defying Gravity from the Broadway musical Wicked and said, "Something has changed within me, something is not the same. I'm through with playing by the rules of someone else's game." 

Defying Gravity from Wicked

Rosie's therapist has been working with her on dealing with her anxiety.  She made her sit on her hands so she couldn't fidget during their session.  Because when Rosie feels anxiety and she touches her face and her hair a lot.  Chelsea is at a musical theater class because she has great fear of public speaking.  Chelsea is terrified to do a solo there and texted Rosie that she wants to come home.  She's sure she's going to throw up she's so scared.  Rosie told Chelsea that she can do it and if she throws up then she's going to be okay.  She realized that she too has to live through and feel her own anxiety.  That it too shall pass.  And that if she cannot  successfully handle her own anxiety how can she teach her children to do so? 

Janette said that the story reminds her of a favorite children's book entitled Cassandra's Angel.  In the story they ask who would you be if you didn't believe the story?  That question became a tool for her instead of the story that defined her life.  Tracy has said to Rosie in the past that the stories of her mother dying and the abuse she suffered are not the only defining stories of her life.  That she has many stories that are the reasons she is where she is today.

Rosie said that when author Bill Clegg was on, who wrote Portrait of an Addict as a Young Man, she realized that if she simply substituted food for his abuse of crack it is the same thing.  That prompted her to call her friend Natasha and tell her that she wants freedom from her addiction to food.  She wants to be free from both the food and the self-loathing.  Rosie said she would like to get "fat" out of the rotation of her thoughts and would like to dedicate at least 30 minutes a day to taking care of herself. 

Rosie introduced Rose Garcia, a star from the Showtime reality series "The Real L Word" who was on the telephone for the interview.  Rosie said that Rose is her  favorite!  Rosie's girlfriend Tracy called Rose her crush and Rosie explained that she doesn't want to go out with Rose but she would like to look like her.  

They began the interview by singing Happy Birthday to Rose because today is her 36th birthday!  Rose and Rosie talked about her family and how close she is to them and how supportive they are of her.  Rose and her mom have had their struggles in the past but during an episode, they made up after 9 months of silence over a disagreement.  Rose said that she has been lucky because everyone in her family has been supportive of her being gay. 

Rose is a real estate advisor and she works for an investment company.  Rosie asked about Whitney who Rose described as "super intelligent" although that is not shown on the television show in that way.

Rosie asked Rose how she got involved with the series and Rose said that a fictional character from the series The L Word was based off of her.  And when they began casting for the reality series she interviewed for it never thinking she would be chosen.  Rose said that they have no control over what they air on the series and what they do not.  They filmed them 12 hours a day with only 1 day off. 

Rosie told Rose that she's very smart and beautiful but what was she thinking allowing cameras to film her with strippers and not telling her girlfriend Natalie about it?!  She asked her if she did not know that her girlfriend would find out.  Rose said that she was hoping to have time to "fix it" with her girlfriend before it aired and said she really didn't do anything bad!  This made Rosie laugh! Rose said that every time an episode airs she has to do damage control with her girlfriend all over again.  She did say that she's learned a lot about herself by seeing the way she acts on the show, especially towards her girlfriend Natalie.  She said that watching the show has given her insight as to what a jackass she's been to the women in her life. 

Rosie then asked about Mikey.  Rose met Mikey over 10 years ago.  Rosie said she's concerned with Mikey's alcohol consumption.  Rose said that Mikey is really successful and held a very successful fashion week in LA.  Rosie said she enjoys Mikey but that Mikey has rage issues!  Rosie asked what was up with Mikey's hairdo and called it a lesbian bump-it!  Rose explained that Mikey is "very rock and roll and edgy" and that her hair is her signature look. 

<---Mikey (left), Whitney (center) and Rose (right)

Rosie admitted she is addicted to the show and that she has still not gotten over the Whitney "strap-on" episode.  Rose explained that Whitney chose not to censor herself in any way and that she loves that about her.  Rosie said it was better than any porn she'd ever seen!  Rose said that the episode is educational for straight viewers too and answers a lot of questions about how lesbians have sex.  

Speaking of lesbians, Rosie wanted to know where is this population of beautiful, fit, perfect looking lesbians?  Rose said that only the top 1% are beautiful, attractive and successful.  Rosie said she lived in L.A. and never saw women that looked like them. 

Rose loves the attention she's been getting from the series especially from the young lesbians who have told her that the show has helped them find the courage to come out to their parents.  Right now they do not know if there will be a season 2 but Rose hopes there is because there are so many more stories to tell!  

Two of the cast members, Nikki and Jill, will be getting married on October 19th and Rosie said she hasn't received her invitation yet!  Rose offered to take her as her date.   Rosie said she wants to talk to Rose's girlfriend Natalie and she wants Rose to decide what she wants in her life.  She wants  her to decide if she wants stability or to be a player.  Rose says she wants commitment and that her girlfriend is 10 times sweeter in person than she is on the show.  

Rosie loves the show and said she wants to be on Season 2 and go out to a club with them one night!  Rose thanked Rosie for her support of the show and said she was shocked and pleased when she found out that Rosie liked it.  And she thanked Rosie for all she had done for the lesbian community.  Catch the season finale of The Real L Word this Sunday at 10pm on Showtime! 

Rosie then introduced Jennifer Hutt who was calling from the Make Your Own Pop Tart Store on 42nd Street in NYC!  Rosie admitted that she can't resist pop tarts and if she knows the s'mores flavor are in the pantry she can't resist them! 

Jennifer and Alexis from Whatever Martha------->

Rosie talked with Jennifer about how she has recently lost a significant amount of weight.  Jennifer wouldn't be specific about how much weight she lost but she did say it was more than 30 pounds and that she's gone down several dress sizes.  She said she's done every diet on the planet but it was her mother's death 2 years ago that prompted her to lose the weight.  She thought to herself that cancer loves fat and that's what caused her to make changes.   After a year of allowing herself to grieve she realized she has to take some sort of action for better health. She said it is still a daily struggle and that she still weighs herself every morning.  She lost weight by doing cardio and by reducing the amount she was eating. 

Jennifer and Alexis have a new talk show on the Hallmark channel that will premiere on September 13th at 11am opposite "that other show" that is on at 11am.  

Jennifer said that since she's lost the weight it is easier for her to leave the house and find clothes to wear, she's not as scared to have her picture taken and she can generally breathe more easily.   Rosie is very proud of Jennifer and her weight loss and said she's going to use her as her inspiration!  Look for Jennifer's new talk show with Alexis Stewart on the Hallmark channel in September! 

Pete bragged that he recently beat Tanya (Rosie's friend/nanny who graduated from Oxford) in Scrabble 5 times in a row!  Rosie called Tanya a "loserrama" and said that it must be killing her because she is super-competitive too.  Janette said that it must feel  good to be able to win somewhere because he's only won one time in the studio! 

Pete said in regards to the fat conversation that they've been having, he picked up his daughter yesterday and she touched his breast and said "baby?"  He's IN when they begin their 30 minutes of cardio post radio show workout in September.  

Rosie closed the show.

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  1. I have major food and body image issues most of my life..Listening today I just wanted to call in and give Rosie a hug over the phone. We may not be the same size but I completely understand the frustration. I can go on and on about this topic but if you want to read some of my struggles you can click on my name and it will take you to my blog.

    Thanx Kelly another great recap.

  2. Kelly
    You do an excellent job thank you!
    I had missed part of the Rose interview because of work (grumble) so I am thrilled to see it here.

    Thank you!


  3. I can't believe I have just found this comment section now as I have been reading this recap since it started - I love Rosie and this recap has helped me keep up with her - I just cannot afford Sirius - I am thrilled Rosie is coming back to TV. Thanks so much for this blog Kelly and how neat for you that Rosie recognized what a great job you are doing and is paying you now - how surreal that must be for you but that is the kind of great person Rosie is......:)

  4. so many things resonated with me on this one. but the employee/employer thing hit home. as a small business owner - i have a different view. i try to treat my staff with professionalism and respect that they deserve.....but so many of them have such an entitled arrogant attitude - it is exhausting. i am a big proponent of having people move on when it's time.....and never letting it get too bad.

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