8-9-10 - "The show all about OWN!"

In case you missed it...

Rosie said there's a new squirrel visiting the radio studio who's not Shady.  He walked right into the radio studio during the morning meeting and said "Hi" to Rosie!  If you want to watch the live interaction of the squirrels at the radio studio in Nyack you can visit the live UStream camera HERE

Tomorrow Rosie will be interviewing Rose from the Showtime reality series The Real L Word and Whitney on Thursday.  Rosie said she thinks Rose is gorgeous but very mean to her girlfriend Natalie.  Rosie talked about last night's episode when Rose goes to meet up with her ex-girlfriend and then talks about how she has to cover it up so her girlfriend doesn't find out, which Rosie thinks is funny considering there are cameras following her and her girlfriend is sure to see it!  Rose's character is said to be based on a character from the fictional series The L Word.  Rosie is also interviewing Whitney who Rosie called "a slut" and a "lesbian player!"  Rosie said that every lesbian she knows falls in love and then moves in with her girlfriend right away.  She said watching Whitney is like watching another species of lesbian.  Janette has never watched the show because of the title. She thought the show was about LOVE so she wouldn't watch it.  Now that she knows it's about lesbians she might.  Rosie is getting her a copy of the series so far. 

Rosie's daughter, Vivi and Tracy's daughter, Savannah then walked into the studio and said "hello" to the radio staff and the listeners at home.  Vivi and Savannah are both 7 years old and inseparable.  Rosie said they are both available to answer questions if any listeners would like to call in.  Rosie said they are learning how to be nicer to Archie.  Archie is Tracy's son who has Autism and has horrible temper tantrums when they tease him.  Rosie said that Vivi and Savannah have made an agreement to not do it anymore.  A listener called in who has a little boy their age who wanted to know which Lego to buy her son for his birthday.  Vivi recommended anything Star Wars.  Rosie said she's bad at setting up Legos and Vivi always has to help her finish her set. 

Rosie's 15 year old son Parker then came into the studio and said hello.  He and Rosie saw Charlie St. Cloud last night but they hated it. 

Rosie took calls from several listeners about "The Real L Word."  One caller isn't gay herself but she said she has a lot of lesbian friends and she has never known anyone like Whitney either!  The caller said that Rose is beautiful, but she called her a bitch.  One caller appreciated the beginning of "The Real L Word" when they define "lesbianisms" like the 100-footer.  A 100-footer is a lesbian that you can spot from 100 feet away.   Rosie told one caller that she's going to have "a little talking to" with Rose who is too mean to her girlfriend.  Rosie also said she thinks Mikey has an alcohol problem.  She and the caller discussed Mikey's rockster hair-do that Rosie had huge issues with.  One of the callers was very disappointed that there's not African American representation on the show.  A listener felt that the women on the show are not representative of the lesbian community.  Rosie said it's hard to really represent the lesbian community because it is so diverse.  Rosie said she wishes she had Whitney's confidence and that she looked like Rose! 

Rosie talked for a little while about the announcement last week that her daytime talk show will be on OWN!  Here is a link to the official press release on Oprah.com!  Rosie said she's going to do a daytime talk show similar to Oprah's daytime show and Phil Donahue's.  She said it will be one hour long about one topic.  She also finally said that it was Ms. Oprah Winfrey who came to her house in Nyack!  Rosie kept that secret for 6 weeks!  Rosie said having O at her house was both fun and nerve-wracking at the same time. She said that when they packaged up her television deal her team was originally talking about having it on a syndicated network.  Rosie kept telling her agent that she would like to do her show on Oprah's network.  Next thing she knew Oprah was flying to Rosie's house and meeting with her!  That was the day of the "dreaded Old Navy T-shirt heard round the world" which then, in turn, prompted Rosie to make up with Eileen Fisher.  Rosie said she now wants to talk to Eileen Fisher about dressing for her for her new show.  Rosie invited listeners to call in and share their thoughts about the latest news! 

Rosie said that in some ways, her life is complete.  She said that Barbra Streisand has slept at her Miami home and now this.  When Rosie went to the movies with Parker this weekend she saw the trailer for Little Fockers where they show Barbra for merely a second.  She said the endorphin rush she got from just that moment made her so happy!  

And now Rosie's dream of working with Oprah is coming true!  When Oprah made plans to come to Rosie's house her friend and publicist, Cindy Berger, immediately asked what Rosie was going to do about catering the lunch.  Cindy told Rosie she can't just go to the deli and that it takes "a Jew" to cater.  Rosie admitted they had to borrow plates from their friend Carlos who works at the house so that all their plates would match.  Rosie got Oprah plates when she appeared on the show and she said she and her family eat off those frequently but she thought it might be strange to serve Oprah lunch off her own plates.  Rosie had the whole house cleaned and even borrowed serving bowls for the event.  Oprah walked in with several people from her network and Vivi walked right up to her and said "Hi, you know, our house is never this fancy."  They decided to eat outside at the spur of the moment and Rosie looked out onto the patio and Oprah was cleaning the table with WINDEX!  Rosie said Oprah was there for about four 4 dreamy, wonderful, hours and then Rosie wasn't allowed to talk about it for 6 weeks!  

Rosie took a call from a listener who saw the Biography special on her career and got choked up when they showed the time that Barbra Streisand came on "The Rosie O'Donnell Show." Rosie admitted that still, to this day, when she sees that episode she has to look away.  

Awwwwwww, remember?!!

The caller was SO excited about the news of Rosie's new show!  Rosie explained that when she left "The Rosie O'Donnell Show" she needed to leave so that she could learn how to be a real person again.  Oprah has purchased the Discovery Health Channel and her network will begin airing January 1, 2011!  Rosie's new show will start sometime in 2011 after "The Oprah Winfrey Show's" final episode.  Rosie joked that there are still people who come up to her and think she's still on television!  People have also written in to her on her blog asking her why she was being mean to "that housewife" because they confuse her with Whoopi Goldberg who recently got flack over arguing with a Real Housewife of Washington, D.C.  And people have also written in to her on her blog congratulating her on going back to "The View" which, of course, she is not. 

Rosie said that there were staff members at "The Rosie O'Donnell Show" who were hysterically crying on the last day because they were so sad that it was ending.  Jeannie admitted that she might be hysterically crying on the last day of Rosie Radio when it ends too!  

Rosie left her show when she was 40 years old thinking she would "retire" because she was convinced she wouldn't live to an old age.  Now, she'll be coming back to television only months before she turns 50! 

A caller named "Nana Ruth" called in who Rosie had met at an art show in Florida.  Rosie joked that she was one of the few people in line who was more tan than she was!  The caller couldn't believe that Rosie successfully kept it quiet about Oprah coming to her house!  Rosie said they had originally thought that they could talk about it on Thursday's show but the network/lawyers/money people told her they were going to announce it with a press release that wouldn't be out until late Thursday.  They told her she had to wait.  Cindy Berger, Rosie's publicist, who is never dramatic, called Rosie on Wednesday night and told her she had to cancel Thursday's show because she didn't trust her that she couldn't say anything!

Rosie said that this opportunity to work with Oprah is a dream come true and she has nothing but admiration and respect for Oprah and all she is.  Rosie kept putting out into the universe that she wanted to work with Oprah and it has since manifested and come true. 

Rosie said that they are trying to work out a way to see if they can do a radio show on Sirius following the talk show!  Rosie said that doing Rosie Radio has been a lot of fun and it has helped her prepare a lot of the things she wants to do on her television show.  She said "The Rosie O'Donnell Show" was more of a Merv Griffin type show that allowed celebrities to come on and promote their next film, etc.  She said the format of this show will be more like "The Oprah Winfrey Show" and will be a show about issues that will hopefully inspire and motivate its viewers.  For example, they might have the author on who wrote a book about his experience with drug abuse and also have on an expert who deals with addictions and other guests who have suffered with addiction.  Rosie said that to try to even come close to Oprah's talk show would be a high goal to aspire to, but that she has such a desire to please Oprah and make her happy.  But she did assure her listeners that they are going to try to keep radio as part of the package in some capacity. 

A listener called in and told Rosie to go and listen to Oprah's radio show where she praises Rosie and talks about how lovely it was to go to her house!  Rosie said she was worried she and all her kids would overwhelm Oprah when she came to visit.  They gave her a tour of the house, the radio studio, the craft studio, and the chicken coop.  Rosie said having Oprah at her home was very "dream-come-true-ish." But at the same time she didn't want to deify her.  But she kept noticing herself realizing that the Oprah was in her home and saying to herself "Oprah is in my house.  Oprah is standing with me looking at my garden."  Rosie asked "Whose life is this anyway?" CUTE! And I totally get it.

Rosie took a call from a listener who was at the first taping of "The Rosie O'Donnell Show" after September 11th, 2001. He praised Rosie for being so real on the show and talked about the episode in detail and what a powerful show it was to witness. 

Rosie talks to Elmo after September 11th...

Rosie remembered driving back into NYC after 9/11 and the huge American Flag that was hanging.  She said American's had to choose faith or fear.  Rosie remembered saying she wasn't going back to work after 9/11 because it seemed irrelevant to do a talk show at the time.  But then she realized she couldn't diminish in the face of tragedy, she had to live through it. 

Rosie said that another woman stopped and asked her girlfriend Tracy for her number the other day!  She joked that she's going to have to start beating off women with a stick to keep them away from Tracy.  And Tracy thought it was one of Rosie's friends punking her.  Parker asked Rosie if she'd ever been punked and Rosie said she hadn't, and she wouldn't like it either.  Even though Rosie adores Ashton Kutcher, Rosie would not like to be punked and she said she's not nearly popular or cool enough to be punked.  Parker thought it would be hilarious. 

Rosie said she's going to try to keep the new television show as real as it is on radio.  She said they are going to try to do it without it being a "presentation" and a "performance."  They are going to try to make it about the content of the show.  She then thanked all the lawyers and television people who made it happen. 

Rosie joked that she and Tracy are soon going to have children who are 18, 16, 15, 14, 13. And those are only the top 5!  They have 5 more children younger than that.  Rosie said their home is like a daycare center and that's why she's going back to work!

Janette is very upset about an article she read about the killing of geese in New York State.  The reasons they are giving for killing the geese is because of the dangers to airplanes.  However, between 2004 and 2008 there have been 676 bird strikes.  Five of those strikes have been geese.  The current geese population is 250,000 and they are talking about "reducing" that to 85,000 which means they are going to kill 170,000 geese for doing nothing more than existing on this planet.  The topic is very upsetting to Janette.   They discussed a video of Jane Valez-Mitchell talking about it on CNN.

Janette said that the USDA says it takes 5 minutes for a goose to die when it is gassed but that it's a very painful and horrible way to die.  Janette is passionately against killing an animal and torturing it to death because it's done nothing but exist.  And she hopes people turn out at the rally against it.   Janette said that how we treat our animals is a reflection of our society, and to take them in the dead of night and torture them to death is wrong when there are more humane ways to solve the problem.

The plan is to kill resident geese and the goose that took down the plane in the Hudson was a migratory goose.  And even after we kill the geese, more geese will come!  Janette said there has to be a way to make a plane "bird-proof."  Janette said she understands that the laws of nature says that we kill animals to survive and her problem isn't necessarily with killing the animals.  She said we could take these geese for responsible slaughter and give the meat to the poor to eat.  Click HERE to find out more information about the rally on August 12th at City Hall in NYC!  A listener called in who recommended border collies to chase the geese away and said that that teaches the geese not to return to the area.  Rosie said that ever since they let their Australian Shepherd out into their backyard they never had a problem with geese in their yard and they live on the Hudson river!

Rosie is surprised at Janette's strong reaction to the story about the killing of the geese.  Janette is not a vegetarian or a vegan, she just doesn't believe in the torture of animals (or people, for that matter). 

Rosie said she hasn't been picking her face and everyone has noticed a difference!  She said that she thinks that signing a television deal has helped her stop.  Rosie said she hopes to be as authentic as possible on television and said she doesn't want to wear tons of makeup. 

Deirdre wasn't in the studio today because she had a terrible fall.  Deirdre's dog got away and she went to look  down the street for him and she fell off a ledge and really hurt her leg!  Now she's going to have to have surgery.  She wanted to come in today, but Janette wouldn't let her.

Rosie and the kids almost went to Target last night, but Rosie couldn't do it.  Target is under criticism for supporting a candidate who doesn't believe in the rights of gay Americans.  The Human Rights Campaign would like Target to make an equal  donation towards a candidate who supports gay rights.

Rosie said she had thought about working with Eileen Fisher to develop a plus-sized clothing line for Target!  She loves Eileen's clothes but just thinks they are too expensive for the average person.  I believe it was Tracy who recommended the clothing line Flax to Rosie.  Janette said that Flax is really nice but not cheap either.  Rosie said that 65% of American's are overweight but only 18% of the clothing is for plus-sized people.  Janette said that is because the differences in clothing between a size 8 and a size 10 aren't that great but when you get into the plus sizes the body types vary greatly.  Rosie also likes a line of clothing called Evans from the UK.  She has ordered several items off their website even though she wasn't sure how much anything cost because it was in pounds and not dollars.

This weekend Rosie watched a news program about a 700 pound man named David Smith who had a trainer come to his home and help him lose 400 pounds!  Rosie thought the story was inspiring and loved Chris Powell the trainer/coach. Chris is now going to have his own show and Rosie wants to have him as a guest on Rosie Radio!  Here is a link to the show that Rosie watched on 20/20.

Rosie said that they are starting their one year program to get into shape in September.  She said that for 4 days a week they are going to be doing 30 minutes of exercise immediately following the radio broadcast.  She said she's going to have James put on music for them and they are going to do cardio/dancing! 

Pete is going to a Star Wars convention in Orlando this weekend and is very excited about it!  Sirius is devoting a new channel for the event this weekend!  Sirius radio is devoting four days of everything Star Wars on SIRIUS XM Stars Too.  From August 12-15, they will be broadcasting live from the official Lucasfilm convention!  It will feature interviews with stars from the Star Wars movies, droid races, costume pageants and more. Star Wars Celebration Radio is hosted by Raw Dog Comedy’s 'Mark Says Hi' and Cinemagic’s Dave Ziemer. Tune in from Thursday, August 12 through Sunday, August 15th!!  Pete is going and he might take Rosie's son Parker with him!  Pete can't wait! 

The game was Brendan would play a clip of a song from famous movie and the player had to name the movie. 
Jeannie - she got "Wind Beneath My Wings" from "Beaches."  She got it. 
Parker - he got "Lose Yourself" from "8 mile."  He got it.
Rosie - "I Will Always Love You"  from "The Bodyguard." And she got it with one note! 
Pete - "Eye of the Tiger" from "Rocky III."  He guessed Rocky, then he guessed Rocky II!!  He was OUT!  Janette said Rocky is Rocky and they should give it to him.  Poor Pete was mad but he was still out. 
Caller - got the song "Call Me!" which is from "American Gigolo."  She got it.
Janette - got "Batman" from the movie "Batman."  She got it.

Jeannie - got "Don't Wanna Miss a Thing" from "Armageddon."  She got it.
Parker - got "Maniac" from "Flashdance."  He didn't get it but Rosie did, so she took his. 
Rosie - (really Parker) got "Iris" from "City of Angels."  Parker stole and got it right.   
Caller - got "Kokomo" which was from "Cocktail" and she didn't get it.  Rosie said she was out too because it wasn't fair what she did.  But Parker was still in.
Janette - got "Wild Wild West" from the movie "Wild Wild West."  She was out.

Jeannie - got "Let's Hear it For the Boys" from "Footloose." She was out. 
Parker  - got "Everything I Do, I Do it For You" from "Robin Hood Prince of Thieves."  He was out. 

So, no one won today's game!  Rosie said today's game was too hard! Brendan said that the people in the control room didn't think so, which sounded like a challenge to Janette!  Will there be a control room/studio face off?  We will see!!

Rosie has been watching some videos on Byron Katie who is a self-help guru.  Rosie said she makes you question the stories you tell yourself and whether or not they're true. Rosie thinks she is fascinating and read her description from Wikipedia.  She asked her listeners if they could look into Byron Katie online tonight in preparation for tomorrow's show.  Rosie described Byron and said she became severely depressed in her early 30s and spiraled into paranoid rage  with recurring thoughts of suicide. One moment she woke and discovered that suffering is optional and found a joy within her.  Rosie wants to have her on the show as a guest.  Rosie closed the show and said they would be talking about Byron Katie tomorrow so to look into her.
and that's what you missed -kw


  1. ..My thoughts

    It's great news and not so great about Rosie and her show..( for selfish reasons because of her Canadian fans)..From what I read so far Discovery Health Canada has no info yet on carrying the network. It's very complex.

    During TRODS, if I did not spend a fortune going back and fourth to NY/hotels..Now it may start again..oye god help me! lol

    Exercise...Rosie need to rent spin bikes for the staff and herself..Hire a certified Spin bike instructor and get spinning for 1 hr! That is 800 cals burned. ( ps..And video tape it on her blog).

  2. Great job. Kelly! I so look forward to your updates!

    I love Byron Katie. I have read her book and can't wait to hear about what Rosie has to say about her. I hope she will be interviewing her.

  3. Hi and I'm with Heidi on the Canadian channels. I'm flipping out if Canada can't get Rosie's show. Keep me posted Heidi if you hear anything about it. I can't NOT see her show. OMG!!! I love Rosie and so happy for her. Hugs to Kelly for this site it's my life saver.

  4. google: byron katie + cult

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    I agree with Janette about the geese. I love animals and can't stand to see or hear about them being hurt :/

    Heidi, maybe you should just move to NY lol, just kidding.

    Thanks, Kw,

  6. Well I am the one that told rosie about byron Katie on her blog and thru deidre and janette on facebook. I don't even get a thank you.

    You are doing a fine job kelly

  7. The way Rosie talks about Oprah is reminiscent of her idolization of Barbara Walters (and we all know how that ended). I just hope Rosie is true to herself and doesn't do things Oprah's way just because she's Oprah. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Oprah, but it's going to be Rosie's show -- she should decide how she wants it to "look". Thanks for the blog, Kelly, you're the greatest!

  8. thanks so much for doing this blog. i'm in summer camps all summer for my social justice theater company and can't listen while i work for six weeks. pure torture. how spoiled am I? I'll so miss the radio program. so real. hope it continues after january.

  9. Christina..I would love to! I've always said many times how much I love the States and want to marry an American. :)

    Dawn..I've already emailed Discovery Health and D.Canada and Global..I can't worry about it now I need another 6 months to start..lol ..Then I'm thinking if it's on selected cable during the day I'm not going to be able to tape it ( yes I still use a VCR but could only record up to a certain #..I'll have to buy ( which I can't because it's over $300 or rent a PVR..But! I am not going to stress over it now..Breath ;)

  10. I have not listened to Rosie for weeks.
    No real reason just kinda walked away for a bit.
    However caught the OWN news via mainstream media

    TY for tweeting that this show will cover it.
    Catching the replay on sirius (10pEST)

    Still plugging away .. good to see.
    Much Love!

  11. Metafilter covered the killing of the geese and I wanted to share it with those that might be interested in the intelligent hive mind that is metafilter.

    July 13th, 2010

    If you are not familiar with metafilter
    Have a look around.
    It is a long standing internet gem.

  12. Thank you so much for the clip of the Rosie "unplugged" Kelly! I don't remember seeing it, and will watch them all now!

    Vivi and Savannah are so lucky! Don't you remember being seven and wishing that you could be sisters with your best friend! Too cute.

    Thanks for another great recap, my friend.

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    Lisa in Indy

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    I remember thinking we wouldn't get Rosie Radio in Canada but it all worked out...

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