8-6-10 - "The show when we learned about Bobby!"

In case you missed it...

Rosie began today's show asking the staff if they had any great plans for this weekend.  Pete is going to be a Godfather again!  He's already a Jewish Godfather for his brother Nicco's baby.  This baptism will be a Catholic ceremony.  Janette is excited because she is now the sponsor of two children in Nepal.  She registered on MadebySurvivors to sponsor and pay for the education of two children who have been saved from sex-trafficking.  The founder of Made By Survivors, Sarah Symons, was a guest on Rosie Radio on July 21st  and she discussed  her organization.  You can read about that interview HERE.  Rosie purchased several items from the charity and was even wearing a few of the hand-crafted bracelets today.  She said she feels really good about the purchases knowing they are supporting a good cause.  Deirdre is also sponsoring the education of a survivor and shared that she may be going to Nepal in January!  Sarah and Deirdre have become really good friends!  Rosie was impressed that Deirdre was thinking of taking the trip and they talked about how much they enjoyed having Sarah on the show.  Rosie mentioned to Deirdre that she makes friends fairly easily and how that's such a nice quality to have.  Janette agreed and said that Deirdre has an uncanny ability to connect to people when she talks to them and that allows people to instantly open up to her.  Deirdre said although she makes friends easily, she is very picky about her friends.   Janette is very excited by the "Made by Survivors" sponsorships and said that it gives her a connection to Nepal that she never had.   Janette's other charity she supports is MMFC which gives her connections to Rwanda and having all these connections around the world makes her her feel good on a daily basis.  Rosie doesn't know how relief workers do it and not get depressed from what they see.  Janette said that every relief worker she has  ever met is such a unique type of person.  Rosie said that she thinks it would be very traumatic for her to be a relief worker and she doesn't think she could witness that type of pain.  Janette said on her trips to Rwanda with Medical Missions for Children it is seeing the joy that comes from it that keeps her going back.  She said it is the best thing that ever happened to her.  Deirdre is freaking out about going to Nepal because of the depression she's likely to feel afterward.  Rosie said that Madonna has invited her to Malawi many times but she can't seem to find the strength to go.  I love how Rosie just mentioned Madonna's name so casually.  That's Mmmmmmmmmm-madonna, you know!!  I was in Madonna's fan club as a kid and once sent her a mixed tape of me singing Open Your Heart.  I wanted to be that kid she danced with in the video so badly! LOL, okay, that's a dorky confession. 

Rosie said she has no big plans for the weekend.  Her girlfriend Tracy is picking up her son up at Outward Bound having some special time with him and Rosie will be home with the kids.  Bobby's dad is getting out of the hospital this weekend.  He stopped taking his medication for his heart without telling anyone because he thought he didn't need it anymore and he got very ill.  He had kidney failure, caught MRSA and it was discovered that he also has severe arthritis.  Luckily he's okay now and he's coming home.

Rosie told Bobby that a lot of people want to get to know him better!  They played a recurring segment entitled "Getting To Know You" - Bobby Pearce! PART 1 and then 2 -  Listen below...

To listen to the rest of the Up Close and Personals with the staff members click HERE.  Rosie corrected Bobby's story that he told in the segment.  She said she saw the picture in his apartment of the "girl" and said not "who's that girl?" but "I want to date that girl!"  It turned out to be a picture of Bobby!  Bobby's mom stayed with him when he was in the hospital and is the reason that they caught his hemorrhage and the reason he is here today.  Bobby said his brother was born with a birth defect and she knows how to handle the hospital.  She's the go-to hospital person.  When his dad was in the hospital she was there every single day. 

Rosie and Bobby met through a mutual friend named Jason who died of brain cancer.  Jason was an actor in the Broadway production of Grease when Rosie was cast to play Rizzo in the play.  Bobby was very good friends with Jason.  Bobby was a "dresser" on Broadway and then became a dresser to the stars.  Bobby has dressed some celebrities that were known to be difficult to work with but he could get along with everyone because he always respected their talent.  Jason told Rosie that he had a friend named Bobby who wanted to dress her for the show and the rest is history! 

Rosie Radio played PART 2 
Bobby laughed and joked about how he totally fell for Rosie.  Once they met they were like family.  Bobby and Rosie lived together when Parker was a baby and they shared night feedings.  They are really like a couple!  Rosie asked Bobby if his relationship with Parker kind of feels like having his own child and Bobby said it kind of does because of what they went through with him in the beginning especially because he was premature.

Currently, you can see Bobby's work in Falling for EveVirtually Me a new musical for kids and The Marvelous Wonderettes.  Rosie recommended her listeners go see The Wonderettes!  To learn more about Bobby, his career and his accomplishments in design, visit his fantastic website HERE!

Then it was time for Part 2 of Rosie's interview with Bill Clegg, the author of 'Portrait of an Addict as a Young Man'.  To read Part 1 of this interview click HERE.  Rosie recapped yesterday's interview and began talking with Bill about his relationship he had with the man that first offered him crack.   He told the man that he had tried it but he had not.  Bill explained that he had  always been really interested in trying it though.  He was always very into drugs and was a very high functioning addict.  He worked as a teen to get the money in order to pay for his drugs and it was at that job that he did his first line of crystal meth.  He was incredibly skilled at covering up his drug use.  Bill told himself he needed drugs to connect with his creative side. 

Bill ended up getting a job in publishing after he took The Radcliff Publishing course.  All the people that he worked with had gone to Ivy League schools and had graduate school degrees so Bill felt that everyone he worked with had advantages that he never have.  He never saw who he was, only who he wasn't

Bill knew the moment he first tried crack that crack would be something significant in his life.  In that moment, it was as if, for the first time, whatever hole he felt inside himself was filled.  It was extreme and that's the high he was always attempting to achieve.  He never achieved a high like that first time ever again.  Bill and Rosie talked about his own thoughts of paranoia and that Rosie has a friend that told her the paranoia an addict feels is epic and completely self-centered narcissism. 

Bill's family tried interventions but he would never agree to listen.  One time they tracked him down at a hotel in Manhattan and his father and siblings confronted him.  Bill said he ran out the door and jumped in a cab and told the driver to drive.  His sister tried to follow him in a cab but he lost them.  After Bill hit bottom, he woke up in a hospital restrained in the psych ward and then he went to a rehab for 6 weeks.  Bill can't define why that time in rehab was different.  He wanted sobriety but couldn't stay sober.  They talked about getting sober and relapsing.  Bill attributes his ability to maintain his sobriety partly to becoming a sponsor for other addicts.  This past June he celebrated 5 years of sobriety.  Rosie said that she oftentimes sees celebrities struggling with addictions and thinks there's no help for them.  Until she read this book, that is.  Bill said that until you're dead, there's always hope.

Bill is currently working on a book about the first 90 days of sobriety.  Rosie absolutely loved Bill and his story and joked with him that she was codependent towards him and way too invested in his life.

Rosie had said that when watching The Jersey Shore series, she didn't remember anyone looking so buff like the guys in the show.  Jeannie reminded her of one guy from high school named Anthony Dinovino.  Everyone had been telling Anthony that they were talking about him on the radio so he called in and was on the phone to chat with Jeannie and Ro.  Anthony updated Jeannie and Rosie on where he's living now and what he's been up to all these years.  Anthony has been married for 20 years and has two children ages 15 and 13.  Anthony and Rosie commiserated over the teen years, talked about people he dated in high school, and about growing older.  Anthony is now the Director of Finance at a big defense company in Reston, Virginia.  They discussed their upcoming high school reunion this fall.  Rosie and Jeannie told Anthony that HE was the guy in high school that every girl wanted and he never even knew it!  She and Jeannie were too intimidated to even look at him because he was so handsome, muscular and perfect!  Anthony recalled the first time he met Rosie in 9th grade and the conversation they had about both being drummers.  Jeannie said he and his friends were the guys she would wake up to go to school for.  Jeannie, Rosie and Jackie are going to the reunion together and looking forward to seeing Anthony there!  Rosie said she's hoping this year's reunion won't be a "drunk fest" like the last one!  After the phone call Jeannie asked Rosie if she heard a little "Jersey Shore lingo" in the conversation.  Rosie did.

Janette couldn't believe that 30 years later, they still remember all these details from high school.  Jeannie said it still feels like yesterday to her.  They sang the Spartan Commack South Fight Song and went to commercial! 

Janette read a blog recently about having a bad day and how only in our interpretation of our reality determines whether or not it is going to be a bad day.  The interpretation can then become a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Rosie said that a rainy day is a bad day to her and Janette told her that that is a choice.  Rosie said that she genuinely doesn't like the rain and that rain makes her sad.  Janette said that if you think everything is bad, you end up perceiving everything as bad.  Rosie didn't like the answer and said you can't just think your way out of being human.  Janette feels as if we can choose our reality and that Rosie is letting weather run her life.

Rosie thought this was a funny conversation coming from Janette who is notoriously negative and "curmudgeony."  Janette said she may be "curmudgeony" but she isn't unhappy about it, it's just what she thinks of the world.  She doesn't let it ruin her day, her opinions are just her opinions.   Janette said that the only reason she doesn't weigh 270 pounds is because she changed her thought pattern and that change changed the reality of her life. 

Rosie talked about dealing with big struggles in our lives and how she had to make a choice to begin again when she got divorced.  She said she could either berate herself for her marriage not succeeding or she could choose to carry on.  Janette thinks that affirmations and meditations can help and that we need to stay conscious to make great change in our lives.  Jeannie recommended the book she is reading entitled Perfect Health: The Complete Mind/Body Guide by Deepak Chopra.  She said she is learning that at some level you have ultimate control over everything that happens to us.  Rosie mentioned a book she read entitled The Minds of Billy Milligan about a man that went to jail and had multiple personalities.  She's fascinated by the concept of Multiple Personality Disorder or Dissociative Identity Disorder.  She also referenced her own book Find Me about her own relationship with a fan that had DID. 

Rosie said she saw Deepak Chopra last week on Larry King and he was talking about the redemptive quality of love and how it can change the neurons in your brain and how it's healing.  Rosie mentioned that  a woman named Cindy who she bonded with over breast cancer during her magazine lawsuit  said that Rosie said to her that liars get cancer.  Rosie said she did not say that and what she was trying to say was that there is a connection between your health and your mind.  But that it's not punitive but that you can do something to help heal yourself.  Janette recommended the book Love Medicine and Miracles about people becoming healthier through laughter.

Janette asked Rosie if she had ever had a gratitude list and said that Deirdre has been doing it and loving the process.  Janette said that a gratitude list can help shift your priorities.  Jeannie talked about knowing people in her life who do nothing but complain and how that can be exhausting to be around.  Janette admitted she excels at complaining and when it comes to the news she looks at the bad instead of the good but when it comes to her life she looks at the good.  Jeannie always holds on to the fact that there are more good people in the world than bad.

Rosie said she has one year from this September to get herself together.  Janette said the the best way to do this is through iron discipline.  Rosie wants to get herself ready spiritually, emotionally and physically.  Janette admitted that she hates walking but she does it because she's made the decision to do it.  She has a thing about doing what she says she will do and if she says it out loud to others or to simply herself, she will hold herself accountable.  Rosie said she needs to come up with a one year plan to get her ready to go back to TV  Janette told Rosie she can change her whole world in a year and all she needs to do is figure out a plan.  Rosie said all of them could do well by making a one year plan and sticking to it.  Goal setting has always been incredibly successful for Janette. 

Brendan read the subtitle and the player had to guess the title of the television show. 
For example, he would say "the next generation" and the answer would be "Star Trek."

James - "my life on the d-list"  He guessed "Kathy Griffin" and was correct.
Rosie - "the last airbender" She guess "Avatar" and was correct.
Pete - "criminal intent"  He guessed "Law and Order" and was correct.
Janette - "deep space nine" She guessed "Star Trek" and was correct.
Bobby - "New York" He guessed "CSI" and was correct.

James - "home edition"  He guessed Extreme Makeover"and was correct.
Rosie - "warrior princess"  She guessed "Xena" and was correct.
Pete - "robots in disguise"  He guessed "Transformers" and was correct.
Janette - "the Sarah Connor Chronicles"  She guessed "Terminator" and was correct.
Bobby - "Borneo"  He didn't know it.  The answer was "Survivor."  He was OUT.

James - "the new adventures of superman"  He guessed "Smallville" but the answer was "Lois and Clark." He was OUT.
Rosie - "the real American hero"  The answer was GI Joe but she had no idea.  They ten made Pete close his laptop because they said he was cheating!  Someone looked at Pete had already googled "TV shows with subtitles" on his laptop!!!  Rosie said that Parker's win was the benefit of her graciousness but that Pete is a cheater!
Pete - "the legendary journeys"  He guessed "Lois and Clark but the answer was "Hercules."  He was WRONG!
Janette - (for the win) "blood and sand"  The answer was Spartacus but she didn't know it.  She was WRONG. 

Pete - "the real Orange County"  He guessed the "OC" but the answer was "Laguna Beach." 
Janette - (for the win) "life on the street"  The answer was Homicide.  She didn't guess it.

Pete - "the new class"  The answer was "Saved by the Bell" but he guessed "Degrassi."
Janette - "special victims unit"  She guessed "Law and Order SVU" and she got it!

Here are the scores for the summer so far....
Rosie 4
Bobby 2
Janette 2
Pete 1!!!!

Rosie closed the show.

and that's what you missed - kw


  1. Love listening to the rosie show and appreciate this blog for when I cant listen. I also love playing games, however, I don't think playing games translates too well for radio. Anotherwards, its no fun (for me at least) to listen to the games...I turn if off. I know everyone in the studio is having a great time, but I think the game playing should be played by them during commercial breaks!

  2. I gotta say, I agree with Lynne...

  3. I enjoy the games. Harder on radio for sure, but I like to play along. Kelly, if you continue the blog when Ro goes to OWN, that would mean you would have Rosie and Oprah on your blogging resume....dreams come true!!!

    Alison (aka Alderella - happily typing this evening from Barbados)

  4. I really love Janette. She's so super smart and I do agree with her more often than not. Maybe she can have a radio show when Rosie moves back to TV, or even a TV show.. I'd watch! :)

    Hey Alderella, how's Barbados?! haha, sounds niiiice. :)

    Thanks, Kw,

  5. Hi! Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for running this blog! I just found it today and I'm so glad cause I love Rosie and her show!
    Also, because I just learned how to make them and I'm making them for everyone, I made a Rosie Radio button for your blog! You can post it on here and your followers or whoever can grab the code which they can put on their blogs. Then their followers can click on the button and it will lead back to your blog! :) It won't let me post the html code here, but if you visit my blog, you can see the Rosie button that I posted down on the right hand side. You can click it and it will lead back here to your blog! :) If you like it, comment or email me and I will send you the html code. It's super easy! Hope you like it! Have a great weekend!

  6. Hey ChristineSky, Barbados is sweet sweet sweet. It was Kadooment (aka Cropover) this week and everyone was "jumping up" in beautiful costumes. Will be back home soon to hear Rosie, live, discussing the new gig. LOVE that Oprah visited Rosie's house. Now, if Oprah and Howard Stern together have a visit at Rosie's house, it would be amazing. Howard might bury the hatchet with Oprah, which I would like to see.

  7. Man marries dog or man marries 16 wives---which is worse? Patriarchal societies SUCK if you're a woman...can we all go to Wonder Woman's Amazon Island & have no marriage at all?