8-5-10 "The show where there was no big announcement"

In case you missed it...

Parker joined the crew again for today's show.  He said he likes coming on the radio and adding his opinions.  Rosie invited listeners to call in and ask Parker questions if they had any for him.  The staff all watched America's Got Talent last night and Bobby said that America's got some talent!  Rosie felt bad for the kids on the show but understood Howie's point that they might not make a good Vegas show.  Janette liked the guys that risked their lives for their performances but she didn't really like the "Arc Attack" performance.  Bobby still has trouble with different kinds of talents being compared to each other.  He still thinks that the kid dancers should be compared to other kid dancers and the magicians should be compared to other magicians because the talents are hard to compare.  Janette was happy that Prince Poppycock made it through because she LOVES him and she loves his story.  Someone spoiled the outcome of the show for her by posting on her facebook page last night.  Janette "tivos" the show so she can fast forward through the commercials.   

Parker took some questions from listeners.  One listener told Parker she is taking her grandson to Rome and asked Parker what he liked best when he was over there.  Parker recommended the Coliseum that he said was really fun and a must see.  And he loved the food, the ruins and the shopping.  Another listener called in to ask Parker if he's anxious about attending the academically more difficult high school in the fall that he's chosen to attend.  He said "a little bit."  The caller said that the story about Parker putting his hand on his mom's knee during a particularly emotional scene when they went to see Billy Elliott made her cry.  Parker had no recollection of doing this.  Rosie had told the story on air a while back and while it may not have been a memorable moment to Parker it really had an impact on Rosie as a mother.  Rosie talked about what a sweet boy Parker is.  A listener asked Parker how he liked camp since it's now over.  Rosie warned Parker to be fair and balanced before he answered the question.  Parker simply said, "It wasn't fun but it was good preparation."  He said that the academic preparation camp that he went to to prepare him for high school just felt like school and it was a lot of work and not a lot of fun.  A listener called in whose son is teased at school for being overweight.  She said other kids are mean to him but she doesn't know how to motivate him to lose weight.  She asked Parker how she could help her son.  Parker told the caller to encourage her son to not let it get to him and to just be confident.  Here's my advice, when I was being teased at school I found a whole new group of friends at theater camp and at a little community theater in a near-by town.  I created a whole group of friends who were quirky and loud and unique and proud of their differences.  And they all had no idea about the drama going on at my school.  It was the best thing I ever did to get me through those hard middle school years.  I highly recommend it for anyone who is suffering from being teased at school because those friends got me through middle school. 

Rosie said coming back from camp the the song "Soldier of Love" came on the radio and she told Parker that Donny Osmond sang that song.  Parker had no idea who Donny Osmond was.  Rosie talked about how it's weird when your children have no idea about the people who were so defining in her youth.  Parker said he listens to some oldies like "Iron Man" by Ozzy Osbourne.  Rosie told Parker that she knows Ozzy Osbourne and his family and Parker told her she knows everybody. 

Rosie and the staff talked about Proposition 8 being overturned in California!  The gay marriage ban has been ruled unconstitutional.  Bobby said he thinks that the case will go all the way to the Supreme Court.  Rosie told her own story about how she and Kelli went to California to get married the first time gay marriage was allowed.  Her marriage to Kelli was then annulled by the state of California.  Rosie said it was important for her and Kelli to be married because they wanted to be counted amongst the people they were saying were unworthy to have the same rights as other citizens.  Brendan explained that there's a stay on this ruling until an appeals court hears the case.  But he predicted it will go all the way to the Supreme Court before marriages will be allowed to resume.

Ah, Rachel. Speak it woman. I love when you read to me.  :)

Janette said that she would like the same rights but without having to get married.  She's convinced she will be with Barry forever and still doesn't want to marry him because the concept of marriage skeeves her, no offense to anyone.  She sees marriage as a prison and she's not interested in the law being involved in her  personal relationship.  She even hates weddings.  She hates the language in weddings, the chattel, the sharing of the name.  She hates the entire concept.  The only part she appreciates with marriage is that if her longtime boyfriend Barry were to be hospitalized she would be allowed in his hospital room or if he died she would be considered his next of kin.  But she's not marrying him for that right and he feels the same way.  Of course, not for nothing but because Janette is a woman and Barry is a man they could always lie and say they're married in order to get into each other's hospital rooms.  Not an option for gay couples.  

The conversation then changed to Parker and he shared about what it's like when someone in his class dates and then break-up.  He went to school with the same group of kids from K-8th grade so if you break up there can be some awkwardness.  But at the same time, it forces you to get over the awkwardness.  Bobby was surprised that dating that was happening in the 8th grade at all and realized he's really old-fashioned.  Rosie said she had a boyfriend named Craig in 5th grade who kissed her on the cheek when they were playing basketball in his driveway.  He gave her one of his mother's expensive rings and she was called down to the principal's office for it!  She started to sing, "Those were the days my friends" and Lou was RIGHT on it and played the song just as she was singing it.  Rosie was so impressed!!!

Rosie and Lou had a rough beginning because it was a new show and Rosie didn't like it that Lou didn't look up when he spoke to her.  They had kinks to work out but it's been smooth sailing ever since.  And then Rosie mentioned Lou on Jimmy Fallon which is his all-time favorite show and she made a song for him entitled "In the Name of Lou."  Lou said that Rosie scared him a little when he first met her.  Parker said that his mom has a very big presence and she scares a lot of people when she first meets them.  He said she's loud even when she's not trying to be loud.  For example, Rosie's friend Natasha was over last night and they were so loud Parker couldn't hear the TV and they were sitting in the other room!  Rosie said Natasha Lyonne is her "favorite human friend."  Rosie said she's smart, introspective and existential.  They laughed a lot last night together.    Rosie asked Parker if it's weird to go out in public now and be recognized?  He said he's used to it now.

Parker told a joke.  He asked why is the U.S.S. Enterprise is like toilet paper.  He said they both circle Uranus looking for Klingons.  Pete and Janette analyzed the joke and said it wasn't entirely true.  Pete said it would be more accurate to ask how the U.S.S. Enterprise and toilet paper were the same.  He said they both have Klingons in them.  But no one thought that way funny but Pete said at least it's accurate!  Pete also doesn't feel that Parker won the game the other day because he had been eliminated and then was allowed to steal to come back in.  Parker told Pete that he's lucky he wasn't at the studio yesterday and that he will beat Pete in today's game if there is one!

Rosie asked if listeners would call in with their thoughts on Prop 8 being overturned even if they weren't necessarily happy about it.  Parker doubted that there were any conservative people listening to them on the radio that would be against the ruling.   

Rosie took several callers about Prop 8 being overturned.  One caller who was in favor of the ruling to overturn Prop 8 has a gay cousin getting married in Vermont soon.  Her husband refuses to go to the wedding because he doesn't think God agrees with gay marriage.  Rosie talked with the caller for a while about her husband and his views and asked her what she thought would happen at the holidays when they all get together and he didn't attend the wedding.  Rosie said that her cousin will forever remember who came to her wedding and who did not support it.

Rosie took another caller whose only only problem he has with Prop 8 being overturned is the use of the word marriage because to him, it's a sacred word only to be used between a man and a woman.  He called himself a right wing conservative and Rosie asked him what that meant to be a right-wing conservative.  The caller said to him it means that he's not liberal, doesn't like to change his mind or look at new ideas. I'm not joking.  That's what he said.  Rosie said that she used to think that if the only reason that gay couples were not allowed to marry was because people were hung up at the use of the word marriage then it was okay to use the word "union" so that gay couple could have the same rights.  But she realized that calling it something else wasn't okay because only when you use the same word can you guarantee the same meaning and therefore rights.  Rosie said to imagine what it's like to be a gay kid in the country and knowing that marriage is not something you're ever going to be allowed to have.  That the dream of a marriage will never be yours. She said that if our generation can change it than little gay kids don't have to grow up thinking that they are somehow broken, unlovable and unequal. 

Rosie took a call from a listener who said that people's rights shouldn't be up for a vote!  Rosie agreed and referenced the story of Lisa Pond who was a woman on the Rfamily cruise who had a brain hemorrhage playing basketball.  Lisa was rushed to the emergency room and her partner wasn't allowed to be at her side because they weren't married.  Lisa died before her partner was ever allowed to see her.  Obama recently changed this law and called Lisa's partner to tell her.  HERE is an article about it.   

One listener called in and said that she thinks that changing the laws of marriage from "one man and one woman" will be a slippery slope and that soon people will want to change it so you can marry a goat or a dog.  She asked Rosie if she knew what she meant.  Um, Rosie did not know what she meant and said that saying that including same-sex marriages will lead to bestiality is insulting.  And that no one is saying inter-species marriage is allowed they are saying that two people, two consenting adults, are allowed to commit themselves to each other through marriage if they want to do.  She thought is was a weird jump to go from two consenting adults to wanting to marry your goat.  Janette was even insulted hearing what this caller had to say.  Pete said that an adult loving another adult is part of being human and a human fucking an animal is wrong and abhorrent.  Bobby said it's a scare tactic that right-wing groups use for people on the fence of the topic.  He said that once they hear that argument that convinces them that they must not support same-sex marriage.  Rosie said that the spectrum of human sexuality doesn't include animals. 

Rosie announced that she heard that Carol Burnett has been cast on the show Glee to play Sue Sylvester's mom!  Rosie was really, really happy for Ryan Murphy and all his success.  She said that Glee is "appointment television" and probably the best show on T.V.  Pete read that Paul McCartney sent Ryan Murphy mash-up tapes and asked him if he wanted to use any of them on the show.  Somehow this changed to the idea of someone being cast as a "Nazi hunter?" which led to Parker revealing the fact that he had seen the R rated film Inglourious Basterds.  Rosie wanted to know when and where did Parker see that movie?!  He said he couldn't remember and Rosie was sure he was lying.  She told the story about when he was little how she once told him that there was an invisible "mommy dot" on his forehead that only mommies could see and that anytime he told a lie the mommy dot would show.  He then started to cover head forehead anytime he lied!  She also told a story about the time when he was a little baby and she had just fed him an entire jar of baby food and he threw it up right in her mouth.  Parker called it "preemptive Karma" and seemed annoyed at all the embarrassing stories.   Janette almost threw up hearing the story.  Bobby remembered Parker throwing up a lot as an infant.  Rosie asked Parker if he would like to share any embarrassing stories about her and he said that he would rather save them for when he writes his book someday.  Rosie's brother and money-man, Tim, write in to Rosie during the conversation and said that Parker saw the film at her house in December of last year!  Parker was busted!  Rosie told Timmy to go sell Chelsea's horse! 

A listener called in who started a Facebook group to try to get Barbra Streisand on Glee.  Rosie said if Barbra wanted to do Glee, nobody would stop her.  Rosie asked if everyone had seen the photos of Jennifer Aniston dressed like Barbra Streisand in Vanity Fair.  They  talked about Friends and Seinfeld both of which Rosie had never seen but hoping to watch someday on DVD.  Janette had seen a few episodes of Seinfeld but said she  prefers Fraiser and Two and a Half Men.  Janette talked about how much she loves "Two and a Half Men!"  She loves the writing and she loves the actor Jon Cryer.  She thinks the characters have fantastic chemistry on the show.  Bobby thinks the little boy cast in the show is hysterical.  "Two and a Half Men" is on Monday nights at 9pm on CBS. 

Rosie wanted to discuss the Showtime series The Real L Word.  Rosie described the characters in the reality show.  She called Whitney "a player" and referred to Mikey as "the one with weird hair that may have a drinking problem."  Rosie really wanted to talk about Whitney whom she said is such a player unlike any lesbian she has ever known in real life.  In the latest episode she has sex with her "girlfriend" wearing a strap-on with the reality cameras filming!  Rosie said she was shocked and couldn't believe what she was watching!  Rosie said she wants to talk to Rose who is beautiful but very mean.  Rosie wants to interview the women from the show.  Rosie mentioned the show's creator Ilene Chaiken who created the fictional series The L Word and this reality series The Real L Word.

Rosie admitted that the women on the show scare her a little bit and that she's a little bit frightened by them.  Rosie took a call from a listener who doesn't understand how Rosie can even like Whitney.  Rosie explained that she doesn't necessarily like Whitney but that she's fascinated by her.  The caller was gay too and had also never met any group of gay women like the group on the show.  Rosie said if she met any of the women at a party she never would have guessed that any of them were gay! Rosie took a call from a listener who lives in West Hollywood and doesn't know any lesbians in her area like the women in the show.  Rosie agreed with the caller because she once too lived in L.A. and never knew any lesbians like them.  She also said she  doesn't know any lesbians who would hire strippers!  Bobby said it sounds like "the studio's version" of what lesbians are like.   Rosie said she watches the show with fascination as to how others live.  She ended the conversation by saying "Mikey, if you're listening, you need to go to AA."  Here's a great article about the most recent episode of the Real L Word written by my friend Jess if you're interested in reading more about this topic! 

Rosie introduced Bill Clegg the author of "Portrait of an Addict as a Young Man."  She loved the book and how well-written it was.  She said she feels like she knows Bill now from his book.  He said that he gets that a lot.

Rosie said to look at Bill you would never think that he could have been a crack addict.  Bill said it was his horrible secret and when he went to rehab for the first time and finally met people who were like him that helped a lot.  Bill said that crack and drugs is not glamorous and it only leads to bad things.  He came close to death which was what he wanted at the time.  Bill said that he couldn't live without drugs but he couldn't imagine a life without them either so he just wanted to die.  Rosie said she thought he had to be dead after she read it and couldn't believe he was alive to tell the story.

Bill is the second oldest of 4 kids and he grew up in Connecticut.  His dad drank but is healthy today and one of the kindest and most supportive people in his life now.  Bill said through his falling apart that allowed him to have his father back in his life which almost makes it all worth it.  Bill said addiction is in their family and they have been dealing with it for generations.

Bill is gay and Rosie asked him if coming to terms with his sexuality had anything to do with the drug-use.  Bill said it fed into the pattern of secrets and said he always had a double life.  Bill became more aware of his sexuality after college and he struggled for a couple years dealing with it.  Bill smoked pot and drank a lot but didn't become addicted to crack until the night he crossed over the line with an older man who offered it to him.  He had done cocaine and crystal meth at a party once but never crack.  Bill said he grew up in the 80s and there was a lot of press about crack driving up crime rates, etc.  But there was also a description of the high that could be achieved that would change people's lives instantly that attracted him to it.  In some dark way Bill romanced the idea of doing it.  The man that introduced him to it was a little older than his parents and from his home town.  Rosie and Bill talked about how sweet his partner was who took care of him while he was sick.  Bill said there is no handbook for a spouse or a partner of an addict and how to take care of them.  They tried to make it work after he got sober but eventually realized they would be better off apart.

Rosie asked Bill to stick around and stay for part 2 of the interview which will be played tomorrow.

to be continued... 

UPDATE!!!!!  Read an article about the Oprah/Rosie announcement HERE!

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    Awesome recap - as always.

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