8-4-10 "The show about loving ourselves and our SN family members"

In case you missed it....

Rosie was almost late to today's show so much so that Bobby almost called her to make sure she was coming.  Rosie said that her youngest daughter Vivi sleeps with her and typically wakes her up by saying, "Mommy, it's on the 8, get up!"  Today Vivi woke Rosie up by saying, "Mommy, it's almost on the nine!!!"   

Rosie and her 4 children and Tracy's daughter Desi went to the The Addams Family on Broadway last night.  Tracy and her other kids are in Provincetown right now.  Rosie and the kids went to Joe Allen's before the show to have dinner and Rosie said the kids did not enjoy it.  They didn't really like their burgers or their steaks and Vivi couldn't find anything she liked to eat.  Rosie loves Joe Allen's and eats there often when she sees a Broadway show.  All the kids got a dessert called "the Brownie Bowl" and Rosie was proud of herself for not getting one!  She said she had to order each child their own dessert because they fight over them if they do not.

Rosie loved The Addams Family and said it was a wonderful family show.  She discussed the many Tony Award winning actors in the show.  Terrance Mann one of the actors was on the Dresden Files which Pete loved about a wizard in Chicago.  This led to a discussion about the film The Sorcerer's Apprentice that Rosie said Pete would love.  Rosie took Parker to see it when she visited him up at camp.  Her friend directed it.  Which then led to a discussion about Tesla, the man that Pete said revolutionized the world with his invention of electricity.  He says that the government stole all of his ideas, that were way ahead of his time.  The young guy in Sorcerer's Apprentice sounded so much like Christan Slater to her it was distracted.  They played audio of the actor and of Christian Slater.  They sounded very alike!  Everyone always said Christian was doing Jack Nicholson and now they see the guy their age be mimicked.  Every time she does a movie she feels like she should send a check to Bette Midler because she's copied her in movies too. 

Rosie performed in Seussical with Kevin Chamberlin almost 10 years ago when Parker was a toddler and last night she took her kids backstage to meet Kevin and the other actors and Parker was taller than him.  Rosie's youngest son Blake was teasing her youngest daughter Vivi while they were out last night and Rosie just wished he could be loving and they could get along. 

During this discussion, Deirdre told Rosie to stop picking at her face.  Rosie noticed she was doing it and said it was her way to self-soothe.  Rosie admitted that she is constantly touching her arms and her face and that Tracy has told her that she's never met anyone who touches themselves so much (not in that way, get your mind out of the gutter).  Bobby said he is the same exact way about touching himself obsessively looking for variations in his skin and then picking at them.  Rosie said that she and Bobby aren't exactly the poster children for self-care.  Rosie talked with her therapist last night about wearing the wrong clothing and not wanting to get too dressed up when her mystery guest visited.  Rosie explained again that she didn't want to have a fake presence when meeting this mystery guest in her "natural habitat."  Her therapist told her that sometimes when you have company, you dress for them, so it doesn't seem as if you didn't try. 

Yesterday, when she went to the therapist she was dressed for the theater because they were leaving for the play immediately following her appointment.  Rosie was wearing Eileen Fisher for the appointment and her friend/nanny Tanya did her hair for her.  The therapist remarked on Rosie's appearance and asked Rosie what her morning routine was.  Rosie told her therapist her routine and said that it includes brushing her teeth and applying her Suzanne Somers cream but it doesn't always include brushing her hair.  The therapist said that sometimes Rosie comes to therapy looking like a homeless person.

Rosie's therapist had two treatment options for her for her Chronic Skin Picking.  One option was Prozac which leaves Rosie with no libido so that really wasn't even an option for her.  The other treatment option was Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy.  The therapist suggested that Rosie put a sign up in her bathroom to remind her to brush her hair every morning and leave one pimple untouched every night.  The therapist explained that oftentimes children learn how to take care of themselves through the positive reinforcement of their mother's telling them how nice they look.  Since Rosie never got that positive reinforcement from her mother the note will remind her to do it.  This way, it will then be a conscious decision for Rosie whether or not she wants to make those choices towards her own self-care. 

Deirdre made a comment about how nice Rosie looked this morning.  Rosie said this morning, even though she thinks wearing her Eileen Fisher clothes seems much too fancy for everyday because of the cost, she made a conscious effort to get dressed for the day and brush her hair.  Deirdre noticed immediately.  Rosie did it despite the fact that she felt strange brushing her hair with no specific place to go.  

The staff then discussed how roughly Rosie brushes her hair and what an extremely high pain threshold she has.  When she got her large tattoo on her foot and ankle for example, the process took over 8 hours and Rosie never cried or even flinched during the process.  The tattoo artist had never seen anyone like it in all his years of tattooing. 

Janette was very pleased at Rosie's decision to try Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy rather than medication.  She said it is so much more positive and so much more useful.  While Janette believes in medication and how it can be helpful for some people, in Rosie's case she thinks the introspection and learning about herself more will give her a great sense of control and accomplishment.  Tracy often says she wishes that Rosie was a school teacher so that they could live together and have a normal life.  Rosie admits that she thinks to herself "but if I were a school teacher would she really love me?"  Awwwwwwww!!!!  This broke my heart in two hearing her say that.  People don't love Rosie because she is a celebrity.  They know of her because she is a celebrity.  She gets to share her life with us because she is a celebrity.  People love her because she is who she is.   

Rosie and the staff talked about how many people, not just famous people, often identify themselves and who they are by their professions.   Rosie said that she may have too high a pain threshold physically but admitted that emotionally, she has no pain threshold.  During their two week vacation last month, Deirdre said she made a conscious effort every day to be grateful and to be thankful and it really helped her. This morning for example, she was thankful for her mom, dad, dog, apartment.  She said the things she's grateful for change every day.  And in the shower this morning she was thankful she went through all the struggles she went through during the time she lived in Vancouver.

Rosie took a call from a listener who told Rosie she needed to get the book The Wisdom of the Enneagram: The Complete Guide to Psychological Spiritual Personality.  The caller's husband picks and has horrible self-love because he came from an abusive background.  She made Rosie PROMISE to get the book and talk about it on the show.  Rosie thought the caller was adorable and gave her a prize.  She said she would take the test and talk about it on Monday.

Rosie asked if anyone had heard the Howard Stern Show when they did the IQ test.  I found a link to all seven parts on YouTube!  Here's a link to Part 1!  Rosie loved the bit and said that Howard is the best there ever was on radio.  She loves how he is always coming up with great new ideas, even after 20+ years of radio.  Janette agreed and said that both Howard and Gary are geniuses.  They went through the IQ test scores and who scored the highest.  Click on this LINK to find out the results.  Rosie thought they should do the IQ test too!

Rosie took a call from a listener who is convinced that Rosie has undiagnosed Aspergers.  She asked her some questions about her sensory issues and her recall of information and thought that Rosie is definitely on the spectrum.  In 1996, Rosie said that an Autism group wanted to have her tested to see if she was on the spectrum because of her insanely good recall of television trivia and commercial jingles and Rosie suggested the times that she can be socially inappropriate. 

When Rosie was at the restaurant last night she was waiting in line for the bathroom and after she spoke the other people recognized her.  She asked if her voice is that recognizable. 

Rosie took a call from an Occupational Therapist who suggested brushing therapy as treatment for her chronic touching.  Rosie recommended the book Look Me In The Eye: My Life with Aspergers to her listeners who would like to read more about what it's like to have Aspergers.   

Rosie wanted to discuss the difficult question as to what the staff members thought about a mosque being built at Ground Zero.  Pete explained that there's a building a few blocks away that a Muslim group wants to build a Mosque on.  He said that opponents tried to make this spot a landmark so they couldn't tear down the building but they've been unsuccessful in doing that.  Opponents think there shouldn't be a Mosque built that closely to Ground Zero but there is already another Mosque there that is currently standing.  Pete said that opposing this Mosque being built is BEYOND UNAMERICAN.  He said that this sort of persecution of one group is reminiscent of the the persecution of Jews because of their religious beliefs.  Deirdre said that those that lost loved ones aren't saying it's because it's a Mosque but they're saying that it's a sacred site and to have a Mosque there is not right.

Pete felt like we need to remember that the whole religion of Islam is not the terrorists.  Bobby said that a religion didn't fly the planes into the buildings, terrorists did, and we have laws to protect our religious rights.  Pete said that Muslims have a right to practice their religion in this country.  Deirdre asked Pete if one of his loved ones had perished in the Trade Center attacks if he would feel differently.  Pete said he is sure he would NOT.  Pete had family members close to the World Trade Center site who were there that day and he knows that even if they had died, it would not have changed his opinion on this topic. 

They played a clip from the audio of Mayor Michael Bloomberg's remarks about the Mosque debate at the World Trade Center site.

Rosie took a call from a listener who thought that building a Mosque in that particular spot was disrespectful to the family members of the victims of the World Trade Center attacks.  Rosie wasn't sure that we should be holding an entire religion hostage on behalf of what some terrorists did.  Bobby asked if people are suggesting we change the constitution and stated that the religion is not the terrorism.  She pointed out that there are radical extremes in every religion and it shouldn't negate the entire religion as a whole because a portion of the religion are extremists.  Janette agrees in the right to build the Mosque but wanted to remind everyone that the terrorism that was done that day was done in the name of a religion.  She said that all of this opposition to the Mosque comes out of fear and people are in reaction mode. 

Janette agreed that we should always remember these atrocities so that they are never repeated but she said there is danger in holding on to the hate.  When she was in Kosovo just after the war ended she was talking to some Albanian's whose hatred towards the Serbs had gone back to the 1500s.  She is sure that it will happen again there and holding on to the anger and featuring that anger only ensures that it will.  Bobby said that if a religious extremist does something evil in the name of religion you can't blame the religion you have to blame the person.  Janette has mixed feelings about organized religion and said that the greatest atrocities have been done in the name of religion.   She referenced the book Infidel as an example of the horrible things that have been done to women specifically in the name of religion. 

Rosie took a call from a listener who said that we have freedom of religion in this country and even proposed that this Mosque could be part of the healing process over the tragedy of September 11th.  They discussed how first responders didn't ask the religions of the victims they saved on 9/11 and how Muslims died on 9/11 too.

Rosie wanted to discuss Eminem and his latest album Recovery.  Rosie thinks he is really brilliant and one of the most talented musicians of our generation.  He's been nominated for eight Video Music Awards and currently has the number one record in the country.  Rosie wants to meet him.  When she left her show (The Rosie O'Donnell Show) all she played was Eminem, Joni Mitchell and Cyndi Lauper.  She called him a prophet of truth.  She loves his lyrics and read a few of them on air.  People have asked her why she likes him because he has said some anti-gay things in his lyrics but Rosie explains it as he has no filter and doesn't apologize for it and he doesn't run away from it either. 

They came back from commercial playing You're Never Gone that Eminem wrote about his friend Proof who died in a shooting at a bar.  Rosie said that Eminem's music moves her in ways that are hard to explain unless you've really studied his work.  Rosie took a call from a listener who said she doesn't deny that Eminem is really talented but she can't get passed the extreme violence towards women. 

Rosie mentioned the song Love the Way You Lie featuring Rihanna.  I love this song so I posted it. I know that Eminem's lyrics slay Rosie but Rihanna's verse slays me

Eminem "Love The Way You Lie" featuring Rihanna

Rosie discussed how Eminem admits what he did in his own relationship and that there was violence. She said by talking about the things that most people are too ashamed to admit, it gives people the opportunity to look at themselves.  Rosie took another caller from a mother whose son loved Eminem but was killed in a drunk driving accident.  The caller talked about how Eminem has gotten her through so many bad times.  Rosie too.  The caller's son was 21 years old when he died and said it gets rougher every year.  She said in the beginning she felt almost numb and like she was taking care of everyone else.  It wasn't until years later that it really hit her because she sees everyone else moving on with their lives.  She cried with Rosie and told her she is her light and that she listens to the show everyday.  Eminem performs at Yankee Stadium on September 13th and Rosie asked the caller if she would like to come to the show with her and Parker.  I cried.  It was a beautiful, touching phone-call and exactly why all us Rosie fans love her like we do. 

Rosie asked for listeners to call in if they happen to know if there are doctors that specialize in Down Syndrome.  This somehow gave me some comfort.  I have a son with Autism and it literally took me a year to find a doctor that specialized in his disorder that was both covered by my health insurance and was in my area.  Not that I want this for Tracy and Rosie.  I'm just saying the struggle parents face with special needs kids is universal and not simply bound by fame or fortune.  In the end, we're all parents just trying to get the best care for our children, famous or not.  

Right before the commercial break and after asking for listeners to call in with Down Syndrome resources Rosie briefly mentioned that Kristin Chenoweth is getting her own show written by Ryan Murphy the creator of Glee!!  She said that that is something to live for!  Rosie said that Kristin is brilliant, cute, funny and an unbelievable talent.  Rosie said that when she thinks of Kristin she gets instant GLEE! 

Rosie's girlfriend Tracy has a 6 year old son with Down Syndrome.  Rosie admitted she has a great desire to fix situations and that she wants to help Wyatt as much as possible by getting him a great doctor that is experienced with the disorder.  Rosie said that Wyatt still has language issues but that Down Syndrome is a huge spectrum with a range of symptoms.  Next year he'll be going to the public school kindergarten and Rosie wanted him to have a nanny that is experienced in Down Syndrome to help him with his needs as well as play with him.

Rosie took several calls from listeners.  One listener also has a 6 year old son with Down Syndrome who found a great doctor off of the National Association for Down Syndrome website.  Rosie chatted with the caller about her son and his symptoms and the services he receives.   They talked about digestive issues, potty-training, trouble eating, and what it's like to have a sibling with Down Syndrome for her other kids.   And they talked about the Special Olympics that start at age 7!

Rosie said that Tracy's biggest worry about moving to Rosie's house was that Wyatt would drown in her pool or in the river behind her house.  She spent the summer teaching him to swim and now he can!

As a lead up to today's game there was a little smack-talk going around.  Rosie said that her son Parker is upset that Pete doesn't count his win as a full win.  Pete said it was NOT because he was given a chance to steal.  Rosie invited Parker down to the radio house to redeem himself to Pete and Pete told Parker not to bother that he would just make an embarrassment of himself! 

The game was Brendan would play a song and the player would have to guess from which animated Disney movie the song originated.  All of the songs were all Academy Award Nominees. 

Pete - heard a clip of "A Whole New World."  The song is from "Aladdin and he got it.
Janette - heard a clip of "Be Our Guest."  The song is from "Beauty and the Beast" and she got it.
Bobby - heard a clip of "The Circle of Life." The song is from "The Lion King" and he got it.
Caller - heard a clip of "Under The Sea." The song is from "The Little Mermaid" and she got it.
Deirdre - heard a clip of "Bippity Boppity Boo." The song is from "Cinderella" and she didn't get it so she was out. 
Rosie - heard a clip of "Chim Chim Cher-ee."  The song is from "Mary Poppins" and she got it.

Pete - heard a clip of "Someday My Prince will Come."  The song is from "Snow White" but he didn't get it so he was OUT after much yelling and many attempts to google!  Rosie was happy Pete was out because he dissed her son and invalidated his win.  She then sang LaLaLaLaLa Loserface to the tune of Lady Gaga's Pokerface.
Janette - heard a clip of "When you wish upon a star." The song was from "Pinocchio" and she didn't get it so she was out.
Bobby - heard a clip of "Belle Bonjour." The song was from "Beauty and the Beast" and he got it.
Caller - heard a clip of "Bear Necessities." The song was from "The Jungle Book" and she got it.
Rosie - heard a clip of "Baby Mine." The song was from "Dumbo" and she didn't get it so she was OUT!  Pete yelled out DUMBO after she failed to answer and Rosie asked them to put that on an isolated clip.  They play the isolated clips as "exclamation points" throughout their conversations on the radio.  They also have Pete yelling "QUANTUM LEAP ACCELERATOR!", Janette yelling "GET AWAY FROM ME YOU SHITHEAD!" and Rosie yelling "ALL OF YOU CAN EAT ME!"
Bobby - heard a clip of "Colors of the Wind." The song was from Pocahontas and he got it.
Caller - heard a clip of "We Are Siamese" from "Lady and the Tramp"  but she guessed "101 Dalmations" so she was out. 

Bobby WON!!!!  Rosie played "I Will Always Love You" by Whitney Houston for Bobby because he won.   Rosie said she will love him even though he beat her.  He then picked a purple star for the chart documenting the game wins in the studio. 

Then it was time for a quick game of either/or where Janette lists off two choices and the player has to pick which they would rather do.  Sometimes neither choice is desirable but you still have to pick one. 

Janette asked if you would you rather get even or get over it.   Almost everyone said get over it.  Deirdre said she would never pick get even because it's bad Karma.  Rosie admitted she tends to hold a grudge i.e. Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

Janette asked if you'd rather give bad advice or take bad advice.  Everyone said take bad advice.  Janette said she wouldn't be able to handle the guilt of giving bad advice.

Janette asked if you'd rather end hunger or end hatred.  Pete was sure he would rather end hatred.  Rosie said she would rather end hunger because more people die of hunger.  Pete said if we fixed hatred we could fix hunger.   

Janette asked if they would rather have first dibs or the last laugh.  Rosie and Janette would both rather have the last laugh!

Janette asked if you would rather always lose or never play.  Rosie said they should ask Deirdre because she never wins!  Awwww!!!  Deirdre said she would rather always lose.  Janette would rather not play if she could never win. 

and that's what you missed -kw


  1. I have been thinking all day about who could be the mystery guest tomorrow. I first thought Michelle Obama or Oprah but am not too sure now.
    1. She might be doing a broadway show coming up and could be starring with someone else.
    2. Barbra Streisand
    3. Someone from Glee, maybe they asked her to be a guest.
    4. Cyndi Lauper and she might be joining a True Colors show

  2. Love all the pink today, Kelly!

  3. Kelli,
    I read your blog everyday, and I should be thanking you everyday. You are my Rosie source. I love her just as much as you do. Do not have satellite radio, but I read your blog. Thank you. A Canadian fan.

  4. I've been thinking the mystery guest *is* Oprah, because on a show earlier this week, there was some reference to Rosie having called that person after Columbine. So unless Ro rang up someone else other than Oprah, I think that it was Oprah. And I am guessing the announcement has something to do with Oprah going off the air at the same time that Ro is scheduled to go back on television - autumn 2011. Can't wait to find out!

  5. I am with Janette on the wedding thing. I hate them as well and always manage to find an excuse to avoid attending one but now my daughter is talking about getting married and I am doing a minor freak as I don't want to go to her wedding either. I told her to elope and have a great honeymoon but she says no, she wants a wedding with all the trimmings, O vey. I am praying her and her boyfriend just live together forever.

    On Rosie's Chelsea trouble - God help you Rosie is all I have to say as I know what you're in for. Here is some advice from my ex father-in-law which helped me: when dealing with children, compromise is always better than confrontation. This came in handy when fights were on about the length of the skirt/shorts/dresses, the nakedness of tops, bathing suits, etc., as a result we both survived the teen years (although I felt as if I needed a few years vacation when it was over) and are now good buddies again just as we were before the teenage years.
    The face picking, zits, etc., all caused by candida - go to yeastbuster site, order kit, do kit and lose a whole spectrum of problems. I've been there so I know from experience what I am talking about Do it - you'll be so glad you did