08-03-10 - "The announcement about the BIG announcement"

In case you missed it...

Rosie asked Bobby to be prepared to sing the Rosie Radio theme song every morning because it makes her so happy and he has such a great voice.  Rosie said she went to a dermatologist about her mysterious skin condition and the doctor didn't do a culture.  She then went to get a second opinion and this doctor did to a culture.  The results are in and she does not have a staph infection and she's been on many different unneeded medications!  (prescribed by the first doctor)  She said that fame is a weird benefit.  Rosie said she and her friend Fran Drescher have discussed this in the past.  Fran survived uterine cancer and had to go to many many doctors to get a diagnosis.  Rosie said that fame can get you in the office but doesn't necessarily get you a proper diagnosis.

Rosie said the second dermatologist she went to also called her out on picking her face and said that there's no reason she should have the red bumps that she does.  Rosie has come to the realization that she needs to get a handle on her Chronic Skin Picking and that it's an OCD-related illness.  There's actually a name for it - Dermatillomania.  Rosie said it is in the same family of diseases as Trichotillomania.  Rosie's friend Tom has no eyelashes or eyebrows because he pulls them out. Rosie's realized that she touches her face and puts her hand to her hair a lot.  When Rosie first started dating Tracy she said something to Rosie about it.  She would kiss her face and say "Please (kiss) don't (kiss) hurt (kiss) your (kiss) face (kiss)."  It got better for a while but she has gone back to her old ways.    Jeannie watched an episode of the A&E show Obsessed last night and described an episode and the behavioral therapy that helped the patient.  Rosie took several callers on the topic.  One listener called in to talk about her Trichotlilomania.  The caller used to pull her hair out and eat it when she was around 5 years old.  The doctor tried everything and her mom had to eventually shave her head to cure her.  Another listener called in who had a bald spot from pulling her hair out and explained that it's a calming experience for her.  She now has to wear a hair piece because of the large bald spot.  Rosie talked to both callers and explained that she has a warped way of thinking that she needs to pick in order to get the bad stuff out of her face or it could  fester in her and  make her sick.  She knows it's not logical but she feels the need to do it anyway.  The listener was so inspired by Rosie and her generosity she was crying.  Rosie almost started crying too and gave her a bunch of prizes.  Rosie said that it makes her feel good to share this stuff because it's through sharing it that we can free others to open up and share their stories and not be ashamed or embarrassed.  Janette agrees.  She does motivational speaking and says she always starts out with her age and her weight because those are the things she's supposed to be ashamed of.   So she levels the playing field right from the get-go. 

Janette Barber: motivational speaker

Rosie's youngest daughter Vivi made a brief appearance in the studio to talk about her sleepover with Jeannie's daughter Cami that they had last night.  There was a brief "Littlest Pet Shop" debate and then they moved on because they were bored.

Rosie said that the worst thing that ever happened to her regarding her Chronic Skin Picking was when Kelli's mother gave her a magnifying mirror.  She once tried to throw it away and she ended up getting another one.  She's worried she'll look like the lunch lady with long black hairs because she can't see them and no one will tell her.

Rosie took another call from a listener who chronically picks his gums and his teeth.  She took a call from a listener whose eldest son had Pandas.  He had strep in the base of his brain that caused him to have OCD symptoms.  He found help with the Emotional Freedom Technique.  Rosie said she would be up for trying anything because she has an appropriate amount of shame over it now and the desire to stop.  Tracy has told Rosie that she won't participate in the unhealthy behavior or the denial whether that be about her weight or her skin.  Rosie's appreciative of it too.    This caller was also a mother a child with Downs Syndrome who wanted to talk to Rosie's girlfriend Tracy who's son also has Downs Syndrome.  She talked with Rosie about the different therapies that have helped him improve his underdeveloped sensory skills.  Rosie said that Tracy's son didn't have a lot of early intervention because he had severe heart issues and they weren't even sure he was going to live.  Rosie said when she first met Tracy, Wyatt was only eating babyfood and now he eats everything.  They discussed the connection and bonds that parents of children with Downs Syndrome feel towards one another.  Rosie discussed Tracy's struggles she's had to face in her life including adopting 5 kids with special needs.  Then she got pregnant and had a baby with special needs.  Tracy wasn't sad about it because she simply thought he'd fit right in to her family.  Rosie called her Mother Teresa Mother Tracy. 

Rosie's addicted to angry birds on her iPhone.  It's all she can do and she can't stop!  Pete's really good at the Angry Birds app.  He usually does it back and forth to the city on the subway everyday.  Janette suggested reading.  Pete discussed with Rosie (in great detail) the various aspects of the game and the levels.  Rosie talked about her love of video games and how she used to play The Adventure of Link (as an adult) and how she would go to bed and dream about the game.  Janette said she can't play games - video or board.  And during the day she can't do anything that feels like a waste of time or that is just for fun.  Janette can't even watch T.V. during the day.  Deirdre likes "virtual world" games like Social City and Farmville.  Rosie's eldest son Parker loves Warhammer and is quite involved in the Warhammer community.   Brendan's brother runs Games Workshop in New York City. Rosie asked if he could come in to the show during the summer and have an interview with Parker and they could try and explain Warhammer.  Brendan admitted that he tries to understand it but doesn't and Rosie and Brendan started to attempt to explain it.  Apparently, they didn't do a good job because Parker was listening and was so disturbed by their poor attempt to explain the game he came into the studio to set them straight.  They discussed the game, the rules, what the teams look like, the models/crafts they make and how it is NOT like Dungeons and Dragons. Parker really enjoys the game and said it's a fun thing to do when you're bored.    Parker even talked about his favorite Warhammer shirt that says "it's not your dice, I'm just better."  Parker thinks it's the best shirt ever. 

During their talk of downtime and hobbies Jeannie discussed how she went to Rosie's craft house in Miami while they were on their girls trip.  She described it and how there are walls of organized art materials and any sized canvas or paint you would ever need.  Jeannie got to spend some time in the craft room because she had recently gotten a tattoo and she couldn't go into the water.  Jeannie's so envious of people that have hobbies because her schedule doesn't allow her enough free time to really get into a hobby.  She even appreciated the fact that there was no food in the craft studio because it was downtime that she could spend not eating.  Rosie said she has a "no food in the craft room" rule. 

Rosie said she's been doing really well on her no sugar diet.  She resisted the fudge striped cookies that Jeannie's mom bought her and she ate a salad instead.  Then she and Parker went to get his haircut at the mall where he's always gotten his hair cut.  They both love the guy who cuts Parker's hair!  Their routine is to get his hair cut and then go to Johnny Rockets.  She caved and had a Vanilla Malt.  She reminded herself that it's an evolution not a revolution. 

Jeannie talked about how she was wearing a bright color today and how she never wears bright colors because she tries to hide in black.  Rosie has had the same struggles and her kids and her friend Tanya have told her she wears too much black.  Then Rosie started talking about the time she had the "mystery guest" at her house and she picked out a t-shirt and shorts to meet with him/her.  She said everyone was horrified at what she wore to the important meeting.  Rosie thought she looked great but admitted she has no fashion sense.  She said on Thursday there was going to be a big announcement and she will be talking about who her special guest was on Thursday!

This "special announcement" has made Rosie realize that she has to make amends with Eileen Fisher.  Rosie and Eileen had a "falling out" after their first meeting that didn't go very well in Rosie's eyes.  Eileen has contacted Rosie and they are going to meet for lunch because she wants to ask Eileen if she would like to dress her for her new television show.  Rosie explained that because of the cost, Eileen's clothes feel like "dress up" clothes to her.  Rosie said that that is because she's used to buying clothes at Target and gets sticker shock when she sees Eileen's prices.  Jeannie understands that the cost is hard for Rosie but said that a lot of her clothing is casual and Rosie can afford them.  Janette likes the brand Luna Luz and talked about the skirt she was wearing that cost $150.  Janette didn't grow up with money and neither did Rosie but Rosie doesn't understand why Janette is willing to pay so much for clothing when Rosie is not.   Janette explained that she doesn't have a problem spending more money on clothing because she absolutely loves clothes and the way they make her feel better about herself.  Clothing means a lot to Janette.  She used to have two dresses - one to wash and one to wear.  Jeannie said that expensive clothing is not in her budget.  She and her husband live paycheck to paycheck and she said that their budget primarily goes towards the kids and their activities.  She said she would like to wear different clothing but she can't afford it.  Rosie said she and her family are going to the theater tonight so she will wear Eileen Fisher to that event.  She reserves her nice clothing for only the best occasion. 

Janette wondered if Rosie's hangup on buying nice clothing had anything to do with her lack of self-care.  Janette thought it was odd that she decided to wear the shirt she did when her mystery guest came to the house a while back.  Jeannie wanted to ask Rosie if she was raised with wolves?!  Rosie explained that she didn't want to  put on a show for the guest and that she didn't want to be other than who she is in real life.   Janette gave Rosie a "D" for self-care.  Rosie said that Tracy would probably agree!  The other night they were going to the movies for date night and while walking out to the car Tracy asked Rosie if she was planning on running a brush through her hair because she looked like  a Lion!  SOOOOOOOOOO, TUNE IN THURSDAY TO HEAR THE DISCUSSION REGARDING THE MYSTERY GUEST AND THE BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!   

Rosie then introduced the hilarious Judy Gold!!  The last time Judy Gold joined the Rosie Radio crew she was in the midst of a depression.  Judy was back with an update saying that she was on many medications and feeling better!

Rosie and Judy talked about Rosie's son Parker who just got back from camp.  Rosie asked Judy if she ever went to camp as a kid and Judy told a hilarious story about the time when she was 12 years old and she went to a camp with open showers.  She said her vagina was in everyone's face in the showers and while that works well now, at the time it was awkward!  She was teased horribly for being so tall at camp and in life. 

Judy has sent her son Henry to camp several times.  The first camp he went to was too "Jew-y"  (I don't know I was laughing so hard my eyes were tearing up), the second one he went to was too snobby and the third one he went to was just right.  It's a all about sports and camaraderie and he said it's really fun.  Rosie said her friend and publicist Cindy Berger sends her kids to summer camp all summer and Rosie couldn't imagine ever doing that.  When Parker was at camp Rosie was there every weekend and it was hard for her. 

Judy told a HILARIOUS story about going to visit her son Henry at camp with her Ex with her other son Ben (pictured above).  Her son told her she wasn't allowed to go in the pool because she has "cottage cheese ass" and Judy told him that was impossible because she was lactose intolerant.  Rosie told Parker she would cry for days if he ever said that to her.  Judy talked about how much she loves the website Bunk Notes and how she writes to her son at camp every day and checks out pictures of him having fun.

Judy talked with Rosie about her girlfriend Elisa who is a therapist by trade.  She and her girlfriend do not live together but they have been going together for almost 4 years.  However, Judy said that Elisa analyzes everything and Judy can't stand it.  Her girlfriend even has written a joke for Judy that's getting some laughs!  Judy said it's great to have a girlfriend who's actually interested in what Judy does for a living.  She and her Ex were kind of "the bickersons."

Rosie asked Judy if she had seen The Kids Are All Right.  Judy said she had mixed feelings about the movie.  Judy said that the affair, any affair, pisses her off to begin with.  But what really pissed her off was that the heterosexual sex was way hotter in the film than the lesbian sex!  Rosie thought that was because the heterosexual sex was with a new person and the lesbian sex took place in a long-term relationship.  Judy also didn't like that the  lesbian had to have sex with a guy.  She said that some conservative is going to walk away from the movie and say "See!  She's not really gay!"  Rosie said that no one is 100% gay and Judy said she is!  She dated a man once and hated it!  Judy said she felt like she had to try out a guy to prove to herself that she was actually gay.  But Judy said she knew she was a lesbian from early on when she was wearing ties, shaving her hair and making everyone call her "Ringo."

In the movie "The Kids Are All Right" the children go off to meet their sperm donor father.  Judy's children are both from sperm donors and she has all the information packets on the men.  She said her boys can meet their sperm donor dads someday if they want to.  Rosie's son Parker, who is adopted, was in the room for the conversation and Rosie asked him if he's interested in meeting his birth family.  He said he was.  Parker said he is interested in finding out what the situation was that led to his adoption.

You can see Judy Gold perform August 5th at the Metropolitan Room and for three weeks at the end of the month in Provincetown!  Check her website for details!

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  1. She doesn't have staph. Well then, What does she have?

  2. Thank you for your time in doing the updates. I will be so glad when she's back to TV and I can record her show. In the meantime, I appreciate your efforts in keeping us Texans in the know.

  3. Kel - What do you think the big annoucement is? Who visited? Hmmmm..... It has to be work related and I would guess have something to do with her new show....

    Guesses.... anyone?

  4. I'm reading between the lines of a near slip up by young Mr O'Donnell & saying the mystery guest was OPRAH!! I don't know what the announcement is, maybe Ro will have a show on Oprah's OWN network, or she's getting Oprah's old timeslot, but I can't wait to hear all about O's visit to Ro!

  5. My Mom guesses Michelle Obama??

    I, on the other hand, have no guess, lol.. I think gpawilli is right and it is definitely about her new show, but... hmm.. Guess we'll see! :)
    Thanks Kw and team,

  6. The start of the show really grossed me out about all the ocd picking, etc and I actually had to turn the radio off. I then turned it back on toward the end and I was glad I did cause I got to listen to Judy Gold who I just love. I enjoy the above video with Janette, I supposed I missed the segment on her. She looks really good in this video. I had no idea she was a comedian in her past life. She sure does bring a lot to this show and I just adore her. She always has good insight. Looking forward to Thursday's show to hear who the mystery guest was.

  7. so glad that Judy is feeling better- I love her!

    thanks, kw! looking forward to thursday's show! :)


  8. ...I'll tell you one thing for sure..If it's Oprah and has something to do with the OWN ( Oprah Winfrey Network ( which Canadians will be excluded from)..I will be pissed! ( but happy for her). I need to move to America.

    Thanx Kelly :)

  9. No game at the end of the show though, huh? :/
    I don't listen to the show but that is my favorite part to read in your blog.

  10. I cant wait to hear the big announcement and the details about this big guest visit. They cracked me up with Rosie wearing the Target T-shirt and thinking it was ok.

  11. This does not have much to do with the blog but don't know where else...I am a new listener to Rosie and I love it! I had this perseption of you Rosie that just all wrong. I like you! LOL! Linda M CT