8-2-10 - The Show When Parker Returns From Camp

In case you missed it...

Today was bring your child to work day (kinda).  Jeannie brought in her youngest daughter Cami (who stayed briefly and then went to play with Vivi) and Rosie brought her eldest son Parker who was home from camp!  Parker was away for 46 days at an academic summer school in the Northeast to prepare him for the highly competitive High School he is attending in the fall.  Parker said the camp wasn't fun but he admitted it helped him get prepared. Rosie asked Parker what the worst part about the camp was and then she suggested that it was that he was "away from his mommy."  He agreed to appease her.  lol  Rosie went up to the camp this weekend and she and Kelli agreed that since Parker had been doing so well, if he wanted to come home he could.

Rosie said on the drive home they almost died on the Tappan Zee Bridge because of a spider in the car.  They were both freaking out at the spider in the car and then it dropped onto Rosie's lap!  Parker finally caught it in Rosie's vitamin container.  Parker mentioned all the spiders at his camp he had just returned from and Janette told Parker that she read somewhere that we breathe in and swallow a certain number of spiders in our lifetimes!  Jeannie's young daughter's face got HUGE when she heard Janette say this!  Rosie said that Cami is getting her first taste of Janette today who's not known for her abilities with children. 

Rosie talked about her weekend with Parker and how she wanted to stop at a Friendly's with him on the drive home.  They ended up going to IHop.  They listened to Eminem's new CD on the way home and she and Parker are going to see Eminem in concert in September.  Rosie was bopping and rapping to the music  in the car and Parker said to Rosie "Mom, don't hurt yourself."  They joked about how Rosie never trusts the GPS and Rosie talked about her frustrations as to why the GPS never gives you the same directions home from a location as it did to a location. Janette suggested they bring a MAP with them on their next trip and said that we are raising an entire generation of people that can't read maps!  Then they talked about Google Earth and how you can see any house from a satellite if you have the address.  Rosie asked Parker to look up Barbra Streisand's house and said if she had that when she was younger she never would have been able to turn away from getting the chance to see Barbra! 

Rosie went to see Promises, Promises on Broadway this weekend with her girlfriend Tracy.  Rosie said lead actor Sean Hayes gives an unbelievably strong performance as a leading man and Kristin Chenoweth is a Goddess amongst performers.  She said she was speechless after the show!  Rosie said she would never need medication for depression if she could just see Kristin Chenoweth in a performance once a week.  Rosie's friend and co-star in Love, Loss and What I Wore, Katie Finneran was also in the musical.  Rosie said Katie is only in Act II for a short while and she won a Tony for it because her performance is that fantastic!  Janette talked about how lovely Kristin is and the time she came to the Sirius studios for her interview on Rosie Radio. 

They talked briefly about what it means to "jail break" an IPhone and why someone would do it. 

Rosie asked Parker what he missed most about home when he was away at camp and he said "good food, a soft bed and his friends and family."  Rosie asked Parker if he'd ever considering going to a sleep-away camp again for such a long period of time and Parker said he would consider camp, but never summer school.

Rosie's girlfriend Tracy went with Rosie to see Promises, Promises.  This was her second Broadway show ever!  After the first 5 minutes Tracy asked if they're going to be singing for the entire show?  And she wasn't sure what the conductor was doing because she couldn't see the orchestra and she was asking why the orchestra has to sit under the stage.  Rosie said that Tracy liked it but explained she didn't get to see her first Broadway show until she was 46 years old so it's not like she was raised on Broadway like some people are.  Janette suggested Rosie take her to a play next time instead of a musical.  Rosie said she and Tracy and the kids are going to see The Addams Family this week.  Janette said her favorite play ever was a play called The Dead starring Christopher Walken

Rosie said that so many people stopped her this weekend to tell her that Friday's show was the funniest show ever!  Rosie told Parker all about Friday's show and the assignment to select a song for the summer playlist.  All the listeners loved Janette's choices including the song Die Mother Fucker Die.  Rosie told Janette that it was supposed to be a favorite summer song and still didn't understand the choice.  Janette said that her temper knows no season.

Speaking of tempers!  Rosie asked everyone if they had heard Anthony Weiner's rant on the House floor.  They discussed the bill that didn't pass and why Anthony was so upset.  Rosie has met first responders and has seen first-hand the negative health issues that they are facing.  She also has a friend who works for the CDC and went down to the World Trade Center site after 9/11 who has a constant cough.  Rosie said it is unbelievable what has happened to the first responders.  Brendan said the bill was supposedly a "slam dunk" because no one wanted to vote against it.  However the Democrats made it so no one could attach any amendments to it and in order to do so they needed 2/3rd majority to pass it.  They did not get the votes so the bill didn't pass.  Brendan said this is a good example as to why Congress has such a low approval rating.  They played the audio of Anthony Weiner yelling on the House floor.  The person that Anthony is so mad at in the video is Peter King who voted "Yes" for the bill and then got up and said "it's okay to vote against this bill because we don't support the procedure."  The staff discussed that the only reason to vote against the bill was to be political.  They discussed their frustrations with how our country tries to get anything done.  Rosie appreciated Anothony Weiner for getting mad and speaking out about what he knew was wrong. 

Last week Rosie went to a doctor who diagnosed her skin issue as staph without doing a culture.  She also went to her dentist las week and the dentist looked at it and told her she does not have staph.  She then sent her to a "swanky Dermatologist to the stars" who did a culture of her nose, finger and foot.  The doctor also told Rosie that she needs to stop picking her face.  She recommended Rosie take Prozac and said Chronic Skin Picking is an anxiety disorder. This doctor hasn't seen the medication that Rosie was prescribed for her infection in 20 years and told Rosie she does not have a staph infection. 

Rosie explained how she doesn't do well with world catastrophes and mentioned Columbine.  Parker had never heard this story so he asked her to explain.  Rosie told him that after the Columbine massacre she was suffering from severe anxiety and depression.  She told him all about the interview she did with Tom Selleck on The Rosie O'Donnell Show and how this was the first confrontation she had ever had on air. 

Remember this?

Rosie said it was Columbine that finally made her decide she needed to go on anti-depressants.  She is off of them now and asked Parker and Jeannie if she seems more balanced?  Parker said NO that she seems the same.  And Janette and Jeannie said that Rosie seems better. 

When  Rosie was visiting Parker at camp this weekend they watched We Were Soldiers- a Mel Gibson movie. Rosie explained that this was the first time she has seen a Mel Gibson film since the release of the tapes of him screaming at his girlfriend.  Parker said that Rosie was screaming at Mel during the movie and he was worried the neighbors were going to overhear!  Rosie did admit that through watching the movie she was still able to see what a great actor he is.  Actually, she admitted she was "blown away by his performance."  Parker had not heard the tapes, and has no plans to hear them, so Rosie and the staff gently described what the now infamous tapes were all about.  Parker didn't think it makes any sense for his girlfriend to release the tapes to the media unless she wanted something.  The staff discussed how some people are saying the tapes are part of an extortion plot and that she's going to be on Dancing with the Stars next season.  Janette was completely disgusted and said that all you have to do is "be shocking" and they'll call you a celebrity.  She did say that we're hypocritical to judge someone in anger.  She admitted to saying horrible things in anger and said that we all have and none of us would ever want those rants released to the public.  Rosie explained to Parker that Mel Gibson had a background and a history of sexism, antisemitism and racism. 

Rosie asked listeners to call in and tell her whether or not they will ever see a Mel Gibson film again?  Rosie said that the only films she's ever boycotted were films by or with Woody Allen.  Parker didn't know the story so she explained to him that Woody Allen married his adopted daughter.  Parker was utterly horrified and disgusted by the story. 

Rosie took several callers that had mixed reactions as to whether or not they would see a Mel Gibson film.  Some said that they would and some said that they would not.  One caller said she would watch Mel Gibson film but said she wouldn't ever go see a Roman Polanski film.  Janette admitted that she had been verbally abused before but said she believes in redemption and forgiving people.  She said that just because someone does something horrible doesn't mean that they are so horrible they cannot be forgiven. 

Rosie mentioned briefly that she is reading Portrait of a Young Man as An Addict and recommended it to listeners. 

Jeannie saw "The Kids Are All Right" this weekend and said that there were many universal themes that she could relate to in the film despite the fact that the movie was about a lesbian couple.  Rosie then introduced Lisa Cholodenko the director and writer of The Kids Are All Right.  Rosie asked Lisa how she came up with the idea for the film and Lisa explained that it came to her from her own life.  Lisa and her partner have a child via a sperm donor.  When Lisa was pregnant she became obsessed with what might happen to her child someday when he asks about his biological father.  She then spun the story for the film imagining the possibilities.  They discussed how cute actor Mark Ruffalo is!  Rosie thought the whole storyline was so believable.  Rosie said that people have asked her her opinion on the film because one of the lesbian women in the film has sex with a man.  Rosie said that in the film, it made sense to her.  Lisa explained that she, like Rosie, believes that people's sexuality is not black and white and that we are attracted to people for lots of reasons.  She said in this case, the characters in the film had chemistry because they had a lot in common and they had a similar world view. 

Lisa said that she always had interest in the script but no one wanted to pay to produce the movie. She made it with independent financing and then showed it at Sundance and that was where she got offers to buy it as a film.  Lisa said it cost 3.5 million to shoot the film and they did it in 23 days.

Rosie loved Annette Bening's performance in the film too.  She referenced a scene in the bathroom where Annette conveys her emotions without a single world.  Rosie called the scene astounding.  Rosie also appreciated the fact that Annette hasn't had a ton of work done to her face that would effect her expressions in the film.  Lisa said it was important to her to cast actors who did not have too much work done because she didn't want that to be part of the film.

Rosie and Lisa talked about their children briefly too.  Lisa and her partner have one child and Rosie and her girlfriend have 10 kids between them!  Rosie asked Lisa how being a mom has changed her and Lisa said that being a mom has been an exquisite experience.  They discussed wanting to have kids and raising a family. 

Lisa said she's working on another film right now and she's also working on a television show for HBO.  Rosie called the movie "The Kids Are All Right" beautiful and touching and recommended all her listeners run and see it.  Rosie admitted she was a "wreck" for two days afterwards because of the themes in the film.  Lisa was so happy that Rosie liked it and told Rosie how much she loved her film All Aboard! Rosie's Family Cruise

The staff discussed how Ellen DeGeneres and Kara Dioguardi are off American Idol.  Rosie agree that they needed to make some changes to the show because it had it's lowest rated season to date.  She also discussed the rumor that Jennifer Lopez is being discussed as the next judge.  Janette is tired of American Idol all together.  Rosie loves Jennifer Lopez and thinks she'll be really good on the show.  Jeannie doesn't think American Idol will ever be the same without Simon and Rosie and Parker thought Simon was too nice this season.  Rosie and Janette agreed that "America's Got Talent" is a great show and they like everyone on it!  Janette likes how the show is about so much more than simply the performances.  Rosie keeps getting asked if she was offered an American Idol judge spot and she said she was NOT.  Rosie said she would never be mean to someone trying and she remembered what it was like trying to make it.  She said she would only ever be able to inspire the contestants to do better but could never critique them. Rosie remembered what it was like when she went on Star Search and how nervous she was before every performance.  She talked about the stress and pressure and said she still remembers what it was like. 

Rosie was happy to hear that Drew Carey has lost 80 pounds!  She said bravo to him and congratulated him on the weight loss!!  

Rosie and the staff briefly discussed how Laurence Fishburne's daughter has decided to be a porn star.   Rosie wondered what makes someone want to do porn for a living when it's not a last resort.  Parker wondered if the reason that she wants to be a porn star is because it pays a lot.  Pete and Rosie set him straight and read the "typical charges" that one gets for a porn scene in a film.  

Rosie said they now have a rooster-free chicken coop and the new rooster owners have sent photos of the chickens running around their new farm/home!  The roosters were given to a listener who's family had a farm.  

The game was for the player to listen to the jingle and name the product.
Janette - they played the jingle for Wendy's that states "where's the beef?"  She was out. 
Jeannie - they played the jingle "the best part of waking up...."  It was Folgers and Jeannie guessed correctly.
Parker - they played "meow meow meow meow" The Meow Mix jingle and he got it.
Caller - they played the Chia Pet jingle and she got it.
Rosie - they played the jingle for Chilis about "baby back ribs" and Rosie got it.
Pete - they played the Good and Plenty commercial and he had never heard it so he was out. 

Jeannie - they played the jingle for "snap crackle pop" Rice Krispies and she got it
Parker - they played the jingle for Oscar Meyer Bologna and he didn't know it so he was out.
Caller - they played the jingle for FreeCreditreport.com and the caller didn't know it so Rosie let Parker steal and he got it.  The caller was out though.
Rosie - they played the jingle for Coca Cola and she got it.

Jeannie- they played the jingle for Dr. Pepper and she got it.
Parker - they played the jingle for Frosted Flakes and he got it.
Rosie - they played the jingle for Budweiser and she got it.

Jeannie - they played the jingle for Subway "$5 footlong" and Jeannie was out.
Rosie - they played the jingle for Honey Nut Cheerios and she was out.
Parker - (for the win!) they played the jingle for Kit Kat and he won! 

Rosie closed the show.

and that's what you missed - kw


  1. I was at a TJ Maxx-like store this weekend and they were selling older DVD's, you wouldn't believe how many Mel Gibson movies there were. Apparently nobody is buying his dvd's either.

  2. I like when you put a title at the top of the recap blog Kelly like todays "The Show When Parker Returns From Camp"

    thanks for posting the Tom Selleck link......I do remember that

    I loved listening to Lisa and Rosie talk about "The Kids Are All Right" .....it really is so worth seeing.....I loved Laurel Canyon too

  3. I've watched Rosie's show since the beginning and was sad when it ended. Been on the blog several x's a day since it satarted. When Ro started the radio show I felt bad cause the blog suffered from lack of attention, I just found out today (cause I did not explore the blog as I used too)that you're showing us what we missed from the radio. My family did without dinner tonight cause I could not drag myself from reading it all. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
    Judy Molinaro (Aunt Judy)

  4. Hey, name is Justin. I want to thank you so much Kelly from the Bottom of my heart for posting this each day. I can't afford Sirius as I am a college student, but I love love love love Rosie so I have been reading this blog for a few months and wanted to thank you so much for all the hard work you put into it.

    My Summer Playlist: Dance in the Dark by Lady Gaga, Woohoo by Christina Aguliera featuring Nikki Minaj, and Both Hands by Ani DiFranco

  5. It was SO funny when Rosie told Parker that the Woody Allen thing, "Would be like you getting a little older and marrying Kelli," or something like that and he freaked out. I laughed so hard! Then my radio connection cut out for the rest of the show, but, of course, Kelly is on cue with what I missed. ;-) Thanks, Kw.


  6. The swallowing spiders in our sleep thing is a myth and has been debunked many many times. Just thought I'd spread the good word.

  7. I come here to read even when I hear the whole show because I love seeing your perspective. I know with the kids out of school it must be really hard for you to get this done every day, so kudos from me!

    : ) P