7-30-10 - "The Show About Food and Music"

In case you missed...

Bobby sang the Rosie Radio theme song and did a fantastic job but messed up some of the words.  He said "you'll laugh you'll die you'll wet your pants" instead of "you'll laugh you'll cry you'll wet your pants"  Bobby said that's because he would die if he wet his pants!  Rosie asked Pete how his fresh balls are?  Apparently she's not worried about a sexual harassment lawsuit!  lol  Pete said his fresh balls are very fresh.  The Fresh Balls and Fresh Breasts Sirius radio sponsor sent Rosie Radio some freebies in the mail and Pete's been trying them out!    Rosie thinks it's a needed product!  Deirdre has tried both products and thinks the Fresh Balls product smells better.  Janette put on the Fresh Breasts and finds that while she smells fresh, she's just as sweaty.  Pete loves his fresh balls overall.  Bobby thought of a better name for the product- freshticles.  Pete feels reassured now that the next time he goes to the doctor he will be nice and fresh.  He said he's a "sweaty beast and has a lot of hair."  Janette recommended he clipper his hair.  Pete can't shave or use clippers on his body because it makes him itch "something fierce."  Janette and Deirdre admitted to shaving the "peach fuzz" off their faces.  Janette read that the theory that if you shave, your hair will grow in darker and thicker is not true so she tried it and it has been true for her.  And she also read that shaving is one of the reasons why men look younger because they're constantly exfoliating the dead skin cells off their face.  Pete likes Dr. Bronner's peppermint cream instead of shaving cream and offered to bring it in for Janette and Deirdre to try. 

They briefly discussed an article that reported that receipts contain the toxic chemical BPA.  This chemical has been linked to obesity, cancer, diabetes and reproductive issues and can be absorbed trough your skin.  They also discussed an article about radio frequency ID tags in clothing and the privacy issues that they present.   Privacy groups are concerned these tags bring us one step closer to a world where big brother watches our every move and if Walmart, the industry standard, is doing it then everyone will. 

They discussed the story of a 14 year old boy who slit his parents throat and then killed his siblings and then himself.  The authorities had originally thought it was the boy who did the killings and now they've discovered it was the mother.  They discussed the story of the female Texas Mayor who shot her 19 year old daughter in the head and then committed suicide.  Pete said that after the murder/suicide they discovered the mayor's home was going into foreclosure and she was having financial problems.  She had also told her daughter that she was going to college in the fall but no college had any record of her application or of her high school transcripts.  They discussed the statistics of parents killing children and Pete said that 50% of parents that killed their children are men and 50% are women.  Meanwhile 70% of the men go to jail while only 20% of women go to jail for their crime. 

Rosie then introduced Brooke Elliott from Drop Dead Diva!!  Brooke was at a family reunion and was supposed to call in earlier this week but had a little confusion because of the time change. :) But she was grateful to finally make contact with Rosie and be on her show!

Brooke said the cast of "Drop Dead Diva" is still waiting to hear if they get picked up for another season and Rosie asked Brooke to call her as soon as they find out!  Brooke is not filming for the show right now and said she'd planning on going somewhere tropical like Hawaii! 

Rosie and Brooke talked about the crazy amount of time it takes to film a drama series like Drop Dead Diva.  They talked a little about the times Rosie has been on the program and Brooke commented how grateful she is that Rosie has agreed to be on.  Brooke said that Rosie helps her so much when she's there.  Rosie has a great time doing the show and her favorite part of doing any series is the hair and makeup trailer.  They joked about the fact that the show is filmed near an airport and how they have to pause their scenes for planes taking off!

Brooke is battling allergies right now and Rosie talked with her a bit about that.  And they talked about performing on Broadway and how much fun it is to do a Broadway show.  Brooke said she loves doing Drop Dead Diva but she misses Broadway too.  She said she misses the family atmosphere that is created when you're in a Broadway show.  Brooke said there's something special that is created when you do a show on Broadway with a cast every night from beginning to end (unlike when you make a TV show and you film the scenes out of order). She said, in theater, you start a journey together and end it together. 

Rosie thanked Brooke for calling in and told her to call her when the show gets picked up! 

Pete said he and the staff wanted to be supportive of Rosie's new "no sugar/no white flour diet" so he went to the health food store and get her some different kinds of snacks to try.  He picked up 10 different kinds of snacks and 4 different drinks for her to taste.  The drinks have no calories and no artificial sweeteners and the snacks had no processed flour or sugar.  Pete numbered the snacks and the drinks so that Rosie didn't  know the ingredients because he knew that she wouldn't try certain items if she knew some of the ingredients. 

1.  Glenny's Cranberry and Almond Bar was up first.  Rosie described it as a "crunchy granola honey nut bar" and really liked it!
2.  Danielle Pineapple Chips  Rosie said they looked like Banana chips and loved them!  She said they were fantastic!  Pete said the only ingredients in them are fresh pineapple and palm oil. 
3.  Then there was a fruit chew/fruit roll-up looking item.  Pete said it was a raspberry fruit bar and Rosie didn't like the taste or the consistency.
4.  Next up was a chewy fruit and vegetable bar.  Bobby said it was like chewing vinyl.  So, that was a NO.
5.  Then was Danielle Pumpkin Chips Rosie said they looked like pita chips and loved them!  Pete said the only ingredients in them were fresh pumpkin, palm oil and salt.  Rosie said she was shocked but she liked them! 
6. Then was a Seaweed "beef jerky-ish" item and Rosie said it was gross and spit it out.  So did Janette.  Pete used to eat these growing up in Korea because he didn't have potato chips. 
7. Next up was ak-mak Whole of the Wheat crackers.  Rosie described them as "pita chip looking" and thought they were Kashi crackers before tasting them.  She loved them! 
8. Next up were freeze dried blueberries.  Rosie said they looked like raisins and ended up liking them!  Pete is a big fan of blueberries and drinks blueberry juice all the time. Rosie didn't love them but didn't hate them either.
9. Next were the Danielle JackFruit Chips.  Rosie thought they were plantain banana chips but she was wrong and she liked them!  Janette hated them.  
10. Last was a Boysenberry fruit roll-up thing (but thicker).  Rosie only took a "baby bite" because she didn't like the consistency.

Rosie tried 4 different flavors of Hint Water that she loved!  She tried Pomegranate-Tangerine, Mango-Grapefruit, Blackberry and Watermelon.  They all have no calories and no artificial sweeteners! 

She asked about the prices for the listeners and if the items were costly.  Janette warned that even though these are healthy foods one must be careful not to consume too much of them.  She said she has a very healthy diet but is still overweight because she eats too much.  She did think that Pete's snack alternatives would help Rosie resist craving of the bad stuff though!  Rosie thanked Pete for helping her and sounded excited about these new snack alternatives!! 

Rosie and the staff were instructed to bring in 2 of their favorite summer tunes for a Rosie Radio Summer Playlist.  

Pete chose:
1.  A Tom Waits song that I didn't really even have the chance to identify because Rosie started laughing and stopped the song.  She said it sounded like the Muppet Animal trying to sing and she vetoed it off the playlist. 2.  He then selected Groove Me by King Floyd.  Pete sang along.  Rosie wasn't sure about this choice either. 

Janette chose: (and even before Janette listed off her songs Rosie said she has the worst taste in music)
1.  Dope "Die Mutherfucker Die".  For catharsis, she said.  Rosie only allowed one second of it to play and  then called Janette "a 14 year old boy who lives in a house with parents that he hates."  She vetoed it.   
2. Life Is Beautiful by Sixx:AM and Rosie vetoed that too!  Rosie called it "too heavy metal" and Janette was sure that they have some fans that appreciates the same music as her.   
3.  Voltsbeat: Still Counting and the lyrics included "You're a liar, your a cheater, your an asshole."  Rosie said her music was "very pathetic and she shouldn't be included."  She gave her a maybe for song number 2.

Deirdre chose:
1. Nancy Wilson "I Wish You Love"  She picked it because she loves jazz and it reminds her of summer.  Rosie was upset that they didn't fulfill their assignment which was upbeat summer songs for the beach! 
2. Stone Temple Pilots "Interstate Love Song" She said it was an old song that reminds her of driving.  Rosie didn't like it either but accepted it. 

Brendan chose: "Life is a Highway" by Tom Cochrane

Lou chose:  "Summertime by Will Smith"

James chose: "Can You Feel the Beat by Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam"

Bobby chose:
"Song for the Lonely by Cher"  Bobby said that Cher's a Goddess and should be on every list. 
And he chose a Dusty Springfield song that Rosie vetoed before I could identify it.

Shoshana chose: Some Days You Gotta Dance by The Dixie Chicks

Rosie chose:
Say Hey (I Love You) by Michael Franti & Spearhead
I Wanna Be a Billionaire by Travie McCoy

Kelly chooses:
Free Fallin by either John Mayer or Tom Petty
Good Life by One Republic
and Jack Johnson Upside Down 
Feel free to add your favorite summertime song in the comments!!  :)

After everyone listed off their songs Rosie continued about how much she hates Janette's musical choices because she thinks she just does it just to be a petulant teen - or to annoy Rosie.  Janette assured Rosie that those are the types of songs she actually listens to!  Bobby said that Janette's music is a little angry. 
Shoshana said she was watching videos and saw a song that she thought would have been a great summertime song and then she realized it was a song by The Hanson's and she was horrified with herself. 
 Janette recommended Poker Face by "that gaga woman."  They played Poker Face and sang along and Pete didn't know any of the words which Rosie couldn't believe!  She said that's because he's busy being the only one on the planet listening to William Shatner's spoken word album.  And Rosie said she's now going to call Janette "Sid Vicious."  

Brendan gave out the letters to ROSIE RADIO at the beginning of the game and each player was to list off as many items in a specific category that started with that letter.  They got double points for a 2 word item where both words started with the letter.  For example, if the category was celebrity and the letter was "R" they would get one point for Rosie O'Donnell and two points for Rachael Ray.

R - celebrities that start with R
O - foods that start with O
S - TV shows that start with S
I - songs that start with I
E - movies that start with E

R - play/musical that starts with R
A - vacation spots that start with A
D - games that start with D
I - books that start with I
O - Irish last names that start with O

They got 10 seconds per letter and after the categories were all listed off they went around the room and named the items they had for each letter.  Anytime that more than one person had an item, that item was crossed off and didn't count.
Celebrities with R -Rachael Ray, Rachel Welch, Roy Orbinson, Rob Lowe Ryan O'neal, Richie Zambora, Ray Ramano, Robert Redford, Ray Charles, Ross the Intern, Rita Rudner, Robin Quivers and Ray Liota.

Foods with O - Olives,  Oranges, Orechetto, Ostrich, Onions, Oreos and Olive oil

TV shows with S-Star Search, Starsky and Hutch, Saved by the Bell, Star Trek, Scrubs, Sally Jesse Raphael and Superman

Song with I- "I think I love you," I will always love you," "I am a rock," "I love you baby," "I dreamed a dream," and "In Your Eyes"

Movies with E - Exit to Eden, Earthquake, Exodus, Elf, ET and Extinct

Plays - Ragtime, Runaways, Rent, Red and Race

Vacation spots with A - Arizona, Atlantis, Atlanta, Australia, Aruba, Antigua, Antarctica, Africa, Alaska and Alabama

Games with D - Dominoes, Dungeons and Dragons, Dice, Dodge-ball, Donut Dunking Contest, Deal or no Deal

Books with I -  I am not myself these days, Instinct and Infidel

Irish last names with O -  O'Brien, O'Donnell, O'Neil, O'Malley, O'Shawnasee, O'Toole, O'Lauchlin, O'Reilly, O'Sullivan and O'Connell

The final scores were:
Janette 7
Shoshana 8
Jeannie 11
Pete 12
Rosie 23!

Rosie explained that she spent her life playing games like these and tried to teach Janette how to be better at it.  It didn't really work.  Janette said that she gets "game anxiety" and so does Jeannie.  Janette said she needs to try her boyfriend Barry's memory drops. 

Rosie ended today's program playing Lady Gaga's Poker Face and singing along to the song making up her own words.  Some of the new lyrics included:
PaPaPaPaPaPaPaPa-Poker Face, Pete's a weirdo.
PaPaPaPaPaPaPaPa-Poker Face, Janette is worse.
PaPaPaPaPaPaPaPa-Poker Face, this show is bad.
PaPaPaPaPaPaPaPa-Poker Face, I'm visiting Parker right now.
and then she burped up Taco Bell and closed the show. 

and that's what you missed - kw


  1. Hey, I missed the very beginning of the show but I caught the end of Brooke's interview where Rosie told her, "Have fun at the waterslides." Do you remember where this was? -Thanks.

  2. Summer playlist addition: Magic Carpet Ride by Steppenwolf

  3. I looooove Brooke!

    I'm digging that Katy Perry's Summer Girlz song, so I'll add that as my summer playlist addition! :)


  4. Bus Stop by the Hollies!

  5. summer playlist:

    Summer Breeze by Seals and Croft
    Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves

  6. lol, oops, I think it's California Girlz, not Summer, bleh :)


  7. Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes) by Edison Lighthouse, Sunny Days by Lighthouse and Could You Be Loved by Bob Marley...and Afternoon Delight by the Starland Vocal Band.
    Alison aka Alderella

  8. All Summer Long, Kid Rock
    Galveston, Glen Campbell
    Cheap Sunglasses, ZZ Top

  9. Thanks for the tune suggestions! I've added them to the blog down the sidebar on the right-hand side. I'll keep adding as we get more!!

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  10. one of my faves is
    Looking Glass Brandy - You're a Fine Girl

  11. A Summer Song by Chad and Jeremy

  12. Crystal Blue Persuasion-Tommy James and the Shondells
    Walking on a Dream--Empire of the Sun

  13. back to add a few more...

    U2 - Where The Streets Have No Name
    Tina Turner - Better Be Good To Me
    Cyndi Lauper - True Colors

  14. Bad Romance, Lady Gaga
    Woohoo, Christina Aguliera feat. Nicki Minaj
    Both Hands, Ani Difranco

  15. Beautiful Day by U2, Power by Kanye West, I Like It by Enrique Iglesias