10-12-10 "The show when Brendan shares a big announcement!"

In case you missed it...

They began today's show talking about last night's Dancing With the Stars.  Some people in the studio do not like The Situation (from The Jersey Shore) but Jeannie gets a kick out of him.  She also loves that this show can do nothing but humble him because he's not a very good dancer.  They all agreed that Jennifer Grey is just "too good" for the show.  Janette wondered whatever happened to her career.  They discussed the cancer that was found as a result of the physical that was required before she could be on Dancing With the Stars.   Rosie added that she's had benign tumors removed from her breasts.  Rosie said she was at the fall fair and a woman approached her and asked her if she remembered her.  Rosie thought she looked familiar but couldn't really place her.  She said to Rosie, "I've seen you naked!"  It was the lady that gave her a mammogram.  Rosie reminded everyone that it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and ladies should go get their mammograms.  Rosie asked Bobby when her last mammogram was.  Bobby thought perhaps two years ago?!?!  Pete remembered last fall when they were first starting the test shows for Rosie Radio. 

Back to Dancing With The Stars, Pete thinks Brandy is going to win it all but Rosie and Janette think Jennifer Grey will take top place.  Pete doesn't think Brandy has a good working relationship with her partner though.  Rosie mentioned how they thought that Florence Henderson's dance was too sexual and how at a certain age we're expected to turn that part of ourselves off.  Janette added that there's no reason for anyone to turn it off, nature turns it off for us.  Rosie said to Janette that she needs to try Suzanne Somer's bio-identical hormones!  Janette refused and said she read an article in the New York Times that stated that Hormone Therapy doubles the risk of Alzheimer's.  While discussing this Rosie mispronounced the word exacerbate and then joked about when she had Ruby Gettinger on the show and she frequently used her made up words like hacky (for happy) and humidified (for humiliated + mortified).  Rosie said she will always say "palatable" when she means to say "palpable" and she gets comments about it all the time on her blog.  

Going back to Dancing With the Stars once again, Janette did not appreciate when Florence Henderson did a "beaver slide" on her partner.   She said this is a frequent move in the dances that she dislikes and one time a social hostess on a cruise ship did a "beaver slide" on her!  

Rosie said that she got a lot of feedback on her blog that people enjoyed the pumpkin contest discussion from yesterday.  Jeannie thinks Janette's pumpkin is a contender for the Martha Stewart Living Radio Pumpkin contest.  Brendan said he would find out if they were allowed to submit two pumpkins on behalf of Rosie Radio.  Deirdre loved Janette's pumpkin so much she said she wants to now decoupage a pumpkin too.

Rosie said that she's decided she's going to be turning off the AskRo and the Feedback portions of her blog when they're not broadcasting.  She then read some of the Feedback that was coming in about today's show that included people asking for pictures of the pumpkins (which are now on Rosie.com). 

The Rosie Radio staff discussed the news that after 11 years of marriage Courteney Cox and David Arquette have separated.  Rosie and Jeannie seemed saddened by this news and Rosie said, "No one stays together anymore, including her."  Rosie said her divorce from Kelli was a humiliating and humbling experience.  During the morning meeting when they were discussing this news, Pete had argued with Rosie when she cited the statistic that half of marriages end in divorce.  Pete said that statistic is wrong.  He said the method in which they get the 50% is flawed mathematics and not true.  Pete explained that they are looking at the numbers of marriages and divorces every year and coming up with that number.  In other words, if there are 100 marriages and 50 marriages end in that year from divorce they're getting the 50%.  He said the statistics aren't tracking individual marriages.  Janette said she doesn't rule her life based off of statistics because statistics say that she and Rosie wouldn't be successful in the industry they're in based on where they've come from and if they listened to statistics they never would have even tried.   Rosie said her girlfriend (who has a son with Down Syndrome) and her brother (who has a daughter with Cystic Fibrosis) don't put too much weight in statistics either.

Jeannie felt discouraged by the news of the separation of Courteney and David and said she feels as if marriage is very hard.  She said it's discouraging to her when she hears of couples separating. 

James heard David Arquette interviewed on Howard Stern and he said he and Courteney have been separated for a few months.  He told Howard they had made an agreement they could see other people and David did.  Then the news of the other woman was released to the media and that's why they had to make a public statement that they were indeed separated.  David said he was upset by the whole situation and talked about his love for Courteney to Howard.

Rosie talked about her interview with Jenny McCarthy and how they discussed how many couples stay together for the kids. Deirdre thinks the rise in divorce is because we as a society give up to easily on marriage.  Pete thinks divorce is on the rise because there's more social acceptance with divorce today. Deirdre's parents got divorced when she was two years old and got back together when she was 17.  She said they're together still today but they live separately. Deirdre explained that she was furious when her parents first got back together because it was weird for her to have her father back in the house because she was used to it being just her and her mom.  But then, when he moved to Virginia she was devastated because she didn't want him to leave.  She said she would be devastated if her parents separated today. 

Jeannie said when she divorced her first husband she was most concerned about telling her parents because she was worried about their reaction. 

Rosie took several calls.  One caller was a singer who never really made it big in singing.  He has a good career but never really made it huge.  He married and divorced his first wife so he could move to L.A. and follow his dream of a career in music.  Rosie said that she still knows comics who started standup when they were 20 years old and are still doing it today with the hopes of making it big.  She said you have to be able to resign yourself to the fact that it's either going to happen or it's not and to be able to look at what you've given up trying to reach a certain level of success.  She explained to the caller that no matter how successful you become it never feels like you've "made it."  Rosie said that her friend Cyndi Lauper's career is often compared to Madonna's.  Cyndi says that her career can only be measured to her own career and she had the career that she was supposed to have.  The caller's name was Micheal Miguelli and Rosie played one of his songs on her way back on the air from commercial break.  Here's a link to his video on YouTube and a link to his music on iTunes

Rosie took another call from a listener who left her job in order to have a baby.  She talked with Rosie about how her whole life changed after she became a mother and how today she has no time to think about relationships or her career.  She moved back in with her mom so she can stay home with her son for the first 5 years of his life.  Rosie said she always knew she was going to be a mom and said she waited until she knew she would be financially capable to raise a child and then she had one. 

There was big news in the studio!  Brendan and his wife are having a baby!  He explained that they had thought it might take a while to get pregnant because in all their years of marriage they never really had a scare but it only took one try!  He joked that he should apply for a sniper position for the government.  Rosie asked Brendan if he had a preference of gender and of course he just wants a healthy baby.  But he said a "boy" because he is a boy and he knows boys.  He's got boys down so he's thinking a boy might be easier for him.  However he thinks it might be a girl and will refer to the pregnancy as she.  So who knows?!  Rosie asked him if they are going to find out the sex of the baby and Brendan said yes.  Brendan couldn't see a reason to wait and said they will be just as excited the day of the ultrasound when they find out the baby's sex as they would be the day the baby is born.  So, why not find out early.  Rosie was pleased that they were going to find out but said people have said to her that the reason to not find out is because there are only a few surprises left in life anymore.  Brendan said they want to know.  Jeannie said she was surprised for her first baby but after 30 hours of labor she was so exhausted by the birth she didn't give a crap about the baby's sex once she was born.  For her second and her third babies she knew the babies sexes and said there was a different attachment to the fetus when she knew the sex.  Deirdre was happy with the news that there will be two babies born during the two years Rosie Radio will be on the air.  Janette recommended they name the baby Janette because in her family the name Janette has been passed down through generations.  Pete and his wife are also expecting a baby but still haven't decided on a name. 

Brendan asked if Pete found that his wife has become a percentage more crazy with every child.  Pete had no comment.  Brendan said his wife would admit herself that her craziness has spiked from the pregnancy hormones.  Rosie took a call from a listener who likes the idea of not finding out the sex of her baby.  Rosie told the caller to call in again in five weeks and tell them if she had a boy or a girl.  One caller had known the sex for one baby and not known for another and said she preferred the surprise at the end.  The caller advised Brendan that if they find out the sex, not to then tell everyone the baby's name.  She said it's fun to have some big announcement the day of the baby's birth.  Rosie thinks you shouldn't share the name of your baby before it's born because everyone will have a comment about the name you select.  Pete's brother told him the name of their baby before he was born and Pete asked if they were kidding.  He thought it was a joke.  Then he soon realized it wasn't a joke that they were serious.  

Rosie said that yesterday was National Coming Out Day and they forgot to mention it on the show.  Janette invited any listeners who came out to their families and friends yesterday to call in and share their stories.  Rosie discussed the recent news-story of seven gang members who are now under arrest for attacking three men in the Bronx.   Here's video coverage on the story:

Everyone in the studio was shocked by the story.  Rosie said she couldn't understand how a gay kid would want to be part of a gang.  Brendan thought perhaps he was looking for family and security.  Janette agreed and said he probably still wanted to belong.  Rosie wondered if hate crimes are on the rise or if it just seems like they're more prevalent because the media is paying more attention to them.  Today marks the 12th anniversary of Matthew Shephard's death.  Rosie said the recent suicide of Rutger's student Tyler Clementi made her think of Matthew Shepherd's death.  Janette was horrified recently when she read that people bombed a gay pride parade in Serbian capital Belgrade.  Here is a link to video coverage of that story.   

Rosie brought up the New York Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino and his recent anti-gay remarks and how he defended himself on The Today Show yesterday.  She said he looks like he was "dug up from central casting" and she described him as alien gray like a corpse.  His defense is that he didn't write the speech and that there were other horrible things he chose not to say.  Rosie wondered if it is possible for someone who says these sorts of anti-gay remarks to be elected in the state of New York.  Janette wasn't sure but she said the right for gay people to marry was voted down in New York so she said it's a possibility. Brendan played the clip of Paladino trying to defend his remarks and Rosie said, "If you're going to be homophobic at least be articulate about it."  Janette thinks it is so repellent when people rant about what other people should or shouldn't do or how they should or shouldn't behave.  Janette said the Tea Party candidates are scaring her.  Rosie also remarked that she cannot believe all the Christine O'Donnell stuff surfacing recently.

Rosie asked the studio if any of them thought Obama was going to win another term in office and no one said yes.  Brendan reminded everyone that Obama's current poll numbers are higher than Bill Clinton's and Ronald Reagan's at this point in their terms.  He also said  a sag in poll numbers at the second year point always  happens in the first term of a presidency.  He told everyone that people were saying the same things about Clinton, Bush and Regan.   

Rosie asked Jeannie if she watches Glee and she doesn't!  Jeannie said that Tuesday is her date night with her husband and they watch The Biggest Loser together.  Rosie saw a preview of a The Biggest Loser for this week's episode and she saw a woman crying!  She said that show gives her so much anxiety.  She told Parker Jeannie's idea to go on the show together and he wants them to do it too!  Rosie said it's never going to happen.  She said she would rather bungee jump in the Himalayas.  Jeannie thinks it would be fun to do together!  Rosie suggested that Jeannie tape The Biggest Loser and watch Glee.  Rosie called Glee "a glorious hour of endorphin rush."

Rosie then introduced Dot Jones from Glee!  Rosie told Dot how much she loves her.  She said her character on Glee is a great counterpart to Sue Sylvester's character.  Rosie told Dot that her brother Eddie watched an episode of Glee that Dot starred in and then went on and friended her on Facebook!  He called Rosie so excited that Dot accepted his friend request! 

Dot and Rosie talked about her past experience as an athlete.  Dot said she played volleyball, basketball and ran track and even went to the Olympic trials for shot put though she didn't finish high enough to compete in the Olympics.  She said she never thought acting would be in her future and majored in Criminology in college.  She had a friend who was on American Gladiators who encouraged her to try out for a new show they were doing called Knights and Warriors.  Dot said she auditioned not knowing what she was doing and made the show!   It was syndicated and they shot about 27 episodes. 

Rosie asked Dot how she became an arm wrestling champion!  Dot explained that one of the local towns near her home had a fall festival every year and one year she entered into an arm wrestling contest and won!  She won a trophy and $250.  She beat a world champion in her weight class so she decided to go to the world championship in California and won her first world title at only 19 years old! 

Dot knew one of Glee's creators (Ryan Murphy) from Nip/Tuck.  She also knew Brad Falchuk, Glee's co-creator, from a pilot she had shot with him entitled Pretty Handsome.  One day she saw Brad at Whole Foods and she hadn't seen him since they had done that pilot together.  She told Brad to tell Ryan that she wanted to be on the show!  She said not even two months later her agent called her and they said that Ryan Murphy wanted to know her availability in mid-July because they were writing a part for her on the show!  Rosie said it was the same for her.  She said that one weekend she watched every episode of Nip/Tuck and then she called her agent and told her that she wanted to do it.  Next thing she knew Ryan was writing a role for her on Nip Tuck.  Rosie and Dot talked about what nice, faithful and unbelievably talented guys Brad and Ryan are. 

Dot has heard that her character has a song and dance number is in the works!  So, look for that on Glee!

Rosie asked how her life has changed since being on Glee and Dot said it's unbelievable how crazy her life is now.  She said every place she goes someone says something to her about the show. 

Rosie thanked Dot for the interview and said she can't wait to see her again on Glee.  She wished her continued success and reminded her listeners to watch Glee tonight at 8pm EST on Fox!

Pete wanted to discuss how bad he felt for Bristol Palin on last night's Dancing With The Stars.  He said last night's episode made him feel bad that he ever made fun of her.  He said it seems like she has really low self esteem.  Brendan said he has felt bad for her for two years.  Rosie agreed.  She said she thought it was horrible when Palin accepted the nomination for Vice President knowing her teenage daughter was pregnant and would be thrust into the spotlight the way she was.  They talked about how hard it must be for teens who are pregnant and how it must have been even worse when your mom is running for office.  Pete discussed how they interviewed Bristol last night and she talked about how it was hard for her to be sexy in her dance and she said she "doesn't feel sexy, I'm a 19 year old mother." 

Rosie is looking forward to American Idol starting.  Pete told her  it doesn't start until January 12th, 2011.  Randy Jackson is taking Simon Cowell's seat this year.  Shoshana said she thinks Randy is the worst judge and can't believe he's lasted the longest.  She said she doesn't think anything he says on the show to the contestants is of any use.  All he ever does is say, "Yo Dog, it was a bit pitchy dog."  Rosie's still excited for American Idol to start! 

In this game Brendan listed an acronym and the player had to state what the acronym stood for.  (answers in gray below)

1. Pete - HBO
2. Janette - ATM
3. Jeannie - PMS
4. Caller - MTV
5. Shoshana - FAQ
6. Rosie - MADD

7. Pete - PIN
8. Janette - PS
9. Jeannie - AIDS (she said Auto Immune so she was out)
10. caller - BC
11. Shoshana - AD (she didn't know so she was out)
12. Rosie - NPR

13. Pete - FBI
14. Janette - YMCA
15. Caller - RSVP
16. Rosie - CIA

17. Pete - NYSE
18. Janette - HGH
19. Caller  - NAACP
20. Rosie - AARP

21. Pete - SCUBA
22. Janette - NATO (she said "American" so she was out)
23. Caller - AMC (she said "cinema" so she was out)
24. Rosie - NASA (she couldn't recall what the 'A' stood for so she was out)

Pete WON!!!! 

the answers:  1. Home Box Office, 2. Automatic Teller Machine, 3. Pre-Menstrual Syndrome, 4. Music Television, 5. Frequently Asked Questions, 6. Mothers Against Drunk Driving, 7. Personal Identification Number, 8. Post Script, 9. Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, 10. Before Christ, 11. Anno Domine (the first year of our lord), 12. National Public Radio, 13. Federal Bureau of Investigation, 14. Young Men's Christian Association, 15. Responde Si Vous Plait, 16. Central Intelligence Agency, 17. New York Stock Exchange, 18. Human Growth Hormone, 19. National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, 20. American Association of Retired Persons, 21. Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus, 22. North Atlantic Treaty Organization, 22. American Movie Classics, 23. National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Rosie played a new song by Billy Joel's daughter Alexa Ray Joel entitled Notice Me.  Rosie thinks she has such an interesting voice.  Shoshana didn't like the song at first but says it's growing on her.  Janette isn't really a fan of pop music but is very happy for Alexa.

Rosie's new baby advice to Brendan was for him to never buy the diaper genie.  She called it a sausage poop bag holder.  Rosie said the thought behind it is to seal the diapers so that they don't smell but she said it is just better to get the poopy diapers out of the house.  Brendan said he's not nervous about changing poopy diapers the only things that scare him are the pregnancy itself and the giving birth.   Brendan said he and his wife have a mid-wife and they have decided to leave all options for pain management during the delivery on the table.  Jeannie said, "Good, keep them there."  Rosie agreed and said she had a friend who had a totally natural childbirth and afterwards she said any way women can have a baby is fine with her! 

Rosie closed the show saying Congratulations to Brendan!

and that's what you missed -kw


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    thank you!

  2. Didn't Dot used to be on a soap opera. She looks familiar. I am thinking the one that is off the air now. Great re-cap. I don't care to much for Alexa's new song. I liked her better as a blues piano player and singer. Like her father. Pop rock does not suit her. I think Jeannie's pumpkin is the best and most original.

  3. Wonderful show and recap today!

    One note: Janette's objection to the bioidentical hormones is based on a misunderstanding - the hormones that the NYTimes article talks about, the ones used in the study that were found to have resulted in higher rates of Alzheimer's, are *synthetic* hormones, NOT the natural ones that Suzanne Somers recommends, i.e. the bioidenticals.

    There are great references on the *differences* between the synthetic and natural hormones, and the harm of the former, including not only Suzanne Somers' books, but those by Christiane Northrup and the late M.D. John Lee.