10-11-10 "The show when Jeannie wins the Pumpkin contest and the game!"

In case you missed it...

Jeannie was a bit hungover this morning because she and her husband celebrated their anniversary by partaking in a few beverages at the Annual Harvest Day Festival in Farmingdale yesterday.  Rosie also went to a street fair in her neighborhood this weekend.  She goes every year although she never really buys anything.  For the most part, Rosie said she had a non-eventful, calm weekend.  She said she laid out in the sun with a blanket over her legs trying to soak in as much sun as possible until it's all gone.  She cannot believe that summer is over already.  She said every year it feels like summer flies by.  Bobby and Jeannie talked about how much they love the fall and the fall weather.  Janette said she misses wearing sandals and Rosie said she could just wear socks with them!  Barry, Janette's LONGtime boyfriend, said he'd break up with her if she ever wore socks with sandals.  Rosie has taken out her Uggs which is always a sign to her that Fall has arrived.  Pete was wearing his saddle shoes that he had worn all weekend to two weddings he attended.  When Rosie was a young standup comic she used to wear saddle shoes all the time!  Pete got his saddle shoes from a friend who was a costume designer for Legally Blonde on Broadway!  They were worn in the show!  Pete must have been exhausted because he arrived at  6:30am this morning via train from Washington, D.C., where he attended the weddings!  He said he didn't realize they had to work today on Columbus Day!  There was then a big discussion on Christopher Columbus and what ethnicity he was.  Jeannie was just happy that it took her under an hour to get to work today because there was hardly any traffic.

Speaking of driving into the studio today, Jeannie felt like she was transporting a newborn baby in the car this morning because she was submitting her pumpkin that she decorated for the Martha Stewart Living Sirius Pumpkin contest!  Everyone in the studio brought in their decorated pumpkins today.  All the pumpkins were covered so they could reveal them when they were ready to be judged.  Rosie made two pumpkins.  Pete only had photos of his pumpkin because he had to make it on Friday before he went out of town.  And  Bobby's pumpkin was HUGE (they said) and looked like a 4 year old under a white sheet.  Rosie started asking Bobby all about his pumpkin creation.  Bobby said it took him most of Saturday and a little while on Sunday to create it but he had fun doing it!  Rosie had a feeling Bobby would win.  Janette felt anyone in the studio could win second place.  Pete felt like Bobby didn't bring his "A game" on the cupcake contest because he didn't have any competition in the studio but now that he is competing against other studio members on the Rosie Radio staff he kicked it up a notch.  Bobby told Pete not to flatter himself and that it wasn't all about him.  Bobby said he didn't craft for the competition and that when he crafts he goes ALL out. 

Rosie couldn't wait, so they revealed Bobby's pumpkin!  Rosie said it was "ridiculous." It was that good.  Pete agreed and said the competition was only between the other members of the studio for second place.   Rosie described what Bobby made as a "pumpkin snow witch with a lit up face with hair and a hat."  Pete seemed frustrated and angry at Bobby's pumpkin awesomeness and Bobby explained that he mosaics tables in his apartment just for FUN on the weekends.  Rosie called Pete a curmudgeon and said he was not good with losing or supporting other people's artistic endeavors.  Bobby described how he made his pumpkin with PVC Pipe, some sort of expanding foam, and shellac.  Bobby even wired the ends of the scarf on the pumpkin to make it look like the scarf was blowing in the wind. Jeannie was so embarrassed she didn't even want to be present when her pumpkin was revealed.  Lou said that people would pay hundreds of dollars for what Bobby created!  Brendan recommended they get a good picture of it to submit to the contest.

Rosie asked everyone in the studio if they wanted to talk about "that Paladino idiot" who was in the news this weekend for his anti-gay remarks.  The New York Republican gubernatorial candidate said this weekend that he doesn't want children "brainwashed into thinking that homosexuality is acceptable."  Watch the video below:

Paladino's Anti-Gay Remarks

And THEN Paladino defended his remarks this morning on The Today Show with Matt Lauer

Rosie commented on what a bad public speaker Paladino is because he stumbled over his own horrible comments.  Rosie couldn't believe that a candidate for Governor would step out and say hateful things about being gay at a time when suicides by gay teens because of bullying is all over the news.  Rosie said she hopes one of his kids turns out to be gay so he can find some compassion for gay people.  Brendan pointed out that Paladino has an illegitimate child as the result of an affair he had with a staffer.  Brendan found it ironic that he's now preaching morality despite his own questionably moral marital history.  Janette shared with the group that her longtime boyfriend Barry had a child that he didn't tell her about for two years into their relationship.  She said that he was nervous to tell her because she told him on their first date that she was never getting married and that she's never having kids.  So, at first he didn't tell her about the child thinking it would be a deal-breaker and then so much time passed that it was horribly hard to mention!

Tracy's daughter brought home an electronic baby for a school assignment this weekend.  She said the baby cried every few hours and her daughter was responsible for taking care of it or she would fail the class.  Rosie wondered if this sort of birth control works.  Jeannie said she wasn't sure that one weekend of parenting a fake baby is enough time to learn about what it's like to really have a child.  Rosie agreed and thinks that no teen thinks they are going to get pregnant and doesn't think a fake baby will enter their mind in the heat of the moment.   Janette said she would have put "that thing" in the woodshed all night!  Rosie told her  if she had done that she would have failed the class.   

Rosie took a call from a listener whose child had the electronic baby and then passed it off to her parents to take care of.  Her daughter was so fed up with it that she eventually pulled out the baby's batteries and failed the class.  Rosie said Tracy's daughter was SO OVER the baby by the end of the weekend.  She said her daughter was sitting on the driveway looking exhausted by yesterday.   Rosie took another call from a listener who had to take care of an electronic baby in high school but still had lots of premarital sex. For her, the baby wasn't a deterrent and didn't make her think twice about having sex.  Rosie thinks shows like Teen Mom on MTV are better deterrents than having a fake baby.  Rosie expressed her concern that teenage sex is in every single show on television for teens right now.  She listed the show Degrassi as an example which she watched with Chelsea this weekend.  Rosie doesn't think it's so shocking that teens are so sexually active because of what's on television.  Rosie asked all the members of the studio how old they were when they first had sex and most of them were in their teens although a few like Rosie, Bobby and Janette were in their 20s the first time they had sex (some members of the studio did not answer this question).  

Then it was time  to reveal the pumpkins that each member of the studio had created over the weekend for the Martha Stewart Pumpkin decorating contest.  Each studio member decorated a pumpkin and Deirdre, James and Shoshana were going to rate the pumpkins based off of originality, design and effort.  The winning pumpkin is going to be submitted as the Rosie Radio pumpkin into the contest against the other Sirius radio shows. 
Bobby's pumpkin was up first.  His pumpkin was a snowman pumpkin (3 pumpkins stacked on top of each other) and shellacked.  James thought Bobby's was not the most original so he gave him an 8.  Shoshana also gave Bobby an 8.  Rosie called them "mean bitches" for not appreciating Bobby's craftiness.  Deirdre agreed with the judges and gave him an 8 too.  Bobby's total score was 24.  BOBBY'S SNOWMAN PUMPKIN
Pete had two photos of his pumpkin.  It was a Batman pumpkin that he painted a batman mask on with glow-in-the-dark spray-paint.  Deirdre said he showed low effort, and his design would score low.  She gave him a little for originality.  Deirdre gave Pete a 4.  Shoshana didn't think his design was that original and  he didn't show a lot of effort so she too gave him a 4.  James gave him a 4 too.  Pete got a total of 12 points.    CLICK HERE TO SEE PETE'S PUMPKIN

Janette pulled her pumpkin out of her purse and got a lot of "oooooh's and ahhhhhh's" out of the studio members when she revealed it.  She had decoupaged her pumpkin with original wallpaper from her farm house, circa 1950s with a gold glitter stem.  Bobby thought it was great!  Because BOBBY is always very supportive of other people's art!  I'm just saying.  Rosie was very impressed with Janette's design!  James gave Janette a 9.  Shoshana gave her a 7 and Deirdre gave her a 7.  Janette had a total of 23 points.    JANETTE'S COLLAGE PUMPKIN

Jeannie revealed her pumpkin which was completely edible!  (see right)  Deirdre gave it an 8, James gave it a 9 and Shoshana gave it a 9.  This put Jeannie in the lead with a 26!  Rosie was really impressed with Jeannie's creation.   JEANNIE'S CANDY PUMPKIN
Brendan submitted a pumpkin that was decorated with Mr. Potato Head decorations.  Shoshana scored him low for effort but high for creativity and gave him a 5.  Deirdre also gave him a 5 and James gave him a 5 for a total of 15 points.   BRENDAN'S POTATO HEAD PUMPKIN

Lou submitted a pumpkin that was decorated with a picture of Pete's face with makeup on glued to it  (see the header picture on Rosie.com).  All Rosie could say was "wow."  Deirdre gave it a 4, James gave it a 6 and Shoshana gave it a 3 for a total of 13 points.    LOU'S PETE PUMPKIN
Rosie submitted a gold glitter pumpkin that she said Vivi helped her decorate.   Shoshana (who was laughing hysterically) gave it a 1, James gave it a 2 only because Vivi helped and Deirdre gave it a 3 since children were involved.  Rosie got a total of 6 points for her first submission.  ROSIE'S GLITTERED PUMPKIN

Then Rosie submitted her second pumpkin which was a pumpkin cut in half filled with candy.  It was a pumpkin candy dish.  Bobby said the design was ingenious!  Deirdre gave it a 7, Shoshana gave it a 3 because she said it wasn't a lot of effort and James gave it a 5 because of the candy selection.  Rosie's second submission got only 15 points.  ROSIE'S CANDY DISH PUMPKIN

The winner was Jeannie-Weenie's fully edible cake pumpkin!  Rosie then, clearly insulted from getting such low scores from the judges, went to commercial break saying she had three new positions available: a booker, a call screener and an assistant position.  Pete was upset at the unfair judging practices - there's a shocker. 

Bobby told a story of what happened to one of his "Barbra Streisand roses" this weekend.  He was sitting on his terrace when a bee came over and cut a perfect circle into a leaf of one of his roses.  He looked it up online and found out there is a leafcutter bee that does this to plants!  He asked Pete to look it up for him.   

They briefly discussed the car that drives itself.  Brendan said if you've ever ridden on a New York subway you're already riding in a vehicle similar to the self-driving car.  James told Janette that he thinks she'll be dead by the time the car is available for purchase but Janette said she would love it.  Rosie thought it wasn't a good idea to trust your life to a robot and said it seems like an irrational concept.

Pete read from an article that stated that UFOs have visited our Nuclear Power Plants.   Everyone listened.  No one seemed to question the article or Pete for reading it. 

Rosie then interviewed Jenny McCarthy who was promoting her latest book Love, Lust and Faking It. Rosie told her how she loved her latest interview on Oprah and how she explained how she became a Playboy centerfold.  You can watch a clip from the interview HERE.  Jenny said she couldn't even believe Oprah let her discuss it on the show.  She said she was nervous the first time she was on Oprah in 2008, but this time she decided to let everything go hoping Oprah wasn't offended by her book.  Rosie read Jenny's book and loved it.  In reading it Rosie discovered that Jenny is a big fan of Byron Katie like Rosie is!  Jenny said that Katie changed her life and encouraged anyone wanting to learn more about Byron Katie to go to thework.com.  Jenny produced a DVD Katie called "Turn It Around."  Jenny explained that Byron Katie helped her to get through her breakup.  Rosie said she was going through "some breakup stuff" herself and Byron Katie' message resonated with her.
Rosie asked Jenny if her work speaking out about the link between Autism and Vaccines has put her in a place of being attacked in the media.  Jenny said she was doing what any mother would do with a child with special needs.  Jenny said she is still taking flack from the medical community but for her there was no where she wouldn't go in order to help her son with Autism.  She maintained that science has been wrong before and that we need to keep researching the link between vaccines and Autism. 

Rosie and Jenny also discovered that they are big fans of Suzanne Somers bio-identical hormone treatments.  Rosie said she started to go through menopause at 40 and Suzanne called her up and suggested that some of her anger issues might be chemically related.  Since taking the hormone treatments recommended to her Rosie said she feels like a totally different person.  Jenny had horrible PMS and has found that bio-identical hormones have helped her. 

Jenny's son Evan is 8 years old now and a "hoot."  He's totally neurotypical and doesn't have anymore seizures.  He is also "totally clean" and hasn't ever had one preservative in his body since he was born because he's extremely sensitive to them.  

Since her breakup with Jim Carrey, her son has been doing very well and she's taking him to a therapist just in case he needs it.  Jenny said she learned from her parents not to stay in a relationship that wasn't working just for the kids.  Rosie asked Jenny if she thought it was harder to breakup with another famous person.  Jenny said she thinks it's a bit harder and stickier when you're both famous.  They decided to make the announcement through Twitter because they wanted control over the breakup and to end things on their own terms.  Rosie really respected the way they ended their relationship and said when she first started blogging she thought there was no need anymore for a publicist!  Jenny agreed!  Their publicists do not agree however.   

Jenny and Rosie talked about her new book.  Jenny explained that the book is about faking it in relationships and trying to put your best foot forward.  She said eventually your real self comes out.  Jenny said the biggest thing we can change when we meet someone is not trying to be someone's perfect mate.  Jenny has learned to speak her truth and drop "the fake her" and hopes she will she attract someone who does the same. 
Rosie recommended that all her listeners go buy the book Love Lust and Faking It and thanked Jenny for the interview.

In this game Brendan listed off a popular food chain and each player had to list off as many menu items as they could in 30 seconds.   

Bobby got McDonald's.  He listed: Big Mac, McChicken, McFlurry, Filet-o-Fish Sandwich, cheeseburger, french fries.  6 points
Rosie got Burger King.  She listed: whopper, whopper jr, kids meal, onion rings, fries, chicken tenders, double cheeseburger, cheeseburger, shake, etc. 9 points
Pete got Wendy's.  He listed: a single cheeseburger, double cheeseburger, triple cheeseburger, fries, chocolate frosty, vanilla frosty, kids meal hamburger, nuggets, Cobb salad, chicken caesar salad, baked potato and chili, etc.  13 points
Janette got Subway.  She listed: veggie burger, tuna sandwich, turkey sub, pizza sub, potato chips, soda, etc.  6 points.
Jeannie got Taco Bell.  She listed: cinnamon twists, hard tacos, soft tacos, burrito supreme, Mexican pizza, quesadillas, taco salad, rice bowls, chips and cheese, etc.  12 points

ROUND TWO - for double points
Bobby got Starbucks.  He listed: brownies, cookies, hot chocolate, chai latte, grande lattes, coffee, scones, water, chocolates, coffee cups, etc for 16 points.  Total 22 points for the game.
Rosie got Friendly's.  He listed: Jim Dandy, Clamboat, hamburger, cheeseburger, BLT, chicken tenders, nachos, fish sticks, french fries, onion rings, Fribble, soft drinks, etc.  For 28 points for a total of 37 points for the game.
Pete got KFC. He listed: a snacker, the crispy chicken, original recipe, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, biscuits, chicken strips, soda, cake. He got 26 points for a total of 39 points.  He beat ROSIE by 2! 
Janette got White Castle.  She listed: hamburgers, french fries, onion rings, shakes, sodas, pies, hot dogs, fish alternative, the brisket?  She got 10 points for a total of 16 for the game.
Jeannie got Chilis.  She listed: nachos, potato skins, hamburger, sliders, soda, beer, wine, grilled chicken, chicken fingers, buffalo wings, margaritas, etc.  A total of 28 points for 40 points total for the game!  By one point Jeannie beat PETE for the win! 

Pete wasn't a sore loser this time because he feels as if they both competed really well and he gave an impressive showing.

Tomorrow Rosie Radio will have on Dot Jones from Glee!   You would already know this information if you followed the Rosie Radio Recap blog on Twitter!!! And don't forget to follow us on Facebook tooRosie closed the show advising her listeners to take a walk or a shower if they're feeling sad.     

and that's what you missed -kw


  1. I just have to say and yes I am going to be yelling right now.. I LOVED SEEING EVERYONE IN THE STUDIO ON SHADY CAM!!!! ...The behind scenes etc..Shoshanna Laughing her A** off, the camera on Janette just staring with no emotion..lol , Rosie chatting away but also multi tasking on her laptop...I was trying to catch everything then the angle changed back to the window/roof area. ugh.

    I wish they can do it again but from the beginning of the show till the end..( or even the pre-meetings before the show).


  2. Kelly - once again - thank you for your efforts keeping us "in the know with Rosie Radio!"

    I realize this is YOUR blog not Rosie's but since you have some connection with Rosie I'm hoping you might relay a suggestion to her now that Ask Ro is off for a while. It would be very helpful if she could get captions for the pictures she posts on her blog so we would know what is going on. If I didn't know about your blog I would be confused as to where the creative pumpkins came from.

    I always miss Ask Ro but respect her decision not to continue. I'm still enjoying the pictures and posts though.

    Have a great week!

    Dennis - Fort Lauderdale

  3. What? No picture of Bobby's pumpkin???

  4. Yes, Heidi! It was very exciting and I signed into ShadyCam as soon as I heard they were going to show the pumpkins. Unfortunately, my computer runs really slowly when I'm trying to stream Sirius, write in Blogger and watch UStream so I didn't get good screenshots of all the pumpkins. Luckily though, they put them up on Rosie.com.

    Dennis, you just relayed your suggestion. I do not have any way to reach Rosie but I have a sneaking suspicion that someone from that Rosie Radio studio might stop by here every once in a while. So feel free to post your thoughts to Rosie here while AskRo is off. I know it's not as cool as the direct connect to her though. :(

    Anon - see my explanation about about the slow computer! :)

    Thanks for commenting!