10-8-10 - "The show all about a new contest and the Rosie's Kids Gala"

In case you missed it...

Rosie and the staff started today's program talking about what a sore loser Pete is.  In defense, Pete explained that he is accustomed to winning and is only a sore loser when he feels like a game is stacked against him.  Yet no one else on the staff has ever complained about the games being unfair.  The conversation then came around to Pete's childhood where he talked about when he was 8 years old growing up in Korea.  Janette realized that she was oh, so much older than Pete and in Korea the same year performing standup and "being booed off the stage at the DMZ by Army Rangers." 

Rosie announced a new Sirius radio contest by Martha Stewart Living Radio!  Some of you may remember the Martha Stewart Living Radio Cupcake Contest where Bobby decorated a cupcake as a chipmunk/squirrel in honor of Rosie's squirrel friend Shady.  They lost that competition but not before challenging the winner over his originality!  The latest competition is a challenge to all of the Sirius radio teams to decorate their own pumpkin.  The pumpkins will be judged only on presentation and not on taste or originality.  The staff was sure that particular clause was inserted into the rules because of cupcake-gate over the last contest winner's originality. 

Rosie assigned Bobby to create the cupcake that Rosie Radio entered into the cupcake contest because he's a Tony nominated costume designer and she was sure he would create the best one.  Feelings were hurt however because she didn't allow anyone else to create one.  This time, Rosie is allowing everyone on the Rosie Radio staff to enter their own decorated pumpkin and the best one will be selected and then entered into the competition as the representative pumpkin for the show.  Each Rosie Radio staff member will bring their decorated pumpkins in on Monday.  They may open the voting up to the listeners but there will also be judges in the studio critiquing the pumpkins.  The judges will be Shoshana, James and Deirdre (who are not entering a decorated pumpkin of their own into the contest).   Shoshana and James high-fived because they don't have to create a decorated pumpkin this weekend.  Everyone else on the staff will submit one which means there will be 7 -one by Rosie, Bobby, Janette, Pete, Lou, Brendan and Jeannie.   They will take a picture of each pumpkin and put them up online.  The Rosie Radio pumpkin has to be entered into Martha's contest by Wednesday.

Rosie said she is SURE that Bobby's pumpkin is going to look like something out of a magazine and the rest of them will look like they made them in elementary school art class.  Jeannie suggested Rosie "Munny a pumpkin."  Rosie said she was thinking glitter-ing her pumpkin.  Pete is thinking about doing a Death Star pumpkin. 

Janette learned from listening to Martha Stewart Living Radio (on Sirius) that the pumpkins we eat are different from the pumpkins we typically carve.  Pete said that the pumpkins we eat are more of a squash.  Rosie asked how Whatever with Alexis and Jennifer is doing. She hasn't been able to catch it on T.V. but she's seen clips on YouTube and said it seems really cute!  You can catch 'Whatever with Alexis and Jennifer' at 12 noon EST on the Hallmark Channel. 

Jeannie said that Jennifer (from the show Whatever with Alexis and Jennifer), who has lost a lot of weight recently, has officially moved into the "totally hot" category.  Jeannie said that her weight-loss goal is to be totally hot.  Jeannie said she would do 'The Biggest Loser' with Rosie in a second if Rosie would agree to do it with her.  She and her husband Dan have date night around 'The Biggest Loser' every Tuesday night.  Rosie wondered if she would be able to stand up and be weighed wearing only a sports bra and shorts?!  Rosie was sure that no one would want to see her belly.  Jeannie said a person can determine if they're really fat if their belly button is a "slit."  Rosie was horrified and asked if that was a way to determine your fatness?!   She then stood up and asked the studio if her belly button was a slit?  It wasn't.  Rosie didn't believe the slit test was the true test of fatness for everyone.  Rosie said she used to have nightmares about being on The Biggest Loser and said Jillian Michaels gives her panic.  Rosie said she doesn't believe Jillian was ever really fat.  Rosie can't even visualize herself hot and skinny but Jeannie can!  Jeannie joked that she's going to write to 'The Biggest Loser' and ask to be on the show with Rosie!  Everyone in the studio yelled NO at Jeannie!  Rosie said she was asked to do Celebrity Fit Club but she said no.  

Bobby recalled the time that Rosie asked him to make sure he never let her go out in her pajama pants.  It was during Michael Jackson's trial the day he was photographed entering the court room in his pajamas and slippers.  She imagined him refusing to go to court and his "people" propping him up and taking him there.  Rosie said the documentary This Is It was terrifying to her.  She couldn't believe they were filming it and he was actually in such bad shape yet still able to perform.  Then, she said, the next second he was dead.  She said it was creepy to watch the moments before his death on film.  Rosie feels like Michael Jackson never had any anchors yet was always in a life-raft out in a raging storm and had no way to shore.  Jeannie didn't see the movie like that.  She watched him create and drew a comparison to when Rosie is passionately driven in one of her creative modes.  She compared it to the time she watched Rosie edit a Grammy show and Rosie knew exactly where she was going with the piece of art.  Rosie commented that Michael had no one to call him out and watch his crazy scale for him.  She said that Eminem does a great job writing lyrics about what fame does to a person.  When Rosie recently went off her medication for depression she asked her kids if they thought she seemed different?  Parker said she did seem "off" and asked her what she has to be depressed about?  He doesn't realize that the depression is a chemical imbalance from and not caused by external factors.  Blake recommended that Rosie try Cymbalta because he had seen it advertised on television.  Rosie said she was asked if she was mad that Oprah said she came to her house to do a "crazy check?" Rosie said that SHE said it to HER.  Rosie said to Oprah "did you just come to my house to do a crazy check on me?"  And Oprah replied, "yeah, kind of."  Rosie said she often does her own crazy checks on herself! 

Rosie then introduced a segment all about her Rosie's Theater Kids Gala that took place on September 20th, 2010.  Rosie said in 2002 they went into the poorest public schools in New York City to give children an introduction to Broadway.  For 14 weeks they bring in theater professionals and teach children everything about Broadway and musical theater.  They've served thousands of school children since 2002 bringing theater education to children that normally would have never been exposed to it.  At the gala they raised over 1.3 million dollars!  The first class of 5th graders that they accepted into the program in 2002 are now graduating from High School this year!  At the gala, Rosie honored Neil Friedman and Michael Goldstein for helping raise millions and millions of dollars for Rosie's Theater Kids.  Neil and Michael have been supporters of RTK since The Rosie O'Donnell Show was on the air.

Rosie then played the audio of the kids singing Cyndi Lauper covers from the event that night and then played several of the songs that Cyndi sang that night.

Deirdre brought in Miracle Noodles for everyone to try.  Miracle Noodles, aka Shirataki Noodles, are calorie free, gluten free and soy free!  According to Deirdre they are made out of a plant.  Deirdre says they're really good!  She said they don't taste like pasta but more like ramen noodles. She tried them after she saw them advertised on Facebook.   

Rosie asked Deirdre if she's seen The Social Network yet since she's so "into" Facebook.  She hasn't but wants to.  Janette hasn't seen it or any other movie because she's afraid to go to the theaters because of the bed bug infestation in New York City. 

Deirdre admitted that she eats her dinner early and is in bed reading by 8pm every night.  Bobby is more of a night-owl and doesn't go to bed until much later around 2am.  Rosie typically goes to bed before midnight.  Pete would like to go to bed by 6pm but is generally not asleep until 11:30pm.  Janette stays up until 11:30pm because she feels like she needs to have enough time in the evening to get things done.

Rosie said she goes to bed early with Blake and Vivi in her bed and then after they fall asleep she turns the T.V. back on and Parker will sometimes come in and they'll talk for hours.  She finally caved and gave him a Facebook account with the condition that she and Kelli were his Facebook friends so they can keep an eye on it.  It was through Facebook that Rosie found out that Parker is in a relationship!  She said that she found it extremely odd to find out this news through Facebook.  Rosie said she can't get used to Facebook.  When she read it she wrote "nice to know!" on his wall.  She said she's trying to teach him to not accept anyone as a friend that he doesn't know.  Rosie added that Chelsea loves her new school and is thriving there. 

Rosie said all the children in her house will usually go to bed early but then Blake rolls across the bed and farts on Vivi!  Then Vivi cries and Rosie tells her to fart back on him but Vivi cannot.  Bobby said he does not fart but Deirdre does and farts on him in the car.  Bobby said that Deirdre snores on the way to the studio in the morning and farts on the way back to the city in the afternoon.

Rosie and the staff then discussed an article they read that says that birth order determines your personality characteristics.  The article said that first borns are used to being the center of attention and have more time being read to so they have higher IQ's and generally more education.  First borns tend to out earn their siblings yet are also typically type "A" personalities that never cut themselves any slack.  Deirdre is the only one in the studio who is an only child. The article stated that only children tend to be selfish and socially inept.  Deirdre yelled out "That is so WRONG!"  But it also stated that most only children are ambitious, articulate and comfortable interacting with adults but have difficulty relating to people their own age.  Janette and Pete are youngest children.  The article said the youngest aren't the smartest in the room but are natural charmers who are outgoing and social.  Rosie is a middle child and it stated that many famous actors and comedians are middle children.  But the article also stated that middle children "go with the flow" which Rosie said was so untrue for her.  Middle children also tend to be very agreeable to which Rosie yelled "NOT TRUE!"  The article said middle children tend to forge stronger bonds with friends than their family. 

They briefly discussed how Chris Armstrong, the student who is being cyber-bullied by the Assistant Attorney General of the State of Michigan, was on Anderson Cooper the other night.  Here is the video of the interview:

And they briefly discussed how a case against Fred Phelps is being heard by the Supreme Court.  Rosie hopes that Fred Phelps doesn't win based on freedom of speech and then heralded as a "First Amendment hero."  Rosie interviewed Nate Phelps, a son of Fred Phelps, in May of this year.   Click on the link to read that fantastic interview.   

In today's game, Brendan listed a movie title from the 1990s and the player had to give the name of the actors who polayed the starring couple in the film.   

Deirdre - Father of the Bride: she answered Steve Martin and Diane Keaton.  Correct!
Rosie - Pretty Woman: she answered Richard Gere and Julie Roberts.  Correct!
Pete - Groundhog Day: he answered Andie McDowell and Bill Murray.  Correct!
Janette - The BodyGuard: she had no idea!  The answers were Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner. OUT
Bobby - As Good As It Gets:  Rosie hinted that she auditioned for this role and didn't get it!  The answers were Helen Hunt and and Jack Nicholson but he didn't get them.  He was OUT.

Deirdre - Good Will Hunting: she answered Matt Damon and Minnie Driver.  Correct!
Rosie - Basic Instinct: she answered Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone.  Correct!
Pete - Contact: he answered Jodi Foster and Matthew McConaughey.  Correct!

Deirdre - The Fith Element: she answered Bruce Willis and Milla Jovovich.  Correct!
Rosie - Speed: she answered Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock.  Correct!
Pete - Last of the Mohicans: he answered Daniel Day Lewis and Liv Tyler.  That was wrong it was Madeline Stowe.  Rosie did another stakeout with Madeline Stowe!

Deirdre - Desperado: she answered Selma Hayek and Antonio Banderas.  Correct!
Rosie - True Romance: she guessed Leonardo DeCaprio which was wrong.  It was Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette.

Deirdre won! 

Rosie told all her listeners to have a great weekend and closed the show. 

and that's what you missed -kw


  1. Was such a surprise to hear the Gala on her show. It was like reliving it again. What a memorable day and evening with you and all the group (old and new)....

  2. About Birth Order: A few years ago, I read in the New York Times about a Scandinavian study that found that it wasn't the extra attention or being read to, etc. that made all the difference with older siblings' higher IQs, because then only children would have higher IQs, too. The study found that it was the act of BEING AN OLDER BROTHER OR SISTER that enriched the kids. That teaching one's younger siblings, guiding them, helping them, showing them things has a really positive effect on the brains of the older kids. As the oldest of four, this rings truer to me than the extra attention stuff.

  3. I am extremely grateful for this blog since I don't have Sirius but love and adore Rosie. Thank you.

    One quick note (this is so minor): be careful of the word "that". I notice it being used not only on this blog but everywhere. It's typically a filler word and if you remove it from a sentence, it makes the sentence easier to read.

    Thanks again and keep up the great work!