10-14-10 "Foreclosures, Perez, The View and an interview with Andrew Jenks"

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Rosie woke up late this morning so she still had the "sleep apnea dents" in her face and she didn't have time to brush her teeth before the show.  Rosie said that Parker did well at his soccer game last night and his team won!  Rosie said on the other team there were some players cursing and using the "F" word and finally the ref blew the whistle at one of the boys and called a foul.  The boy yelled at the ref "What did I do?!" and Rosie yelled from the stands "You cursed 75 times!!!"  Parker gave her a look.  Rosie doesn't like it how in soccer the boys have to line up in front of the goal and cover their "hoo ha's."  She wondered why they just couldn't stand backwards so that the ball could hit them in the butts instead of their privates.  Deirdre, who apparently has experience with this issue said if you get hit in the "hoo ha" you should sit on the ground and bounce up and down.  She heard this from two professional hockey players, one of whom she slept with for 8 years. 

Rosie and the staff discussed how bank foreclosures have been frozen due to irregularities in paperwork and robo-signatures.  Rosie wondered how many people are actually losing their homes today?  Brendan said that there were more than 100,000 home foreclosures last month and almost a million this year alone.  Pete has been house hunting lately and 90% of the number of houses they've looked at have been bank owned.  And the problem with a bank owned house is if you find a problem you can't demand it be fixed before the deal closes.  He said in a foreclosure situation the bank simply tells you to "suck it fatty."  Rosie wondered if the rate of homeless Americans is also increasing with foreclosures increasing?

Deirdre watched and enjoyed a show that is coming out on Lifetime entitled Fairy Job Mother.  It premieres on October 28 at 11 pm EST but she was given a pre-released copy of the show.  She said she was in tears watching it as a husband and wife with two kids were evicted from their home.  She recommends it.  Rosie watched What's Eating You? on E! but didn't especially love it.  She said it generally dealt with Anorexia and Bulimia and she felt as if everything has been done already on those subjects.  She did recommend Portia De Rossi's book and her perspective on her own eating disorder entitled Unbearable Lightness: A Story of Loss and Gain.  That book is set to be released on November 2nd, 2010.  Rosie said she could never really see how she could ever be anorexic but she could see how someone becomes 500 pounds.  Janette has been both overweight and extremely thin in her lifetime.  She was once a size 6 and weighed 128 pounds.  Janette said when she was that thin she would weigh herself every morning and even going up 3/4 of a pound would give her anxiety.  She said she was working  at it so her ribs could be seen through her shirt  but she never really got to that point.  Deirdre said that's because in America thin is the ideal and said there are even websites dedicated to the secrets and tips to becoming Anorexic.   Rosie said that she's recently received phone calls from Chelsea's school that she's not eating her school lunch which concerns her.  She's talked with Chelsea about it.  Rosie's college roommate came back from Christmas break and was totally anorexic.  She said in one month at home her roommate lost a ton of weight and came back to school and the bones were sticking out of her butt. 

Rosie and Janette talked about how self-care needs to be taught and that a big part of food issues have to do with poor self-care.  Janette said we don't learn how to value or take care of ourselves we learn how to hate ourselves.  At a conference she once heard Regina Wiechert: The Queen of Self Esteem speak on a self-care panel and she asked "If your self-care were a hotel, what hotel would you be?"  Janette said she would be a Knight's Inn and that she's far from a Four Seasons.  Rosie thinks she would be La Quinta Inn or that she would be across the hall from Janette at the Knight's Inn.  They discussed how self-care is often taught by the mother and both Janette and Rosie grew up without a mother.  Deirdre said she recently renovated her hotel and she went from a Holiday Inn to Sherry Netherland.  She said she's now a "small boutique hotel" as opposed to a chain.  Bobby called them all crazy and then after pressure called himself a campsite.  Pete said he's a trailer-park motel because he was wearing a stained shirt and pants with paint on them.  Lou said he was a Motel 8 and James said he was a standard room at the W. 

Rosie wanted to discuss the mysterious flying object that was seen flying in Chelsea last night.  Deirdre lives in Brooklyn (not far from Chelsea) but she didn't see the UFO last night. Pete and Rosie thought it looked like a balloon but wondered why it didn't float away or move because balloons move.  Pete read that a former NORAD officer predicted that aliens would visit Earth on October 13th, 2010.  Pete admitted he's very interested in this topic but said he wouldn't classify this as an alien encounter.  He believes it's something man-made that went awry.  There was then some discussion on whether or not we're going to use radio signals to find intelligent life in the universe.  Which Pete thinks an advanced culture that was capable of space travel wouldn't use radio signals to communicate.  Rosie then asked Pete and Janette if they had ever seen What the Bleep.  They both hadn't but she highly recommended it to them and anyone else who is interested in finding out more about parallel universes.   Rosie and Deirdre found it fascinating.  Pete's said he was excited and he can't wait for our first alien encounter.

Video of the UFO in Chelsea 

Rosie then discussed the news story about Rapper TI averting a suicide on a skyscraper in Atlanta with the radio staff.  Rosie liked the story and said it seemed like a viable way to help people if you're a famous person!  They then discussed the news story of a good Samaritan that rescued a kidnapped girl in California.  His name was Victor Perez and he followed a car based off of an Amber Alert and saved a little girl who had been abducted.  Rosie said she loves Victor Perez.  She wondered how many people would do that and what makes a person willing to put their lives on the line for someone else?  Janette said it seemed to her that there are people that will help and then there are people that are just perpetrators. She called it human nature.  Rosie hopes that Victor Perez gets lots of coverage on the news and wished more stories like his were covered by the media.  Pete read that Victor Perez had a day named after him and that he was honored at a football game.

An interview with Victor Perez
Janette mentioned how she recently saw pictures of Jonathan Lipnicki who's all grown up!  You may remember little Jonathan from the movie Jerry Maguire which Rosie then revealed that she auditioned for.  Here's a link to a picture of Jonathan showing off his abs.  The pictures are supposedly from Jonathan's Twitter page to which Rosie said she was going to put up pictures of Pam Anderson's abs on her Twitter page.

Rosie then wanted to discuss the recent announcement made by Perez Hilton that said  he wants to change his ways on the Ellen DeGeneres show.  Rosie had never heard of Perez until Kathy Griffin performed on an Rfamily cruise.  Kathy went on her computer to go check his site and Kathy showed her his blog.  Rosie said he seemed quite negative to her yet he continued to become more and more popular.  About four years ago Rosie saw Perez at Gloria Estefan's house outside at a party and she had a talk with him about using all his power for good rather than negatively.  Rosie said she stopped talking to Perez after he started making fun of Adam Sandler's baby.  He told Rosie that 6 million hits a day can't be wrong. 

Perez has said that he went on Ellen because of all the bullying in the news and that he doesn't want to be part of the problem. He'd rather be part of the solution.  Rosie asked her staffers and her listening audience to weigh in.  Janette thinks Perez is merely exploiting a situation.  Rosie said that perhaps Perez has grown since he was 26 years old when he started his website and now he's 33.  Janette said she thinks meanness is born in you.  Rosie said that sometimes it takes a really big example to realize what you have done and since he was called out as a cyber-bully this will be what changes him.  Bobby gave him the benefit of the doubt and looks forward to seeing if he will truly change.

Rosie took several calls on the topic.  One caller said that Perez Hilton is the scum of the Earth and that he's just jumping on the bandwagon and using the recent tragedies to promote himself and make money.  One caller believed that people can change and hoped that Perez will truly change his ways.  One caller was bullied as a child and said he was always told to kill bullies with kindness and  this is what he teaches his own children.  Rosie commented how the Internet has changed bullying because one can now bully with such anonymity. 

Rosie then read an annoying message off her AskRo.  It was someone from The Jesse Kaplan school who said they asked her "people" if she could come speak at their school today.  Her "people" then supposedly asked them what the school's budget was for the event.  The person wrote in how horrified they were that Rosie demanded money to come to the school today.  Rosie adamantly said that she doesn't ask for fees to go and speak at schools and said that these are the exact reasons why she's been turning off AskRo lately. 

Rosie then interviewed Andrew Jenks who was in the studio!  Andrew Jenks stars in and directs World of Jenks on MTV.  Rosie said it's her new favorite show.

Rosie asked Andrew how he started making documentaries.  Andrew started out in filmmaking when he was only 19 years old.  His grandfather was living in a nursing home with 300 strangers at the same time that he was living in a college dorm with 300 strangers.  He couldn't help but notice the parallels between their lives.  He and some friends bought some cameras off of Ebay and created a 90-minute documentary called Room 335 about his experience living at an assisted living facility.  They made it only hoping they could make something that wouldn't cause their parents to walk out of the room and then a year later it was playing all over the world and on HBO.  A lot of the senior citizens in the film have thanked him for humanizing and de-stigmatizing them and simply showing them as the real people they are.  Andrew then thought it would be cool if he could do this for his generation and show people his age who are doing incredible things with their lives.  When MTV called and offered him a show his initial reaction was "No."  Andrew considers himself a filmmaker and did not want to be a reality T.V. star.  But MTV believed in the concept and in what he wanted to do so it worked out for everyone.   

Andrew started the documentary 'Room 335' thinking he would just make a documentary about old people and after 6 weeks of living with them he left knowing he was making a documentary about people, human beings with lives and personalities.   

Rosie asked Andrew what his favorite documentaries are?  One of the first documentaries that he loved was The War Room. He said it pushed the envelope in terms of access and how the political world is run.  He said that he enjoyed By The People: The Election of Barack Obama but he really enjoys documentaries when they push the envelope.  For example, he recently saw Waiting for Superman which he loved because it put something out there we haven't seen before and shows a facet of society that isn't typically exposed. 

Rosie really enjoys 'The World of Jenks' and really wants  people to watch it. Rosie talked with Andrew about the episode he did when he followed a rapper and how she was scared for his safety in that episode.  Then she saw his second episode with Chad, a young man with Autism, and she loved it.  Andrew gave kudos to MTV.  He said that MTV gets a lot of flack because of all of their programming but his episode on Autism was viewed by millions of people which in the end raises awareness for the disability.

Rosie asked Andrew if he had a favorite episode and he said he doesn't.  Andrew said he gets genuinely invested in the subjects and he truly cares for them.  But he always has to remind his subjects that his priority is telling their story.  Andrew said that the episode that he did with the homeless girl "Heavy D" is a favorite because he was able to show a girl who was articulate, funny and charismatic that has been let down by society.  He said she could be doing so much more with her life instead of spending the past 10 years on the streets getting drunk and doing drugs.  He said that there is so much we can improve on with young people today.  He and "Heavy D" remain friends and he gave her a cell phone so that they could keep in touch and so she would always know there is someone in this world that cares for her.   

Rosie asked him about upcoming episodes and Andrew told her about an upcoming episode he did with a football player in Abilene, Texas where football is a "religion."  That night he interviewed his subject he sat with him and he proceeded to tell him about his parents who in 3rd grade, would tie him up to a door and whip him with electrical cords.  This boy's father and mother were both in jail and during the episode his mother gets out.  The boy is so humble and ends up giving his mom a second chance. 

Rosie has done some work with abused children and said she once talked with a little boy who's fingers were all gone.  She asked the boy what he wanted most for Christmas and the boy said he wanted was to see his mommy again.  Later she told the counselor and she told Rosie that his mother was the one that burnt his fingers off.  She had hurt him so horrifically but the love and need of the mother was still there.  Andrew said he's also seen that with many young people he's interviewed whose parents have done them wrong.

Rosie admitted to Andrew that she didn't watch his second documentary on "that baseball guy."  Andrew's second documentary was called The Zen of Bobby V.  She joked with him that she didn't like it because it seemed like it was something from ESPN and told him it sucks when he's not in his documentaries. She said she kept fast forwarding looking for him.  Andrew explained that the film is about a very popular baseball manager Bobby Valentine who went to Japan to manage baseball. He said he was trying to mix it up as a filmmaker.  Rosie laughed and said she's not going to force him to watch Exit to Eden, so fair is fair. 

Andrew's father was an Assistant Secretary General for the United Nations.  His father would work to locate different areas of the world in need of help and then locate different countries who were willing to help them.  He would then allocate the money as needed.  Andrew and Rosie discovered that they both didn't graduate college.  Rosie asked Andrew if his parents were okay with him not finishing school and he said they were because of the fact that he wasn't dropping out to goof off and do drugs.  At the time he dropped out of college he was editing the 'Zen of Bobby V' and MTV had approached him to do the series.  He has since apologized to his parents for wasting their money because he would rarely go to class.  But then he joked about all the money he's now saved them because he didn't finish!  Rosie used to do standup late at night while in college and admitted that she wouldn't go to class the next day either. 

Rosie asked Andrew if he thought his home environment encouraged his interest in the world and he said he thinks it did.  His family was frequently discussing the ails of the world at dinner and he remembers leaving the table thinking the world was falling apart.  Rosie said that Andrew now has a purpose driven life from all the dinner conversations.

Rosie took a caller who asked Andrew how he maintains professionalism while becoming very close with his subjects.  Andrew explained that he talks to his subjects about how his obligation is to first to be a filmmaker and to do a presentation on their life showing the good, bad and ugly. 

Rosie thanked Andrew for the interview and told him he is an amazing guy!  You can catch 'World of Jenks' Mondays on MTV at 10pm.  If you've missed The World of Jenks you can watch full episodes online HERE.

After the Andrew Jenks interview Brendan ran into the studio and told Rosie that Whoopi and Joy just walked off 'The View.'  (watch below) 

Rosie watched the tape while they aired the audio during today's broadcast.  You could hear Rosie say "Whoa, I'm having post traumatic stress disorder" as she watched.  Janette said that since their stint on 'The View' she never, ever, ever, ever watches it except for times like these.  She was sure that Whoopi and Joy only came back out onto the stage because Bill Geddes (the EP) forced them to.  Rosie wondered what having Bill O'Reilly on the show does besides incite hatred?!  She wondered why they would even book him on the show.   Bill was there to promote his book entitled Pinheads and Patriots. Rosie said that Bill is not on the program to have discourse.  He was just there to have a fight.  She understood Whoopi and Joy not wanting to engage with him and walking off the stage.  Rosie commented on what a strange atmosphere it is on 'The View.'  And she found it odd that Barbara Walters feels she has the right to scold Joy and Whoopi, two grown, successful adults.  Rosie said there is no specific point of the show 'The View' besides yelling. 

Rosie said that when she was on 'The View' Elisabeth Hasselbeck was pregnant and she had no desire to scream and yell at a pregnant person.  Rosie said that when you invite someone like Bill O'Reilly on the show you expect that something like this will happen.  And Janette agreed and said that now they've just achieved their spot on Entertainment Tonight and Access Hollywood this evening.  Rosie talked about how it's hard on a show like that to sit quietly when someone sitting next to you says something abhorrent .  She said you feel like if you don't say anything you become part of the problem. 

Janette and her friend Laura Banks once did Bill O'Reilly's show.  They were booked to be dating experts for a humor book they had written about dating entitled Breaking the Rules: Last Ditch Tactics for Landing the Man of Your Dreams.   Rosie wondered whatever happened to the news of the sexual harassment lawsuit that was filed against Bill O'Reilly.  She wondered how he is still around and how that scandal just evaporated.  Lastly, Rosie wondered why Bill gets to decide who a pinhead is.   

Need a little refresher on Bill's Sexual Harassment Lawsuit? 

Rosie closed the show talking about how great Andrew Jenks is.  She said instead of instigating hatred and negativity we need to be responsible for what we put out in the world. 

and that's what you missed

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    No wonder Rosie left The View. Who would want to be a party to much so hate?

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