10-15-10 All about James, Ro-Pardy 2 and an interview with Armie Hammer

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Rosie started today's show talking to James, an Associate Producer and Call Screener for Rosie Radio, who was the staff member to be highlighted in today's Up Close and Personal!  Rosie asked him if he was nervous and he said he was not.  He produced his own segment for today's show and said he has no secrets.    

James Capelonga Up Close And Personal: Part 1
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Rosie realized she was already on Star Search when James graduated preschool!  James spoke to some of the guys at the former radio station he used to work on and found out that Rosie was supposed to do a show on "Hot 97."  While she was sitting with James she remembered!  Rosie was offered a show on Hot 97 in 1990 and she remembers turning it down and thinking it was way too much work.  Her thought was she could spend her whole day doing what she wanted and then performing standup at night or she could get up early every morning and work 50 weeks a year.  She went with standup.   

During his Up Close and Personal, James discussed how he went into his  head boss's office and gave him a tape of his work.  Rosie asked James if people at work thought he would be fired for doing that and James said they did!  He said he was only 21 years old and he didn't know any better.  The head boss wasn't mean to him but he could tell he wad just thinking, "Who are you?"   He got the call a couple of days later and it all worked out.   

James Capelonga Up Close And Personal: Part 2

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James talks about his love for the full-size stand-up video games during his segment and Rosie commented on how much she she loves them too and would like to own some.  Rosie told James she wanted to come to his house to play.  After she won Star Search she used to walk to the 7-Eleven in Sherman Oaks, get a sandwich and then spend 5-6 hours a day in the video arcade right next door.  She remembered sitting for hours watching other people play the game "Dragon's Lair." James recommended Rosie come with him sometime to the Barcade Bar in Brooklyn.  Rosie thinks they should have their holiday party there!  Barcade Bar is in Deirdre's neighborhood so Rosie said they could go to Deirdre's apartment and imagine her in bed reading at 8pm.  Rosie asked Deirdre if she slept naked and she does, with the windows open!  Rosie couldn't believe she slept with the windows open and said, "Oh, dear lord" now she has to worry about her!  Deirdre assured Rosie that she lives many floors up and she's in a very safe building.  Bobby will sometimes sleep with his terrace door open at night and Rosie yelled, "Someone could break in!"  Bobby lives right above the doorman and feels very safe in his building too.  Bobby used to sleep naked but now Abby (his beloved Chihuahua) sleeps with him and he doesn't want her to mistakenly touch anything inappropriate.  So, now he sleeps with boxers on.    Rosie fondly remembered Bobby's sleeping attire when he used to live with her when Parker was a baby.  He wore black t-shirts with baby vomit on them.  Since I know all of you are dying to know, Rosie wears a t-shirt and shorts to bed.  Mystery solved.  She has worn her nightshirt to work before and Jeannie has told her she's two steps away from becoming Edie Beale in Grey Gardens.  The other day Parker told Rosie that he thinks she's agoraphobic.  Rosie said she's not agoraphobic but she is a "stay-at-homer."   Janette said she's like Boo Radley (the recluse from To Kill A Mockingbird).  Janette said if she didn't have to leave her house she wouldn't but then when she gets where she's going she usually has a good time and is glad she went.  James wears a "wife beater" and underwear.    Sometimes no wife beater, sometimes no underwear.  ;)

They've done all the "Up Close And Personals"  for all the staff members except Jeannie, Shoshana and Brendan.  Rosie said  they're not going to do one on her even though Brendan said he would like to hear one about her.  Rosie told inquiring minds to just google her and find out. 

During the game each player had a card with the name of a movie on it.  Before the game each member of the staff wrote down their favorite movies.  Rosie had already told everyone that her favorite movie was The Sound of Music so she wrote down another movie in her Top 5.  The game was to read the movie on the card and guess which staff member's favorite movie it was.   

Rosie was holding Cinema Paradiso
Pete was holding An American President
Janette was holding Trip to Bountiful
Jeannie was holding Shawshank Redemption
Shoshana had Dawn of the Dead
Lou had Adventures in Babysitting
Bobby had Rudy
Deirdre had Sneakers
James had Funny Girl

Rosie immediately matched "Adventures in Babysitting" to Shoshana.  She was correct.  Shoshana defended her choice and said her second favorite movie is 10 Things I Hate About You and her third favorite was Good Will Hunting.  She said she would have said "Good Will Hunting" if she was just trying to impress others but she decided to be honest.  Shoshana then guessed Janette's favorite movie was "Shawshank Redemption."  She was correct!  Janette said she simply loves that film and will watch it again and again.   Brendan totally understood why Janette loved it because it is a movie about justice and fighting back against a corrupt system.  Janette guessed "Cinema Paradiso" was Deirdre's favorite and she was correct!  Janette said she knew it was Deirdre's because Deirdre likes "weird oddball things."  Deirdre guessed "Sneakers" was Pete's favorite because it's all about computers and spying.  She was correct too!   Rosie couldn't believe everyone was getting these correct!  She thought this game would have been much harder.  Pete guessed Rosie's favorite movie was "Rudy."  However, he was wrong.  He said he thought it was her favorite because it's an uplifting story about conquering great odds.  He also thought she'd try and throw an oddball movie in to screw everyone up. 

Bobby and Rosie guessed "Rudy" was Jeannie's favorite which was wrong.  Deirdre guessed it was Brendan's but he didn't play.  Lou finally admitted it was his favorite.  He said he cries every time he watches it.  Lou then guessed that "Funny Girl" was Rosie's favorite but it was Bobby's!  Rosie said her second favorite was "Funny Girl" but she didn't want to put it down because she thought it would be too obvious.  Bobby then guessed "Dawn of the Dead" as James' favorite and he was correct!  James said he likes zombies, blood and explosions and that was why it was his favorite.  Jeannie's favorite was "An American President" and Rosie's was "Trip to Bountiful."  Rosie said when she went to the theater and saw "Trip to Bountiful" she was crying so hard when the movie ended it took her 30 minutes to compose herself enough to get up and leave the theater.   Jeannie loves "An American President" because it's all about love, romance, happiness and light.  There's no food in it but she loves Annette Bening.  Her second favorite was Misery.  Rosie said people still come up to her and congratulate her on her Oscar that she won for Misery.  Rosie just says, "Thank you." 

Rosie couldn't believe that Shoshana's favorite movie was "Adventures in Babysitting" which Rosie has never seen.  Shoshana asked Rosie if she would watch her favorite movie, and Shoshana  said she would watch "Funny Girl" this weekend.  Rosie then said "Sneakers?" to Pete.  He said he loves it and watches it all the time.  His second pick would have been Die Hard With a Vengeance.  Rosie asked him why his favorites aren't Star Wars or the Star Trek movies.  Pete said his "relationship with Star Wars is tortured" and  the "Star Trek movies are not the best." 

Rosie loved the game and wondered if they could play this game with other little unknown facts about each other.  Rosie then assigned everyone homework over the weekend and told them to watch "Shawshank Redemption" so they can talk about it on Monday.

Rosie then introduced Armie Hammer from the film The Social Network who was on the telephone for the interview.  Armie plays the Winklevoss twins in the movie.  The Winklevoss twins accused Mark Zuckerberg of stealing their idea for Facebook.  (They eventually resolved litigation with Facebook for $65 million in 2008 and are now contesting the settlement claiming they were misled about the value of the site during negotiations.) 

Rosie couldn't believe that they pulled off one actor playing both roles in the movie.  She went on and on about how cute Hammer is and called him "the cutest thing in the world."  She said she was sitting in the movie theater watching "The Social Network" thinking, "Who the hell are they?!"  She called him "a stunning specimen of humanity" and asked him what other work he's done.  Armie said he's been acting in smaller movies for the past 5-6 years but  this movie was his big break.  He said it was great playing twins with such different personalities.  He didn't know this would happen when he was hired and then he got the call and he realized he had the opportunity to spend double the time on screen speaking Aaron Sorkin's words.  It was a dream come true for him. 

He discussed with Rosie how the filmmakers were able to create the movie and make him look like he was actually two different people.  Josh Pence played the other twin in scenes where the twins were filmed together.  After filming was complete they digitally erased Pence’s face and replaced it with Armie’s.

Armie couldn't really do research on the Winklevoss twins because they aren't really public figures.  So, instead he researched what it is like growing up in Connecticut, going to Harvard and being on a row team.  He also said that Aaron Sorkin's script was so robust he didn't need to do a lot of outside research on the part to fully understand the role. 

Rosie asked Armie if he was related to Armand Hammer baking soda which he is not.  Armand Hammer was his great grandfather's name who was a businessman and philanthropist. His grandfather liked the company though and they carried the same name and he tried to buy the company.  He couldn't but  as soon as their stock went public he purchased a lot of stock.

Rosie again told Armie how adorable he is and she said if she were half her age and heterosexual she would totally date him.  He was embarrassed and yet totally flattered by her compliments! 

Armie then told Rosie all about how he met his wife and how she was dating someone else at the time and he stayed friends with her hoping that one-day they would break up and he would have a shot.  They eventually started dating and were together for almost two years before they got married.  Armie's wife is a journalist and the main correspondent for the Human Rights Foundation.

Armie talked with Rosie about how he spent years working to make it in the movies and then one day one person decided to take a chance on him and now his whole life is different.  He's been offered a lot of work since the film and he said he's taking his time to make sure he chooses his next project wisely.  He's been recognized a lot in public since the film has been released which is new to him.

Armie said he always knew he wanted to act since he was 11 years old and had a dream that he was the kid in the movie Home Alone.  The next day he told his parents that he thought he's supposed to be an actor. They didn't live in L.A. at the time but as soon as they moved back he told his parents he was ready to start acting!  Rosie told Armie that after seeing The Social Network, she wasn't sure who was right.  Armie said that was the point of the film.  He said they wanted to clearly show the three different groups of people that cannot agree on what happened with Facebook.  He said that Sorkin wanted to bring truth to everyone's story and allow the audience to decide whose story they believed most.  

Rosie thanked Armie for the interview and asked him to call her as soon as he and his wife get pregnant so she can be the first to know (after he calls his parents and friends, of course)!

Then it was time for a game of Ro-pardy.  The contestants were Deirdre, Janette and Rosie and Pete played "Alex" who led the game just like a real game of Jeopardy.  The categories in the first round were "Standups In the Studio," "Documentaries," "Fishbowl Shows," "Side Projects" and "Hodgepodge." All the questions had to do with guests or topics  they've covered on Rosie Radio.  After round one Rosie was in the lead with $2900, Janette had $2400 and Deirdre had $500. 

It was still anyone's game in Double Ro-pardy.  The Double Ro-pardy categories were "Standups on the Phone," "Animals," "Tunes," "Guest Trivia," and "Jeannie's Food."  Again, all the questions had to do with previous guests or show topics.  At the end of Double Ro-pardy Rosie had $4900, Deirdre had $2700 and Janette $2100. 

During final Ro-pardy they each had to wager how much they wanted to bet.  The category was Glee.  Deirdre said she was screwed because she doesn't watch Glee. Rosie was screwed because she can't do the math to figure out how much to bet so she can still win. 

The answer was:  This was the only song performed by the entire Glee club in the "Power of Madonna" episode. 
The question was: What is "Like a Prayer."

Janette had no guess and wagered $2000.  Her final score was 100.
Deirdre guessed "For A Girl" and wagered $700.  Her final score was $2000.
Rosie guessed "Vogue" and wagered $2000.  So she won the game with $2900 points! 

The prizes were:
For 3rd place Janette won a collectible James T Kirk Model!
For 2nd place Deirdre won a copy of Revenge by Steven Fry!
For 1st place Rosie won a collectible David Wright Uno card set and a Crunchy bar!

Rosie said she went to a restaurant this week and was squinting because she couldn't read the menu and the wait staff offered her a pair of reading glasses they keep handy for guests!  Deirdre recommended Rosie try a product called The Owl.   The owl is a credit card sized magnifier and light that you keep in your wallet.  Janette's been using it for decades and Rosie said she was going to get one. She then told Pete to buy extras so she can give them to everyone in the studio and give them away as gifts on the show! 

Bobby had a story to share regarding something that happened to him on Facebook.  Bobby really enjoys Facebook and has enjoyed connecting with old friends through the site.  The other night he kept getting notices that a grade school friend was near death.  He felt it was so strange to be getting these notices about a friend from so long ago.  He didn't know how to feel.  He said that if anyone he knows and loves passes away he would not like to hear about it through Facebook.  Rosie wondered if Facebook and social networking is just a tool to remove us from reality of what's going on in our lives.  Deirdre thought it might be cathartic to this person to be able to share with friends what was happening with his loved one.   Rosie wondered if tweeting and Facebooking while death is happening only keeps you from being in the moment.  Bobby doesn't think he could pick up his iPhone just as his sister was passing away and post it to Facebook.  Janette documented her father's death through video and photos.  She doesn't have the moment he died but she has much of the moments leading up to it.  She even video taped herself discussing how she was feeling during the process of him dying what she was feeling  and how it effected her.  She said she needed a buffer and an escape.  She agreed with people processing death however they can. 

Rosie said  her eldest son Parker now has a Facebook account and she found out he was dating someone through his Facebook page!  She tried to explain to him that everything he puts on Facebook is there forever.  Janette has read about people losing jobs because of what they've posted on Facebook.  Janette really likes Facebook as a way to connect and a way to say hello to old friends.  Bobby likes the connection but said there are things that might be better sent via email or in person rather than through social media.  Janette said she doesn't mine death notices via email because it gives her time to process them. 

Janette was very upset over an article she read that stated that there are an unprecedented amount of bats dying due to a fungus.  Rosie listened to her explain the article and then half-laughed because Janette never gets this upset over tragedies that involve humans, only animals.  Rosie went on about how Janette loves a cat that bites her and pisses all over her apartment but she hates the neighbor who comes over and asks for a cup of sugar!  Janette said that we have a responsibility to care for the elderly, children (she whispered children) and animals.  Animals especially she said. 

Rosie announced that she's hosting a night of comedy at the New York Comedy Festival on November 5th!  Janette is  helping  to produce the event!  Judy Gold and Bonnie Mcfarlane will be performing along with possibly Charlyne Yi and maybe Wendy Liebman.  Rosie didn't want to perform an entirely new standup routine but thought it would be cool to host a night of female comics.

Rosie recently went back and did standup for a few minutes one night and couldn't believe how old she felt yet everything seemed the same at the comedy club.  It was the same green room, the same cheese platter.  She said the lyrics from the song Landslide by Fleetwood Mac kept playing in her mind.  Will she sail through the seasons of her life?  She said it's a whole new season of life for her and it's challenging.  Janette said you can't go back but you can visit and dip your feet in that water again.  Rosie asked her listeners to come out to her night of comedy and told everyone that all the money they make that night will go to support Rosie's Theater Kids.  Deirdre added that they will be giving away tickets to the show on Rosie Radio! 

Rosie ended the show  by asking  the staff if they had any plans for the weekend.   Bobby is going to paint his doors in the apartment.  Pete had no real plans yet.  Janette might go to a sheep and wool festival to look for a shawl that she's been obsessing about.  She saw this shawl at a craft hall years ago but didn't buy it because it was $700!  But she can't stop thinking about it so she's going back to look at them again.  It's made by a Russian woman who can only knit 4 or 5 of them a year.  Rosie said she's going to a pumpkin patch to pick a pumpkin this weekend. 

The Martha Stewart Living Radio Pumpkin contest will begin on Monday!  So be ready for that! 

Rosie closed the show wishing her listeners a great weekend. 

and that's what you missed - kw

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