10-21-10 - Facebook, Sisterwives and an Interview with Wynonna!

They began today's show talking about the bad weather in New York today.  Janette is hoping the weather clears because she has her big rooftop gala for Medical Missions For Children tonight!  The Rosie Radio ensemble staff will all be attending tonight's gala with Janette!  Janette said she will have to avoid Lou the entire evening because she can't pronounce his girlfriend's name correctly!  Her name is Maral (with a rolled "r") and she takes great offense if you do not pronounce it correctly.  Janette said they will be announcing their new scholarship program tonight where you can buy a smile for a child.  For only $25 a month for one year you can buy a child a new smile and a new lease on life.  You also get the before an after photos of the child you've sponsored too.  Janette posted it on her Facebook last night and she's already had many people sign up to sponsor!  If you live in the New York area there's still time to buy tickets!  Go to http://www.mmfc.org/ for more information. 

Rosie was looking at Facebook last night and she said she finds it very disconcerting that she can find out so much information about friends of Parker's.  She said she found out way more information than she wants to know.  Deirdre is annoyed with Facebook because she said many of her contacts are using it like Twitter and posting every little thing they do.  Bobby hides people who he doesn't want to read updates from.   Janette still hasn't mastered Facebook and the status update.  She can't figure out the difference between when she posts something on her wall and when she changes her status.  Rosie said in general she's "over" the Internet. 

Brendan discussed an article he read about a woman who was receiving a constant stream of anonymous attacks so she took Google to court and ordered them to reveal who the person was.  She won the lawsuit and Google had to identify the IP address and the person that was attacking her. Brendan said it's the first time he has ever seen this happen.  Bobby shared a story about a Broadway star Marty Thomas who sued Twitter for the identity of a person who was posting lies about him on Twitter.  Janette asked Rosie if she can block people on AskRo as Janette did after someone said offensive things to her on her Facebook.  Rosie said she hasn't ever done that but she's sure she could ask "them" to if she ever wanted it done.  She said there's one person named Katie who writes offensive things to her daily on AskRo.  Bloggers have asked her why she posts the negative comments and Rosie said it's because she wants to show readers of the blog the types of comments she receives.  She said there are thousands and thousands of questions on her AskRo and a lot of them are redundant.  Janette suggested that Rosie reinvent Rosie.com and said she sees nothing wrong with  Rosie stopping her blog for a while.  Rosie said when she goes on OWN she will have a whole different website that will be interactive with the show topics.  She also feels that sometimes the Internet takes us away from the real world and the reality of what's happening in our daily lives.  Deirdre, Janette and Bobby said that was the plotline of Modern Family last night and they described last night's episode to Rosie.  Here's a link to watch last night's full episode of Modern Family if you missed it!  Rosie was sad that she missed last night's 'Modern Family' but said she couldn't remember what she watched last night instead. 

Rosie recently saw the new Willow Smith video and asked the studio members what they thought of it. 

Rosie and Bobby really liked it.  Rosie thinks the Smith's must be from another planet because they're all so beautiful and so talented.  She said  there were a lot of negative things written about the video and she doesn't understand why.  Janette said people respond negatively to child stars because the history of the lives of child stars isn't great.  Rosie said she didn't think she would let her kids be in showbiz if they were interested but she thought that the Smiths seem to have it all worked out and have a pretty grounded family.  Janette's boyfriend, Barry, said that some kids want to be an astronaut but we don't allow them to go fly the space shuttle.  He feels the same way with children in Hollywood - you wait until you're ready.  Deirdre told Rosie that Jada Pinkett Smith has a band and a video too.  They played her song for Rosie and the listening audience.  Regarding Willow's song, Deirdre has years  of experience in the music business and although she thinks the song is very overproduced she said you can tell that Willow has a good voice. 

Rosie took a call from a listener who thought that Will Smith's family is amazing. She wished her parents would have pushed her to succeed when she was younger.  She said she might have been on Broadway right now if they had!  Rosie told the caller,  this was her big moment and had her "audition" on the air and sing a song!  The caller sang "The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow" live for Rosie and her listeners!  One caller compared the Smith kids (who seem to be doing well) to the Osbourne kids (who the caller didn't think had direction as children).  Rosie did not agree and stuck up for the Osbournes whom she loves.  She thinks they did a great job with their kids and she listed off their many accomplishments.

Rosie told a story about the little boy who played Stillwell in A League of Their Own.  She said one day after several takes and a lot of working on the set he was having a tough time of it and came up to her and said, "Rosie, going to the movies is much better than being in the movies."   Rosie commented on what a lot of work doing a movie is for a child.   

Remember?  :)

Rosie took a call from another listener whose 16 year old son is great at music and playing the guitar.  Rosie shared with the caller that she started doing stand-up when she was only 16.  She told the caller that "you have to get in the water if you're going to learn how to surf." 

Rosie suddenly remembered what she watched last night on television!  She watched the show Sister Wives.  Rosie said she likes all the wives but the first wife is her favorite.  She likes her reactions best and called her the sane one.  Rosie described last night's episode as the wives went to pick out a wedding dress for the newest wife.  She wondered if they fought about who gets to sit next to the man at dinner and if they see the new wife as a threat because of how she looks.  She said as a gay woman she understands the womanly bond that the women have with each other even though they are sure to make a point that they aren't gay and they "don't go weird." 

Rosie took a call from a listener in Utah who thinks the family from the show is so interesting because they don't look like the traditional polygamist family in the way that they dress and do their hair.  Rosie said a person would have to really believe that God wanted you to live that lifestyle in order to make it work.  Rosie took another call from a listener who said that the sisterly bond the women share looks like it could be kind of fun.  Rosie said she sees similarities in the way that they act toward one another and lesbians.  And they only have to have sex with the guy every four days!  (that was a joke people, don't freak out) Janette wondered how the husband is able to support that very large family.

Deirdre finds the show creepy but googled the ratings and announced that 2.7 million people watched last night's episode on TLC which is HUGE.  They all felt the new wife might make the relationship between the husband and the wives take a turn for the worst.  When watching it last night Rosie asked Tracy if she thought that the heavier wife feels less loved now that he's chosen a skinnier wife.  Rosie likes the heavier wife and thinks she seems really kind.  Janette thought the same thing and said that we tend to project our own reality on others.  They discussed the legal ramifications of polygamy and one caller who lives in Utah said the law enforcement personnel don't arrest people for polygamy unless they're doing something really abhorrent like abusing kids or cheating the welfare system.  Rosie asked Deirdre if she would try and get Janelle and Mary booked on the show for next week. Rosie said those were the two wives she would most like to talk to. 

Then it was time for a Pumpkin Decorating Contest update!  Janette is very upset that she's now tied for third place.  Bobby is still in first place, however, and Janette thinks that's fantastic.  They discussed (with humor) some of the vicious comments about Janette's pumpkin.  Janette defended her pumpkin and said she had a disclaimer that anything that appeared to be a flaw on her pumpkin was intentional!  Rosie agreed with the commenter and said that the "flaws" were Rosie's first critique too.  She said if you're going to enter something into a Martha Stewart contest you have to be prepared that people will expect perfection!  One comment said, "That grandma looking pumpkin is downright creepy" to which Janette shouted "That's AGEISM!" And "that bitch probably trips old ladies."  Janette went to read some of the comments herself and Rosie told her not to read them because what you take in effects what you're able to put out.  Janette didn't understand why people cannot simply just vote for the one they like instead of disparaging the others.

Rosie said  people on the Internet tend to say mean things because of the anonymity.  During The Rosie O'Donnell show, someone kept posting mean comments and Bobby and Rosie went to AOL and had this person identified.  It turned out to be who she thought it was!

Bobby read from an article that gave hints on how to save $500 by Christmas.  Janette said she excels at savings. Rosie quoted her friend Suze Orman who says, "You'll nickle and dime yourself to financial suicide." 
The five things were:
1. stop paying for things you don't use.  (cancel gym memberships if you can, cancel magazines)
2. check your cellular plan and see if you don't need the expensive plan.   
3. eat in more
4. make a list of the 10 things you routinely spend money on and cut $10 from each one. 
5. Check and cut down on bank fees.

Rosie said  her thrifty girlfriend Tracy bought a $2 umbrella that didn't work so she returned it to the store.  Rosie told her that it only cost $2 and she didn't understand why she was going through all the trouble to take it back.  Bobby said he believes that sometimes it costs more in time and money to return something than to just throw it away.  

Rosie said  her friend Natasha Lyonne is in a new play entitled Tigers Be Still.  She said it's getting great reviews and Natasha is fantastic in it.  In the play there's a scene when the father struggles as he tries to cancel his wife's yoga magazine subscription and he cannot bring himself to tell the operator that the reason he has to cancel it is because she has died.  Rosie highly recommended it and said it's beautifully done and touching.  You can read about Tigers Be Still and of Natasha's performance HERE.

Rosie announced that Pete and his wife settled on their new baby's name - Elenore Jean. 

And just as they were waiting for her to call in Janette and Rosie chatted about Wynonna.  They both went on about how gorgeous Wynonna is.  Janette said she was always a guest that she looked forward to having on The Rosie O'Donnell Show.  Rosie's seen her in concert many times and even opened for her.  When Rosie was a VJ in 1988, Wynonna won her first award and they met soon after.  Rosie discussed how old she feels, not in a negative way, just in a realistic way.  She said the lyrics from the Stevie Nicks song Landslide have been going through her mind a lot lately.  She said the changes in her life seem huge and it's wild to her.  She listed her grey hair as an example.  Rosie used to pay hundreds of dollars to have someone dye her hair and now she does it herself.  It really made her hair look pretty dark this last time but Rosie said she doesn't care.  Janette agreed.  She dyes her hair herself too and would rather do it that way even if it's not perfect then sit for hours in a salon.

Rosie then introduced Wynonna Judd who was on the telephone to be interviewed.  Rosie told Wynonna  she was fantastic on Oprah.  She complimented her on being so honest and so truthful on the show.  Wynonna and Rosie haven't seen each other in a while so they did some catching up on the kids and  what they were up to.  Wynonna said her family has been doing a lot of healing recovering work as a family and she said they're a work in progress.  Wynonna said she has a good relationship with her son who will be 16 soon and her daughter who is 14.  She said if you know 10% of what your  kids are up to you're ahead of the curve.  Wynonna's daughter is attending an empowerment program at a boarding school to help teach her she doesn't have to be the 4th Judd in order to be somebody.  Her daughter is doing really well and they have great communication between the two of them.  Deciding to send her daughter to boarding school was a difficult decision for Wynonna but she said it was something she needed.  She said her daughter was going through a lot of issues with entitlement being raised with privilege.  Wynonna talked about the difficulties of raising her children while she was out on the road and how what her daughter really needed was structure and for her to be home with her.  But today she's with a fabulous group of girls at a really great place.  Rosie asked Wynonna how she found the school and she told her she found it through a child advocacy program that matches the right school with the parents and the kids.  Rosie hoped that she and Wynonna could catch up again soon because she said they have a lot of the same issues going on in their lives.

Rosie asked Wynonna how things are going with her mom.  Wynonna said they're in a great place.  She said they just finished two serious months of press together and they've set up great boundaries with each other.  She can now listen to her and disagree with her without it turning into a fight.  She said it's interesting to step back into the limelight with her mom again.

Wynonna shared with Rosie her near-death experiences.  Firstly, she almost died giving birth to her daughter Grace.  Then she had to have a  muscle wall repair surgery and she developed a blood clot in her lung.   The blood clot had gone through her heart into her lungs but her lungs held on to it and didn't shoot it back through her heart or she would have died.  Then she was in a head-on collision.  A man fell asleep at the wheel and hit her head-on going 100 miles an hour.  Because the car rental place had upgraded her to an SUV that is the reason she is still here.

Wynonna and Rosie chatted about having teenagers when you have money.  Wynonna likes to tell her kids that she's rich and they're poor and they work for her.  Rosie tells her children the same thing.  Rosie and Wynonna made plans to chat off the air as Rosie thanked her for the interview.  You can find out more information on Wynonna's tour at http://www.thejuddstour2010.com/

The Judds sing Love Can Build a Bridge at the 2009 CMAs
Be sure and watch all the way to the end...

After the interview Rosie talked about how it is  sometimes hard for celebrities to make friends when they're on the road so much.  She said Wynonna is the real deal and she appreciates her so much for always being real and telling the truth.  Janette isn't surprised at all that they're friends because they both share that quality.

Janette and Rosie closed the show reminding people that Janette's gala for MMFC is tonight in NYC! 

and that's what you missed -lw

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  1. I'm a tech geek and a big fan of the Internet. I've always got a question in my head and it's great to be able to get answers right away. But I'm starting to agree with Rosie - I'm sorta getting over it. I spend way too much time online every day when I know I'd rather be outside. Plus all the ads and money involved today make it less attractive and more annoying.

    On the other hand, I save so much more time by conducting business and paying bills online so I guess it might be a wash. And if it were not for the Internet I wouldn't have found Rosie's blog all those years ago and realize what a wonderful person she is. Further - without Kelly's blog I would be totally missing Rosie's show! So it's all good. :)