10-22-10 - It Gets Better and an interview with Cheryl Hines and Linda Dano!

In case you missed it...

Rosie started the show chatting with the staff.  Bobby said he is making a mosaic table in his apartment and he was working on it last night.  Janette and the Rosie Radio ensemble had a fabulous time at the MMFC gala last night (they pretended as this was taped earlier this week).  Look for more details on Janette's Medical Missions for Children Gala on Monday (10/25).  Janette shared with the group that she went to an acupuncturist to help her lose weight.  She decided to try acupuncture as a weight loss treatment after her boyfriend Barry was cured of repeated dizzy spells from the technique.  Deirdre said she gets acupuncture on a regular basis and has tried it to help her stop smoking but it didn't work.  But she enjoys acupuncture to help her with other ailments.

Janette recently had a feeling of being an outsider that she shared with the group.  She went to a new doctor's office and while she was waiting in the waiting room she felt very uncomfortable because she was the only person who wasn't speaking Spanish.  She isn't proud of it but for a while she had a strong feeling that she didn't belong and she considered leaving.  But then she realized that feeling was how minorities feel everyday and she ended up staying.  Bobby told a story about a friend of his who is black who hurt herself.  When he went to put a band-aid on her hand for her she pointed out that band-aids are not the color of her skin and how that feels.  The feeling she described reminded him of growing up as a young gay kid and how he didn't fit into his heterosexual family.  Deirdre went to a United Nations school filled with children of every race and she thinks because of that she now doesn't see race or color when she sees other people.  She also grew up in New York which is very culturally diverse compared to Bobby and Janette who grew up in prominently white areas.  Janette travels to foreign countries all the time and doesn't feel that same outsider feeling so she didn't really understand why she felt that way in the doctor's office.  But she did say it gave her flashbacks to her childhood when she grew up feeling different than everyone because she was heavy.

Deirdre remembered a time recently when she felt like an outsider.  She said every Sunday when she gets a manicure and a pedicure she feels like an outsider because all of the technicians are speaking Korean.  She said she constantly feels like they're laughing and talking about her.  Bobby reassured her that they ARE talking about her.  Bobby said when you're born gay you're born into a different camp automatically because both your parents are heterosexual.  They started talking about how those feelings of being an outsider have changed and shaped the people they've become as adults.  Janette felt loathed and tormented as a child and she said that really shaped  her into who she is today.  James wasn't really bullied as a child but was picked on a few times and those instances had such an impact on him he remembers them exactly, even though it was only a few times.  Deirdre remembered getting teased for having breasts at an early age.  Rosie and her siblings got teased after her mother died.  They used to say "Casper the friendly ghost" to her in reference to her dead mother.  And she and her siblings were called "the greasers" because they didn't always have clean hair.  Rosie said she got teased until high school where she then made an active decision to become a different person.  Bobby said  he realized he could choose to be picked on or choose to be popular.  He chose being funny and sharing his talents.  He went to an all boys Catholic high school where he felt very much like an outsider so he made the choice that he would be entertaining. 
Janette wondered if there is a hidden gift from the torment we suffer as children.  She feels the bullying has made her who she is today and is the reason she's funny and more sensitive to other people.  She said there's a gift in the torment.  James agreed and said, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger."  

Bobby shared with the staff an article he read about creating a "safe place" for students in schools.  He said that if you go to http://safespace.glsen.org/ (link not working for some reason!) you can donate $20 and the organization will send a kit to the school of your choice with education for the teachers on creating a safe place for students at school.  They also send strategies of support and how to teach students to respect all people.  Janette said if she had any advice for children who are being bullied it would be to wait it out.  She said someday you won't even care about the people you knew in high school even though at the time it felt like your whole world.  Janette said it felt for her like life was never going to get better and she was miserable when she was young.  Janette has a three month rule that has gotten her through some pretty rough times in her life that she shares with anyone who is contemplating suicide.  She said whenever you want to kill yourself you have to have a rule to wait three months.  She said you must feel that miserable for three solid months before you're allowed to kill yourself.  And if at any point during those three months you have a day where you're happy and smiling and life seems good you have to start the three month countdown over.  Rosie agreed and said she  has been very sad in her life at times but what you realize when you get older is that those feelings of despair don't last and life gets better.  Bobby said no matter what cross you're carrying you have to know you're not alone.

Rosie Radio then re-aired the broadcast from the day that they revealed the pumpkins for the Martha Stewart Living Pumpkin Decorating contest!  Don't forget to vote!!!!!

Rosie then interviewed Cheryl Hines who is currently starring in HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm and a reality series called School Pride on NBC.  In 'School Pride' they come together to renovate broken public schools which ends up impacting the entire surrounding community.

Rosie chatted with Cheryl about the improvisational comedy group called The Groundlings which Cheryl was once a part of.  Cheryl and Rosie agreed that improv is one of the greatest training an actor can have, especially when you do 'Curb Your Enthusiasm!'  Rosie loves when she gets the opportunity to guest star on Curb.  And Cheryl loved the episode when Rosie came on and beat up Larry David!
Cheryl said the new show School Pride helps the school but it also serves the whole community.  She said it sends a message to the kids that someone cares and it's also teaching about investing in one's own community.  Cheryl got the idea for 'School Pride' after she called a principal asking if there was anything she could donate to help out the school.  The principal invited her down to the school and it hadn't been painted in 28 years and the playground equipment was unusable.  She then helped out another school and it was such a success that her husband suggested they make it into a television show!  They've improved 9 schools total and the benefits are seen beyond the school itself.  She said they've seen property values increase and the entire community benefits when the schools are updated.

Cheryl said that Lysol is sponsoring a community contest at lysol.com/communitycontest.  You can go to the website and tell Lysol what you have done to keep your community a healthy, thriving place and you could win up to $5,000 for your community's improvement!  

Cheryl, like Rosie, is recently divorced and they discussed the struggles of divorce and the challenges of having children when you get divorced.  Rosie said that her youngest daughter is obsessed that she and her ex-wife Kelli are best friends.  Vivi saw Pink's video that she filmed with her ex-husband.  Rosie told Vivi that even though Pink and her ex were divorced they were still best friends (at the time).  Now Vivi is determined that Rosie and Kelli must remain best friends and asks for constant reassurance of that.

Cheryl just finished directing her first film Serious Moonlight.  She said it was very stressful to direct but very rewarding and she loved the people she worked with including Meg Ryan, Justin Long, Timothy Hutton and Kristen Bell.

You can catch Cheryl in School Pride on Friday's on NBC 8pm EST and on HBO on Curb Your Enthusiasm!

During this game, each of the player had to write down anonymously what was their favorite T.V. show of all time.    Then the other players had to match the staff member with the television show. 

The first show was "The Man From Uncle." Rosie guessed this was James's favorite but it was not.  Deirdre guessed it was Janette's and she was correct!  Janette had wanted to write down Star Trek but she thought that would be too obvious.   
The second show was "Scrubs."  Brendan guessed this show was Shoshana's favorite and he was correct!  She said she really only likes the early episodes and couldn't use her real favorite show "Saved By the Bell" because that would have been too obvious. 
The Simpsons.  This was Brendan's favorite but no one guessed it!   He said he only considers the early episodes of The Simpsons his favorite.  
The Bionic Woman.  This was Deirdre's favorite show!  She said it shaped her life and made her realize that women can do anything.
Mary Tyler Moore.  Shoshana guessed this is Rosie's and she was correct!  Rosie said it's her favorite show of all time.  She said it's the best ensemble cast ever on TV and it had epic genius writing.  She said it was defining for her and her generation.  The "Chuckles the Clown" episode was her favorite.  Rosie said she wanted to be Rhoda (played by Valerie Harper) and it's surreal to her that she's now friends with her. 
'I Love Lucy' was Jeannie's favorite. 
'All In The Family' was James's favorite.  He said it reminds him of his own family. 
And 'Six Feet Under'  was Lou's favorite.  He said it had the greatest finale ever and it was both funny and tearjerking. 
Then the entire staff quickly started listing off their favorite TV shows on today which included: Glee, World of Jenks, How I Met Your Mother, Dexter, Treme, Burn Notice, etc.  Janette said she enjoys TV so much more because of Rosie Radio.  Although doing the radio show hasn't changed her love of children but it has made her more social. 

Rosie then introduced her good friend Linda Dano who is gearing up for her big Christmas bonanza on QVC!  She explained that she took what she loved and remembered most about Christmas and made it into a collection.  She chatted with Rosie about a few of her favorite items including a snowglobe, a creche and a nativity scene.  She's also excited to be able to offer live greens and wreaths!

Linda and Rosie chatted about decorating and Linda expressed how she likes designing based off a person's personality.  She likes to make her designs really reflect the person she is designing for.

She's excited for her Christmas collection and said that Christmas should be the day that your whole house comes alive. 

Linda said she would love to come into peoples' houses and show them how they can really change their homes for practically no money.  Rosie told Linda  she is going to be her "Go-To" person for design and decorating when Rosie goes to OWN!  OWN asked Rosie who she would like to bring along to the show and Rosie told them she has to have Linda on as the decorating expert! 

Linda's Dano's Christmas Collection will air on QVC on Monday October 25th at 3pm!  Rosie said she's going to watch! 

Rosie asked what everyone's Halloween plans are.  Bobby said he's not dressing up this year but he is going to decorate his house and invite people to come over and celebrate.  Deirdre likes to dress up for the kids who come to the door but still hasn't decided what to be.  Rosie's dressing up as an evil jester and judging the costume contest in her hometown.  She is quite pleased with the extreme Halloween decorations outside her home and told the staff members to stop by and take a look at them.  Rosie discussed how having Halloween candy in the house is probably like how a drug addict feels in a crack den.  She hopes her kids take their candy to Kelli's house.  Janette said she is going to dress up as a curmudgeonly radio producer.  Rosie bought Tracy a chicken costume.

James is going to  the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia this weekend for "Terror Behind the Walls." It's a Haunted Prison and Rosie said she has no desire to go to a Haunted House.  She said she would either have a heart attack, poop her pants or hurt someone by accident.  She then mentioned a video that Parker's been watching obsessively on YouTube.  Watch below...

Bobby was watching Dr. Oz where he learned about a new type of non-evasive liposuction where the doctor freezes the fat away.   He said Dr. Oz showed incredible before and after photos.  Deirdre was ready to call her doctor!

During this game, Brendan read a clue about a secret regarding Lou.  Each player took turns asking a yes or no question in order to gain more information about the secret.  At any point the player could guess what the secret was but if they were wrong they were out.  

The statement was:  In 1996, Lou did THIS for three days.

After many many questions it was revealed that THIS
hurt him emotionally
changed him forever
involved alcohol
did not involve a doctor
wasn't a bender/blackout
not about his health
wasn't romantic
he traveled a short distance for it
it had nothing to do with a tattoo
no family was involved
and he didn't have to pay money to get in. 

FINALLY James asked if there were police involved with his secret and he said YES.  James then guessed that Lou's secret was that he got arrested.  That was correct!  Lou spent three days and three horrible nights in jail.  He was driving under the influence and was pulled over and blew a .07 and was hauled off to jail.  He said he spent three days with 'three huge black guys' and an 'English guy', one of whom was in jail for rape.  They tried to get him to smoke crack with them and he told them he wasn't in the mood to party to get out of it.  He eventually saw a judge, got out and vowed to never return and he never has.  The charges eventually got thrown out.  Lou said the story is embarrassing and scary but the moral is DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE.

Rosie closed the show.

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  1. The Secret Life of Lou was fun! It's just great the way Rosie has come around to love him, and the way she says "Ohhh LOU!"
    Ready for my snack!

  2. "The charge got thrown out because it was not legal for the the police to pull him over as close to the bar that they did and because he only blew a .07...." - really, not legal to pull you over because you're too close to a bar???
    something missing from that story!