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Jeannie was in the studio today and shared that her mother is celebrating her 79th birthday.  Bobby will be turning 50 in February and Rosie asked him what he was going to do to celebrate it.  He wasn't sure but remarked on what a big milestone it is.  Rosie said when her brother Eddie turned 50, he refused to let anyone do anything for him in celebration. Jeannie and Rosie both commented that they cannot believe that they are "pushing 50."  Rosie asked Janette if she feels her age and she said "yes and no."  She said she's hyper aware of the passage of time.  Then Rosie started to sing "The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time" by James Taylor.  Janette said the secret of life is enjoying every minute because you don't know when it will be your last!

Rosie then mentioned that there was a rock/rap song that she heard recently on the radio that she loved.  All she said was that it was most likely in the top 20 hits out right now and she kind of hummed the beat.  She asked Lou if he could find it based off of that incredibly vague description and told him she would give him a raise and a stripper if he could locate it.

Jeannie declared that she and Lou are now BFFs!  Jeannie found out that Lou's girlfriend Maral lives just 10 minutes from her brother and so they arranged to go to dinner, Lou and his girlfriend and Jeannie and her husband.  They went to a local restaurant and had such a great time they stayed until the restaurant closed.  They decided to do it again while the staff was on break with Jeannie's brother and her sister in law.  They met at a local restaurant and then all went back to Jeannie's brother's house where the party continued  until 4am!  By midnight Lou and her brother were jamming to Pearl Jam on guitars in the basement and the girls were singing karaoke to Gavin DeGraw tunes.  And by 2am they were all in the hot tub where Jeannie sported her "Jane-Russell-special-torpedo-tits-bathing-suit."  Jeannie sometimes will smoke when she drinks and had smoked with Lou and Maral on their first night out together.  But she is afraid to smoke in front of her brother because he's a doctor (and she's afraid to smoke in front of Rosie too).  So, before they went out to dinner the second time she texted Lou and Maral and told them that her brother doesn't know she smokes sometimes.  During the dinner Lou was elbowing Jeannie under the table to get her to come out and smoke with them.  Jeannie felt so guilty she finally confessed to her brother at dinner who didn't really even seem to care because they were all smoking by the end of the night! 

Rosie asked Lou if he had a good time and he said he had a GREAT time!  He said he was intimidated when he found out that Jeannie's brother was a doctor, he thought he might be stuffy, but he wasn't stuffy at all and he said her brother was very cool and so was his wife.   They're planning on doing it again at Jeannie's house next time.  And Jeannie adores Lou's girlfriend, Maral, too.  Jeannie said she's spunky and spontaneous and she likes to have fun.  Jeannie said she hasn't had fun like that in a long time. 

Everyone in the the studio watched Dancing With the Stars last night.  The general consensus was that Bristol Palin was  boring.  Pete said he lost it when they had Bristol give a speech about abstinence.  Jeannie talked about the shows she loves like Say Yes to the Dress: Big Bliss, Teen Mom and Jersey Shore.  Jeannie said she loves those types of shows because they allow her to zone out of her normal everyday life.  She asked for everyone not to judge her because she doesn't want to watch anything heavy.  Rosie also watches 'Teen Mom' and commented on the episode when the mother of the teens who gave their baby up for adoption yells at her daughter for doing it.  Rosie couldn't believe it.

Going back to 'Dancing With the Stars' Pete said he thought that Florence Henderson will go home next because she didn't have the movement or fluidity of a dancer.  They discussed Jennifer Gray and her neck surgery too.

Jeannie said she wanted to go on The Biggest Loser with Rosie!  She said they would wear the spandex, be roommates and that Jillian would make them cry but that she totally wanted to do it!  She told Rosie that they would lose tons of weight and at the end they'd be so hot!  Rosie said she didn't know if she actually wants to be "hot." She said she just wishes she didn't have her "slab of awesome" (also known as her belly).  Rosie doesn't want to be hot and sexy but Jeannie totally does.  She said she would  flaunt her new hot and sexy bod anyway she could if she could only get there.  Rosie said she wants to "not be fat" but she doesn't want to be hot.

Jeannie said that she loves her in-laws and was having them over for dinner.  As a joke, she purchased the chicken feet they were selling at her local grocery store and cooked them and then put them out pretending they were the meal.  She even went so far as to make it look like she painted the chicken toes.  They then discussed the fact that some people actually eat chicken feet which seemed to disgust everyone but Janette said "waste not want not a maxim I will teach put it in the pot and practice what you preach." It was a quote that she learned growing up about not wasting anything.  Everyone laughed. 

Rosie said that Brendan and James showed her an article about chicken nuggets that totally grossed her out.   Click here to read the article.   

Then Brendan interrupted and was pretty sure that Lou had located the song that Rosie so vaguely described and requested him to find.  And he had found it!  Rosie was delighted.

Ride to California by Paper Tongues
(thanks to all my readers who emailed me the song!)

During the commercial break Rosie got a phone call that someone at her house had finally located her passport which everyone in her life was looking for.  It was in the passport case in her office which Rosie had not opened because she thought she would never had actually put it in the passport case!  She and Tracy went to the post office yesterday to get Tracy's passport photo taken where she saw a man who she sees almost every time she goes to the mall.  Rosie said he tells her the same thing every time she sees him and she sees him about 4 or 5 times a month.  She said he was so happy to see her and also so talkative. 

Rosie asked what everyone thought of last night's episode of World of Jenks.  Rosie said that last night was her least favorite episode about a young animal rights activist but she still loves the show.  Everyone in the studio liked it though.  It wasn't Rosie's favorite because she said it was as if the woman was more on a mission rather than like the other ones where he goes to experience their everyday life.  Bobby had never seen the show before and really liked how Andrew really lived the life of the subjects he's covering for the show.  Jeannie and Janette were very compelled by last night's story.  Janette thought the girl in the piece was amazing and it made Janette think she should do more for animal rights.  You can watch 'World of Jenks' episodes in their entirety here.  Andrew Jenks, the show's creator, will be coming to Rosie Radio next week. 

Bobby described to everyone how he went to St. John the Divine and had his dog blessed for the Feast of the Assisi.  He said that it was done in a HUGE cathedral in upper Manhattan and it was amazing.  Bobby said that you take your animal and sit in the pew and then they have a procession of the animals that go up to the altar to  be blessed.  He said there were dogs and cats but there were also elephants, snakes, rats, birds, eagles, etc!  Bobby was touched by the blessing because his little Chihuahua Abby is really like his child.  

Rosie said that her youngest daughter is about to turn 8 in November and the deal in her house is that once you turn 8 you are allowed to get your own animal.  Vivi really, really, really wants a Chihuahua and Rosie is trying to think of a way to bribe her to talk her out of it.  Rosie already has two dogs in the house and wondered why she makes up these rules. Janette told a story of getting up in the middle of the night last night to clean up cat pee in her bedroom but said she would never get rid of her cats.   

They discussed a recent article about wildlife documentaries being faked.  The man in the article said he was paid to manipulate nature in documentaries.  Rosie briefly mentioned a documentary that totally scared her entitled Grizzly Man.  She said the man in the documentary was on The Rosie O'Donnell Show once and then  eaten by bears!  They discussed yesterday's episode of Oprah about the talking Ape.  And Rosie said she was invited by friends to go see the mountain gorillas but does NOT want to go.  She said her trip to Europe for the television show 'Who Do You Think You Are?' is already giving her anxiety.  She's going to Europe sometime in October or November and the show's producers have been very cryptic about where exactly she is going.  She's guessing Ireland because that's where her mother's family was from.  She said they told her assistant Shoshana but they swore her to secrecy and it's making Rosie crazy. 

The staff then discussed Anderson Cooper's interview with Michigan's Assistant Attorney General Andrew Shirvell over his cyber bullying of an openly gay student (and President of the Student Body) of the University of Michigan.   In the Chris Armstrong Watch Shirvell maintains that he wants to expose Chris's radical homosexual behavior.  Everyone agreed that  Shirvell is cyber bullying the student.  They played the audio of Anderson's interview.  Both Rosie and Bobby think that Shirvell both sounds and looks gay himself.  Rosie said she typically has found that those who are most against homosexuality are secretly closeted queers.  Brendan said that Shirvell once boycotted a local pizzeria because they had a rainbow flag in the window.  He said it was okay to tolerate gays but not okay to encourage or promote "them."  Rosie related this idiot in office to the recent suicides of gay students and said that if our society continues to sanction the bigotry of gay people how do we expect the children of this country to not learn that behavior?  Shirvell has not been fired or reprimanded  but he did put himself on paid leave.  Janette thinks what he is doing should be considered "hate speech" and should be treated accordingly.   

Anderson Cooper interviews Andrew Shirvell

Rosie took a call from a listener who was outed in the Marines and then discharged under Don't Ask Don't Tell.  Rosie heard her story and thanked her for her service to our country and expressed her disgust that this is still happening in 2010.  Rosie then played Kathy Griffin on last night's Larry King Live.  Rosie likes the approach that the organization Fight Back NY PAC is taking where they specifically target politicians who vote against the rights of gay citizens.  She implied briefly that she was working on a video for them.  Pete said that the organization is currently two for two (meaning that the first two politicians they've targeted have not won re-election).

Lastly, the staff discussed that the United Nations has appointed the Earth's Ambassador should aliens touch down in the near future.  Yes.  You read that right.   Rosie said with all the problems on the planet she found it interesting that the U.N. would take time to create such a position.  Pete said all the problems of the world could be solved with extraterrestrial help!  Janette said the appointment is proof that the government has evidence that either aliens are coming or have visited Earth already.  Pete and his wife often play the game 'Human or Alien' with their fellow subway passengers.

Brendan and the crew took this game from TV Land.  He said they listed the top 50 quotes and catch phrases from television history from commercials, TV shows, statements, politicians and news anchors, etc.  He had the list and each player had to guess a quote that might be on the list.  The player would get the points equivalent to where the quote fell on the list.  In other words, the more obscure and down on the list, the more points the player received. 

Rosie guessed the phrase "Dynomite"- It was on the list and worth 12 points. 
Pete guessed the phrase "Yabba Dabba Do"- It was number 9 on the list and worth 9 points. 
Janette guessed the phrase "Where's the beef?"- It was worth 7 points.
Jeannie guessed the phrase "The quicker picker upper"- It was not on the list and worth 0 points.
A caller guessed the phrase "I hate spunk" - She got 34 points!
Bobby guessed the phrase "Good night" (from a news anchor) but Brendan couldn't give it to him and he got 0. 

Rosie guessed the phrase "What you talkin about Willis?" and got 8 points.
Pete guessed the phrase "Car 54 where are you?" and got 0 points.
Janette guessed the phrase "To the moon Alice."  She got 4 points.
Jeannie guessed the phrase "Marsha, Marsha Marsha" and got 0 points.
A caller guessed the phrase "when pigs fly" and got 0 points.
Bobby guessed the phrase "I've fallen and I can't get up" and got 0 points.

Rosie guessed the phrase "Good night and good luck" and got 41 points!
Pete guessed the phrase "Beam me up, Scotty" and got 0 points.
Janette guessed the phrase "plop plop fizz fizz, oh what a relief it is" and got 0 points.
Jeannie guessed the phrase "Here's Johnny" and got 1 point. It was the number one answer!
A caller guessed the phrase "Give it to Mikey, he eats everything" and got 0 points.
Bobby guessed the phrase "I'm comin' Elizabeth" and got 0 points.

Rosie guessed the phrase "Lucy, I'm home" and got 0 points.
Pete guessed the phrase "Live long and prosper" and got 0 points.
Janette guessed the phrase "Tonight we've got a really big shoe" and got 0 points.
Jeannie passed and got a 0.
The caller guessed the phrase "and that's the way it is" and got 21 points!
Bobby guessed the phrase "you've got some sp'lainin to do" and got 0 points.

Rosie guessed the phrase "ding bat meat head" and got 0 points.
Pete guessed the phrase "spongeworthy" and got 0 points.
Janette guessed the phrase "please don't squeeze the Charmin" 0 points.
Jeannie guessed the phrase "Archie" and got 0 points.
The caller guessed the phrase "I can't believe I ate the whole thing" and got 0 points.
Bobby guessed the phrase "This is American Idol" and he got 0 points.

The final tally was:
Bobby 0
Jeannie 1
Pete 9
Janette 11
The caller Kathy 55
And Rosie won with 61 points!
Pete YELLED because he googled the list and discovered that "live long and prosper" was number 22 on the list!  He said that Brendan conveniently missed it and claimed it messed up his whole game. 

Rosie closed the show and eluded to the fact that there is a new Sirius contest they will be competing in.  Remember the cupcake contest?  This one is a pumpkin contest!  Listen tomorrow to find out more!

and that's what you missed -kw


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  2. James Taylor Video
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  4. Do you think the mention of Big Loser is a hint that Rosie is going on it? I think Rosie is going to be putting herself out there, in more celebrity situations, for publicity in the months before her show so she can build up momentum and name recognition with the younger generation.

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