10-6-10 "The show all about AskRo, Glee and an interview with Ruby Gettinger!"

In case you missed it...

Rosie began today's show talking about how her friend Ruby was in the studio today.  Ruby does a show on the Style Network that chronicles her weight loss and the discoveries she's found along her journey.  Rosie mentioned how she is not a fan of Ruby's former boyfriend Denny.  Deirdre said the conversation was starting to sound familiar because Rosie didn't like the man Deirdre married and had no qualms letting her know!  But Rosie was supportive of her anyway, despite the fact that she disliked her husband and was still there for her when the marriage ended one and a half years later. 

Rosie is in full hair and makeup today because she is doing an episode of Ruby's show immediately following today's broadcast.  The staff told Rosie she looked *hot* today which always makes her uncomfortable and she said she received a lot of comments on her blog about them talking about looking *hot* on yesterday's show.  Then Rosie started talking about how she turned off the AskRo portion of her blog.  Tracy, Rosie's girlfriend, told Rosie she should put up an explanation as to why she turned it off and thank everyone for participating over the years.  Bobby added that the AskRo turnoff might not be forever.  Rosie said the AskRo was too much noise and incoming for her right now and she lost interest because everyone has a blog now.  Rosie has been doing AskRo since 2005 or 2006, and she said it's getting a bit redundant.  She said that most people are really nice to her through AskRo but occasionally a snarky person will write something really hateful like "I hope you die" and she doesn't want to ingest that anymore.  She has also been really looking at  it with how much time she was spending online in a virtual world answering questions from people she didn't know while her life was going by.  She has really been thinking that the amount of time spent on the Internet could lead to the detriment of our society.  She's hoping to do more things in her real life with the extra time like seeing more Broadway shows, eating good food and seeing the dolphins in Miami (not the Miami Dolphins as in football- the real dolphins).

Rosie then told a funny story about when she first met Jimmy Johnson, the former Miami Dolphin football coach.  Rosie went to a Miami Heat game and Jimmy Johnson was sitting near her.  She recognized him but couldn't really remember where she knew him from.  They chatted for a bit and he asked Rosie if she would like to go see the dolphins?  She told him that they had just seen the dolphins today!  He continued and asked her where she had seen the dolphins and she told him down at the marina.  He asked her what guys were at the marina and she realized he was talking about the Miami Dolphins the FOOTBALL team not the dolphins in the ocean.  Rosie commented that she had been watching this season of Survivor and how Jimmy Johnson just got kicked off last week. 

Rosie continued to discuss the blog and the AskRo.  She said people would get really mad at her when she wasn't updating enough.  Janette told Rosie that when she feels into blogging again she will reinvent her site and go back to it maybe in a whole different way.  Rosie thanked everyone for their participation on her blog and for writing in over the years through AskRo.  Pete reminded Rosie that she's taken breaks before from her AskRo and there's no reason to say that she won't go back to it someday.  Rosie said that it's also hard because many of her bloggers who write in don't get the radio and have no way to keep up with her and what's going on in her life.  And then Rosie recommended that Pete put a permanent link to the Rosie Radio Recap blog on her site!  Then they joked how I literally write down everything that they say.  Yes I do.  I just did.  :)  

Rosie declared that last night's Glee was the best episode EVER!  Rosie commented on what an amazing talent Ryan Murphy is -the creator and writer of Glee.  Everyone in the studio loved last night's episode.  They commented on the whole storyline about Kurt's dad, Sue Sylvester's conflict with God over her sister with disabilities and how the episode made them both laugh and cry.  They thought the acting was fantastic and everyone loves the actor that plays Kurt.  They played the audio of Kurt singing "I Want To Hold Your Hand."  Listen...

Kurt sings 'I Want To Hold Your Hand'

Rosie said watching last night's episode of Kurt dealing with his mother's death gave her a flashback to a memory from her own childhood.  She remembered after her mother died a time when her father tried to make mashed potatoes and he mashed the potatoes still in the water because he didn't know how and he was desperately trying to maintain some kind of normalcy.  She said it was a very heavy episode but she loved it.  Janette said the whole hand reference in the episode reminded her of the time her own father was on his death bed and how she desperately wanted to always remember his hands so she took a picture of one.  Rosie said that after the scene at the end when the song was sung in the church her kids told her they wanted to go to church!

Rosie declared that she's a total Gleek!  Bobby said that he is too and said he even waits 15 minutes after the show starts to watch it so he can sit and fast-forward during the commercials because he has no patience to  wait for them once he starts watching.  Rosie said there's a new 7 disc set Glee: The Complete First Season that she ordered last night after she saw it advertised.  She's said she's totally addicted to Glee and compared it to when she was growing up and everyone was always buzzing about the television show Welcome Back Kotter the day after an episode aired.  She asked Pete to order several of the Complete First Season sets to give out as prizes to callers on Wednesdays.  Deirdre assured Rosie that they didn't have to buy them that she was going to make a call into Fox and have some given to their show.  Lastly, Rosie said that Glee "has the potential to be the defining show of this generation." 

Rosie met the actress who plays Britney on the show when she saw Glee in concert at Radio City.  They all agreed she's brilliant and love her comedic timing.  Rosie invited listeners to call in to talk about last night's episode.

Rosie took a call from a listener who watched last night's episode and they got into a discussion about Atheism and believing in God.  Rosie recommended the Pat Tillman documentary to the caller.  She said there is a scene in the documentary when Pat's brother gets up at the funeral and comments how everyone keeps saying that "Pat's in a better place."  In the film his brother said that Pat is dead and gone and that's what Pat believed and that's what he believed.  Rosie talked to the caller about belief in God and said that to her God is love, God is nature, God is all around us.  She quoted the scripture and said "the kingdom of God is within you" (Luke 17:20-21) and that's what she believes.  Rosie doesn't believe that God is the standard by which we should achieve as everyone is taught in Catholic school.  She doesn't believe he's a statue, she believes God is humanity and the human spirit. Rosie said that she finds that defining God as one specific religious belief can sometimes make people question  if they believe at all. 

Rosie took another call from a listener about Glee and began to chat with him about his profession as a personal trainer.  They then started to discuss the television show 'The Biggest Loser.'  The caller said for him being a trainer is 50% training and 50% counseling and he doesn't think there's enough counseling on 'The Biggest Loser.'  He said he's not sure yelling at the contestants while they're falling down and vomiting is encouraging.  Rosie said that if she were to get a trainer she feels like she would need someone to love her and not just yell at her. 

One caller compared the character of Sue Sylvester from Glee to Janette Barber!  Rosie saw the similarity and said that Janette is also snarky and hates children just as Sue does!   

Lastly, Rosie took a call from a listener who lost her husband to a heart attack who watched the show with her daughter last night.  Her daughter was just 10 when her father died and they really related to Kurt's storyline in the episode.  The caller also complimented Rosie on her blog and said that 4 years ago when her husband died she found a lot of support and solace through Rosie and her blog.  She thanked her for doing it.  Rosie said that her story made her want to continue it.  Rosie assured that she's not getting rid of it all together but that she's just getting rid of the Q&A portion for now.   

Rosie and the staff then discussed the new 100% compostable Sun Chip bag, how LOUD it is and how they've decided to stop making them.   Rosie said that she has the new bag at her house and that it is "absurdly loud" so much so that she cannot hear the TV over it when someone is eating from it in the same room. Pete read that the bag's loudness is 95 decibels - about the same sound level as a passing motorcycle and louder than a lawnmower or subway.  Janette was a bit upset because they've decided to go back to the normal bag.  She said Americans are unwilling to sacrifice a thing.  She said there's even an anti-wind movement because the turbines make too much noise.  So instead she said we can be reliant on fossil fuels and be at war for the rest of our lives!  Brendan, the conspiracy theorist, suggested it might be a publicity stunt.  He said that when Coca Cola's sales were slipping to Pepsi they came out with a new formula for Coke.  There was such an uproar that they eventually switched back to the "old" coke but not before reminding everyone how much they loved Coke and therefore saving their product.  He suggested that perhaps the makers of Sun Chips have done the same thing.  Now everyone remembers how much they love Sun Chips again.

Rosie and the staff then discussed last night's 'Dancing With The Stars' and how Margaret Cho was voted off.  Janette and Rosie love Margaret and were sad to see her go.  They were also sad that she cried when she found out.  Rosie had originally said that she thought Margaret wouldn't last long because of her tattoos.  They all commented on how they noticed that she was wearing a body suit to cover them but Rosie loves her tattoos.  Pete thought Margaret had the best work ethic of any of the other contestants on the show.  Bobby thought The Situation was a worse dancer and should have gone home last night.

At one point Janette said she "hated" someone on the show and Rosie stopped and asked her if she really hates anyone.  She asked her if she could really recall anyone she actually hated.  Janette couldn't think of anyone she could use the word "hate" in regards to but she could say "loathe."  Rosie agreed and said she didn't have anyone she personally hated even Donald Trump.  Janette said she has thought that she hated people in the past and used the word before but it isn't really ever real hatred.   

Rosie asked what was on TV tonight to watch and they listed Survivor (which no one really wanted to watch) and Modern Family (which everyone in the studio loves!).  Rosie hasn't seen Modern Family but said she wants to start getting into it.  Bobby mentioned his favorite scene from Modern Family which I posted below.  Enjoy! 

The Modern Family Lion King scene

Rosie and the staff played her new favorite song going out to the break - Paper Tongues "Ride To California"

Coming back from commercial Rosie sang along to Helen Reddy's Leave Me Alone (Ruby Red Dress) in honor of her guest and friend Ruby Gettinger from the reality series Ruby on the Style Network!  Ruby admitted that she was one of Rosie's biggest fans on her blog but joked that Rosie never wanted anything to do with her.  Rosie said she was intrigued when she saw the promos for Ruby's show and once she saw the show itself she knew they would be friends.

Rosie asked if Ruby has always lived in Savannah.  Ruby was born in Portugal but is just finding out that she lived in several other places before the age of 10 when she moved to Savannah.  Ruby doesn't remember at least 12 years from her childhood.  She only has two memories - the time her father woke her up at 1am after returning from a military trip and a dream that has haunted her her entire life.  In the dream someone is burning her house down and her mother has locked herself in the bathroom.  She and her brother are trying to get in but her mother won't let them in. 

Rosie said that she thinks that Ruby's reality show is the only reality show that's actually reality.  Ruby's lost over 400 pounds on her weight loss journey and is still losing.  And now she's trying to figure out the cause that made her get to the size she was while taping the show.  Ruby said she thought the journey would be all about losing weight and she's now realized they have to get to the reason behind why she gained as much weight as she did.  Ruby said she never wanted to go see a therapist but it's one of the best things she's ever done. 

Rosie asked Ruby how she got to 700 pounds.  Ruby said she learned how to survive at that size.  She said she would look in the mirror and still never saw herself as fat.  She didn't recognize herself the first time she saw herself on video.  And she didn't really let the weight get in the way of her life until a man once said to her he would date her if she lost weight.  

Rosie loves how Ruby doesn't allow herself to be a victim of her weight.  Ruby explained that she never defined herself by her weight as many heavy women allow themselves to do.  She never allowed herself to feel like an outcast.   

Rosie and Ruby talked about being a public figure and not being skinny and allowing themselves to be seen as they truly are and not photoshopped and airbrushed.  Rosie said that when she does her television show on OWN she wants to do it with as little hair and makeup as possible so she stays relatable.  Ruby suggested Rosie do her show in her living room so that people can feel the normalcy of her!  Ruby also commented how much she loved The Rosie O'Donnell Show and how fun it was.   

Rosie and Ruby talked about her therapist/life coach/addiction specialist Tinny and the episode when Tinny gets really mad at Ruby and her best friend for not doing the homework at Women's Fat Night.   Women's Fat Night was a group that Ruby created to get her plus-sized friends together to talk about everything from weight to sex, beauty, work, and even going to the Christmas doctor (the OBGYN).  Through Tinny and her therapist Ruby has learned that she is indeed addicted to food.  She never realized she was an addict before. 

Ruby said she was never prepared for the amount of personal stuff she shares on the show and what she is so publicly going through now.  She said the only reason she continues to do it is because of the people she has helped because of the show.   

Rosie and Ruby talked about surviving memories from childhood and Rosie told a story about the time she was lost in the city and she couldn't find her therapists office and she called Janette crying on the phone.  Janette told Rosie, "You're going to survive this and you can't quit."  Rosie reassured Ruby that she's helping make a path for others and she can't quit on her journey either. 

Ruby took several calls from listeners.  One caller and her fiance have both been inspired by Ruby to lose weight and invited Ruby and Rosie to their wedding in Savannah this May!  The caller loves Ruby and how she shares her feelings about losing the weight with her viewers. 

Rosie and Ruby talked about how addiction to food is like any other addiction.  Rosie pointed out how many people with food addictions have some sort of childhood issue that they are coping with. 

Rosie half-joked with Ruby about her ex-boyfriend Denny who Rosie doesn't like and she told Ruby she doesn't want her to see him anymore! Rosie said that Denny seems narcissistic and self-serving.  Ruby said he is not those things but she did learn that she put so much energy into him she lost herself.  Ruby hasn't had much luck finding love and Rosie told her that it's going to take a very evolved man to love her who doesn't have an issue with weight.  Ruby told Rosie that she needs to find her one!

Rosie closed the show saying she was going to do a piece for Ruby's show after today's broadcast.  She told Ruby how happy she was that they were friends and that she loves her texts - even at 3am.  You can catch Ruby on the Style Network Sundays at 8pm EST!

Rosie closed the show. 

and that's what you missed -kw


  1. Fabulous show today...I actually couldn't watch all of Glee last night..Too emotional,too many memories when I was at my father's bedside at the hospital and he passed on within 5 mins of me getting to his bedside. Rosie said something about not being afraid of our feelings..That stuck with me and makes me go hmmm..

    I wish we can get Ruby's show in Canada..Just listening to her is so comforting. People's weight issues come in all different sizes as I battle my own struggles with body image and dieting. It's all in my blog www.smallsteps4me.blogspot.com

    Thanx Kelly :)

  2. Kelly..I hope you don't mind but I like to add here A Letter to My Body..My friend wrote this to me last year and maybe it can help others as well.

    Dear Heidi,

    This is your body.
    I love you very much.
    Every day my heart beats strong for you, and my lungs take in the morning air to refresh you and the evening air to calm you. Night and day. Day and night. My lungs and heart never stop, never let you down. We are strong and healthy.
    My hair is long and luxurious. It isn't brittle or short or gray. It doesn't fall out in alopecia.
    My eyes are big and bright and beautiful and expressive. They see clearly and serve you well. You can read a newspaper, watch a sunset, work on the computer ... you don't need a white cane or seeing eye dog like so many bodies do.
    My ears hear things as soft as the purr of a kitten and enjoy things as loud as a favorite rock song blared on the radio. They do not need a hearing aid, and they do not ache. (They also look mighty pretty when studded out with a pair of your earrings.)
    My digestive system is an amazing work of art -- a miracle really. When you think about how it takes in both the nutrition and the junk and somehow makes the best of it all ... you could hardly ask for more. You don't have any awful problems with it like Chrohn's disease or another issue that won't let you take nourishment from what you eat.
    And, man, if you want to talk about a real miracle, look at my brain. Can you even conceive of how it works? I can't! It's awesome. It's like the best computer ever made ... and then some. And mine is healthy and very smart, not slow or ill.
    I know you have some painful problems with parts of me that you've been working on, and I'm sorry about that. I do the best I can. I promise to try to get better. That's another cool thing about me. I have the ability to heal myself. But sometimes it takes time and struggle.
    I also know that when you look at me in the mirror, you don't often like what you see. That makes me sad.
    I know I'm not perfect, but nobody's body is. What I am is perfectly good for you. I love you and I work hard for you every day of my life.
    Are we friends? I would say so. I hope so anyways. I am really the very best friend you have. I came into this world with you on our birthday, May 12, remember? It was a special day. And I will take you to the very end of your days. I will get older, yes. And I may have some problems here and there, but overall, I'm pretty freakin' wonderful if I do say so myself.
    We must make peace with one another. We will be together for a very long time. I wish you could see me for what I am -- an amazing, God given human machine. And, as they say in the street slang, God don't make no junk!
    Heidi, put your right arm around your left should and your left arm around your right shoulder, and give me a big ol' hug. I love you, Heidi.
    Let's work on our friendship this year.

    Your Body

  3. Congrats on the great feedback about your recap blog from Rosie and the crew today Kelly!
    It was so nice to hear them say that on the radio.
    Everyone appreciates how much you put into this blog and how great it is!
    WTG and ty!

  4. Thanks for the recap. I needed it today! Rosie's show was not broadcasting on my XM radio today. They were alternating excerpts from Broadminded and Dr. Laura (!) from the time I turned it on (7:55 am PST) until 8:39 am PST when they repeated the end of yesterday's TV quote quiz. Oddly, on my iPhone, the show was playing just fine and I did get to hear part of Ruby's interview. A very odd radio day.

  5. As I type this the Ask Ro is open and taking questions. Guess she's having a hard time cutting the cord. LOL.

  6. I don't have have the radio to hear Rosie on, and I have found comfort in her blog for years. I am glad I still have this. this for me will be her blog. I just wish there was some interaction, maybe she would do a live chat from time to time or something like that.

  7. My sister- in- law passed away yesterday of a brain aneurism-so needless to say i was in tears watching it. They are athesists and are not doing a service or visitation. When Kurt was holding his father's hand- and sang i just cracked up. I missed Rosie today so thanks for the update.

  8. I serioulsy love that you do this recap every day. I know it must take a lot of time and I really appreciate it. I don't have the money to get Sirius, so I always read what you write. You do a GREAT job! Thanks!!!!

  9. I don't have Sirius and haven't watched Glee (can you believe??)

    But I love me some Ro. Thanks so much for the re-cap.