12-07-10 Rosie's Birthday Party Attire Debated and The Other City

In case you missed it...

Rosie started today's broadcast talking about Blake's birthday party yesterday.  She prefaced it with how incredibly tired she was after just returning from overseas.  The party was planned for 5:30 so she took a bath and went into her closet and saw that some of the J.Jill clothes she had ordered before she had left were hanging in her closet.  She decided to put on a peach-colored sleepshirt from J.Jill that came down to her knees with a maroon thermal top over it and a black pair of socks pulled up to her knees.  She went downstairs to work on her computer and waited for the party to begin.  Rosie said the only people coming to the party were family, Tracy and her children, Jackie and her daughter and Blake's tutor (and their good friend), Lois.  Jackie walked into Rosie's house just before 5:30 and was horrified at the sight of Rosie's attire!  Jackie asked Rosie, "What the hell are you wearing?!" and she told her she looked "homeless, crazy and five seconds from being insane."  Rosie saw nothing wrong with what she was wearing since it was her home and only family was coming to the party. 

Deirdre defended Rosie and said since it was in her own home, and it was only family attending the party, it was totally appropriate.  Jeannie said sweats and no makeup would have been okay but a nightgown was not okay.  Rosie then got Jackie on the phone!  Jackie said there were at least 15 people at the party and she told Rosie when you're having people over to your house for only ONE HOUR she should've dressed better.  And Jackie was equally horrified that she was the only one in the room who pointed out to Rosie that her outfit was entirely inappropriate. She told Rosie she's allowed to wear whatever she wants but she doesn't want her to think her outfit was okay despite the fact that all the people around her were "yessing" her.  Jackie said if Jeannie was there last night she would have backed her up.  Jackie said, in her heart, Rosie knew she was dressed wrong because she wouldn't allow anyone to take any photographs of her!  She went on and on and eventually Rosie hung up on her and all you heard was dial-tone!

Tracy, Rosie's girlfriend, texted her during the conversation and called everyone in the studio "ass kissers."  No one was happy about that on the staff.  Janette said the reason they don't see anything wrong with Rosie's attire is because it's not a significant change.  She said if she had been a person who used to dress to perfection and suddenly she was dressing like a "hobo" they would be more concerned but Janette's known Rosie for over 20 years and dressing appropriately has always been an issue for her.  Rosie agreed and talked about the days of The Rosie O'Donnell Show when she used to go to work in a big t-shirt and bike shorts.  Rosie said when she was sued by the magazine they brought that up in the lawsuit!

Jeannie said, in Jackie's defense, that Jackie and her mother took on the responsibility of taking care of Rosie after her mother died.  And they promised her they would never allow her to go out in public dressed in her pajamas and embarrassing herself like Michael Jackson the day he showed up to his lawsuit in his pajama pants.

Rosie briefly mentioned that her eldest son Parker, who had been having trouble finding his place at his new school, made the fencing team!  She said she doesn't know anything about it but he's really happy to have made it (and his thighs are very sore from lunging). 

Rosie said they're all pathetic because they made a commitment to wear pedometers in an effort to be more active and half the people in the studio were no longer wearing theirs. They then recommitted themselves to keep wearing them.  Jeannie only got 4800 steps in yesterday, which was a bad day for her.  Bobby got 8469 steps in yesterday.  Pete got 5513 steps.  Brendan got 4404.  Lou 2000 and Shoshana 3476 yesterday.  Shoshana said she literally went home from work yesterday and watched TV on her couch for the entire day.  Rosie asked her if pajamas were appropriate to wear to the party and Shoshana said PJ's would have been okay but a nightgown was not.   

Tracy texted again and called them all ass-kissers and Bobby took offense to the comment.  He said he knows how much Rosie loves to be comfortable and appreciates the fact that she needs that in her life.  Jeannie said dressing appropriately is part of basic social skills!  Rosie then took some callers on the topic.  One caller admitted she sleeps with a bra on if she has company staying at her home in case she might need to go assist them in the middle of the night.  Rosie, who admittedly barely ever wears a bra, thought that was an absurd thought!  The caller recommended Rosie at least have a sports bra handy for when company is around.  She encouraged Rosie to do it for her kids so that she doesn't embarrass them for life.  She also said it might make Rosie feel better about herself too.  Rosie said she'd like to care more about what she looks like and said she feels badly that she doesn't.  She remembered being embarrassed about the way her father dressed growing up.  Janette encouraged Rosie to think more about it and said all the issues with dressing stems back to self-care.   

Then it was time for the revealing of the craft contest entries from the other Sirius radio hosts and producers.  The Rosie Radio staffers submitted 10 entries yesterday and there were 7 more entries into the contest today.  Pete said he will put photographs of all the entries online today for listeners to vote for their favorite.   Two winners will be selected.  One winner will be the popular vote winner based on the listeners' votes and one winner will be selected by Rosie herself.  Both winners will receive a prize package filled with goodies including gift-cards to many of their sponsors and a bunch of Rosie Radio stuff.   

1. First there was a Hanukkah/Christmas stocking made by Producer Jennifer Sedrow from Martha Stewart Living Radio.  Rosie thought it was really beautiful.   
2. Then there was a Tudor-style house done by Paul Kodila, a Producer from Whatever with Alexis and Jennifer.  Rosie said it was amazing!  
3. Julian Suchman, a Producer on Sirius/XM Stars II submitted a Donald Trump Christmas Carol with Rosie as the Ghost of Christmas Past replica. Rosie and Janette commented on the great amount of work and creativity that must have went into it. 
4. Mario Bosquez, the host of Living Today on Martha Stewart Living Radio submitted a movie of his craft  because there was motion with his.  It was a spinning mobile of snowflakes inspired by the Land of Misfit Toys.   They were all impressed!
5. Mindy Thomas, the Program Director of Kids Place Live did potatoes decorated as a rock-band.  Rosie called it cute and inventive.   
6. Romaine from The Derek and Romaine Show on Sirius OutQ submitted a photo of herself, her daughter and her dog put on canvas that was painted and crafted on.  Rosie liked it!
7. And Jane Pratt, the host of Jane Radio, decorated sneakers with the craft items! Rosie thought they were cute!

Rosie said bravo to everyone who submitted an entry and said there was STIFF competition in the contest!  Look for those pictures of the items on Rosie.com soon where you can vote for your favorite! 

Rosie and the staff all watched The Sing Off last night on NBC.  Jeannie loved it and thought the people were so gifted.   She thought the judges were "just okay" but loved the talent.  Rosie loved it but thought it would have been better if it was only one hour long.  She was also impressed by the talent but thought by the second hour they all started to blend together a bit.   Rosie also didn't like it when they used the music the group was going to sing in their b-roll footage but thought it was a very well produced show.  It bugged Rosie when the groups performed any of the numbers the Glee cast has done.  They then discussed and played several of the performances from last night.  Rosie liked Ben Folds as a judge and called him cute, yet nerdy.  She said they're going to have to parody him on SNL.  They played one of Ben Fold's hits Brick which you can listen to below....

Brick by Ben Folds Five

No one really loved the Pussycat Doll judge or Nick Lachey as the host however.  The Sing Off is on again tomorrow night and they're all going to watch it so tune in! 

Rosie then wanted to discuss the firing of a woman for her dressing too much like a "tomboy."  You can read the story in its entirety HERE.  Basically a woman was fired because a hotel chain claimed her appearance didn't fit "the appearance of a typical Midwestern girl."  She took the hotel chain to court and won!  The staff then started to talk about being judged based on appearance.  Rosie thought the woman probably looked very "dykey" and "like a big lesbian" and that's why she was fired.

Rosie said in her passport photo she has a very short haircut and when she went through security the person looked at the photo, then looked at her, then looked at her brother and then said they thought the photo was of man.  Rosie told the security personnel it was her with really short hair and no makeup but it didn't really bother her that he thought she looked like a man in the photo.  Brendan said he's been friends with a lesbian couple since college and one of the women looks very much like a man.  They've had to leave restaurants before because they've felt they've been disrespected for being told she couldn't use the female restroom.  He said he's never said anything to his friends because he never wanted them to feel uncomfortable but said it's probably an honest mistake by the establishment because she does look very much like a man.  Janette's been judged by her looks before and said you don't realize how much being judged by your looks affects your life.  Shoshana wondered what the woman in the article looked like when she was hired and if it was vastly different from how she looked when she was fired. 

Rosie took a call from a listener who said she is unusually tall for a woman (6'5") and men have asked her if she's a woman or a man in drag.  A man also once said if he was to date her he'd have to check her for "original equipment."  She said she's now a trucker and loves it because she gets to feel like a tiny little person in that big rig.  Rosie thanked her for calling and gave her a snuggie as a gift!  Rosie said her friend Judy Gold (who is 6'3") has talked with her in the past about her struggles with being a very tall woman in the world. I would just like to say hi to Rick S. a trucker who recently wrote me and thanked me for my blog.  He sent me the most amazing email and I just wanted to give him a shoutout.  If I could send you a snuggie Rick, I would.  Those truckers rock. 

Bobby said at least once a week, someone will mistake him for a woman though it doesn't hurt his feelings. Bobby then told a HILARIOUS story of when Carol Channing came backstage one night after Rosie performed in Grease on Broadway.  Rosie was in the dressing room and Bobby was outside getting his things together and Carol walked right up to him and said "Rosie, YOU WERE FABULOUS!"  He couldn't believe she thought he was Rosie and said nothing and just wished for Rosie to come out of the dressing room so she could clear up the mistake.   Then Rosie came out of the dressing room and Carol walked right up to Rosie and said, "Wasn't Rosie fabulous?!" (referring to Bobby!)  Rosie said she didn't know what to say so she just went with it!    Rosie said sometimes when she's ordering at restaurants she can be kind of bossy and the server will say, "Yes sir, I mean MA'AM!"  She joked that she's usually wearing her  peach nightgown at restaurants so they know she's actually a woman. 

Rosie said The Other City is an amazing new documentary on Showtime about the AIDS crisis and how  Washington D.C. has the highest AIDS population in the United States.  Watch the trailer...

The Other City Trailer

She then introduced filmmaker Susan Koch, who was on the telephone for the interview.  Susan said 4% of Washington D.C.'s population has AIDS and 1 % is considered an epidemic.  She thinks more people don't know this statistic because people don't want to know the truth.  Susan also said there's still a lot of stigma attached to AIDS and people don't remember the 1980s when so many people were dying of the disease.  After Susan finished her last documentary, she and her Executive Producer, Sheila Johnson, wanted to do a documentary about an issue they were facing at home.  They came across the AIDS statistic in Washington, D.C., and they realized that was the story they needed to tell.  Rosie said that AIDS has faded from the public consciousness and Susan agreed.  Susan said she wanted to show in her film that people are still dying of AIDS today.  Rosie said she thought the scenes showing Joseph's House in the film was the heart of the film and the exact way to get people invested in the AIDS crisis again. 

Rosie then introduced Sharon, the mother of one of the young men who died of AIDS in the film.  Her son was Jimmy was only 17 when he was infected with the AIDS virus.  Rosie told Sharon that she was very courageous and that it was very beautiful of her to share her story the way she did.  Sharon said her son Jimmy gave her a lot in life and she felt his story was worth sharing.  Jimmy came out to his mom when he was 18 but Sharon said she knew he was gay since he was only 3 years-old.  She said she was always accepting of him and when she found out he had AIDS, she and her family vowed to support him.  Sharon and Rosie talked about the film and Joseph's House.  Sharon said she found out about Joseph's House at the hospital and once her son found out about it that was where he wanted to go.  Susan said she hopes that by telling Joseph's story it will make a difference in the lives of others.  Rosie told Sharon that she seems like an amazing mother and thanked her again for sharing her son's story with the world.  Susan encouraged listeners to assist Joseph's House with donations which they desperately need to stay open. 

Rosie thanked them both for coming on the show and encouraged listeners to see "The Other City" which premieres on Showtime on December 12th.  You can go to theothercity.com for more information. 

During this game Brendan named two things that ended and began with the same word.  The player had to guess the before and the after.  As an example he said "He wrote Superfreak and he's known as 007.  The answer is Rick James Bond. Because Rick James wrote Superfreak and James Bond was known as 007. 

Jeannie: The 1998 Tom Hank's WWII movie and the host of American Idol.  The answer is: Saving Private Ryan Seacrest.  She didn't get it so she was out. 
caller: The 1987 Tom Selleck movie and Nestles chocolate covered, peanut, caramel and nugget candy bar.  The answer is:  Three Men and a Baby Ruth.   He got it.
Shoshana: The Trio that sang Puff The Magic Dragon and the film where Julie Andrews plays a nanny.  The answer is: Peter Paul and Mary Poppins.  She got it.
Rosie: Paul Simons' first single from Graceland and SNL Senator from Minnesota.  The answer is: You Can Call Me Al Franken.  She got it. 
Pete: Monty Python's 79 mistaken Messiah movie and possible SouthPark's favorite figure skater.   The answer is: Life of Brian Boitano. He got it.
Janette: According to Charlton Heston in 73 "this" is people and a famous book by Dr. Seuss.  The answer is: Soylent Green Eggs and Ham.  She didn't get it so she was out. 

caller: Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses "she" declares and one of the largest insurance providers in the world.  The answer is: Statue of Liberty Mutual.  He got it.
Shoshana: A Fergie song for "it's" falling down and a Simon and Garfunkel hit song.  The answer is: London Bridge Over Troubled Waters.  She was OUT. 
Rosie: Elisa Doolittle and Patty La belle's number one hit single in 1974.  The answer is: My Fair Lady Marmalade.  She got it. 
Pete: Margaret Mitchell novel and 39 Oscar Best Picture and Grammy winning Best Picture song.  The answer is Gone With The Wind Beneath My Wings.  He got it.

caller: The outfit responsible for producing coins in the U.S. and an alcoholic libation preferred by Southerners.  The answer is: The U.S. Mint Julep.  He got it.
Rosie: In 1981 "she" wanted to get physical and the current Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.  The answer is: Olivia Newton John Roberts.  Though she said Olivia Newton John Sutter so she was out. The staff was stunned.
Pete: The actor who played Gilligan and the NFL team based in Colorado.  The answer is: Bob Denver Broncos and but he said Bob Denver Colts and was out! 

The caller won!!!!!!!!!!  Rosie said the caller winning saved her from having Pete win so she was very happy!  She gave the caller $711 from Seven Eleven!  

Rosie then read Elizabeth Edwards' Goodbye Message.   Rosie said it almost brought her to tears reading it.   Janette said she's always been drawn to Elizabeth and called her an extraordinarily, lovely person.  Rosie said she appreciates how Elizabeth has always shown her humanity.  They talked about her prognosis and how they've stopped treatment for her cancer and how sad that is for her and her children.  They talked of their concern for her children and how this will affect John for the rest of his life.   

Rosie closed the show.

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  1. Just read that Elizbeth Edwards died today. So sad. John Edwards' g/f and daughter live in our town and so we'll know (via gossip) whether he's taken up with her again. No question the stress of his affair did not help E's health.
    As for Rosie, yes, the nightgown with short black socks was a wee bit casual, even for the guest list. Very funny conversation, especially when she hung up on Jackie. Her comic timing is still spot-on.

  2. I was wondering what Tracy thought of Rosie's party attire - Rosie never mentioned her reaction. If Tracy called the staff ass kissers, she must have given Rosie her honest reaction. Personally, I think it's important to at least try to look your best for your partner; it would have taken the same amount of time to put on leggings and a tunic as the "outfit" she had on. Can't she have a couple of go to outfits in her closet for this kind of thing?

  3. Thanks for the update Kelly! Lots of important topics today (AIDS - Elizabeth Edwards) but I'm still chuckling at the dial tone. LOL

    Dennis - Fort Lauderdale

  4. If you're sleeping with someone, it's kind of easy to not be an ass kisser. ;p When someone signs your paycheck, the line blurs between being a good employee and ass kissing. Nothing like a tense work atmosphere b/cuz you pissed off/offended your boss.

  5. Just curious, has the wayward hamster been found? Thanks!