12-06-10 Rosie In Another Land, The Craft Off Items and Nora Ephron

In case you missed it...

Rosie started today's broadcast announcing that her son Blake had his 11th birthday yesterday!  Rosie was taping her episode of Who Do You Think You Are in another country though so she wasn't home for the celebration.  She said taping the show has been "fun, intense and wild." And she said it was very cold where she went.  She's having a great time learning more about her ancestry.  The best news to come from the weekend is even though she can't discuss the details of what she found out, her episode is airing in February!  She admitted it's really hard for her to keep a secret so she's glad it's airing sooner rather than later.

Rosie told a funny story of a stressed-out flight attendant she met on the plane coming home from overseas.  A man was attempting to put his luggage (that clearly wasn't going to fit) in the overhead compartment and he kept slamming the door over and over again to try and close it.  The flight attendant rolled her eyes and Rosie and her brother Eddie caught her doing it and started giggling like school kids trying not to laugh in church.  The flight attendant eventually moved the bag to under the seat where no one was sitting.  Just before the plane was about to head to the runway a last minute passenger came on to the plane and sat in that empty seat where the flight attendant had stored the luggage.  She removed the bag from under the seat and left it in the aisle.  The much-too-tired flight attendant came over to the woman and asked her why she moved the bag and the woman said, "It's not my bag and it's my leg room and I can't have it there because I have a very bad back and a bad knee."  The exhausted flight attendant told the woman she was putting the luggage under the seat and put it back.

Later on in the flight this same flight attendant came over to Rosie and told her she looked like Rosie O'Donnell.  Rosie told her she IS Rosie O'Donnell and the flight attendant whispered to her, "I FUCKING LOVE YOU!"  Janette said she would have been the same way as the passenger was and moved the bag into the aisle if it was encroaching on her leg space.  Rosie said this encounter left her hoping she can still go back to TV and still have a regular life (and not have her freedom affected by fame).  Janette and Deirdre told her to go ahead and dream.

The sound guy for WDYTYA hated Rosie's winter coat because it made a "swishy" noise so she has to get a new "quiet" coat for the last part of her journey.  She went into a fur store in an attempt to get a new coat when she was overseas and the man in the fur store told her to get lost!  He thought she was a PETA activist and then he realized she was Rosie O'Donnell!  He apologized and invited her in and then called up his wife and made her talk to her on the phone.

Rosie said she had anxiety in the immigration office because she's watched too many episodes of Locked Up Abroad.  She told the story of an old woman seeking asylum in another country and said she probably would have gotten involved if she had understood the language better....so it's a good thing she didn't. 

Rosie announced that her daughter Vivi's hamster was found ALIVE!  She declared it a miracle.  Last week it got out of its cage (somehow) and Rosie feared Blake might have had something to do with its disappearance because he and Vivi were fighting so badly over it.  Everyone asked Blake if he had anything to do with it and he swore he did not.  Then he cried over how much he loved the hamster and because everyone thought he did something to it.  Rosie knows he loves animals though and she knew he would never hurt it.  She did think he might have let it go since the cage was escape proof.  So, this weekend Rosie's ex Kelli got up to go to the bathroom at 4am and saw Chip (the hamster) in the hallway.  She whispered to Vivi to wake up and come get her and she did and she's now safely in her cage.  Kelli had bought Vivi another hamster the day after Chip's disappearance but Vivi called Rosie and cried, "I don't love my new hamster."  It broke Rosie's heart to hear her so devastated.  The new hamster is an albino hamster with red eyes and Vivi called him Vampire because it kept biting her and drawing blood.  They gave Vampire to Blake and Vivi now has Chip back and all is well in O'Donnell kid-land.   

Rosie said she's having a lot of fun doing "Who Do You Think You Are!"  So much so that she's thinking she might like to travel more!  Everyone in the studio was impressed because Rosie is famous for never wanting to leave the country or even the house sometimes.  Rosie attributed her new desire to travel to her extended- release Xanax.  They talked about having anxiety when traveling over losing your passport.  Bobby carries a Xerox copy of his passport and his driver's license with him in case he ever loses his.  Rosie said she purchased lots of long sweaters in preparation for her trip so she's all set for the winter.  She was wearing one of them with leggings today and said the look is exactly the same as she used to dress in the 1980s.  Rosie's Aunt Minnie used to tell her not to throw out her bell-bottom jeans after they went out of style because everything comes back in style.  Problem was, Rosie wouldn't be able to fit in those same bell-bottom jeans today.  Janette (who Rosie likes to make fun of for having hoarder-like tendencies) said she keeps all of her old clothes if they're a good quality fabric.  Rosie said she's thinking of doing more traveling but not anywhere remote and only to places where there are bathrooms and 4 and 5 star hotels.  Speaking of bathrooms, the crew of Who Do You Think You Are said they've never had a celebrity who could go as long as Rosie without a pee-break.  Rosie said she drinks a ton of water during the day but refuses to pee in public. 

While traveling Rosie watched a few Oscar screeners she had delivered before she left the country. She said the first three she's seen weren't great.  The best one of the 3 she watched was It's Kind of A Funny Story.  She also watched Somewhere (which she had no comments about) and I Love You Phillip Morris with Jim Carrey.  Rosie didn't think the Jim Carrey film was good.  She said she really likes him but thought he was a little over-the-top in that film.   

Then it was time for the Rosie Radio Holiday Craft-Off reveal!   Everyone in the studio participated and all the staff members agreed that it was very hard to use every item.  Rosie directed listeners at home to go to the Rosie Radio's Ustream channel to watch the unveiling of the holiday crafts! 

Deirdre made a modern day Christmas tree everyone laughed! A lot!!!!!!  She said her dog ate many of the pieces but she did her best.  Rosie called it a Christmas Tee-Pee and told her she did a good job.
Bobby made a collage tray for holding Christmas cards.  Rosie said it was beautiful.
Jeannie made a snowman Rosie Radio sled!  Rosie said hers was very beautiful too and was quite impressed! 
Janette (who wanted to kill herself trying to come up with an idea) made a handful of Christmas crap.  Literally, it was a mannequin hand with the items glued to it.  Rosie said she was impressed in a creepy and disturbed way. 
Lou made a fireplace replica with photos of all the members of the staff represented on the mantle. 
Rosie made a decoupaged candle holder.
Pete made a gingerbread house pinata. 
Shoshana made a picture frame collage with pictures of Rosie and her kids.  Rosie thought it was beautiful and said she was going to wrap it up and give it to one of her kids for Christmas. 
James made a Christmas tree decorated with all the craft items. 
Brendan made a decorated house with the box the decorations came in.  Rosie thought it was adorable!

Here's a screenshot of Pete showing Janette's craft from the Ustream channel:


Rosie was stunned and shocked (in a good way) at everyone's entries!  Brendan said they've also been receiving emailed photos from the other Sirius radio stations which they will be revealing tomorrow!  6pm tonight is the deadline for participants.   

Janette said she tried to decoupage a reindeer but had the hardest time finding a reindeer and then the one she got was too large!

Rosie said she and her kids will choose their Christmas tree tomorrow and decorate it this weekend.  She said she always puts on music from Les Miserable when they decorate.  Rosie's mom was very into decorating for Christmas and used to take them to Macy's after Christmas sale and tell her kids to all spread out and bring back anything to her that was heavy because that meant it was porcelain.

Rosie then told Jeannie all about her fight she had with Parker last week.  She said Parker stormed out of the house and she couldn't find him for two hours.  When he came back home she wanted him to sit next to her at the table and when he refused he told her that she's trying to control him.  Rosie told Parker if he ever leaves again, and if he's not back in one hour, he will have to stay in his room for two weeks.  He called her crazy and overprotective.  She mentioned that those would be the same consequences for Jackie or Jeannie's kids and Parker called Rosie, Jeannie and Jackie "a clique of over protective mothers" and then called them psycho.  Kelli and Rosie decided this weekend they're not going to ride Parker anymore for his homework.  They've agreed if he's going to fail, they're going to let him fail.  Jeannie listened to Rosie and said to remember what Dr. Drew had told them - they need to separate and not let their teens get to them emotionally.  Rosie said that was easier said than done.   

Rosie said there's big Glee news.  She said Ryan Murphy, the show's creator, has said he's going to "graduate" the cast of Glee at the end of their senior year and recast the show.   You can read about that here.  A lot of people were upset by that announcement but Rosie thinks it's a great idea.  She trusts Ryan Murphy and thinks he knows what he's doing.  She also doesn't think the actors who are in their late 20s can go on playing teenagers forever.  Pete thinks it's a good idea too and said it's more realistic.  He also said the show is written in a way where the leads can come back and said he can see the favorite actors staying involved somehow. 

Rosie and the staff are getting ready to watch the premiere episode of The Sing Off on NBC tonight.  The Sing Off is a reality based TV show competition between a capella groups.  Shoshana has watched previous seasons and said it's a good show when they have great contestants.  Rosie said her kids are already excited for American Idol!  Watch the promo for 2011:

Rosie was sad she forgot her pedometer on her trip overseas because she walked a lot!  Janette lost her pedometer and thinks her flub shot it off her waistband of her pants.  Jeannie's kept popping off too and this morning she didn't put on her pedometer until she got in the car and during the drive into the studio it claimed she walked 250 steps....just from driving.  Accuracy aside, all the staff members think the pedometers create a better awareness of how much they walk.   Each person said it motivates them to walk more. 

Rosie then introduced best selling author Nora Ephron who just returned from a book tour for her latest work I Remember Nothing: and Other Reflections.  Rosie and Nora talked about the many cities she visited on her tour including Minneapolis.  Nora didn't think she knew anyone in Minneapolis but remembered she knew Senator Al Franken who lives there.  He recommended she go to Hell's Kitchen while she was out there and Nora did.  She said she had an amazing porridge made of wild rice that she simply loved.  Rosie asked Nora if she went to the Mall of America while in Minneapolis and Nora said she had been to the Mall of American once, and that was enough.

Rosie told Nora she was so moved by her latest book "I Remember Nothing."  Nora told a hilarious story of sympathizing with Ryan O'Neal, who admitted to hitting on his own daughter Tatum at Farrah Fawcett's funeral.  I'm not going to try to retell it because I won't do it justice, you can read it in her own words here.  She said we make excuses like people have done something different with their hair in an attempt to try to cover the momentary confusion that comes across our faces when we don't recognize someone we should clearly know.  She felt better after her sister Delia admitted that she too failed to recognize their sister Amy once. 

Nora and Rosie talked about the stories of her mother's alcoholism that she tells in the book.   Nora said her mother's alcoholism felt like it happened overnight.  She said they were a very functional family and that one of the things she found so starling about alcoholism was there was no reason why.  She said they used to sit around and try to figure out why their mom became an alcoholic and now they know it's just genetic and a disease.  She said alcoholism doesn't have a narrative but they didn't know that at the time.  They all thought it was something that could be made right, but now realize the only thing that could make it right was a program like AA.  Nora said she's received many letters from people who have had similar experiences with alcoholic parents who also felt it happened to their parents almost overnight.  

Nora told the story of her mother, who was a famous screenwriter, and her run-in with journalist Lillian Ross, when Nora's mother kicked Lillian out of her house.  She also talked with Rosie about her admiration of playwright Lillian Hellman who she ultimately became friends with.  Rosie and Nora shared what it's like to become friends with someone they admired before they became famous themselves.  Nora said when she was a young writer she tended to over-simplify and over-romanticize the older writer, whom she almost stalked.  She said she wanted to become friends with her so badly and then when she did, she realized she was human and it was crushing.  Nora said it was interesting to write about Lillian for the book and as she wrote about her she remembered how much she adored her. 

Rosie and Nora talked about Nora's Six Stages of Email, which you can read in it's entirety HERE.  Nora joked that people are so much busier today because technology has added hours to their day. I'm not going to do it justice so I'm not going to try.  Writing about Nora Ephron and Rosie O'Donnell in any public way is so intimidating to me.  Two goddess figures in my mind whose interview I clearly cannot do justice to.  I think I listened today with my eyes closed imagining what it would be like to be in the room with them.  And I have no idea how I got any notes down on my computer.  For a second, I was right there in that studio with them.

Rosie said Nora's latest book is so funny and so truthful.  Rosie talked about her own difficulties remembering things as she gets older and Nora warned her it only gets worse!  They discussed journal writing and how in doing so, one can at least remember the things that have happened to you in your lifetime.  Rosie agreed.  She said she used to write a journal and then replaced journal writing with her blog.  Rosie recently pulled out her old journal to let her oldest daughter Chelsea read her feelings, in her own words, and how excited she was when she was adopting Chelsea.  Chelsea loved reading it. 

Rosie and Nora talked about how they are both trying to spend less time online and Nora said she's considering declaring email bankruptcy, though she thinks it seems unrealistic.  Rosie congratulated Nora on the success of her play Love Loss and What I Wore which is still running!  It had the highest advance ticket sales in off-Broadway history!  Nora is going to Paris in January to see it performed in French and it will be soon showing in 15 countries.  Rosie and Nora ended the interview promising to get together for dinner soon and Rosie thanked her for calling in. 

During this game Brendan listed off a famous landmark and the player had to guess where it was.

Rosie: Taj Mahal. She guessed India and was correct.
Pete: the Leaning Tower of Pisa.  He guessed Italy and that was correct.
Janette:  Versailles.  She guessed France and that was correct.
Jeannie:  Acropolis.  She guessed Greece and that was correct.
Shoshana: the Liberty Bell.  She guessed Philadelphia and that was correct.

Rosie: Tiananmen Square.  She guessed China and that was correct.
Pete: the Kremlin.  He guessed Russia and that was correct.
Janette: Sphinx.  She guessed Egypt and that was correct.
Jeannie: Mecca.  She didn't know so she was out.  It is in Saudi Arabia. 
Shoshana: the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial.  She guessed Arizona but the correct answer is Hawaii.  Shoshana was out.

Rosie: Stonehenge.  She guessed the United Kingdom and that was correct.
Pete: The Opera House. He guessed Australia and that was correct.
Janette: Mount Rushmore.  She guessed South Dakota and was correct.

Rosie: Christ the Redeemer.  She guessed Brazil and that was correct.
Pete: the Dome of the Rock.  He guessed Israel and that was correct.
Janette: Brandenburg Gate.  She guessed Germany which was correct.

Rosie: Mount Vesuvius. She guessed Italy which was correct.
Pete: Hoover Dam.  He guessed Nevada which was correct.
Janette: Cologne Cathedral. She guessed Italy but it was Germany.  Janette was out. 

Rosie: Chichen Itza. She guessed Mexico which was correct.
Pete: The Great Buddha. He guessed Japan which was correct.

Rosie: Manchu Picchu she guessed Peru which was correct!
Pete: Easter Island Statues.  He guessed Chile which was correct!

Rosie: Willis Tower.  She didn't know so Pete had to get the next one to win.  It's in Chicago. 
Pete: Mount Kilimanjaro.   He guessed Kenya but it's actually Tanzania. 

It was a TIE!!!!!

Rosie closed the show.

and that's what you missed -kw


  1. Thanks so much for your wonderful recaps! I'm not always able to catch Rosie Radio, and reading your recaps are the next best thing! Karen

  2. Great recap because my show gets interrupted every time by phone calls or visitors and then I never seem to hear a replay. I can't wait for sing off tonight. I'll even miss my other shows to watch it. And be sure and watch Oprah interview on Thursday night.

  3. I LOVE reading the recaps! Thank you so much! Can't wait to see Rosie on TV and the "where do you think you came from" show.
    Janie B.

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    Barry Arnold -Actually, there's a part for Rosie, if she ever want it, Sherry. Sent you the link via FB. It's in your mailbox now. Enjoy!

    Barry is the owner of the musical he has been all over the roller derby world! Have to say he sent me the script and i like it! So far!Sherry Amature - samature@charter.net